America For Jesus 2012: Nine-Hour Prayer Session

    September 28, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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A Christian Conservative rally has been formed and will kick off on Saturday with a prayer assembly on Independence Mall in Philadelphia.

The group is calling the rally “America For Jesus 2012” and wants to spread the word about the downfall of our nation being caused by loose morals. While their leaders say they are neither right nor left, but simply, Christians, they are decidedly in Romney’s corner, with one member speaking out against Obama’s “radical homosexual agenda” and blasting the country’s move toward socialism.

According to the group’s website, they are a “solemn assembly to summon together the whole body of Christ to pray for the church and our nation”. Coming right before a huge election, the rally will encompass nine hours and will focus on the current issues plaguing the U.S. and why they are compounded by politicians’ agendas.

“America is in a state of emergency evidenced by the symptoms of widespread moral depravity and economic meltdown. Education, government, and man’s wisdom cannot solve this problem. There is only one remedy that truly can “heal the Land”, the site says.

Attendees have already been asked to begin a 40-day fast through November 6th to help “turn the nation to God”; however, the group’s site says that those with medical issues can seek other options.

  • S Fisher ]

    AMEN! Pray for the nation to realize they are lost without hope if they don’t have Jesus as their Savior! Pray for the lost to be found and the found to be fervent! For the seeking to be saved and the saved to be seeking!!! We need to show God’s love whole being careful not to look like a pharisee!

  • james

    absolutley not. christianity is the root of evil. people wake up.

    • Matt

      How so?

    • Randal Phillips

      Uh. Sure. Morality and ethics and loving your neighbor. That’s reaaaal evil.

  • America for Jesus 2012
  • http://www.youtube.com/user/sanctifiedbytruth?feature=mhee tony demetro

    2Chonicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    • paul

      amen exactly humble ourselfs and seek him. THEN he will hear us and heal our land. (this country)

  • http://www.thedailyeconomist.com Kenneth Schortgen Jr


    For any REAL Christian who has read the bible, once you see this: “Coming right before a huge election, the rally will encompass nine hours and will focus on the current issues plaguing the U.S. and why they are compounded by politicians’ agendas.”, you should FLEE from this garbage asap.

    Scripture in the New Covenant says over and over, you are IN the world, but not OF the world, and to NOT judge the gentile. Additionally, scripture says, those who dwell on earthly things, LIVE in the earthly, while you should be focusing on the spiritual.

    It’s sad… the church as a whole in America has no power, and no understanding of the Kingdom of God, and WHAT Yeshua actually said that they have to keep playing these games to ‘save’ and earthly nation.

    By the way… if saving America is so important, why choose one day to pray for this? Why arent all believers praying everyday in accordance?

    Scripture says all you NEED are 2 or 3… bringing together hundreds or thousands doesnt mean the petition to God will be heard MUCH BETTER because of some pious gathering.

    I reminds me of the old Christians coalition back in the 90’s. I went there expecting like minded believers, but all I found were a bunch of church goers who wanted the trappings of earthly politics.

    • Jules


      • Randal Phillips

        WRONG. The solemn assembly has a long history both biblically and extra-biblically, from Moses, Joshua, Jeremiah and on. You criticized this gather for only one day of prayer. First, you obviously didn’t read the article… at all…. this marks the beginning of a 40 day call to prayer and fasting. Second, in my experience the people who are critical of such things rarely practice anything better. So what about it? Have YOU been praying for the country? As to judgment, of COURSE we are to judge between right and wrong. If we don’t apply God’s standards, whose standards do you suggest we apply? We are NOT to judgment the OUTCOME of anyone’s life. It would be wrong to flatly state, for example, that Obama is going to hell. It would most appropriate, however, to clearly point out the sinfulness of some of his behaviors, programs and proposals. (Killing babies, endorsing perversion, and government sponsored theft fairly leap to mind.)

  • http://yahoo david willis

    if we push God out of our lives we really are DOOMED!!!!!

  • http://yahoo david


  • AlanC

    …. “go thee into thy closet and pray”…. not even God likes a big show empty of real faith.

  • http://yahoo david

    oh ya

  • http://yahoo david

    God has always been the way

  • Bonnie

    Yes, by all means pray for this great country and pray for our leaders as well. But remember, it’s God’s love that leads us to repentance, not condemnation. Unfortunately the “world” doesn’t see enough of God’s love from us. Let’s focus on that.

