American Airlines Reports Teen’s Terroristic Tweet

    April 13, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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There are few things in this world that are quite as annoying as spoiled teenagers attempting to troll about non-laughing matters.

No matter how hard these clueless youngsters try, the reality of terrorism in a post-9/11 world is never going to be funny to anyone with any kind of sense. Especially when the company you choose to send your threat to is none other than American Airlines.

Today’s fail comes courtesy of a teenage girl named Sarah aka @QueenDemetriax_.

For reasons that are still hard to fathom, young Sarah thought it was a good idea to tweet the following threat to the American Airlines Twitter account on Sunday morning:

Being a 14-year-old sometimes means being unable to fully appreciate the serious nature of one’s disturbing actions:

Of course things could stop being funny immediately depending on where this person lives. Terrorist threats, even if fake, can get you in serious trouble. She may find herself in jail or facing a heavy fine.

There’s also the fact that this person will go viral for all the wrong reasons: Making a terrorist threat against American Airlines and being reported to the FBI.

Her tweet and the consequences are absolutely documented. Forever.

Gone are the days you could do something stupid as a kid and no one would find out.

When she applies to a college and they do a thorough background check, this will most likely pop up during their search.

When she applies for a job in ten years and competition is particularly fierce this could be what costs her.

While we can all sit back and shake our heads at the folly of youth, it is a sad reminder how clueless a generation of kids are about the permanent nature of information on social media. I suspect this teen is in for a rather rude awakening.

Speaking of which, I’m sure her parents are going to be very amused when they get wind of this.

…Good luck, Sarah!

Image via samir mezrahi, Twitter

  • Herekittiez

    Dumb teenagers..;) Now she will learn the hard way. She must be punished, seriously threatening people fake or not is NOT cool!!! Neither is trolling!

    • TownTart

      this is twitter, they don’t suspend those accounts.

      • Jackie B.


      • King

        I think she has to worry a lot more than just a suspension, dumbass lol

        • TownTart

          Who are you calling the dumbass, kid? Yourself? You think we don’t get what is at stake here? Did your lazy mother drop you on the head right after you were born or are you just immature and confused about things?

          • Real720

            You’re making yourself look like a fucking idiot. Calm down.

          • Swollen Colon (Novah)

            What a dumb-ass.

          • IDontReadYourReplies

            Take a Xanax

          • TownTart

            Learn how to read or are you on something, kid? Just think, riding that high in your parents’ basement. Wow, to be that young and invincible, soooooooo jealous of you, twerp.

          • Oz

            Xanax is used to clinically treat anxiety disorders. Your venomously hostile remarks suggest you may be suffering from something akin to that.

            Also, I believe the term for telling someone to calm down was “Take a chill pill” several decades ago, so there’s also that.

          • nerd

            learn how to formulate even a moderately intelligent sounding thought please

          • Grompus

            Yeah you’re a dumbass who’s probably 12. Shut your damn mouth and get to bed, you got school in the morning.

          • Danny Velarde

            its spring break though

          • Billy

            Haha, stop shopping at Wal-mart you peasant.

          • John

            Fuck you uppity bastard.

          • Herekittiez

            Quit telling on yourself Lol

          • Sean Bardell

            coming from someone im assuming is older and calling their self #towntart

          • Alex Butler

            TownTart totally shops at Walmart.

          • Herekittiez

            She is just that, a dumbass kid that made a pretty severe threat playing or not. You don’t do that. Maybe the lazy mother is the mother of that teen for not teaching her any better. It’s pretty immature for her parents to not monitor her internet time and what she does on it. King is NOT being immature or confused, imo.

      • DJCheezburger

        Funny how they do that yet they suspend the twitter page I made for a non profit organization with no apparent reason yet they don’t suspend some idiot who posts a threat to AA.

      • Herekittiez

        I didn’t say anything about suspending her twitter account. She needs to be punished more severely..;)

    • vancleaveman

      get the fuck over it and lighten up she’s a dumb kid

      • CannabisIsNotEvil

        are we not supposed to help dumb kids be less dumb?

        • chicano batman

          we’re not helping them by writing awful articles about how dumb they are…

          • Real720

            Exactly, and either way, this shit will stay on her record for the rest of her life.

          • IDontReadYourReplies


          • Real720

            Oh, shut up.

          • volkerball85

            Because everyone should have the course of their lives dictated by a mistake they made before they could even drive. MURKA!

          • CannabisIsNotEvil

            No, it won’t. Was she arrested? No. There’s no record for this to go on. She’ll just be known as an idiot to anyone who remembers this.

          • http://www.paperstreetsoap.com Tyler Durden

            I don’t know about that! The act of public shaming would sure as hell have taught me a lesson when I was 14!

        • volkerball85

          You don’t accomplish this by treating them as legitimate terrorists and throwing them in jail. I would hope that AA was simply making a joke themselves, but in this country, you just never know anymore.

          • Herekittiez

            I agree with that part. Not treating her as a terrorist, however she needs to learn she did wrong. Juvey should do just fine.;)

          • XCuber2

            You have to understand that this kind of thing is very serious. It can’t be taken lightly and she needs to know that. I’m not going to say I know what the consequence should be, but know that it’s completely justified.

          • PATRIOTs’RUS

            Very serious. You must not be on in the internet much. Although her comment could be considered borderline retarded, it was quite literally a joke. But of course, I’de be surprised if any of the paid counter-terrorists in our country could tell the difference between a stupid joke by a semipubescent white girl, and a full fledged terrorist. But hey, if she ends up being as popular as Jeff Dunham, it will probably all be worth it anyways. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeYau6jH1eE

          • CannabisIsNotEvil

            um, this girl isn’t in jail. However, this is something that is taken as a serious matter and the girl should see some repercussions from her actions. Your eagerness to defend these kind of actions is scary

          • volkerball85

            I didn’t say she was in jail. CannabisIsNotEvil stated that we should “help dumb kids be less dumb,” but the attitude of a lot of people on this page is that this girl SHOULD be punished in a manner at least on par with jailtime, in terms of severity. That doesn’t help anyone. I don’t deny that there should be some kind of repercussion, but it doesn’t change the fact that a 14 year old made a joke, and everybody’s wetting their pants.

            “Your eagerness to defend these kinds of actions is scary”

            Seriously? It’d be scary if there were actually a threat involved. This is almost on par with me declaring that I am Godzilla and will step on Tokyo tomorrow(CRAP, I’m probably on a watchlist now!).

            For the record, I’m not defending her actions, I’m defending HER, because she’s just a damned kid. What’s really scary is the idea that this girl’s entire life should be marred by a single Twitter joke. Everyone needs to pull on their big-kid undies and quit losing their minds over nothing. I can only imagine the real terrorists out there smile when they see our reactions to crap like this; it means they’re winning.

          • wolf gang man

            i was 14 once. the only bomb jokes i even though about making were ” Dude i’m gonna drop a mento in yo god damn pepsi”. I say feed her to those FBI wolves and get the popcorn for what happens next. The over-privileged american fucks think they can do shit like this and just play it off because she is “Just a kid”. I say let her regret it for the rest of her life and let her remember every time she even looks at a internet device. They not only make themselves look bad but their country, parents, city, friends and everyone in their age group now seem like total dumbfucks to society because of things like these. And on the whole terrorist thing just think about if everyone cried terrorist when there is none. When a serious one comes along we would all be too damn complacent to take it seriously. In my country she could have been shot for something like this too.

          • volkerball85

            “The over-privileged american fucks think they can do shit like this and just play it off because she is “Just a kid.”

            For the record, the girl in question is Dutch. Not American. But don’t let that interrupt your sociopathic need to see a child suffer over a stupid joke.

            “When a serious one comes along we would all be too damn complacent to take it seriously.”

            I’ll say it again; no terrorist is legitimately going to deliver a terrorist threat via social media, where everyone can see it. The very fact that people think the scenario you’ve described is a possibility is laughably stupid. Real terrorists must laugh when they see headlines like this, because it means that they’re succeeding in their mission to turn us into a bunch of simpering cowards, too afraid to even leave their homes, and willing to crush innocent people underfoot to preserve some semblance of safety in their minds.

            “In my country she could have been shot for something like this too.”

            Your country sounds like the type of place that breeds extremist thought, then.

          • Herekittiez

            I also think that maybe you’re a tad bit racist towards Americans..;)

          • volkerball85

            Aside from it not being possible to be racist towards Americans(unless you’re talking about Natives), how did you arrive at that conclusion?

          • Herekittiez

            Most 14 year olds that i know, do NOT make jokes like that. Jailtime, or at least some type of juvey time or community service and time off from the net should suffice. You can’t give the excuse that she was onyl 14, oh please!!! Lol

          • volkerball85

            If you’re following the story, the girl has already been arrested by Dutch authorities.

      • Fluffy

        I was a dumb kid once, and I never threatened a freakin airline!!!!

      • TownTart

        Grow up, you mental midget.

      • notadumb14yearold

        Tolerating social idiocy only encourages more of the same. She’s a social idiot, she needs to be put in her place.

      • IDontReadYourReplies

        14 year olds know better than this. My kid is 8 and knows better.

        Sometimes being “dumb” can be costly.

        • TownTart


      • City Life

        How many other kids are going “joke” about this too, until one time it will be the real thing. It needs to be taken seriously.

        Ever heard of the boy who cried wolf? Get a clue!!!

      • brenda treesling

        Oh, okay cause being stupid excuses everything. Terroristic threats are no big deal, its not like hundreds of Americans have been killed by terrorists or anything.

        • volkerball85

          Way more innocent people have been killed by the police in this country, but you don’t see us dropping the hammer on people for singing “F*ck tha police.”

          The idea that anyone could interpret this as a legitimate threat to be taken seriously is laughable. Terrorists don’t use Twitter, they don’t reveal personal info so freely, and they don’t tell everyone what they’re going to do on a publicly visible website.

          • http://capeandcowl.tumblr.com Mockingnerd

            That’s true. They probably don’t. Until one day, when someone actually does do something like that, it goes ignored, and then something terrible happens. Suddenly, fingers are being pointed – oh hey, there was a warning, why wasn’t it investigated? I mean, the likelihood of that happening is practically nothing, but all of it needs to be taken seriously. That’s their job. I mean, crying wolf, anyone?

          • wolf gang man

            you did hear about the amount of school shootings in america right? most of them told everyone what they were going to do on social networks before doing it and they weren’t taken seriously. Same thing with that theater shooting back when Batman came out. Shit like this has been posted before and carried out so i can see why everyone takes this seriously. 14-17 year olds shooting up kids in schools because they don’t have the balls to settle it like men or the brain to settle it like normal people. How much more poeple have to lose their lives to these dumbfuck privileged assholes before we start punishing them to the full extent of the law and beyond? Treat them like animals and make examples out of them, the rest will get the point. If i ever hear my son posting about killing people i would rather shoot him myself before her goes around killing other people’s kids.

