American Idol Sees Record Low Season Finale

    May 24, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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American Idol saw low numbers all around for this season, but it was capped off by a record low for the finale. Overall the show was down 30% from last season; last nights numbers posted 32% below that of last season. It scored a Nielson rating of 6.1/18 among adults 18-49, making it the lowest closer ever.

It drew in 21.5 million viewers according to Fox projections, which is also an all time low. With the exception of seasons 2, 5 and 10, the show has been in year over year decline. Those few exceptions only brought a fleeting resurgence in popularity. Season two posted the highest numbers of all, with a 16.8/37 Nielson rating and 38 million viewers. This decline has culminated in a 6.3/19 this past season with 21.5 million viewers. (The first number in the Nielson rating represents the percentage of TVs tuned to that station, the second represents the percentage of people watching TV at that time who are tuned to that program.)

Some have attributed this poor performance to a large number of shows that saw its season finale air last night. Each of them saw an increase in thier viewrs compared to last weeks episodes. The season finale of The Middle (2.0/7 up 5%), Modern Family (4.0/11 up 10%), Don’t Trust The B—- (2.5/7 up 32%), Revenge (2.4/6 up 20%) NBC’s Off Their Rockers finale (1.5/5 up 7%) and Law & Order: SVU‘s (1.9/5up 12%) all contributed to Idol’s poor performance.

With the increasing number of vocal and talent shows currently being aired, one has to wonder how long Idol can last against so much competition.

Here are the season by season numbers for American Idol, from Deadline Hollywood:

WEDNESDAY-09/04/2002 8:00 PM-10:00 PM 23.021 million 10.8/30

WEDNESDAY-05/21/2003 9:00 PM-10:00 PM 38.060 million 16.8/37

WEDNESDAY-05/26/2004 8:00 PM-10:02 PM 28.839 million 12.0/32

WEDNESDAY-05/25/2005 8:00 PM-10:01 PM 30.269 million 12.5/31

WEDNESDAY-05/24/2006 8:00 PM-10:04 PM 36.383 million 14.2/36

WEDNESDAY-05/23/2007 8:00 PM-10:09 PM 30.755 million 11.5/31

WEDNESDAY-05/21/2008 8:00 PM-10:06 PM 31.688 million 11.4/30

WEDNESDAY-05/20/2009 8:00 PM-10:07 PM 28.838 million 10.0/28

WEDNESDAY-05/26/2010 8:00 PM-10:07 PM 24.215 million 8.2/24

WEDNESDAY-05/25/2011 8:00 PM-10:07 PM 29.288 million 9.2/26

WEDNESDAY-05/23/2012 8:00 PM-10:07 PM 21.5 million 6.3/19

[source: deadline]
  • Renita Edmonds

    American Idol’s ratings are declining because people are tired of the Public voting unfairly. There is no way that Joshua should have been voted off. It seems like he was used for high ratings amongst African Americans. Finally, the big night appears and he’s voted off!!!!!! are you kidding me????? Josh made this season (my opinion). I and many other Idol fans have decided not to support the show again, because the voting process isn’t fair. People are not voting based on talent.

    • john smith

      The people are the public genius

  • Madonna Bennett

    My friends missed the show, although they were eagerly wanting to see Jessica Sanchez win, because the day was changed from Wednesday to Tuesday, that’s why the rating was low. a lot of people thought it was on Wednesday.

  • LeJean

    I agree with John Smith on many things. Joshua, was abused by what happened too him in so many ways. Jennifer, acted in such ugly and thrashey ways, when she makes such sexual comments to the contestants. She should have been let go right then and there.She might be pretty physically but make her fully trashy in my book is a bad influence for the younger generation. I will not buy anything from Khol’s with her name on it for sure. I don’t think Adam Lambert would be a good host either. They need to find a good clean, honest, wholesome person. If, this year does not start off with a bang in a good way, I will not watch the rest of the season. Why not put on a good Christian woman or man of God. Their actions will improve your show, do not be afraid!!!