    • http://yahoo.com lafferty

      Jesus was no Republican or Democrat, but thats whats good about being American you can worship as you please unless your a Muslum.I guess Jesus dont like Muslum. If thats true why dont he just nuke them all.Maybe because theres more of them then us.A lot more.Another thing Oboma is no muslum hes a Christian.If you belive hes a Muslum your are the real devil.Romney is a cult in my evangical roots.But he has that right Jesus is a universal god not a American God.Anmd indep.Mo> is not the promised land in my belifes.Good luck on your rally for a cult.Just my thoughts.

  • http://yahoo.com Bob Perrottet

    more people have been killed on this planet in the name of God then every other reason.the lord said to pray in a closet not go help Mitt Romney win an election.You can publish this I stand on what I say.Lets face it this is what its all about.

  • Randy

    It sounds like a gang of politicians getting together to have a pep rally for their loser Romney! If the I.R.A. could get their hands on a few names there, their so called churches , would lose their tax exemptions. As far as I am concerned,this is nothing more than a Gang of politicians masquerading as Ministers. Did they ever hear the term seperation of Church, and State? Speaking of Ministers,How many of you have ever seen, or heard of the REV. Billy Graham ,or any Great minister of his magnitude hold, or been a part of any political pep rally?? Neither have I!! You won’t either!!!!!

    • Art

      The IRA is the Irish Republican Army, or a Retirement bank account! By the way there is an event held every October that last year had over 500 participant Pastors. In this Event they record themselves doing political sermons, and send those recordings to the IRS and tell them to take them to court to change their tax status! The IRS doesn’t because they know that it will go all the way to the Supreme Court and the Johnson amendment,(that’s the name of the law you refer to enacted by the illustrious LBJ), and be deemed unconstitutional! The pastors know this and the number of recordings increases every year because they know that this farce of a law will be struck down!!

    • http://apwc.org Beth

      I respectfully want to let you know Billy Graham did give his approval to this meeting in the form of a letter he wrote to be read aloud. He cannot appear in person because He is about 94 years old. Just wanted to let you know.

  • Brenda Gibson

    Our country is in trouble because there are so many who have failed to honor GOD’s word and live Holy. Everything comes from GOD, our Father. “JESUS died on the cross for you and me for our sins” PRAISE JESUS for ALL HIS HONOR and GLORY. Pray for our country each and every day.

    • Metalram

      lmao. will you people please stop breeding for future sake.

    • JD

      It’s 2012 and there are stil nutjobs like you preaching this ancient nonsense.

      • brandi

        History always repeats intself, no matter how ancient it is! check out the exposing the truth page on fb for another perspective on how things really are.

    • Donald Pintacura


      • Donald Pintacura

        my Amen is for Brenda’s Statement!

  • Matthew Elliot

    Save the United States from a second Dark Ages.

    Go secular.

  • fire

    While the leaders claim to be neither left nor right, they are still siding Romney and their excuse is that ‘President'(yes, I actually address the president by his proper title) Obama is ‘dragging this country into a homosexual and socialist nightmare’….???
    Excuse me, but aren’t these the people wrought from the same cloth as those that make ‘monkey’ pics out of the president’s wife, threatening that should President Obama be elected, that there will be another civil war, bringing weapons to meetings, saying stupid things like ‘whites are being enslaved by President Obama’.
    I think I’ll pass on this: No I am not a ‘liberal’ and I am most definitely not a ‘right wing republican’ and I don’t support homosexuality (not everyone that doesn’t agree with Right Wingers can be ‘classified’ as ‘liberals’) but President Obama is the ‘least’ of this countries worries. The country is falling apart with or without him: This nation is destroying itself without President Obama: Feminism, The Slut Walks (which really wasn’t about anything at all but trashy women that just want any excuse to show themselves off and get attention, the very thing they accuse men of doing to them)the exodus from morals and the worship of G_D and Jesus to worshipping ‘mother goddesses’ and delving in witchcraft, the racism that is getting worse, and our introduction to trash on television, our satan-worshipping movie stars, religious leaders that care more about politics than the people, and a host of other things.
    Outside of all of this the thing that makes me the most angry is all of this ‘white anger’ over a black president. It isn’t his policies, it isn’t anything that he has or isn’t doing…its the color of his skin. People can argue till they are blue in the face that this is not what its all about but it is just the plain, cold, hard truth. If it’s not about racism, then why are individuals photoshopping his wife into a chimpanzee???? If it’s not about racism, where is all of this talk, from whites, about this asonine ‘white slavery’??? What does ‘slavery’ have to do with any of this?????? (It sounds to me like a Freudian slip)…As a black person, I feel we blacks have more to fear in this country full of ‘white anger’ over a black president, than whites have to fear about ‘one black man’…who, if he is lucky ‘may’ become president for another ‘4’ years…and after that whites can have ‘their’ presidency back.
    I grew up with whites being my friends, went to school with them, served side by side with them in the military, went to university with them, I even had the nerve to at what time, hold European culture as a beacon of ‘enlightenment’.
    I have only read about the kind of stuff that I am seeing now, in books on the 60’s and I never thought that I would ever live to see this chaos myself…but. So…why the heck, do I want to ‘metaphorically’ join hands in prayer with people that hate me and ‘my kind’. Actually I am glad that Mr.Obama became president because it has shown the world and myself the true nature of whites.
    This is just a one time deal! I feel that this is the first ‘mulatto’ president and certainly, by the way whites are acting, he will most definitely be our last…and then we are back to ‘white men’, ‘a white woman’ or whatever other nationality. Why am I going to pray to Jesus with people who despise people of my color and race. These same people put sheets on their collective heads, kill and murder without pity other cultures, and in fact the white race is responsible for ‘creation’ of communism/socialism, liberalism, feminism, and all the isms, that whites now claim to fear. These people that claim to be crying out heavenward are a group of hypocrites. Even Jesus said that if you cannot even love your neighbor whom you have seen, then how can you love G_D or Jesus himself. Anyone can accuse me of being hateful…but at least, unlike many of these ‘god-fearing’ right wingers, I will not pretend to be holy and saintly.
    Lastly you can accuse blacks of also being racist but at least blacks and other peoples like the Indians and other displaced peoples’s hatred was always due to the actions of whites, however, whites just hated without any reason, save their belief that other peoples are lower than themselves.