          • volkerball85

            “most of them told everyone what they were going to do on social networks”

            One or two of them did, don’t exaggerate. But at the same time, countless more instances have occurred where someone said something without being remotely serious(and often not even a “threat” like this), and had their lives ruined by hyper-reactionary types… like you.

            “Treat them like animals and make examples out of them, the rest will get the point.”

            By doing what, exactly? Waterboarding them? Locking them up with hardened criminals? I hate to break it to you, but that method of “instilling fear” in the populace doesn’t actually do a lot in terms of curbing crime or violence. Well… it might work in Singapore, but who wants to live there?

            I’m not saying this girl should face absolutely no consequences for her actions. I believe she should be “scared straight” a little, to make it clear that while her threat was just a joke, terrorism does kill people all over the world, and she should not make light of it. My objection is to the people (like you) who think that someone’s entire life should be scarred/ruined because of a mistake they made before they were even old enough to drive or vote. Or worse, that this girl should seriously be locked up and treated as a legitimate terrorist.

            “If i ever hear my son posting about killing people i would rather shoot him myself before her goes around killing other people’s kids.”

            This tells a lot about you. Some people would think to maybe get their child help if they think they’re mentally unsound to the point that they might harm others. ANY civilized person’s mind would go that route first, but your first option is to spill blood. This is not a healthy mindset.

      • http://capeandcowl.tumblr.com Mockingnerd

        Oh please. There are things that dumb kids do and there are things that those lacking severe common sense, along with the unfortunate IQ of flat Diet Sprite, do. She’s very much in the latter category there.

      • Matt

        Where are the “dumb kid’s” parents? Who in the world would tweet an airline terrorist threats? Parents should be doing more parenting, kids should be doing something more productive than trolling twitter with comments like these.

      • kianna95

        how about you tell the families of the victims of 9/11 to lighten up

        • vancleaveman

          I spent 2 years at camp Taji in Iraq and 18 months at Bagram and other places in Afghanistan so don’t even think some whinny liberal who has never put them selves in danger for their fellow Americans is going to lecture me about 9-11

          • kianna95

            lmfao “whinny liberal” you dont know shit about me..and I guess that means you should know just how serious this is, but apparently you dont.

      • Herekittiez

        You should learn to take your own advise. If that was your kid, you would be on here whining, just the same..;)

      • Herekittiez

        Get over it? You’re still replying about it Lol

    • http://rocketboy1313.blogspot.com/ Rocketboy1313

      You need to learn how to use commas. Your comment is a little rough.

      • Guest

        You need to learn how to not be mad and how is my comment a little rough? Truth hurts eh?

        • http://rocketboy1313.blogspot.com/ Rocketboy1313

          I’m not mad. I am just telling you that your comment does not make sense as written. Here is a corrected version.

          “Dumb teenagers. Now she will learn the hard way. She must be punished. Seriously, threatening people, fake or not, is not cool. Neither is trolling.”

          See, without proper commas, you are saying, “seriously threatening people fake” and “not is not cool” The negatives are read with an odd rhythm.

  • Lex

    This is precisely why my children will not have access to smartphones until they’re legal adults (and buy them themselves). Of course, I hope that I’m raising mine with more sense than that…

    • Crunch

      Lol sucks to be them

      • TownTart

        Why, that unlike you they had decent, intelligent and fit parents who cared about their young?

        • http://www.paperstreetsoap.com Tyler Durden

          Trying to restrict web use and being a decent, intelligent, and fit parent don’t go hand-in-hand by any means. I remember plenty of my friend’s parents who acted like wardens when it came to restricting or even outright blocking access to the web; they were the parents who were the most naive about their children! But, sure, go ahead and pat yourselves on the backs for being such awesome and attentive parents. I’m sure you won’t regret your hovering one bit when they hit 18 and stop talking to you for years.

        • Alex Butler

          Why would you call it young? Young?

          • anonyrabbit

            You’d prefer whelps? Rug rats? Misbegotten offspring?

        • kevingee

          I’ve had a smartphone since I was 15 and never did anything retarded like this, precisely because my decent, intelligent, and fit parents raised me to not be a complete idiot. As a kid I mostly used it to quickly look up facts for school when I wasn’t near a computer, and to text my own parents which is easier and more convenient than calling.

      • SureThatsIt

        Sucks to be them? Why, because they’ll grow up not being cell phone dependent?

      • IDontReadYourReplies

        You’re probably the parent of a child as stupid as the one who tweeted this…..because you can’t be bothered monitoring them online and let the social network babysit them.

    • Joel

      Or internet access? You know twitter/facebook aren’t only for smartphones I hope. Probably better to just raise them with good sense, and they will use these tools for better things.

      • Lex

        Really? I had no idea! (Note the intense sarcasm.) Smartphones are mobile, meaning they leave the house with you. I can’t police that when they’re away from home, now can I? And their friends can also use their phones if I’m not there to watch. Good grief, Joel.

        • Joel

          Nor can you constantly police what they do on school computers, or probably even everything they do on a home computer! Valid point about friends using it possibly though.

          • Lex

            Probably not everywhere, but yes, where we live, social media is blocked on school machines. And I definitely can at home. I already have YouTube blocked. :)

          • Hello

            There are ways to get past the blocks. Proxies and stuff are reeaaal easy to get. Also youtube is not a bad thing….

          • Lex

            First of all, they don’t and will never have unlimited/unsupervised access. My kids are 8 and 5, and I do not want them watching things on YT without me watching them first. We do the same with movies. I’ve seen a lot of Minecraft videos o_0

          • Hello

            Ok fair

          • Balls

            Boy I’m sure glad I’m not one of your kids

          • TownTart

            Yeah, too bad your parents couldn’t raise children for shit, eh?

          • IDontReadYourReplies

            You clearly do not have children, and probably not so much as an old cat.

          • Joel

            Haha fair enough. I totally support it by the way, most parents in my church allow social media for their kids but they must always have access to their pages and what they post. (zero snapchat stuff!) I think it is a great thing to raise them with the knowledge of the power that this little thing can do, and teach them to only use it for good. And I agree youtube can be very bad…there’s some weird corners of youtube…
            I understand they’re very young right now and protecting them is a VERY good thing, but when they get older just keep in mind that if you make every decision for them their whole life, getting into the real world might hit them like a ton of bricks.

          • Lex

            Nope, not doing that … it’s no different than not being able to vote until 18, not being able to drink until 21, etc. I will definitely teach them about it and how to use it responsibly, but I see zero need for it.

            There’s also the expense involved in having a smartphone. I have a job, that’s how I pay for mine. So if they want one, teaching them how to earn the money to pay for it is another useful tool.

            They are also used for bullying. Why give bullies another outlet to target your children?

          • Joel

            Totally, it’s impossible to just teach them how to deal with bullying. Public school is another outlet, you should probably homeschool them. Reminds me of that Toyota commercial “There’s no such thing as over-protective! Right?”

          • Meh

            You sound like an overprotective tool. I hope you don’t have daughters, because by the time they’re 15 they’ll be having sex with everyone and anyone as a form of rebellion from their overprotective mother who doesn’t allow them out of the house without a leash and constantly monitors every single thing they do. I understand wanting to monitor what they do at a young age, but there comes a time when they need to be allowed to make decisions for themselves, make mistakes and learn from them on their own. You forcing them to lead sheltered lives until they’re 18 is not going to help them function in society as adults.

            And if you think they won’t be getting blackout drunk at 16, you’re out of your mind.

          • TownTart

            You seem bitter?

          • StaceyM

            Really? My parents didn’t allow us to use the internet if it wasn’t school related, we didn’t get cell phones until we could pay for them and we sure as shit were taught right from wrong. Oddly enough we didn’t drink until we were 21 or older, we don’t have drug issues and my siblings and I are married with kids or not married and have no kids. So, tell me again how being a good parent is a bad thing? Oh, that’s right. I’m sure you’re basing your assumptions off of what you did as a kid. Not all of us are world class fuck ups. My parents actually took the time to teach us all right from wrong. Too bad your parents didn’t care enough about you.

          • Whatttttttt

            “To bad your parents didn’t care about you” . Way to really hit home how much of a good person you are, by telling someone that their own parents didnt give a shit about them. Did you choose this route because you arent smart enough to prove your point without sounding hateful ? or are you just a shitbag in general who likes to troll kids on comment sections? I think you probably decided to get in on this because you are the sibling that never had kids… because your a hatefull wart monger that no man in his right mind would pound a kid into, EVER. And you know it…

          • StaceyM

            Oh snip… you caught me red handed. But, I have 2 amazing children and an amazing husband. We met while we were serving together in the Marines. Sorry to burst your bubble, but my adoptive parents, did I fail to mention that, actually took the time to help and teach my siblings and I. They adopted 16 of us from really shitty situations and we ALL have great jobs and don’t rely on the government to baby sit us. I’m sure your parents had other things to do than deal with you. Also, a war monger not “wart.” See short bus, I’ll always be better than you. What do you do with your life? I’m a registered DMS and my husband is still in the Marines. Funny how again, I just prove that you were better off being swallowed. At least you’d realize your value.

          • John Sullivan

            You’re probably like the best parent on the face of the earth, at the moment. No sarcasm intended.

          • Steve Sampson

            Please, never have kids. What kind of concentration camp did you grow up in?

          • http://www.paperstreetsoap.com Tyler Durden

            Ah, yes, because why have actual discussions with your kids about the dangers associated with the internet when you can just pretend that restricting their internet access does that for you. I bet you’re one of those parents who bitch to the FCC about programing content on premium cable stations like HBO (hint: the FCC can’t do a damn thing about that).

          • Carrie

            Lex, my parents trusted me to make the right the decisions and they did not monitor me like a warden. You might not let them have access but when they get older they will rebel. I don’t think any kids should have unlimited access to any computer when they are that young but at some point there is trust and if you can’t trust your kids well says something.

          • Jim

            wow, ive seen a few nazi moms in my day but you take it to a whole new level

          • TownTart

            Uh, stupid, nazism isn’t about good parents trying their best to raise decent, intelligent children. I see your lax, pitiful parents didn’t even care enough to send you to decent schools. See, idiot, nazism is not the same as good parenting? Get a clue or two, fool.

          • Sean Bardell


          • Nirav Bhadja

            kids get around social media blocks at school all the time . i know I did. also they can go to a friends home and use their internet or use a friends phone. also they can use the public library. its better just to have a discussion with them about it instead of trying to block their internet access which is impossible

          • http://www.paperstreetsoap.com Tyler Durden

            But that would require ACTUAL parenting, which parents like Lex are terrified of. Denial is so much easier.

          • http://www.paperstreetsoap.com Tyler Durden

            Wow, thanks for proving my above point. You’re a moron if you think your kids aren’t already pulling the wool over your eyes. Oh, my God, I love parents who act like you! You’re usually my best clients, because you’re the ones who are dumbfounded when I tell you that all those viruses got installed on your kid’s computer because they’re so easily able to bypass whatever third-rate parental spyware you’ve installed. Oh, and that you’re willing to shell out that much money for that crappy of software means you’re more than willing to drop $100 every few weeks because you’ve never learned how to remove a virus yourself! So, a big thanks to your total technological stupidity, and I mean that. Sincerly.

