Amazon Steals Downton Abbey From Netflix & Hulu – Past, Present, and Future

    February 13, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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As of right now, you can watch the hit Masterpiece Classic show Downton Abbey on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Some time this year, that will no longer be the case.

Amazon has just announced a deal with PBS Distribution that will make Prime Instant Video the only place that Downton Fans will be able to stream the show.

Eventually. Amazon will have exclusive rights to Downton Abbey Season 3 (currently airing) on June 18th, and will gain exclusive rights to the other two seasons “later this year.” No specifics on the actual date that you’ll see Downton disappear from Netflix and Hulu.

Not only that, but Amazon is keeping Downton out of the hands of Netflix and Hulu for the foreseeable future. Prime Instant Video will continue to be the exclusive subscription home of season 4 and season 5, if that actually becomes a thing.

“Our Prime customers have spoken—they can’t get enough of the MASTERPIECE CLASSIC series ‘Downton Abbey.’ The series is consistently in our top most watched TV shows each week, making it the most popular TV series with Prime Instant Video customers, ever,” said Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon. “Prime Instant Video will soon be the exclusive subscription video streaming home for ‘Downton Abbey.’”

This is a big move by Amazon to secure the rights to an extremely popular show. Locking up exclusive rights to Downton Abbey’s past, present, and future is a pretty good wallop to other streaming services – a scheme that Thomas could surely approve of.

  • Donna

    I don’t like monopolies.

  • http://onlinefoxnews.blogspot.com/ Wali

    Amazon it was not expected from you at least.

  • TOS

    I’m glad Downton Abbey will be available on Amazon, but why must Amazon lock out everyone else? Bad form.

    • Ryan

      uhhh Andy, I agree with healthy competition however, Amazon has just created a huge monopoly on Downton Abby. Turning themselves into the only place to watch this is unfair to consumers, and also to the many countries they don’t offer prime to.

  • http://streamyourmedia.org Andy

    I’m happy to see Amazon makiang strides to become a major player in the streaming content industry. Donna pointed out she doesn’t like monopolies; I agree. Healthy competition is great for consumers!

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    • Ryan

      uhhh Andy, I agree with healthy competition however, Amazon has just created a huge monopoly on Downton Abby. Turning themselves into the only place to watch this is unfair to consumers, and also to the many countries they don’t offer prime to.

    • Deanna

      Andy, you might reread your comments. You are contradicting yourself.

  • Luther Owens

    And Amazon likes to charge for all new episodes on top of the prime membership.

  • http://www.wedgeim.ca Wedge Internet Marketing

    Does anyone really CARE? Its no breaking bad or Walking dead!

  • Robin V, Norise

    Shame, shame, shame. In light of the green monster greed. Amazon has just did everyone in. Amazon charges too much for it’s movies and now they want to control Downton Abbey. Before I give them my money, I will purchase the whole set from PBS.

  • Aya

    I was actually waiting to watch Season 3 the right way through Hulu but since Amazon has the I’m going to torrent it because of how greedy this is getting.

  • http://onbiza.info the online business, news and photography

    It’s will change the Amazon credibility.

  • Pam

    Do not succumb to Amazon’s tactics. After getting hooked on Downton Abbey with seasons 1 & 2 via Hulu, I just caught up on season 3, episodes 1-6 on PBS.ORG! Oh, thank you, PBS!

    • Diane

      How about the last episode (7) of Season 3. I missed it!

  • PCS

    I thought it was “PUBLIC Broadcast Company”? We need to protest monopolies!!!

  • Dawn

    How did you watch it on pbs.org? I tried, but they want my credit card info. They have a disclaimer stating they won’t charger card, but I’m not giving them the card info. Did you have to give a credit card number?

  • kez

    Get lost amazon I can’t believe it i watched season 1 to 4 on netflix so guess this means netflix won’t be getting 5. I only came across what has been said as was looking to see when it was on next oh well I won’t be bothering with you amazon greedy…would rather go buy it. Fed up of all these company’s messing!! My fault I guess should have watched on normal itv.:-(

  • james

    I’ve been a loyal customer of Amazon since 1996, and think it’s a wonderful service, and Prime is usually a good deal, but after having a stroke I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to pay for Prime a year at a time, and I’m certainly not going to pay for a yearly (or monthly) subscription AND pay for individual episodes. So I’ll just watch them more or less llvie on TV (or the PBS website after the episodes air), and if I want to watch them in the future will purchase DVDs from PBS or BC direct, then sell them used on Amazon itself to undercut their own sales! Ha! Take that, overly greedy bastards! This show is FREE via both UK and US PUBLIC BROADCASTING channels, and you’re just finding ways to make a bunch of MONEY from it? That’s just sick.

  • james

    Well, at least Hulu and Netflix kept “Sherlock.”

  • tr

    bah pbs!
    hulu and netflix are VERY reasonably price for getting series like downton abbey. the fact that now this series is on amazon, and that they are asking tons of $ comparatively to the other two….i’m sure far fewer people will see it.
    total shame!

  • LadyLoveG74

    This is total bad consumerism. We the consumers pay to have whatever stream we want, and yet Amazon has to create this monopoly because of yes, GREED. Shame on you Amazon, I’ve used you for years for multiple services, but this is a total negative in my book. I may have to reconsider my business needs.

  • Maureen Stout

    I already subscribe to Netflix and I should not have to pay an annual fee of$79.00 to Amazon to see Downton Abbey!

  • Sarah

    Too bad Amazon took and it and is CHARGING for it. Even the Prime members are having to pay for it. Pay for a show that is on PBS – PUBLIC BROADCASTING STATION. Are you kidding me?