    • http://yahoo.com kathy

      I am a white person & I never heard about ‘white slavery?’ but I have heard an awful lot about ‘black slavery’ & I am sick & tired of hearing about how tough you had it! Excuse me that was what 400 yrs. ago now get over yourself…& why is it that people come here from other countries and succeed & they’re of all nationalities…they come here with nothing & put themselves through school & work & live together here!!! WHY? is it that you ‘black people’ have a problem doing the same thing???

      Don’t tell me ALL WHITE people hate black people that’s like saying all Italian’s are mafia or all Irish are drunks & all blacks are lazy…get it..you’re generalizing here & that’s wrong!! I was raised in a white family & white neighborhood & I wasn’t raised a racist…& I have worked & gone to school with & now live next door and done the street from many black families & go to church with so don’t be pulling that ‘race card’ with me that’s a cop out..& there are always going to be people who do & say things that aren’t right…so is it okay for you black’s to accuse us of being racists & hating you while our so called president goes around kissing the hand of the enemy & hiring terrorists into our government…& wanting to be a socialist & changing our government policies & excuse me sir changing many things for you as well!!! Oh so you think he cares about you black folks hey don’t forget he isn’t all black he’s half white & he could care less about either side. He is a muslem & he supports his heritage & baby things are going to change for you as well get ready becaues your welfare checks or food stamps may be revoked because of the budget..ain’t gonna be pretty when you all wake up to reality to find out the truth but hey vote for the guy. Listen I knew from the beginning that he wasn’t going to be good for this country WHY? Because no one ever heard of the guy & second he was never in his congress seat for any length of time & third he lies about everything he has done & yes there is proof you & I both know EVERYTHING can’t be a lie about him & who he is and where he came from come on even you know that!!! I didn’t think he would make a good president but I didn’t hate him! Kind of surprised a no body would become a president..sorry that’s how I see it..you want socialism pal..??

      I don’t agree with killing people or excluding them from anything just because of color…even the Hispanics who am I to have anything against them except that they should become citizens & pay taxes likr everyone else does…they’re taking jobs & money & many more benefits away from us you & me!!!

      Let me tell you something the only ones holding you black people in slavery are the politicians like your president they pay you to vote for them give you things see you can be bought out & the Hispanics they’re recieving ‘FREE’ medical..insureance..drivers permits..food..whatever they want WHY?? ‘FREE VOTES’ they hold you all in their pockets..they dangle something in front of you & there you go falling for their bs again & again..WHY don’t you ever want to get out of that feeling? Do you all enjoy being nothings…now not all are like that but you see how easy it was for me to say that just as you do…okay can you love something or someone who is constantly taking & not giving & expecting more & giving nothing & then if you don’t get what you want you kill & rape & steal?? Can you like someone like that??? If you want love you have to give love & if you want respect you have to give respect no one gets anything for nothing pal there is no free lunch!!! GOD helps you/me when we show HIM we mean business when we are serious about loving HIM & obeying HIM & not when we feel like it..you all go to church & pray like HE is coming today then you leave church & go sleep with someones wife or friend & it goes on & on need I say more…then the gangs & drugs & then you go back to church again do you really think GOD is going to be happy about all of this?? Yeah there are white people who do the same things I know but we are talking about you now!!! You know you’re the one that thinks you’re lower than others…when you read your Bible you will understand what love is about not what a politician says its about!!! You know when obama got in I said okay well lets see what he can do & I prayed that he would be the best president we have ever had..I did..but..again he proved me wrong..bringing in all of this garbage about racism & taking our rights away from us & dear one that means your rights too in case you think that you will be exempt from all that is coming down..come on you didn’t really think that a man who bought his way into a high ranking college & hung around with murderers & racists themselves & muslems & lies about his birthday certificate & the fact that he wasn’t in Wright’s church for a long time & lies & lies about everything?? I honestly pray for all of you who believe ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE BAD…because there are some white people who believe ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE BAD AS WELL!!! May GOD BLESS YOU