          • StaceyM

            It really is too bad when it comes to people like you. My husband develops software and uses it to get rid of bugs on the computer. So, while you’re sitting there laughing at parents for caring, I’m sitting here laughing because obviously your mom should have swallowed. Then a turd like yourself wouldn’t exist.

          • Sean Bardell

            yo have fucking you tube blocked you Fucking dumbshit if i ever met u in real life id fucking smack you why block youtube we want to talk proper education for the kids but block the sites that give you that , i have passed tests in classes for looking up professors on you tube talking about that subject i have learned to play guitar on youtube theirs even a browser settings so you can limit the content being streamed but to cut off completley is a bad idea you can learn anything it is a classroom of every caliber. how are we supposed to talk education and not teach them how to educate themselves.

          • notabitchassnigga

            bitch ass nigga

          • notabitchassnigga

            you sound like a dirty cop

        • Basil

          Lol Lex don’t get mad at Joel. He was just checking. Honestly. Yeah, also, you can’t police what they do on any computer. Ever. It won’t work.

          • Lex

            Not mad at all. Hard to convey (and interpret) tone on the internet. :) It is totally possible to police internet activity. It requires a lot of effort by parents, which is why most people think it’s impossible. It’s absolutely not.

          • guest

            insanely overprotective parents are a much easier target for bullies then having a facebook or twitter…hahaha dear lord I hope you realize your children will not be that young forever… Good luck blocking them from the world when they are in their teens. If you succeed they will resent you eventually.

          • guest

            oh and for the record it’s still definitely impossible if you allow them to have any friends (or at least to be with them without you) they will all have access to all of these things because most parents are not insane 😉

          • XAL

            Wow…ok this (the tweet) was not a smart idea. However, we are getting too worked up on this situation. There’s people on here saying that they will do anything to block their children’s access to the internet which is COMPLETELY stupid. Yea, keep on blocking them from the real world, and keep them in this “pure” world of yours. @ LEX (who I am laughing at so hard right now) don’t police your children when we are ALL being policed anyways. Also, don’t get your friends children involved, they won’t help you at the slightest, but in fact will see you as a stupid joke. However, do not get worked up about your… “parenting skills”…just remember…”strict parents create sneaky kids” they can live for themselves. This was great and all but I have to go, great condolences to your children. May god bless you xD

          • Matthew French

            you’re essentially battling ignorance with more ignorance. note that these things don’t often happen, and you can’t turn your home into a police state. if anything you’re going to spur your kids on and encourage them to rebel against you (i’ve seen this personally happen). technology is the future, and if they don’t grow up learning how to use it, they’re going to be ignorant to it. use some common sense.

        • Steve Sampson

          You’re a terrible parent, Lex.

          • Guest

            No, your father was, Stevie. Have that moron apologize to good people.

          • Steve Sampson

            Good people, like the parents that should have aborted you?

        • dongslayer

          and they can use their friends phones when you’re not there to watch, better just keep them inside at all times to be safe

    • Cole

      good parenting means no internet until they are old enough to be responsible with it. LOL. that could mean ‘not as long as you live in my house’.

      • Lex

        I disagree. Good parenting means teaching them to use it responsibly.

        • Randy


          • TownTart

            Maybe you and Jim should spend your time learning what Nazism is all about or something? Think you are just jealous because your trashy parents were too lazy to even care.

        • Dr. Phil

          “This is precisely why my children will not have access to smartphones
          until they’re legal adults (and buy them themselves). Of course, I hope
          that I’m raising mine with more sense than that…” Why would you take away their privileges if you feel like you are being a good parent? They can leave and go to a friend’s house, smoke weed, drink, do something stupid and you have no supervision. If a child feels restrained by their parents, they will rebel in any way they can to feel free again. Strict parenting like not allowing the use of a mobile device will have its consequences.

          • Lex

            Can’t take away a privilege if it’s never given. They’re expensive and they cause problems (texting while driving is another, much more pervasive one). And no, my children will never be unsupervised. But thanks for your input.

          • levimish

            Lex, you are setting yourself up to lose your kids. And frankly, I can’t feel all that sorry for you, because it’ll be your own goddamn fault.

          • TownTart

            Sounds like another spoiled, lazy-minded, dumbass kid. lol

            Oh, just shut up and do something with your life now. Party is over, kiddie.

          • levimish

            I feel like you replied to the wrong thing.

          • Rebelling Child :)

            “Never unsupervised”. Hahaha!!! Good luck with that Ma’am. Unfortunately kids also skip school without the parent knowing? Unless you attach a GPS to their ankles, you’re out of luck

          • Kerri Martin Huskisson

            HaHa, Of a Mother of a now 20 and 21 yr old boys, I got a laugh out of that “never unsupervised” comment. I applauded her and respected her efforts till that comment. So her kids will Lie and sneak just to get away from her.

          • Guest

            Oh, the kids are striking back. Try again.

          • Jane Doe

            Teenagers are smarter than they look. They will find away around whatever you have blocking them from social media. Teens can fool you. And your kids will be unsupervised at one point despite what you want to think. Heres my tip for you. Learn to actually TRUST your children

          • TownTart

            Well, if the kiddies are so smart, I guess they cannot cry and whine when the big bad FBI or other law enforcement calls them on their shit? Oh, I’m just a kid, haha?

          • Super_JP

            *shelters kids from the ubiquitous internet until they’re 18 and it’s not the parents’ concern anymore*
            *kids never learn responsibility from mistakes & experiences*
            *dumb ass parent wonders why their kids are such idiots*

          • Thornmarch

            There’s also the fact that kids are supposed to make mistakes. Doing something young and dumb and learning the hard way as a minor is one thing. Being so sheltered you never experiment for yourself then reaching adulthood and making those mistakes because you’re off the leash for the first time in your life can land you hefty fines and prolonged prison sentences for the same stuff most people learn as kids.

          • Super_JP

            exactly. nothing good can come of misguided overprotectiveness. life experiences are the best teachers. best to have them when you’re young and consequences are minimal.

            although the consequences of directly tweeting an airline a terroristic threat are probably not minimal, even for a 14-year old

          • Thornmarch

            Cell phones are dangerous and cause problems, yet you have no problem with them driving….
            You know cars can be death machines whereas the worst a cell phone is likely to do is teach them survival in modern society, right?

        • Guest

          But you’re not teaching them to use it responsibly, based on your comments above. You’re teaching them that it’s totally blocked so now they have to find ways around your rules. And they will. Remember, this generation was raised on computers. They’ll figure out ways around your blocks and your rules – and not because they’re bad kids, but because they’re normal kids.

          If you teach them to use it responsibly, you won’t have issues. But what you’re doing? I kinda want to watch with popcorn.

          Sincerely, mom of 2 wickedly smart girls.

          • guest

            You sound like my mom :) I like you! Haha.

        • Ty

          Teaching them how to do it responsibly, as long as you are there to check every comment? Kids like this are the ones that turn out to be socialists because they are so used to someone being a part of everything in their life. Its a disservice to them and this country.

          • DebbieKat

            Hey now, don’t go dissing socialism when you clearly don’t know what it means. Socialism is merely labor owning the means of production (rather than it being owned by private investors as in capitalism)…

            Here’s the official definition:

            a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

            There’s really nothing at all wrong with that theory. What you are worried about is AUTHORITARIANISM:

            Authoritarianism is a form of government. It is characterized by absolute or blind obedience to authority, as against individual freedom and related to the expectation of unquestioning obedience.

            And, yes, the outcome of authoritarianism is… not good.

          • TownTart

            You rule.

          • TownTart

            God, this is dumb. Let me guess, confused right-winger?

        • RoRoMa

          Your children are only 8 and 5, these people are acting as though they are 15 and 18! Sheesh! Our daughter got her cell phone (with no data) MUCH later than her friends (she had a friend who had one in 2nd grade). She’s a good kid and trustworthy. OF COURSE I knew she would watch some YouTube videos at friend’s houses, by the time that was happening, we were pretty sure she already had a good head on her shoulders! We gave her guidelines and good moral fiber, the rest is up to her. She is now 14 and STILL a good kid!
          PS: i don’t HeartPattz . . . that’s an old name! LOL

        • Thornmarch

          “Good parenting means teaching them to use it responsibly.”

          “”This is precisely why my children will not have access to smartphones until they’re legal adults ”

          So, how does cockblocking them from technology teach them to use it responsibly?

      • Lex

        And what’s with the random LOL that isn’t apropos…?

        • TP

          Lex, I take my hat off to you. You’ve got some very rude comments which are uncalled for. With kids of 8 and 5, it’s a good idea to monitor them and restrict what they can and can’t do online. It’s not about trust as some put it, we all know that kids will always find ways to see things they shouldn’t and will hide it from parents. How many of you lot criticizing can honestly say that as a child you never watched an R rated movie without your parents knowing? I bet none of you can. Today, we have porn, violence and every kind of bad behavior under the sun available at the click of a button. At home that kind of thing can be monitored, but outside the home on a phone it can’t. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are doing anything wrong Lex, look after your kids and bring them up how you believe is right.

          • Thornmarch

            It’s not the fact that Lex is wanting to monitor useage of an 8 yr old and 5 yr old as much is it is that Lex swore her kids would never have technology until they’re legal adults.
            I don’t like the idea of 5 yr old having cell phones, but I do think it is a good idea for teenagers. I’d rather they make dumb mistakes as minors when I can protect them to an extent then to be so sheltered they discover everything as adults and end up in jail for things that wouldn’t be thought about twice in a younger child.

      • Susan Van Cott

        Could not disagree more. Good parenting is raising your children well enough so that you can trust them. How on earth in this day and age can you expect children to do so much as a term paper without the internet?

      • AmberBee

        “Never unsupervised” my butt. You must not remember being a teenager. Unless you plan to escort them to school, make sure they’re always where they’re supposed to be during, drive them home, and lock them in their rooms while watching on secret cameras, that’s the most ridiculous claim I’ve yet to hear. Teens will find a way around your “supervision”; as someone who DOES remember being a teen with strict parents, it really isn’t that difficult for a determined and oppressed young adult.

    • eddie

      being your kid would suck.

      • TownTart

        Have your parents apologize to the taxpayer.

    • Sai Vemprala

      Finally, someone intelligent. I am glad to have lived in a generation where internet wasn’t as pervasive as it is today: I was mature enough to handle it when it became so.

      • Lex

        It was just starting when I was in high school, we didn’t have it at home until I was a junior. I guess I just gave away my age, lol. But I agree with you completely.

    • Guest

      As a mom of 2 girls, let me say “Good luck with that”. While I get that your motives are awesome, they’ll fail miserably. Their friends will have phones they’ll use or they’ll go to the library more often. They’ll hack their way around any blocks you set up at home. You teach them, you check up on them, but you let them do things. Blocking them just makes them work harder to get around it.

