Amber Rose Has A Huge Belly But No Stretch Marks

By: Amanda Crum - January 31, 2013

Model Amber Rose, who is about to pop any day now after nine long months of pregnancy, shared a photo of her belly on Twitter and proudly declared that she has no stretch marks.

Rose and fiance Wiz Khalifa plan on having a natural birth at home, and Rose has opted out of pain medication. She frequently posts on Twitter about the pregnancy and recently talked about the thing that has annoyed her most over the past several months.

The happy couple are due to become parents on or around February 24th.


  • ariesprish252

    You wont see the stretch marks until after the baby is born.

    • stacey

      I have 5 children, to include a set of twins and have no stretch marks.

    • Jane Wilson

      Thank You!!!! That is so true show pictures after you have had the baby….

    • nonya

      Not true, my mom and sister got them while carrying their babies. I was the only one in the family that never got any with my 3 girls.

  • Joanna B.

    And what if you did have stretch marks? It isn’t the end of the world.

  • Grace

    You won’t know if you have stretch marks until after the baby is born.

  • Rebecca

    You may not have stretch marks until after the baby arrives. Even if you did, whats the big deal, some women get them, some don’t.

  • Loretta Rivas

    Amber Rose booty..Is it fake or real? I know how she got it.. I’ve seen plenty of girls with fake booty, but my girlfriend has a site that shows you how to get it naturally.

  • Loretta Rivas


  • Mzkatlb

    I gave birth to three children and I have no stretch marks.

  • bwise

    Good for you ladies. At 38 weeks I had a tiny line that looked like a fingernail impression. A week later, and a healthy 11 pound 2 ft long baby, it looked like a tiger scratched the hell out of my stomach.

    • Yezzur

      That was the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

    • SugaWallz

      Yea… I was gonna say, She doesn’t see stretch marks now. When big boi comes out, her stomach is gonna look like the 405 fwy. When your stretch marks are light as opposed to dark, you can’t see that sh** when the abdomen is stretched.. but luv ya Amber Rose cngrats fo reeeal!!!

  • JT

    baaaaa humbug hoe

  • http://yahoo brittany

    i have one son and don’t have any stretch marks because i used tummy butter it really WORKS

    • CRB

      Really, it has nothing to do with creams. You have strong skin elasticity. My Dad was thin but had stretch marks, passed them down to his children. I think it may have more to do with genetics. Anybody good at science here?

  • http://yahoo brittany

    congratulations Amber Rose

  • SugaWallz

    Addendum to a comment that I made above… for those of you on here saying that you had 3,4,5 kids multiples ect., with no stretchmarks. That may be because you were a little on the bigger side so your body did not need to make extra accomodation to your skin as well as your anotomy. However, that being said, you may not have stretchmarks after giving birth, but I’m sure the rest of your body shows the after affects. “STRETCHMARKS ARE FINE LADIES” Love them! Don’t be ashamed!

  • Kristina

    I am still not getting the whole showing your pregnant belly to the world thing. Also, since there are 666 likes on Facebook, does that mean that you are giving birth to satan?

    • j

      Most like only Satan is happy this two-bit hooker is popping one out.

  • Shala

    I went 2 weeks over my duedate and have no stretch marks. Its somewhat genetic i think. not EVERYONE gets stretch marks. i dont think it should be a debate about when you get them. if you DO get them, embrace them!

  • j

    She’s not too bright, is she? The horrible scars of pregnancy become apparent only after the parasite slithers out.

    • yeah…no

      That is not true. Stretch marks do show up before the baby comes out as well. DUH!!!

    • stayreddi3

      no your not bright at all because most females I’m friends with who have children get stretch marks during their pregnancy hence the name … stretch marks … that’s why females are told to use stretch mark fading creams during their pregnancy .

      • nikki

        Actually, you’re not too bright. Stretch marks are genetic. I have a 2yr old. No stretch marks.

    • Ches

      I got stretch marks after I gave birth BUT there are people who get stretch marks during also.

  • love

    Amber isn’t a whore, she appears to be classy. I do not however like the fact she is so concerned with stretch marks, who gives a crap about stretch marks. Just worry about having a healthy baby.
    You lime people are to caught up in the wrong things, when we pass away that body will turn into dust anyway!

  • kim

    Im 45 years old , i hve a body of a 25 year old . 3 kids no stretch marks.