      • http://Yahoo patsy

        Reading your comments, I understand why people look down on today’s so called Church, which is full of self righteous people who don’t know Holy God or His Ways.

    • jim

      falling for the main stream media garbage as they fawned over Obama- even had to change biology… if a mans mother is white and the father is black; why is that man said to be black?

    • ka

      With each statement you are just reconfirming your blatant racism. It is people like you that divide and make it difficult to move forward. Poor me, everyone owes me.

  • given

    am a Christian and any time I see these Christians using the bible to score political point it makes me sick. obama and romney are not christians and both men like every other presidential contender falls short of biblical standards. As a Christian we cant just select the sin we like or don’t like.

    Obama supports homosexualtiy and abortion…Romney belongs to a cult, doesn’t worship the God of the bile and doesn’t care for poor people.

    God detests all these behaviour from men.

    so why are all this fake Christian pretend to be for Jesus.

    Jesus is not , conservative , democrat , liberal or republican.

    • Donald Pintacura

      I agree. I’m a Christian….but surely can’t approve of bringing politic’s into the picture. And as a Christian I can only pray and hope who is in charge of this country does what’s best for all. Again…..it’s not Christian to have to pick between the lessor of two evils! Try praying for all the world to come together under God and know the truth! “God Bless America”……how about “God Bless the World!!!” Stop hateing!!!! Start loving!!!!!

      • Lydia L Perez

        I agree. Is Mr. Reed behind it?

    • http://Yahoo patsy

      Don’t you think. instead of judging others, you need to take a good look at yourself? In case you don’t know, God doesn’t need you to tell Him anything about President Obama.

  • http://yahoo P. Smith

    What a super crock of s#$%!!! Can’t believe that some people actually believe this crap & follow these so-called “religious” con-artists.

    • http://msn Mary

      We shall see what you will be saying when Jesus comes back to this planet. I guarantee that you will be on your knees asking for forgiveness. God is an all powerful God and he is also a jealous God.

      • Mark


    • P. Price

      Don’t judge believers; if you don’t believe that’s your choice. Who will you call on in the Last Day?

  • http://msn Mary

    Amen Amen!!! Pray for our nation as well as for the world. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Ask that God will give us another chance of living the way we are suppose to. To follow the ten commandments before it is too late. Stop the abortions this is a genocide. More than 50 million babies have been slaughtered. This is what is causing our economic disaster. Plus same sex marriage man cannot change Gods laws. God created the true marriage between man and woman. Not same sex. Lets hope that God will listen to our prayers. May God have mercy on all of us.

  • fire

    Kathy, your diatribe is wasted dribble. Meaningless and will not, in the least, reform me. So, you have wasted your time typing. When you get rid of and ridicule the cruelty that whites show our president…then that is when you can write to me.
    And the fact that you have not heard of that ‘white slavery’ slogan, doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. I am sorry if I keep abreast with what is going on and you ‘apparently’ don’t. As long as there are racist tea party people, as long as there are neo nazis, as long as there are people like yourself who ignore the evil of whites and choose to only give regards black problems, then there will always be people like me.
    You cannot redeem me anymore than I can redeem a Klansman or a Nazi.

  • church tabor

    what other options can I seek because I have medical conditions and I will be dead with in days if i dont get my medicine