      • TownTart

        I pity your kids, because even you don’t think they are worth much.

    • ChiefW4

      And you are VERY far from the only one Lex. Talk about “trending.” What IS trending is parents not allowing their kids to have texting/twitter/smartphone privileges until they’re 18, and from what we’ve been able to learn about the social skills of kids who were raised with texting being the norm is they have very little in the way of real social skills. They find themselves unable to read even some of the most basic body language since it’s something humans as a species learn in our formative and mid teen years. Want to be a smart parent? Let your kids learn real social skills before you let them learn internetiquette

    • Jess


      • Jess

        That was supposed to be a thumbs up :)

    • http://www.paperstreetsoap.com Tyler Durden

      Yes, because childhood stupidity can only be broadcasted online via an iPhone. With that much naïveté about technology, your kids are going to have a very easy time doing that, and much more, without you having the slightest clue. I bet your one of those parents who think that just because you monitor their web use, they couldn’t possibly be doing anything stupid online, right? Oh, man, you’re going to get played!

    • Nobody special

      If I may…
      You seem like a very level headed person, so I feel comfortable saying something.
      All I’m going to do is share my experience with a parent who did the exact same thing, and what came of it.
      I tend to get wordy, so grab a seat.
      My dad always worried that, because I was so inquisitive and had some natural tech savy, I would figure out how to use the internet to answer all the big questions in life, and was worried I might wind up corrupting myself because of it.
      It was fine for awhile, but eventually I hit the really big school projects when I hit the 10 year old marks. because of the rules he had in place, studying at home and doing research became very difficult, as in order to allow his monitoring systems to work, I had to go through quite a bit of work.
      Once this ended up costing me three letter grades, and dropping from a straight A student to one who struggled to make a C, I realized that his system was really causing me problems. We talked, things got a bit simpler, but I never managed to get the grades back to where they were, dipping between Cs and Bs regularly despite putting in enough effort to cause my migraines to flare up.
      This never changed. Things were always hard. Eventually, I was held back a grade in high school. This caused dad to lift all his blocks entirely and apologize. The problem now, though, was that I didn’t have that much experience on how to use the internet without them. I wasn’t used to having unrestricted access, so I still couldn’t study as well as everyone else. I passed, but with a C average.
      Dad told me it was because I didn’t apply myself, and that it was going to make getting into college hard, the usual parent spheal, but the part that got me was that he was accusing me. I’m normaly a very calm person. I put up with all the bullying I went through in school in stride and never said a thing in anger, but that caused me to snap.
      We had a very big fight, with me accusing dad of depriving me as a child and him accusing me of never trying to learn on my own. There was a lot of pointless statements born out of anger, but it didn’t matter. It was a broken home after that. Dad didn’t want his disappointment of a son around, and I didn’t want to suffer his regime anymore. I left. I lived in my car for awhile, eventually saved up enough for an apartment, and… yea.
      I got things in order. I’m comfortable with my current standing of living, as I’ve come a long way since then. I still wonder what might of happened though. Dad and I talk occasionally, but despite the both of us being very mature people, there’s still an underlying bitterness between us.
      Ah, but this has grown far too long already. I just hope I gave you something to think about.

  • Zach

    I guess it’s kind of a shame that this will end up being a black mark on her profile for the rest of her life.

    Is what I would say if this wasn’t so unbelievably dumb on so many levels. Stupidity as a teenager is one thing – this is another.

    • TownTart

      Thing is, I don’t think she really has a clue how bad this is. I wonder if her so-called parents have been notified? My guess is they would be the types to blame everybody else other than their dense, callous daughter.

  • makesoundsnotlove

    “Privileged Kids”

  • makesoundsnotlove

    She’ll get away with it, she’s white, she’s a girl, she’s privileged.

    • Dawn Birney

      How do we know all that? So she is white. where does it say she is privileged? assumptions.

    • youarewhatyouhate

      way racist

      • makesoundsnotlove

        She’s white she’ll get let off. Is that racist to assume? Hahahah go read a fucking U.S. history book

        • Stacey Powers

          Yes, it is racist to assume.

        • Richard Nixon

          It’s both racist and prejudice. Heck, your whole comment defines prejudice. And it’s called “history” for a reason. History is the reason that minorities get more privileges than whites in the college-realm. Affirmative Action clearly details that. I think you’re the one that needs to open a book, because you’re talking about privileges yet know little about it. Irish people and italian people also were underprivileged. Irish had it worse than slave, look up the term “feudal servants”. Do you see them getting all kinds of special privileges? Do you see “affirmative action” for southern Europeans and Irishmen? No. So go jump in a lake and do not bother to swim, you damn tool.

    • Thalieos

      She’s obviously privileged since she’s white, right? I mean, who has ever heard of an impoverished white family?


      • makesoundsnotlove

        Yes this girl is impoverished posting on her smartphone go read a book.

        • Thalieos

          Read more than you have, kid. A smartphone is not synonymous with status. We live in an age where an unlimited data plan costs less than $40 and a smart phone can be bought for less than $200. We also live in an age in which qualifying for welfare can get you government subsidized cell phone service.

          Go get an education tool.

          • makesoundsnotlove

            Clearly she is on government welfare on her smartphone phone AT&T unlimited plan right? She is so impoverished oh my goodness!

          • Thalieos

            Pray tell, where did you find out who her cell phone provider is? Just another assumption. Follow your own advice, go read a book you uneducated fool.

          • makesoundsnotlove

            You’re taking this way too personal.

          • Thalieos

            No, I’m just showing everyone that you’re an ignorant little asshat. Don’t talk down to your superiors.

          • makesoundsnotlove

            You’re white, therefore you’re superior correct? And I’m only half white, because of my Navy American dad who went to the Philippines and grabbed a wife right? I’m lesser than you correct? Hahah

          • makesoundsnotlove

            I’m going to let you have the last word. Your move.

          • Thalieos

            Yes, because I could clearly tell your ethnicity/race from a black and white photo that isn’t even you. You fail at playing the race card and at comprehending condescension.

          • makesoundsnotlove

            I love how you suffer from, “Social Media Audience Appraisal” that’s right get everyone to see how uneducated I am. You feel you are a leader majority here and everyone is going to rain on my opinion and beat me to a pulp like it’s going to change my views of my original opinion. She’s white, she’ll get let off bottom line. Unless she is charged with a threat to U.S. citizens, I’m pretty sure my argument will stand sound, she’s white and she’ll get let off.

          • Thalieos

            I love how you don’t know how to use “quotes” correctly and throw around that pseudo-science phrase like it’s supposed to mean something. .

            Every single reply you’ve posted has been an assumption; you assume she’s privileged because she’s white, you assume she’s privileged because she has a smart phone, you assume you’re in a position to condescendingly suggest I read a book, you assume you understand my motives.

            Go read a book and get an education.

          • makesoundsnotlove

            Once someone resorts to name calling, the argument is lost, you’re off topic I can no longer humor you with ideas that can clearly be discussed as adults. One day, America will understand satire, that day is not today however.

          • Thalieos

            Ah, I see. You immediately resort to insulting my intelligence by insinuating that I need to read a book, but when you get squashed like the intellectually impotent little troll you are it becomes satire.

            It hasn’t deviated from topic, kid. You said she was privileged and I facetiously made light of your assumption. You followed up with more assumptions. You don’t seem to have any coherent reply when you get bitch slapped by logic. Go read a book kid. It might do you some good.

          • lol

            i think this makesoundsnotlove guy has a personal problem with white people lol.

      • White = Privilege

        She doesn’t have to worry about her race being mis-represented in media. She can walk into a grocery store and pick out a bandage that’ll match her skin color. She doesn’t have to be the spokesperson for an entire group of people. She’ll rarely ever be the only person of her skin color in a room. She has a name that can be easily pronounced. SHE IS PRIVILEGED.

        If this was an Arab or a Muslim, this “joke” would not fly. There was actually a case about a group of Muslim men in Raleigh, NC who were thrown in jail for posting things like this on their Facebook walls. @makesoundsnotlove:disqus is absolutely right when he says that being white alone is a privilege.

        • Thalieos

          Do you even know what a privilege is? I ask because none of what you have listed is a privilege. Evidence; you seem to think buying a band-aid that matches your skin is an indicator of a glamorous life replete with freedoms afforded to no other race. News flash: I’m white and the band-aids don’t match me, people mispronounce my daughters name every day, and I’ve been the only white person in the room more times than I can count (which is irrelevant). The ~13% of white people who live in poverty would seem to indicate that skin color is not a ticket to privilege.

          And how strange, someone creates a username with no profile to argue a point and high-five someone that got worked in a debate. Nice try kid, get a life and read a book.

          There’s no arguing with such unconquerable stupidity. So many generalizations, lies and stupid statements.

          • Thornmarch

            So, you’re saying that she will get exactly the same fallout as she would if she were black/muslim/foreign?
            The only people who seem to profess a lack of white privilege are white people.
            I am caucasian, but even I can see the huge disparity in the way races and certain religions are treated in the US. If she were from a muslim background she would have been jailed long before having the chance to post about how cool a story she was going to be able to tell in school in Monday.

          • Richard Nixon

            No you can’t see it. Affirmative Action makes it so coloured people get more damn privileges than white people. How come in muslim countries it is okay to execute gays and apostates yet it is not okay to arrest muslims who make terrorist-threats? And she was reported to the FBI, what the hell do you want done? The FBI has arrested caucasians who made threats in the past, on their most wanted list the top 3 are WHITE! OPEN YOUR EYES YOU IGNORAMUS! Look up what Affirmative Action is! GIVES MORE BENEFITS TO MINORITIES AND ITS A LAW! I do not think it is such a bad thing, but your comment is beyond idiotic.

          • Thornmarch

            So 3/10 people being on FBI top ten most wanted somehow validates your argument that whites are given harsher treatment than other ethnicities or non-christians? That means 7/10 are not white. 3 of those top ten, of course not the white guys didn’t even kill anyone. If a white guy had done the same things those other guys did (raketeering, money laundering) they would not have made top ten. You do the math and tell me again how white people have it harder.

          • Thalieos

            Too bad she wasn’t in the US, genius.

            Let’s here some more garbage about how she’s skating because she’s white…


        • Richard Nixon

          http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affirmative_action_in_the_United_States It is a privilege? I didn’t know universities are required to recruit whites.

          Oh yeah sure, open your damn eyes. Coloured people get more benefits, a c-average coloured man would get picked over a b-average white man when applying to a standard state university.

          Yeah, it is sad that since you’re a minority you think you should get more benefits. This isn’t the 1950s, it is 2014. How about you join the 21st century.

          Also, muslims could be white. Perhaps you should visit Albania or Bosnia some time. Religion overall is a plague that has harmed our species throughout history, but treating religion as a race is pure idiocy. And yes, you should be arrested for making terroristic threats, there have been instances where Caucasians have been arrested for doing the same exact thing. Apparently you’re not too informed on such matters, you idiot.

