Amazon.com Speculated To Launch in India, Calls Itself Junglee.com

    January 31, 2012
    Billy Thomas
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Sources say that Amazon.com is developing a website for India called Junglee.com. According to the source, the page isn’t operational as of yet, but it is reportedly still in the developmental stages. Amazon.com is already preparing to launch a marketplace with many Indian e-commerce ventures and only moderate transactions. It has been reported that Amazon.com is not yet permitted to establish a front end multi-brand retail store and foreign DI (Direct Investment) has only been allowed for single retail brand branches.

In hindi, Junglee literally translates to “wild” or a person having no human qualities. They usually use the term in reference to jungle animals, I.e. “jungle cat”

The aforementioned source contacted Prabhakar PJ, who is the person in charge of business development at Amazon.com, but he declined to comment on the matter. There are speculations that the website was to officially launch last week, while others say it’s not expected for a few days still. If any developments become apparent, WebProNews will report on the situation.

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