  • fire

    Another thing you accuse me of Kathy is ‘making excuses for blacks’………but in my first comment, there is nowhere in it where I gave any black any ‘pass’ for any ills or evils that blacks have done. In fact you perfectly make my point: You are not even fussing with me about ‘what I wrote’…you automatically because of your skewed views and prejudice of blacks, go for the ‘always useful argument about ‘why blacks can’t seem to get it together’.
    Sigh…you don’t impress me. When whites are put in a corner…this is one out of many common arguments they bring to the table, in hopes of silencing their detractors. I have heard this argument before over and over and over and over…so what you say, is wasted.
    The truth still stands that your race is callouse and cruel and the hatred shown at the president shows it.
    Why don’t you send hate mail to those soldiers that were planning to kill the president. But you would never do that. Why don’t you send hate male to the klan? Because like them, you are white, and you wouldn’t attack them…only someone like me.
    I wonder, you seem to ‘appear’ so enlghtened and thoughtful…and yet, I wonder, have you as a ‘white woman’ (which I presume you are based off of your name) ever crossed the street when a black man has come in your path????????? If you have, or if you feel fear when you see black men, then you have nothing more to say to me. I already know what kind of person you are…and you definitely have no right to be the arbitrator of what I believe.
    By the way, I was offered a minority scholarship…and I refused it, because I believe in working hard for what I get, and I don’t believe in ‘handouts’ because of my race.

  • Art

    Why are there so many afraid of people praying for our country? If you don’t believe what can it hurt? If you do believe what, are you afraid the standing President might be found lacking?(I am NOT talking about his faith that’s between Him and the LORD.)Also people are stating that people don’t know about “separation of Church and State” yes I do It was a term written in a letter by Thomas Jefferson, taken out of context by most, it is nowhere to be found in the Constitution however!the first amendment reads
    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
    This means that we can’t have a govt run church, ( like the church of England)Or that congress can make no law impeding the free exercise of Religion like the Johnson amendment. (taxing churches for political speech)this is why Pastors are joining together with “the pulpit initiative” some Pastors are sending recorded “political sermons” to the IRS (with the help of the Alliance Defense Fund) and daring them to try to get them to take them to Court to force them to pay taxes, prepared to take the issue all the way to the Supreme Court!! The IRS is doing nothing because they know it’s unconstitutional! The next one is in Oct.

  • deep

    Praise God!

    I wish I could be there– but I will be praying right along with them!

    These are Godless times. The world has been over-run by Satan. If more people followed the path to SALVATION through the CROSS, the world would be a better place.

    Unfortunately come Judgement Day, most of these heathen sinners will all be cast into the Lake of Fire!

    Praise God and Hallelujah!

  • m story

    i am a born and raised baptist, i was taught that you are saved by the grace of god. no one knows when god/jesus will come for his people. it says so in the bible. and no one can alter the fate/destiny of that time. read your bibles. not all ministers/pators/reverands/preists/etc ……teaches everything that is in the bible. you need to read it yourself. therefore you, yourself will know the truth. YOU WILL NOT KNOW WHEN OUR LORD AND SAVOR WILL COME. AND YOU CAN NOT CHANGE THE HAPPENINGS TO THE COMING OF THE LORD. may the lord god be with all of you, of all colors, all shapes and all sizes and ages. my heart is with you all

    • Richard Amodeo

      There is a God and he does hear the prayers of his people. It is true this nation is in rapid moral decline and Christians need to become involved in this election and they must pray and they must vote. I want my children to live an better country than I did. I do not want to see our nation crumble and fall because in its arrogance the people rejected God. Our nation needs to turn back to God before it is to late.

  • clayton


    • Kathy

      I don’t understand why anyone don’t believe in GOD and Jesus.All we have to do is look around at the trees,flowers,birds,animals,the mountains,the rivers,oceans,streams and all the living things of the waters.His handiwork is everywhere.I believe we need MORE of these events.May GOD bless each and everyone one who joins in this wonderful event,in person or in prayer.May GOD bless all unbelievers,that they will see He is real and alive and ready to come into your life.He will give you the peace and joy you need to endure all this world throws at you.

      • janae

        If you think there is no God then you had better pray like
        hell that you’re RIGHT!

    • Sally

      The day you die and you’re in hell you’ll be saying..”God help me!” but He will say…”Too late, you said I didn’t exist.”

  • http://www.airportlimousineonline.com/ Toronto Island Airport Limo

    It like a gang of politicians getting together to have a pep rally for their loser Romney

  • Jeanne Chase

    I vote for Jesus. He surely cannot do any worse than Obama. And with the miracles He performs, he could balance the budget! He doesn’t have a birth certificate either, but that doesn’t seem to matter. He doesn’t mind walking, so we can eliminate the expense of AF One. No wife or kids, although he does have a ready made cabinet of 12 guys that we are pretty sure will do what he says. Don’t forget that Judas hanged himself, so the one dissenter is no problem. I say, all in all, Jesus is the best candidate.

  • Miss REALLY?!