          How funny, in Muslim countries if you’re Atheist, Apostate, Gay, or etc. you are arrested and executed, yet you think it is wrong for muslims who make terroristic threats to be arrested. How freaking hilarious. Such a double standard.

          Since you’re a minority, that doesn’t mean everyone is racist against you and the reason you’re unsuccessful is because everyone is racist. No, it is because you’re a woeful idiot. The Irish (heck, they were feudal servants, which is worse than being slaves) and Italians (or just Catholics overall) had it worse off than minorities in history, yet they get no laws giving them a better advantage in the college realms. The damn president is giving money to coloured people to go to university, it looks like they’re the privileged ones now.

    • TownTart

      She’s white so she cannot play the race card? What is your point?

      • makesoundsnotlove

        She’s white, she won’t get charged with anything. She’ll get a nice pep talk warning. You think she’ll get charged with anything? Hahaha

        • makesoundsnotlove

          Look I can’t speak here anymore, I’m into satire and you guys are clearly taking this story way too seriously. Defend the what’s right! Defend white!

          • JohnQPublic


          • Thalieos

            Don’t think this kid understands the meaning of satire.

            Makes lots of racist remarks, feebly tries to carry on an intelligent debate, gets crushed… it was satire the WHOLE time.

        • tired of it all

          I worked with a white male who made threats towards the president and the secret service still paid him a visit. I guess that goes along with white privilege. Idiot.

        • Sheila Nolan

          Look Douche-water. At the moment there are a whole lot of “people of color” literally getting away with murder. They call it a game, and laugh about it while shooting video of it on (wait for it…) their smart phones. Being white doesn’t get you off the hook, but being black certainly can, and often does, as has been shown repeatedly in cases of the knockout game. Maybe you ought to pipe-down because you are a bigoted racist ignoramus ( it’s okay to look it up…if you own a dictionary that is.)

        • Richard Nixon

          Care to look at the FBI’s most wanted list? Or at the wikipedia page detailing what affirmative action is? Prejudice beliefs are linked to low IQ, and you’re obviously professing the epitome of prejudiced speech.

    • Vinay Gopal


      Check the top 4 in FBI’s most wanted.
      Its not based on race of any individual

      • Richard Nixon

        Oh no, FACTS! DON’T BRING FACTS INTO THIS! Assumptions only!

    • Christina Staab

      and pretty. don’t forget pretty. if she looked like be she’d totally be fucked

    • Super_JP

      No, she’ll be screwed when it comes time to apply for colleges/jobs, just like it said in the article. But the things is, her getting rejected by some university a few years from now isn’t going to make the news so, to you, she’ll still seem like an uber-priveleged white girl who got away with something terrible.

      • Richard Nixon

        He’s a moron, no point arguing with him. He doesn’t use analytic thinking, so no point in trying to make him face reality.

    • Richard Nixon

      Another idiot brings race into this, so god damn typical. Shove a sock in it, you ignorant twit.

  • Hilary Rose Clark

    What a stupid bitch!

  • Julian

    She’s young enough to have no memories of a pre-9/11 world. Maybe we, as a society, need to teach kids better about these things so they don’t do such stupid things?

  • Dawn Birney

    Send her to live with the Al Qaida for a while. That will learn her.

    • Ciara Raven Blaze

      assuming she even makes it back alive.

  • David Zech

    1st amendment does not protect terrorist threats.

    • David Zech

      Well, when a self proclaimed Al Qaeda member says something big is going to happen to a commercial airline, what do you think that means to them? Perhaps it is you who cannot read.

    • Richard Nixon

      Look at her tweet, she said she was a member of a terrorist group and obviously was threatening the airline. Joke or not it is a terrorist threat. 1st amendment does not protect terrorist speech, once again.

  • Laura

    Sorry tho, there aren’t background checks when you apply to most colleges..

    • blackbeard

      utterly incorrect

  • Otis Bright

    the thing is this will be a black x on her record, but the kids of her generation will have pulled this kinda shit enough that by the time their generation is in charge it won’t matter. it’ll be just stupid crap they did as kids. while all this is a big deal now as people grow up and adapt to a changing world and the new realities inherent in it solutions will emerge to deal with things like this. the new realities of a post-9/11 world, while they may seem scary to those who spent most of their life in a pre-9/11 world (i am one of those), aren’t all that scary to those who have grown up since then or to those not in the grip of us government propaganda imposed fear. the terrorists threat is almost nonexistent, the real threat is the loss of liberties and freedoms thrust upon the american public since 9/11 by it’s own government; TSA, NSA, patriot act, NDAAfy2012, etc. the threat is internal, not external.

    • Braxton Hicks


  • Cataleya

    She made her match and messed with AA, the wrong airline to make terrorist threat. AA handled it very professionally.

  • A Mom

    It really IS her fault. 14 isn’t 5 or 6. Even 7 year-olds know not to call 911, for pete’s sake! and the one about 9/11?? They learn it in school now and before you’re 14…she definitely should get some sort of punishment and it SHOULD stay on her record…

  • Logan Ryan

    The Tweet never said she was gonna bomb something or anything.
    Completely legal.
    Fuck the airlines.

    • Christina M

      She said she was from Al Qaida while tweeting at AA and saying she has something big planned. That stuff shouldn’t be tolerated :/

    • ccmnxc

      You think making terroristic threats (even in a completely inept and stupid way) is legal? Perhaps you should perform a very public experiment for us on that…tell us how it goes.

    • TownTart

      Oh, shut up, stupid boy.

    • rickonabike

      Well, Logan, should someone tweet to you that they were (insert enemy of choice here) and had something really big planned for you, your family and your business, that’d be okay, huh?

    • Karen Killion

      This country has spent years recovering from Sept. 11. Some of us personally. This is perhaps the most insensitive comment I’ve ever seen. Glad I don’t know you in real life.

      • Karen Killion

        And actually now that the FBI is involved, they will probably put you Logan Ryan on the “watch list”.

  • dulce

    Donovon there are no excuses the girl is 14yrs old not 2 or 3 she should know better then to make those type of threats ….

  • Marcus Pearl

    She claims her account may have been hacked by a friend. regardless of who posted it, that person needs to learn a lesson about social media

  • Fro Buntu

    lol… I dunno about all this but if you think about how far people have fallen… To be taking a little girl’s threats seriously and being scared of it… Cowardice has reached monumental proportions.

    I hope i never reach that level of cowardice or am associated with any government or entity as shameless as that. Forget flinching, these people would kill a toddler if it accidentally lit the american flag on fire.


    • David Zech

      What a person enters into their twitter profile doesn’t always reflect who they really are.

    • ButterKreamKat

      When we don’t take teenage threats seriously, we end up with incidents like school shootings. Please keep your opinion to yourself if you don’t like the way something is handled; this is for the safety of others who this pertains to, not for someone to judge as being an unfit reaction to a world where we do, unfortunately, have teenagers acting out in ways that are drastic.

      • Fro Buntu

        so, if i have something against kids being treated as adults and recieving the same consequences I should keep it to myself? I wonder how many people “kept it to themselves” when they started seeing the changes in the way Jews were treated in 1930s Germany? I can guarantee youve made plenty of stupid mistakes as a kid but you got away with it, and didnt have it entered in your permanent record. There is no room for kids to learn from their mistakes anymore.. One mistake is all it takes for your future to be decided for you.

        But youll just continue ignoring the matter until it happens to your child or family member.

    • vaginasaretough

      vaginification? is this supposed to be some kind of insult about women being weak or something? sexism and misogyny, what a great way to end your opinion. You do know that some kids actually do fucked up things, right? If she got away with this, she would think it would be alright to continue doing it. Maybe you don’t have to worry about bombings, but the rest of us do. Using an “innocent child” has been a tactic people have used in wars, so who’s to say it couldn’t happen now? She made a threat, and AA is treating it as such, like they should be. Fuck letting kids off easy, they need to learn right from wrong and that girl is definitely in the wrong. Someone making a threat and nazis killing jews is 2 completely different things, both of which serious situations.

      • Fro Buntu

        sorry i meant #pussysissification of what used to be the gigantic balls of america… better? lol, save your political-correctness advocacy for the media and their ridiculous “gender wars” theyre insitigating

        • #FroPlease

          You’re head’s so far up your own ass you’re breathing methane.

          • StillLaughing


            This is, of course, the kind of mistake that is acceptable. Making threats, real or not, is exactly the opposite.

  • TownTart

    What gets me is that anytime one posts on anybody else’s twitter, no matter how innocent, you can get suspended like THAT. If anyone doesn’t like your response and/or you aren’t kissing their attention-seeking butts hard enough, boom, suspension. Yet these rotten, poorly-raised, spoiled little brats can post the most atrocious nonsense, and their accounts stay up. Way to go, Twitter.

  • me myself

    It’s twitter, this is what you get. Idjits.

  • TownTart

    It’s not a joke..free speech ends where someone else’s safety is jeopardized

  • Jen

    Who in their right mind considers something like this a joke – good or bad? Ask the families of those who have been lost – in 9/11 or in the wars that followed. Ask them if they think this is just a bad joke. This girl deserves everything she gets. My daughter is 13 and far intelligent enough to know that this isn’t funny and that you can get in serious trouble for it. Part of the problem is adults who teach their kids that this sh*t is okay – it’s not. Not now, not before, not ever!

  • CC

    If you guys are all dumb enough to believe this is real, than you’re right alongside this idiot teenager. Check out the “FBI” twitter — its some other punk ass kid who was just messing with her (wonder if they know that impersonating a federal agency is a crime??)

    It literally took me half a second to fact-check — something that we should all get in the habit of with all of the fake stories and pranks going around the internet

  • http://www.webpronews.com/author/alex-williams Alex Williams

    Great writing, Toni!

  • azhaole

    Modern day equivalent of “FIRE” in a theater. Probably not protected speech in spite of the protected dramatic fear mongering “police state”

  • nicolashuerre@hotmail.com

    lol you dumbasses it’s a fake profile the person you see in the photo is not even her. If it’s even a “her”.

  • Ciara Raven Blaze

    kids these days. ha! you get what you deserve when you act this stupid.

  • zim

    i didnt see any actual threat she just sed she would do something big i dont think they have a case

  • another azhaole

    Hey Don boy, Shut up. You’re stupid.. Go edit this…

    • Real720

      He will… as soon as you shove a 20 inch stick up your ass and bleed out.

  • Mel

    Unfortunately, if “info” pre-911 had been taken seriously to begin with, this whole conversation probably wouldn’t be happening. The teenager was foolish and should be held accountable, just like those who didn’t do anything with the “info” pre-911. I hate that she thought it would be cool. I am also concerned that she has gotten so much attention from this. Again, the media “superstars” bad behavior continuously and we read it, watch it, tweet it, etc. daily. Pathetic. Plus we are a society so quick to point the finger at parents . . . I can’t speak for her parents but lets not judge so quickly . . . I am so sure the media will continue to put this tweet in the forefront for all responsible to publically humiliated. That’s what we do as a society!

