Amazon Instant Video Finder Launches in Beta

    January 7, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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While it’s not a personalized recommendation engine, Amazon has unveiled a tool that should make it easier for users to browse content and find something to watch.

Amazon has just announced that they’ve opened up their Instant Video Finder Beta, which allows users to browse TV and film selections based on a variety of categories.

The Instant Video Finder sports all of the categories you’d expect – drama, action, thriller, sci-fi, etc. But there are some interesting groupings that make for some interesting finds. Categories like this include Nonlinear, Dsytopian, TOugh Guy, and Tech Noir.

The beta tool allows you to limit your browsing to Prime Instant videos (the free ones with a membership), as well as simply TV shows or simply movies. For those browsing for something to watch with their kids, you can limit the selection to “rated G or PG.”

Amazon Prime now sports over 33,000 titles. The company just inked a deal with A+E Networks to bring popular content from channels like A&E, bio, History, and Lifetime to their catalog.

  • http://howtozed.blogspot.com howtozed

    Is this Amazon’s video finder works as Google’s Youtube works or use the other method?