    HAHA, all I can do is laugh at this inhumane organization.The hilarity is unbearable. The crudility of these belligerent people that actually believe this joke is unbelievable. A benediction goes out to these people. All I can do is hope that people become more judicious and open thier eyes to what they are doing. America was formed to allow freedom from religious persecution. Don’t you think it is funny that we are now using religion to persecute freedom? Funny, right? By the website saying “America is in a state of emergency evidenced by the symptoms of widespread moral depravity and economic meltdown … Education, government, and man’s wisdom cannot solve this problem.” WHAT? DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU HAVE THE EDUCATION TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM? Without education this whole world whould be a mess. A bunch of idiots believing this joke. BTW, where is your evidence? Most of the choices the government makes to to bottle feed you religious nuts. If we start basing our lives by the “word of God”, we are listening to his words, not our own. Doing what the churches say will bring us right back in HISTORY MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES! I can not believe that I live in such a word that allows such stupidity. Everyday I wake up I want to shot myself because of you numskulled people. AND IF I DO I SHALL WRITE A LOOOOONG LETTER SAYING I LITERALLY CAN NOT LIVE IN THIS WORLD WITH YOU DUMB, DUMB, DUMB PEOPLE. It is incongruous to let this organization prosper. Promoting and supporting DUMB people. Brainwashing them. Stop beleaguering people.

    • http://Yahoo Judy

      May God have mercy on your soul, there will be a day in your life that you will call out to God for something that you need in time of crisis, and yes, there is a God whether you believe it or not. So far you can count your blessings on this………..

      • Sally

        People like Miss Really and James are miserable people. You can tell by the way they write how bitter they are. Their heart is so full of hate it spews out of their mouth. People that are cynical such as Miss Really are miserable souls. So far she hasn’t gone through a tragic moment but I can bet the moment she’s diagoned with a disease or someone in her immediate family is in a tragic accident or some other horrible things happens to her or someone close to her she will be crying out to God saying…”Help me, Help me!” Stop your false pride Miss Really. It’s only hurting you. It’s only making you look like a fool. You say you want to shoot yourself…Oh but if God isn’t real why does it bother you so much when others praise him and talk about him??? Hmmm…maybe because you know you’re wrong and the rest of us are right. God is REAL. The end.

  • sara

    Wake up people. Jesus does not need us, we need Him. He is are only hope.

  • sara

    I have a question for all of you non-believers……
    The USA was founded on Christian principles and prayer has guided our leaders since the establishment of our nation. America has been blessed with abundance…. food, education, freedom and a better way of life than any other country in the world. Most people want to live in the USA. All of our currency has “In God We Trust”, our Pledge of Allegiance recognizes God as our ultimate creator and leader and all of our governmental meetings always began in prayer until most recently. Our country is facing very serious problems since “a few” individuals were offended by Christian principles such as prayer in schools, etc. so we took it out of our public schools.

    The more we took God out of our public affairs, the worse the country became. We need God. He has blessed America. If you don’t like it, then don’t participate. But please don’t prevent those of us who do want to praise our creator and King. This is a free country for all to express our beliefs. I will pray for all of you that you will truly see Jesus as your friend, counselor, creator, ruler and Lord before it is too late.

    • james

      the answer to your question is in your question though…this is a country of religious freedom and anyone who believes in god is a moron…thats me exercising my religious freedom just like you did yours:).

      • Sally

        The only moron I see around here is you James. It’s your loss buddy. You don’t want to believe in God. Go ahead but I’m sure your life isn’t spectacular. You can fool your friends, you can fool yourself saying you’re happy and your life is great but deep down you know it’s not. You know you lack the grace, the peace and the blessings from God. You can’t fool God. He’s knows you. He formed you. Even if you don’t want to believe God is real you can’t escape the fact that without God you wouldn’t exist. So you better make sure before you die you repent of your sins or you’ll be spending the rest of eternity in hell! Because when you die you are either going to heaven or to hell.

        • Milo

          What religious dribble. You also have the right to believe in fairy tales too, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and ad infinitum. The gall of someone to suggest that one cannot be happy without God is ludicrous. Within the imaginations of the mind is the power to conceive great thoughts that can have a profound impact on the real world; and yet, the real world wants to have a profound impact on our imaginations. For if we don’t agree with “Christians’ ” world view, or their brand of “theology” we are somehow either labelled differently or viewed as less than. There is no room for differing thought, or perspectives in “Christianity”, it is a narrowly defined set of dogma that seeks to control and to minimize human thought and expression. Further, it is hypocritical in its application, in that while Christianity, or more specifically its religious leaders, seek to morally restrain “freedom”, it decries those who would trample on its precious traditions, doctrinal and scriptural teachings, and long held and guarded tenets–as though all disbelievers should simple succumb to the alter call of God and be in one place and in one accord. No one has ever denied Christianity its place in the world and it has the right to exist as does: Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Taoism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Church of God, Roman Catholicism, etc. However, the “Christocentric” view that has been spewed out in this forum is, quite frankly, disturbing and saddening. It is not my intention to either dissuade or persuade anyone here toward a particular belief or not, but rather to promote true “religious freedom” of the sort that our founding fathers envisioned. Not the contrived form that the Christian revisionists have hatched. As we know Thomas Jefferson had a copy of the Quran, which he read and studied extensively to widen his legal studies. Nevertheless, let me finish my remarks by saying that religious fundamentalism, in any and all of its forms, is a perversion of truth that has been a blight on the progress of humanity for centuries. It has been one of the major causes of bloodshed and tumult between men (women), and will continue to be so as long as there are brainwashed, narrow-minded, and presumptive individuals such as yourself. “God bless”.