  • Me

    I like how she is still running her mouth on twitter. She thinks it is a game.

  • Ness

    I hope they press ADULT level charges at her!

  • Christopher S.

    Welcome to the Federal Governments “black list”. Good luck trying to fly any where, ever.

  • sraymon33

    Maybe a visit from the FBI will fix the issue. This idiot needs to be embarrassed by her actions.

  • Thalieos

    This kid needs to be stuck with some serious community service. Jail time? No. Many, many hours of community service and house arrest would do her a world of good.

  • drew

    i think we need get rid of our nations youth. children are our future, but the present belongs to us!!

  • joe johnson

    how the hell does “im gonna do something really big” equal a terrorist threat? and ppl saying she should go to jail, or face charges for this, for what exactly? did she mention any explosive or bomb or death or anything even remotely threatening? I sure don’t see it.

    • What

      …..She mentioned that she was “part of Al Quada” in the same sentence. How is that NOT a terrorist threat??

      • Evan Wester

        Maybe Al-Qaeda is planning to peacefully celebrate the Airline C.E.O.’s birthday party? I’d say that could come about as a “big” thing. And that’s why if this foolish youth should be put on trial for her statement, she won’t be convicted. She never actually stated that she was going to specifically commit an act of violence against them, even if there’s the possibility of it, one could also argue that there isn’t. The supposed affiliation with Al-Qaeda won’t do her any legitimate harm in the court of law, either.

        In the end, all she did was anger a lot of Americans. Don’t let the antics of children get to your heads, guys. Just be the bigger man/woman, shake your head in pity for her, and keep moving, I’m quite certain that the F.B.I. will handle the situation appropriately.

        • http://www.andymercer.net Kelderic

          “Maybe Al-Qaeda is planning to peacefully celebrate the Airline C.E.O’s birthday” … did you really just suggest that? Really?

          • Evan Wester

            You missed what I said. Someone in the court of law could argue, unrealistic as it may be, that that’s what the big thing is.

  • amber

    Omg she noted the amount of followers she gained? Which she got by doing something moronic. Wow this girl just really doesn’t get it. She is so dense. I feel sorry for her.

  • Scytale

    Let’s not forget the First Amendment people. Since when is security more important than liberty?

    • ethanej

      Actually the First Amendment does have its limits. Like threatening to kill someone.

    • Vember Judgement

      Threatening to kill people doesn’t fall under the 1st.

  • Troll

    This must be where self righteous curmudgeons who skipped their teen years and never did anything stupid comment?

    • Vember Judgement

      I don’t remember threatening to kill people as a joke.

  • James C

    OMG Sarah: Queen of the Idiots! I agree with community service for her plus a fine and denial of a cell phone or computer usage for at least a month.

  • Cashmoneybb


  • John Seminario

    Honestly, the real crime is her grammar. If anything, this should be a wake up call on how the educational system has failed this girl!

  • Dawnbringer

    What a foolish girl. Very foolish girl. Threats are no joke online. Sad that she has to learn the hard way.

  • Feral

    Saying that you’re going to do “something big” is definitely not enough that you could get in legal trouble over it. Why is this even “news?”

    • タイラー S

      Yeah but, the problem here is she specifically associated herself with a terrorist group. That alone is enough cause to take legal action, even if it’s just a prank.

      • Kwehrheim

        Yeah. I’m pretty sure when Al Qaeda does “something big”, it’s generally not a surprise party or car giveaway.

  • XAL

    Wow…ok this (the tweet) was not a smart idea. However, we are getting too worked up on this situation. There’s people on here saying that they will do anything to block their children’s access to the internet which is COMPLETELY stupid. Yea, keep on blocking them from the real world, and keep them in this “pure” world of yours. @ LEX (who I am laughing at so hard right now) don’t police your children when we are ALL being policed anyways. Also, don’t get your friends children involved, they won’t help you at the slightest, but in fact will see you as a stupid joke. However, do not get worked up about your… “parenting skills”…just remember…”strict parents create sneaky kids” they can live for themselves. This was great and all but I have to go, great condolences to your children.

  • Jackie B.

    I would LOVE to open a can of WHIP ASS and serve it to her…..DUMB ASS!! TAKE her phone too!

  • Bob

    You don’t respect children. You use words like spoiled. A child makes stupid threats to american airlines because they aren’t well mentored by adults and likely unloved by their parents. get a clue.

  • Steeler Fan

    Doubt if it was a teenager,bet it’s a warning for things to come.

    • Vember Judgement

      Read the article, dear.

  • タイラー S

    People don’t understand just how powerful the internet is. While it can make someone famous it can also make them infamous just as fast. It can give you fame, and at the same time take it away if you aren’t responsible and ruin your life. This girl has no idea what the consequences of her actions are. I think that, considering she’s 14 years old, there should be some slack if she’s found to not be a threat.

    But people will always be immature. One of the biggest fallacies of this generation is that you are protected behind your computer screen. Unfortunately, that’s not how life works. Just because you can’t see the person on the other end of that message, does not mean they aren’t there. And just because they can’t see you, does not mean they can’t take legal action. I’ve seen time and time again people misuse their followers, and time and time again it’s ended with a bad result. Perhaps we need to start having people take a required lecture on the responsibilities of having internet before they can own one.

  • Jordan Harvey

    Hahaha someone is on the no fly list, and got a nice visit from the government! Dumbass.

  • John Rivera

    It is a joke you fucking queers. Shut your fucking mouth about this generation is fucked. Handle the fucking joke. 9/11 happened about 13 years ago. Fucking get over it. Boo hoo. America lost a couple k people. NOBODY CARES ABOUT IT ANYMORE GET OVER IT YOU DIPSHITS. I’m more worried about the south africans losing about 100k a day.

    • greg

      if this generation talks like you, than it is indeed “fucked”.

    • pacifickanaan

      it’s a shame you (or your parents if you weren’t born yet) weren’t on either of those AA planes that went down that day. it still matters. grow up.

    • http://www.andymercer.net Kelderic

      You say queer like it’s a bad thing …. ?

  • B-lake

    you people make me hate the internet

  • chicano batman

    shitty article. sorry.

  • Eric Wescott

    “Privelaged white people…”

    I’m white, have been for the better part of 30 years, and I don’t get anything handed to me. I don’t draw a big ass monthly check, get free food stamps, free phones, all the assistance I can get. I work my ass off and barely get by. Where are my “privelages.”

    • Vember Judgement

      Clearly you aren’t included in the ‘privileged’ category, so why are you so upset when people point out those that are? You worked hard and have nothing to show for it, awesome, pat yourself on the back for voting GOP.

  • Fluffy

    Kill twitter, kill facebook, kill the internet in general and go back to the days when it was funny to 3 way call attack someone, or call and ask if their fridge was running.

  • Daniel Davis

    American Airlines has the right idea here

    not that she wouldn’t have gotten on a thousand watch lists anyway by just posting that on Twitter, NSA being what it is and all

  • Kwehrheim

    This article makes great points, but it’s a shame that they’re true. I did all kinds of dumb shit when I was that age and I’m getting a Ph.D. now. I help dozens of kids, more once I can actually add those letters to the end of my name. To think that if I had been born 10 years later, the stupid things I did could ruin me… it’s ridiculous. I hope for her sake and the sake of good sense in general that this tweet doesn’t ruin her chances at a good job or top-tier college later in life. People aren’t the same person at 13 or 14 that they are at 19, 25, or 34.

  • autumn_fear

    I’m on her side, if Americans still can’t grasp why the attacks happened in the first place and have to fucking call in the swat team every time someone puts a little salt in the wound then fuck ’em, keeping my fingers crossed for more tragedies <3

    • TownTart

      You are on the side of idiots? Thanks for that.

      • autumn_fear

        When something like the Boston bombing occurs and one of the first people to be brought in for questioning was tackled and taken in simply for being brown and having a turban, your country fucking deserves all the terror attacks the world can throw at you fucks

        • TownTart

          shut up you useless little sh@t-my country is canada, you uneducated little twat. god I hope your parents are now spayed and neutered.

          • autumn_fear


    • http://www.horrorgasm.org/ Richenbaum

      I can grasp it. It’s because the world thinks we’re full of morons like you.

    • TownTart

      what a sick little idiot you are, moron. oh the authorities arrested the dense little dutch girl. whats the matter, having a queen whose father supported a regime that tossed human beings out of planes not embarrassing enough for you hypocrites? what garbage raised you, you unfeeling, abnormal kid?

      • autumn_fear

        Uh my president is black and my lambo is blue, I’m from the states buddy :)

        • TownTart

          no you are not…you just revealed yourself, kid.

          • autumn_fear

            lol yeah cause an American can’t call Americans like you fuckfaces obviously I’m from across the pond where we wear sombreros and ride around in kangaroos mate

  • K.A. Cole

    I tell this to the teens I know today and they don’t listen… they believe they won’t be found or that future colleges/employers will not look at facebook or Twitter and post bad things. They try to point out that I post things that are “bad” but in reality I am agreeing with something that is said politically or taking a stand on how I feel about big issues not damaging by making silly remarks.

  • emma

    she is laughing at authorities….stupid girl…very stupid girl…punishment is necessary ..it is not something to joke about….now FBI is wasting time on her stupid ass…use her as an example….

  • Me

    What she did wasnt even that big of a deal. Its a waste of time to focus on her stupid tweets. Not everyone is a terrorist, it’s fine to joke once in a while. Its not like she killed someone. Lighten up and stop trying to ruin someones life over a tweet. It’s ridiculous that people would go as far as to contact the FBI over her. All she was trying to do was get a few laughs. This girl could commit suicide because of the damage you’ve caused her. 9/11 was over a decade ago. This girl probably wasn’t even out of diapers when it happened.

    • IDontReadYourReplies

      You are truly an idiot. Joking about this isn’t “fine”. She should know better, 5 year olds know better.

      If you can’t use social media responsibility, then too bad, F you.

      • Vember Judgement

        Cole thinks what the girl did was fine because she wasn’t a brown skinned arab.

      • Michael Kendrick

        ^Actually, I think you have your perspective inverted. If you can’t understand that social media predated the capitalist invasion of social media to perpetuate business, then you don’t need to be on it. Ergo, businesses don’t need to be abusing and invading one of the last personal spaces that individual humans had, turning it into serious-land. All to resume their pattern of financial growth because long ago consumers stopped giving a crap about tv spots and magazine ads. All it took was someone pointing out to them that instead of being sadfaced, they had to be #sadfaced, and there was a whole new market for them to exploit. Nobody asked businesses to come into social media and transform it into another professional space replete with billboards and spam.

