Amy Adams Talks Career And Turning 40


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Amy Adams may have recently turned 40, but she says that she is still very childish and doesn't feel her age at all. The actress recently talked with E! News and said that she is surprised at how she acts sometimes.

"I was like, ‘I'm 40 and I still care what people think of me; I still don't do laundry so I'm always out of things; I'm just not a grown-up at all,'" she said. "and I had this expectation that I would be by this age. It wasn't, ‘Oh, I'm getting old and I'm going to lose something vibrant about myself.' It was more that I was disappointed with myself."

She went on to say that she does worry more now that she is 40 but added that she tries to appreciate everything in life and often reminds herself of the positive stuff.

"It feels like I worry about everything—mothering, relationship. You need to appreciate your life, Amy," she added. "Every time I get stressed out or anxious, I say to myself, Just live and love. Feel love. I think that's what I took away from my turning-40 meltdown."

Adams also took some time to reflect back on the past and recalled a time when she was trying to get her foot in the door in Hollywood.

"I felt a lot of pressure, but I just wasn't able to get there in the audition room. Or even in meetings," she said. "My squirreliness would come out, and people wouldn't feel confident."

Adams no longer has that problem and now she is very comfortable with all aspects of her career and has even managed to be nominated for five academy awards.