          • Kenneth

            Milo, thanks, you statement was well put.

          • Missy

            Ok, just say you are right and we are wrong about God, (let’s just pretend because I know there is a God.)If you are right then all I have to look forward to is dying and being placed in the ground. I don’t have to worry about answering to any of my sins!! But if you are wrong, you will burn in eternal hell. And I don’t believe for one minute that there are people that don’t believe there is a higher power. I believe they just don’t want to have to answer to what they do in this life. Well, have fun while it last because there will be an awakening and I don’t think it is too far off.

    • Kenneth

      What keeps us in trouble? Sinply, we don’t know the law of Yahweh (God). This whole nation don’t know the laws. Well, where are they?
      Well, Most of the laws are in the five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus,Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. Well, start reading them and you will be suprised! Most, Christians believe that Yashura(Jesus)did
      away with the old laws, please read Matthews, Chapter 5:17-19,(read the whole chapter). Remember Abraham he is the father of many nations, Genesis, Chapter 12:3, remember this when we go out condemning others. We Christian believe we have Jesus lock stock and
      barrel. Read the History of Christianity. You will find a lot of terrible things were done in the name of Christ Jesus. It make Islam look like a picnic. I am not taking sides with Islam. Neither
      one of us are right, Romans 3:12. Keep in mind Judgement belong to
      Yahweh. If we utilized the last two laws that Jesus gave, love Yahweh with all their heart and soul and love thy neighbor as thy self, it
      will eliminate a lot of bad conditions in this world.

  • http://apwc.org Beth

    I do not claim to have an abundance of wisdom. I am not a debator. I cannot change anyone’s thinking. I don’t have that power. I would just like to share my thoughts. First, I am watching AFJ 2012 right now on GodTV. What I am seeing is a group of people who are not making a political statement regarding either candidate. In fact, just a moment ago, Pat Robertson rather harshley rebuked someone in the crowd who was chanting some political statement. Next, God told His people, those who believe in Him, to repent of their own sins so that their nation could be healed and blessed. This is what I see going on. People are repenting of their own sins. In addition to that, they are collectively identifying themselves with sins they did not personally commit. How can they be faulted or mocked for that? Three, I see white people repenting for things they have been accused of for years and years – slavery, greed, etc. How can this be bad? Should we not forgive? Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven times. That means we forgive over and over. If there are certain sins associated with particular people groups, it will be the kindness of those who have been oppressed that will bring them to repentance. Lastly, the true Christian church believes itself to be the presence of Jesus on the earth today. They endeavor to do what Jesus did – go around doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the devil. You don’t have to open your heart to people who claim religiosity. They are not the true church. Just open your heart to the God they profess to worship. He is good. He is thinking good thoughts about you. He is not mad. He has peace and goodwill toward man. Eternal life is not about going to church or even doing good works like feeding the poor. Eternal life is knowing God – not knowing about God – but really knowing Him! Let’s begin to heal the rift in our country today. Let’s stop cursing each other and start blessing each other.

    • Steve

      Guess who signed this? Obama and the rest of his 131 other oders, more than ALL thats right ALL previous Presidents. Enjoy your freedom of speech here while you can, and your own car. VOTE NO BAMA, because I am not BIDEN what these “gentlemen” are selling!

      EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995 allows the government to seize and control the Communication media.

      EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of Transportation and control of highways and seaports.

      Check it here!

  • Kim Wade

    I read somewhere black pastors were discouraging their flocks to NOT vote for a Mormon- but there ARE christians in the Mormon church. I believe God is leading them OUT of that faith and on to a more Bible believing one. To all my compatriots seeking a Far Country- “Let’s welcome Mitt in his personal journey with OPEN arms, and go and VOTE your bloomin’ arses off!”

    • MRTexas

      You read somewhere??? Where? You don’t know what you are talking about, but we will vote our arses off…for President Obama! Only a fool or hate monger would vote for Romney and Ryan…both liars!