        Yeah, the girl is an idiot for posting what she did. But it says nothing about whether she’ll continue to be stupid in the future, and says literally zero about her employability etc. You might disagree. I’ll point you in the direction of one David Hume, oldass philosopher who pointed out the Problem of Induction. It still hasn’t been satisfactorily dealt with. But put even more simply, a lame attempt at giggles is usually not on the list of qualifications for any of the jobs worth applying to. It’s irrelevant.

        Also, on 9/11… I WAS out of diapers. I was in high school. And you’re all a bunch of cowards for letting something like that control every facet of your lives. You now think “terrorist” is a synonym for “extremist Muslim,”to the dismay of anyone who actually understands the lexicon. You think that you’re important enough that someone might kill you in a senseless episode of violence too, so you’re willing to give up all your civil liberties to be safe in your cage. Such fear-mongering is normally reserved for caricatures of fat politicians and establishes that you do not contribute anything to life in the first place, that your life is therefore inconsequential–not worth preserving.

        • Thomas Jefferson

          I was well out of high school when the permanent state of war began, and I agree with you wholeheartedly. When I see the phrase ‘post-9/11 world’ I suppress a retch, because I see another person accepting a permanent state of war as normal and natural. It’s been more than ten years and it needs to end. I think the next best hope may lie in the generation who was still in diapers in 2001, because they may have the ability to put some perspective on the lethality of the attacks on us, and the much greater and ongoing lethality and damage inflicted on ourselves, and others, in response…

    • City Life

      Your views are ridiculous. Threatening an airline is not my idea of a joke. This matter needs to be taken seriously and I hope they make an example out of her before other “jokesters” decide to follow suit. Get a clue!

    • Lauren

      You have a f*cked up sense of humor

    • http://www.horrorgasm.org/ Richenbaum

      Whose taxes do you think are paying for the very expensive investigations into false terrorist threats like this, dumbass?

  • Vince Riolo

    She’s not completely useless, she can now be used as a bad example.

    • Vember Judgement

      I like the way you think

  • Celia

    She can kiss any possible security clearance goodbye…a career-limiting move already. And then there’s that no-fly list.

  • Xagarith

    All those Sci-fi movies I watched as a kid are becoming true. I live in a distopian police state.

    • Alex Butler

      I think that’s coming on a little strong. See the quote above, the girl did something fairly egregious and still doesn’t seem to understand the seriousness of her actions. Do you really think there should be no consequence for something like that? Terrorism is a very real thing.

    • ArthurFrayne

      She made a globally public threat. WTF do you expect them to do? Blow it off?

    • http://www.horrorgasm.org/ Richenbaum

      “All those Sci-fi movies I watched as a kid are becoming true.”

      When was this? Last week?

  • A Mom

    Before you get deleted since you’ve been flagged for removal for your obvious immature language, I happen to be a mother of 4, have worked with children my whole life. If MY daughter was “dumb” enough to pull this, I would expect her to get in trouble as well..and it would be deserved. 14 is old enough and with everything in the news and in schools, pretty sure she had the sense to know it was WRONG, yes?

  • Isaac Lloyd

    “take her IP address, not mine”

    • Thornmarch

      Yea, that had me giggling too.

  • rya

    she scared a lot of people w her stupidity…consequences, please…what kind of parents does she have to approve or just simply let her behave in this matter?
    good thing, American airlines responded immediately and set her straight !!!

  • Justwow

    Because had this kid been any other ethnicity, there would be a DEMAND for action. She deserves the consequences she gets at this point. You don’t make jokes on a situation that cost people their lives.

  • Jazoof

    She’s a 14 year old prankster. I would’ve identified at 14. But, yes, that reaction is to be expected.

  • https://www.rootswitch.com Clayton

    Worried about college or a job? I don’t see someone with this intelligence level succeeding at either anyways.

  • Doug Day

    @town tart.. Lets fight.. U suck

  • AlliBess

    My first reaction to this was how completely idiotic she is. However, honestly at first I had a tiny bit on sympathy in that she obviously didn’t understand the seriousness of what she had done and that it would permanently follow her. Then I looked at her twitter profile and the way she is reacting to what has happened. Not only does she still not understand how serious it is but she is making jokes about it. She should have apologized and gotten off the internet. I have no sympathy for someone who doesn’t seem to even regret the extreme scare that she could have caused.

  • Thetruth

    about this NEVER GO FULL RETARD ………………….. well TO LATE FOR HER

  • Zachary Marks

    I bet nothing happens to her, Maybe she’ll be checked on by an officer or something, but they’ll realize she did nothing wrong except exercise free speech without tact.

    • John Gordon

      Not “free speech” to claim to be a part of a terrorist organization and threaten action. You don’t get free on technicalities – “I only said I was gonna do something big!”
      Tough shit.

      • Zachary Marks

        Like i said, they may have someone investigate like an officer show up at school and when they see she was being a dumb kid, they’ll probably give her some tough talking to’s, and leave, but thinking she’s actually going to be arrested and charged for saying that, which is obviously untrue her being a member, and doing something big this summer being as vague as it is, is just you embracing the sensationalist journalism done on TV these days…

    • KOF

      this is the internet equivalent of yelling fire in a movie theater

  • ArthurFrayne

    Why hasn’t twitter disabled her account? This bitch just got 3000 followers – why reward her? No mercy for twitter stupidity.

    • TownTart

      They are too busy suspending the accounts of anybody who doesn’t agree with their favourite people’s posts. Seriously.

  • David Zech

    14 Year olds are usually Freshman in High School.

    I’d damn well hope our 9th grades understand the consequences of making threats – even as a joke.

  • ccmnxc

    Well, yeah, if she had known the consequences, she wouldn’t have done it. I’d say that is obvious to the point of triviality. However, you are equating not knowing the consequences with not knowing it was wrong/stupid, which is a much more difficult assertion to defend. Perhaps you might want to respond to what A Mom actually wrote instead of lynching straw men and looking like a moron in the process.

  • Courtney

    She should be careful. Someone may even beat her ass for it. Not the brightest tool in the shed that is for sure.

  • Thomas Jefferson

    I’m happy that our children are adapting so poorly to life under a permanent state of war. Perhaps they will be the ones who will finally put an end to it.

  • rizzy

    This kid is a disappointment. I am incredibly scared for the generation following mine, because it seems this is not the first example of an incredible stupid and uncultured youth. There is a difference between joking and being blatantly disrespectful and, in my opinion, the parents have failed their duty of educating their child in the difference between right and wrong.

    And unlike others, I disagree with putting the blame on technology. Sheltering children from technology until they’re eighteen will only come back to bite the parents later on. Sure, some censorship is required. I would not want my children to be watching things their young minds should not be exposed to, but at the same time, I feel many parents are going overboard with their restrictions and not taking enough responsibility for their children’s actions.

  • Leema Raven

    Twats twatting twitter tweets.

  • Paul

    I loved how she tried to blame her friend…

  • Paul

    About as stupid as aiming a laser pointer at a plane. People are just DUMB

  • JizzStains


    • Atvontoatav Anonymouz

      Grammar Nazi..

  • AlexSterling291

    Those of you that say “she’s just a teenager, lighten up” … GET
    REAL!!! Sadly, she’s a spoiled brat that needs to grow up! Most of you
    that state things like that are the first ones to complain when the
    gov’t couldn’t prevent 9-11, and love to blame! She and others like her
    are the ones that are stupid and shoot up high schools, stab other
    students, and then blame others for their actions! American Airlines
    did the RIGHT thing and did it swiftly, GOOD JOB AA!!!

    • AlexSterling291

      This is truly a sad representation of ‘wonderful’ parents and parenting!!! In one of the follow up tweets, she lies and blames her friend…then goes back and says she was joking…She was WELL taught in her up-bringing!

  • Donald Keith

    she needs her ass beaten from one end of he country to the other the little C&$T , Sarah can you feel the LOVE? Losing some one on 9/11 brings out my sweet side you little douche !

  • erdedrache

    I think they should treat her joke threat absolutely seriously and do what they normally would do if this actually WERE someone of middle eastern descent. Why not send her off to Guantanamo? I’m sure others have gone for less than her tweet.

  • Phillip Olson

    College background checks? When did Colleges start googling “what did so and so write on twitter 5 years ago?”

    • Phillip Olson

      Also….how exactly did American Airlines get her IP address from a twitter post?

      • http://www.horrorgasm.org/ Richenbaum

        Twitter records your ip and any real personal information you put into it. Your isp, obviously, also has your ip and your personal information. Both of them will give all of this info up in a heartbeat when any law enforcement agency, especially Dept. of Homeland Security, calls them up and says they need the details of someone who just threatened to commit a serious crime. It’s pretty simple.

        • Phillip Olson

          You misunderstand my question. Of course the FBI would be able to get the info from Twitter. But AA said that THEY were giving the IP address TO the FBI. So unless AA is hacking into Twitter’s stuff they shouldn’t have access to her IP.

    • newsjunkie365

      I would guess a criminal background check would bring up the FBI report.

  • You are tarded

    So we are going to put a 14 year old girl in jail for something stupid yet we allow someone to remain in office that can’t produce a real birth certificate and shares a name with terrorists oh and by the way his father was a terrorist from a terrorist country. Too bad she wasn’t from Afghanistan Obama would have swept in and saved her like he did the boston bomber……. only in america

    • http://www.horrorgasm.org/ Richenbaum

      Plus we let tin foil hat wearing psychos like you run loose on the streets. We are truly a messed up society.

  • newsjunkie365

    Anyone who thinks things like this are no big deal needs to read about the case of Justin Carter:


  • tiffibean13

    What a fucking idiot. Her parents must be really proud.

  • Guest

    haha wow what an idiot….making threats like that is a big no no especially AFTER 9/11

  • Anonymous

    Okay, Yeah everyone should be careful of what their posting, It causes serious trouble that can actually do bad things to your future. Whatever you do in the past, Affects the future, True face here, everyone!

    • Anonymous

      Corrrections: “Fact,”

      Sorry guys I had to correct this.

  • Joshua Edmond Leo Moore

    totally agree she should be punished but “the white girl” comments prove whites are not the only racist race

  • Joshua Edmond Leo Moore

    Also all she saidis something big was going to happen i don’t see the threat here once again the media is going to over play this one

  • Julia

    The fact she blames her friend when she’s caught shows she knew what she was doing was wrong. I’m tried of the ‘dumb kid’ excuse. When I was 14 I knew the difference between right and wrong.

    And if she didn’t then mommy and daddy should stop spoiling her and make her face consequences for doing wrong.

    • A Mom

      and we don’t even know if she really IS 14!

  • PistolPeterson

    “I’m just a girl” @WarOnWomen Ha ha.

  • hranblod

    Yeah let’s just keep fueling the fear culture that lets things like the NSA even exist. Good plan, webpro. Keep reminding everyone how scary the world is, keep shilling for the fed.

  • Guest

    this girl has destroyed her future forever, this is going to be out there FOREVER and she CANT destroy it.

