Amber Rose Sports Sassy Shades at BMAs

    May 19, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Photogenic model, recording artist, and socialite Amber Rose, originally known as Amber Levonchuck, was seen sporting some rather large shades at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday evening.

Sporting all black and her signature buzzed blonde hair and dark lipstick, she and husband, rapper Wiz Khalifa, appeared on the red carpet all decked out in designer duds. Khalifah wore black ripped jeans paired with a white shirt and jacket.

But it was the over-sized sunglasses that got everyone talking.

The look, inspired by Pharrell’s Monclear collaboration, sure made a statement, to say the least.

The 30-year old was first noticed by rapper Kanye West in Ludicris’ music video “What Girls Like.” They dated from 2008 to 2010, during which time she gained additional fame. She also appeared in a Louis Vuitton print advertisement for Lamon Coleman’s line of sneakers, a long way from when she worked as a stripper at Sue’s Rendezvous at the age of 19.

Rose is currently working on a secret project with friend and make-up artist Priscilla Ono.

Presently, Rose and husband Khalifa have a child together, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, born in February 2013. They have two homes, one in Los Angeles and one in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania.

Other highlights at the Sunday evening Billboard Music Awards included performances by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, Lorde, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and a hologram performance by Michael Jackson, singing a new hit song, “Save to the Rhythm.”

“Amazing!! Best billboards performance of the night #RIPMJ,” a fan tweeted.

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  • Internet Avenger

    Looks like a cross between V Stiviano & Yoko Ono. There’s a club to be a member of.

  • ellism66

    They are with out a doubt the ugliest shades I have ever seen.

  • Jerry O’Brien

    Normally she’s really pulled together, with a great balance of taste & style, but that
    idiotic windshield has got to go. They serve no purpose, unless she’s a welder.

    • Moni

      spellcheck *R.-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S
      ^ :)

      • Jerry O’Brien

        Moni, darling, you get the grip and apply spellcheck,
        R-I-D-C-U-L-O-U-S, that is how it’s spelled most everywhere, except of course for your house, just saying. Have a great rest
        of this sunny Monday, no hard feelings I hope.

        • Epic

          yeah, it’s definitely NOT spelled the way you spelled it. Sorry. I do agree though, the shades are ridiculous, howver you decide to spell it

          • Epic


  • Liki Love


  • Kelly Knight

    I can’t believe Amber Rose is top news because of those retarded ass glasses. America….get it together!!!!!!!!

  • lokilasher

    You dumb B’s and your over sized shades:Only people that think it looks cool is you and your stupid butt sniffing fans/friends. Get a clue.
    Maybe she could come weld for me when she is finished being mad n@g@erish…

  • Jerry O’Brien

    To Moni and Epic & everyone else who took me to task for misspelling RIDICULOUS, I heartily apologize for coming back with such a R-I-D-I-C-U-L-O-U-S
    response, I if I told you that I looked and checked and re-checked to make sure that I was correct, you wouldn’t believe me, I am not going to blame it on 3 cups
    of espresso in about 45 minutes, but I know that didn’t help. Please except my
    apology, for my totally out of line, condescending attitude, I am so sorry, and so very embarrassed. No hard feelings, please. Thanks.