      • Sally

        Are you kidding me? You’re going to vote for President Obama? Are you really that stupid?! HELLO! Anybody inside your brain? Obama is NOT for the people. He’s a socialist! He’s anti American. You must hate your country to say that you’re going to vote for that moron. He’s done more damage to this country than any other president in history. Obama will not help you out because he doesn’t care about you. All he cares about is hanging out with the movie stars and playing golf. He’s leading this country into the dumpter. Wake up and smell reality. Obama has done crap! It’s time for a real American not a Kenyan born Muslim person to take over this country. I never voted for Obama, never will vote for Obama because I’m actually INTELLIGENT unlike all those dummies that voted for Obama or will vote for him again.

        Time to take the scum out of the White House!

  • cisco rod

    Sara is 100% correct. The United States was founded by Christian values.many of our former presidents past and some more resent lives were based on christian upbringing and government meetings did begin in prayer to God (Our Creator.father of Jesus)not any other.Even for some radical reason our Government removes ” IN GOD WE TRUST ” from our currency. Christians will still and forever seek HIM till HE comes back for us !!!

    • james

      because in god we trust is a religious affiliation clearly…theres kinda this thing called separation of church and state. You should look into it.

  • http://brighthouse anna bates


  • Barbara Hardy

    We would do a 360degree turnaround almost immediately if we would set aside RACISM, HATRED and IMMORALITY. Let all of us love one another and not ask the question – Am I my brother’s keeper, but let us affirm that I AM my brother’s keeper. PLEASE get out and vote for our President who truly has our best interest at heart. He’s moving in the right direction with affordable healthcare, increased education, jobs creation and most of all: he has not written 47% of us off as free loaders, moochers and food stamp people. Asking the wealthy to pay their fair share is NOT punishing anybody for success.

  • http://www.burnthebibleassociation.com Charles Dan Austin

    Back to the Dark Ages!

  • http://AmericanforJesus Albert Strickland

    When everything is tried and nothing seems to work.. we, the stupid
    hypocrites trot out the same old tired line American for Jesus.
    Folks just get past this. Jesus doesnt care whether Obama or Romney
    wins… This is just tragic that so called Christians really think that a diety cares about such mundame things as an election.Hey, get
    Tim Tebow to help you, I’m sure he has a direct connection to the man upstars.

  • Simon

    Right wingers are CERTAIN their views are consistant with Jesus views. WRONG. Jesus was never mean, intolerant, hateful or cruel like today’s “Christians”.

    • Missy

      You are right. Jesus was never mean, hateful or cruel. But He would not tolerate sin either. Read the bible. People are name calling on both sides, but I see much more on the ones that are voting democrats. Anyone that is mean, spiteful, hating anyone, or name calling cannot wear the name Christian. You need to read the bible and see How God reacts to sin.

  • Hope4anation

    I think all of us on here would agree this country really is in serious trouble? We need to stop all this ridiculous arguing and come up with solutions. Stop blaming everyone. What are “YOU” doing to fix things?
    One day when we all die we will all find out who is right and who is wrong. If there is a heaven and a hell or not, etc.

    So mean time we need to learn to get along and figure somethings out.
    This country was founded on Christian principals and our constitution and laws only work if we continue in that weather we like it or not. If we get away from those principals then it all falls apart and that is what is happening now.
    We already know socialism and communisium, and so many of these other out there governments don’t work so why are we fighting the way things were set up hear and trying to change it to all theses other governments that are proven not to work?
    This country was founded on the pursuit of life, liberty and justice for for all.
    Things were working quite well for years as we have been growing and changing till these last 60-70 years. It seems every generation there is some kind of rebellious uprising and people have to change laws and rule to fit their own selfish, rebellious ideas and it pulls us all farther from the very laws set up to protect us even from ourselves.

    Liberty and freedom are two totally different things. Freedom is saying you don’t want any laws and you want to do your own thing,. Liberty is still freedom bit there are guide lines to keep us from destroying ourselves.

    Sure we had issues every generation. But they happen because people have to disagree about everything instead of finding solutions. I know you can all attack me in every way, shape and form but let’s try finding some answers instead of blaming and arguing!

    Stop being offended that I pray and I’ll stop being offended that you don’t. Let’s come together and make some wise decisions like our Founding Fathers did to preserve this great nation instead of tearing it apart. they set aside their religious beliefs and created solutions that have got us to where we are today.

    I’m not saying to throw out religion but don’t let is be such a stumbling block. William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania wanted His state to be a holy experiment in people worshiping and living together in harmony. Let’s figure this out and change our generation for the good.