  • chy

    she needs to learn why she was wrong but calling the fbi on what was clearing just she being brainless is stupid. an overreact that can ruin her life

  • H

    Aside from threatening violence, the joke wasn’t even polite chuckle worthy. I say if you’re going to ruin your life, at least be hilarious.

  • Woliver Stones

    everyone needs to relax. i remember the days before 9/11, before everyone got all sensitive. gees. the terrorists won i guess…

  • white guy

    Dear amaerican airlines, stop trying to focus everyone’s attention off of how poorly you tend to updating and repairing your planes. Sincerely, AMERICA.

  • Crystal

    Seems to me like this is the modern equivalent of wondering what happens if you scream “fire” in a crowded place. Kids do silly things, and they learn their lesson one way or another. I just hope that having thousands of people call her stupid or worse doesn’t end with her killing herself.

  • Guest

    I always thought a threat had to be serious to be a threat. After all, isn’t that what a threat is? I mean, if I say I’m going to BLOW UP THE WORLD, does that mean there should be helicopters flying around my house, preparing to missile me into oblivion just in case I have 400 nuclear warheads in my basement?

  • marty

    Stupid azz little girlz need there spoiled,, they mos def. need to face some jail time!!!

  • Madeline Harrington Fortuna

    Good for you American Airlines! I hope you scared her to well death is a bit harsh but she has to learn…horrible

  • lsdfljdslkdsf

    Lol anyone else think it’s funny?

  • Death

    I’m just laughing at this…I mean seriously, how dumb do you have to be to think that that’s a good idea?

  • Atvontoatav Anonymouz

    Boooo give us better stories.

  • Bob

    I flogging still a thing?

  • nope

    “generation of clueless teenagers”. Damn, I didn’t know generalizing could get you a writing job these days. Do i even need a college degree to write for this joke of a site?

  • volkerball85

    Stupid idea on her part, but have you noticed that we don’t even question how paranoid we are about this crap anymore? It used to be a subject of debate, but it’s like we’ve accepted it now. The masterminds of 9/11 have succeeded in their mission to turn us into a country of hand-wringing, paranoid weaklings, jumping at any chance to trade freedom for security. The cops in this country kill more innocent people than 9/11, but oh snap, we better throw 14 year olds in jail over Twitter jokes! Can’t be too careful, right?

    • Death

      That’s right. We’ve forgotten a lot of things over the years. It’s freedom vs. security. Can’t have one without sacrificing the other. Their mission was to terrorize people to the point where they wouldn’t even want to leave their homes in fear of a terrorist attack. They aren’t quite there yet.

  • SP


  • Guest

    American Air didn’t tweet that, that was fake, if you tilt your screen back you can see that the picture has copy and pasted words on it. My guess is she used it to gain followers

  • Mabel

    Send her to Guantanamo and lock her up in a cell for 48 hours with all those filthy Evil Religion animals who haven’t gotten laid since 2008. That’ll teach her a lesson fast.

  • Em

    So basically the rude awakening is necessary for this girl to realize that we are in the same state as Nazi Germany whereas even jokers will be treated like terrorists? People are ridiculous for wanting her to go to jail, bet they probably are complaining about our corrupt criminal justice system right after making these judgmental remarks.

    • A Mom

      So, “she” needs no punishment? we don’t even KNOW if it’s a 14 y.o. girl!

    • TownTart

      Just don’t threaten the lives of innocent human beings and there is nothing to worry about. Stop defending the stupid.

  • Ian Orcutt

    I’m going to predict the future. Next month, this girl will be in some ridiculous legal battle with American Airlines and be sent to jail. In the midst of this, two more terrorist attacks will have happened, and AA will be proud of themselves for convicting a minor.

    Watch this happen.

  • Lord Tenchi Muyo

    White people crazy, white people crazy

  • :^)

    I don’t understand why its hard for people(referring to those in the discussion) to not be assholes to each other.

  • Lord Tenchi Muyo

    Sweating out of their mind

  • AMK

    It starts with the youngest of children and the smallest insignificant things. Most parents now a days do not say or do anything that leads kids to grow up thinking they can say and do anything. They let kids run the household and negotiate with them instead of setting rules…and then this happens!

  • ahyes0

    How do we know this girl made the post and that she wasn’t hacked, or that her friends were playing a prank? What person would actually fuck their life up like that? Aside from a really stupid one.

    • Lord Tenchi Muyo

      “I was joking it was my friend” she said “I”

    • Kajun Klown

      Yeah…I would say the 5 or 6 tweets begging for mercy would be proof enough

  • TT

    congrats to AA!.. i fly over 200,000 miles a year on AA and my SAFETY is far more important that this kid’s idiocy.. for all we know, she could very well be a terrorist.. it IS a possibility.. over 3000 innocent people lost their lives in 9/11.. respect that – it could have been you. or me.. or someone you love.. AA did the right thing.. period..

  • People Against NDAA

    A tweet about terrorism is not the same, and does not deserve the same treatment, as a terrorist who follows through with a crime.

    The public humiliation is enough. Those of you advocating jail time for a tweet, regardless of how accidental, fake, or intentional it was, are absolutely sick human beings.

    • Heather

      A night in jail to show a spoiled little girl that her actions have consequences is neither inhumane or “sick”. If anything it would scare some sense in to her and maybe she’ll learn to use her social media accounts more responsibly. This is not something that is ever going to go away, and it doesn’t look like she really cares, as long as she’s getting attention.

      • Chris Kujawa

        Jail for a stupid 14 year old girl seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

        • Heather

          Why exactly is what I”m trying to get at. Every one can sit here and say
          how cruel it is, but no one seems to give an answer why. Is it cruel
          and unusal to send her to a juvenile facility for a night where there
          are already stupid 14 year old girls who have done MUCH worse? Is it
          cruel to show her what happens to adults when they do things like this
          in an actual jail? What punishment exactly would you reccomend for
          someone who is completely disregarding the seriousness of her actions
          and is using her age and ethnicity as a privledge? An entire school can
          get shut down from a phonecall made by a stupid teenager making a
          ‘joke’. An entire airline can too. People would be in an absolute uproar
          if she was 18 (only 4 years difference mind you, maturity level
          wouldn’t be THAT different either) and she tried to get away with it
          like she is now.

          So I’m asking, sincerely, what exactly is the
          correct punishment to give to this girl? Because we can obviously see by
          her attitude that a tap on the hand and a ‘forshame’ from mom and dad
          hasn’t exactly worked based on her character.

  • Heather

    Can we PLEASE get the common notion out of our heads that this is okay because it was “just a dumb teenager doing dumb things”? This girl needs to have her account suspended, and her parents need to moderate her online activity from now on. The fact that she 1) thinks it’s okay to make jokes like that in the first place and 2) thinks because she’s WHITE and a minor means she should get off the hook is disgusting. I bet the people who lost friends and family in 9/11 and other terrorist attacks world wide find this sort of thing REAL HUMOROUS. At least she’ll have something to talk about at school? What a disrespectful little git.

  • Brandon Condron

    This person needs to grow up. Seriously if this were my kid. I would be BEYOND furious. GROW UP KIDS! Think before you act! Use your mind!

  • AlliBess

    And one other thing because I forgot to mention it in my post before. Honestly the two things that bother me the most are 1. she still doesn’t seem to feel bad or understand what it was that she did and why it offended people and 2. It’s just so disrespectful to anyone who lost a loved one in that attack and to anyone who has ever been racially profiled… “I’m from Afghanistan”

  • MasterKush

    lol, when she applies for college and they do a background check? please! i’ve been to six different colleges and not one of them gave a fuck.

  • Richard Firth

    as her punishment, she should be given to Ariel Castro

  • MikehMike01

    This article was written by a complete asshole.

    • TownTart

      You were raised by utter and complete assholes. Have them apologize, okay?

  • ad

    did you even think to look at the American Airlines twitter account to see if they actually sent the tweet in question? nice “reporting”

  • hazmat339

    Factually, 1) Where is a threat? 2) She tweeted vigorously afterward claiming a friend had done it. If true, shouldn’t LEA be focused more on her said friend? 3) With all the info the NSAFBIDOJLocalPD have, I bet they can size up THIS threat pretty quickly. 4) It should be the FBI that sends 2 agents out to interview her and her parents, unfortunate, but NBD if there really is no threat or intent. 5) What if her Twitter account was hacked, do you still crucify this person in perpetuity? 6) Lots of teen boys get busted and do time for all kinds of dumbass crap that actually harms people, why is this significant? 7) This story is much ado about nothing, except it does alert everyone that tweeting the two words al qaida together sill set off IDS filters all over the surveillance grid.

  • http://twitter.com/__heartofagypsy heyyitshannah

    … All these comments on a thread about trolling. What a vicious web we spin in society.

    I hope this girl is given an awakening as to what her decisions impacted… And moreso I hope she is used as an example to this generation, that social media is not the proper platform for vindictive words and tricms… And trolling. It’s rude, it’s hurtful, it puts hate into the world and allows negative thoughts to run rapidly through our veins, slowly turning into negative actions.

    Karma is a beast…

  • roughy762004

    wow… MOLLY BABY!

  • Fisher

    I think everyone needs to chill the fuck out. Some dumb kid made a mistake, why is this news and why does it even matter?

    • tommy7775884

      Fisher, making a terrorist threat to a major airliner is a BIG no no, i seriously doubt this girl had any intentions of doing any sort of attack, but she needs to disciplined for it.

  • Elvick

    Punish the idiot.

    Let her learn that there are consequences to your actions, including online.

  • Darren Prosser

    She is 14, all you super responsible types need to calm down and quit calling for her public hanging at noon,ummmm k!

    • TownTart

      she was arrested, retard.

      • Darren Prosser

        What a charming woman you are! Lol.

    • Death

      She’s only a kid yes, but this is something that will, without a doubt, follow her throughout her life. She should have thought of the repercussions before hand.

  • Kevin Rikert

    This wasn’t a threat. For something to be a threat you need to demonstrate the person had not only the intent but means to carry out the act. Furthermore, a threat can’t be vague. A threat of violence must be specific. This is absurd. She’s an idiot (but her prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed so that’s to be expected.) But the FBI has no case. They’re going to drop it.

    • TownTart

      Dutch authorities arrested her, toots.

      • Kevin Rikert

        You’re right. The reporting on this site is just shitty. I assumed it was an error because the FBI is the U.S.’ domestic investigatory agency. Rotterdam PD hasn’t confirmed any American involvement in the case. Also, she’s been charged with posting a “false or alarming message…” which is the most insane crime I’ve ever heard of. Under that law I could be arrested for saying the Holocaust never happened. Ridiculous.

  • Ian Orcutt

    This girl is only getting arrested because the FBI can’t catch anyone else…

  • Tim

    There was no specific threat. She could have meant that she was flying first class. That would be really big…Just saying take away her iPhone for a week, explain the seriousness of her stupidity and move on. What is with this “ruin a person for life” crap? Reading some of these comments makes me wonder how we ever got away from public punishment on the town square. Don’t be societies weakest link people.