Amanda Todd’s Cyber-Bully Arrested in the Netherlands

    April 19, 2014
    Galen Velonis
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After almost two years, a breakthrough in the case of Amanda Todd, the Canadian teen who was bullied to death over the internet, has been made. The Dutch police have made an arrest and filed charges against the man who they believe who targeted her until her suicide in 2012.

CTV News posted a timeline of events concerning Todd’s suicide. Since the Royal Canadian Mounted Police opened the investigation in October of 2012, both federal and provincial governments of Canada have introduced and passed anti-cyber-bulling legislation. No updates on the case had been made until two days ago. On Thursday, the RCMP confirmed a Dutch man was facing charges of extortion and child pornography in regards to her case. Mother Carol Todd said it was what “we’ve been waiting for.”

The suspect has been only identified as Aydin C. due to Dutch privacy laws. The Associated Press reported that he has dual nationality between Turkey and the Netherlands and was arrested in January at his vacation home in the town of Oisterwijk. Prosecutors stated that “the suspicions against the man are that he approached underage girls via the Internet and then seduced them into performing sexual acts in front of a webcam He is suspected of subsequently pressurizing them to participate in making new material.” They also suspected Aydin C. of blackmailing men in a similar way by posing as an underage boy.

Defense Attorney Van Dijk said the prosecution lacks evidence for a conviction. The Canadian Press quoted him as saying “prosecutors seem to think they have a big fish here, but if I see the evidence, it’s not much. Lots of references to IP addresses and such.”

Amanda Todd’s mother, Carol Todd, told CBC that she hopes this arrest will lead to others who were involved in the bullying: “There were multiple people in those chat rooms. So this would hopefully be the first layer of many layers that they could uncover.”

Image via Current News Offical Channel, YouTube

  • Herekittiez

    Good for them. I hope he gets charged with the death penalty.

    • The Great King Beleth

      He committed no murder. She killed herself when all she had to do was turn the computer off and walk away… He’s in the wrong for bullying and stalking but not the act of murder in the least..

      • Herekittiez

        He contributed to the murder. Your post tells me you have no experience with being bullied or stalked online and off. It doesn’t work that way. At some point he HAS take responsibility for his actions..;)

        • The Great King Beleth

          You are so very wrong. I grew up in a time frame when bullying was never questioned or punished. I was relentlessly bullied for years until I fought back. BTW Suicide is not murder and the only person that can be held accountable for it is the person who decided to take their own life. 6 of my friends over a 10 year period killed themselves and I’ll never forgive them for it. They hurt way more than themselves by committing such a selfish act.

          • Herekittiez

            You assume I am wrong when in fact you are wrong yourself. You claim to have grown up in a time-frame when bullying was never questioned? I grew up in a time-frame where it was never dealt with either. But now that said, it’s being brought aware more and more. If you tell someone to go kill themselves and they are already vunerable to mental illness, such as depression or whatever else was properly diagnosed, even if it wasn’t diagnosed you need to address it. Go tell someone, your parents, teachers principal or someone! This has to be stopped period, If you contribute to it then you’re stooping your self to being a low-life scumbag. You have to at least agree with that part. I still stand my ground that he has to be held accountable, and that’s my opinion. You don’t have to agree with it, just deal with it cause i am not changing my views on it. I have been bullied, so has my son. These types of crimes need to go punished to the fullest extent of the law. Never ASSUME anything on a complete strangers end. This person has to be held accountable for his part of the bullying, END OF STORY.

  • midmo

    Oh how I would love to get my hands on him, the sick children at her schools, and their parents.

  • Jay B

    This guy is the lowest of the low. If Amanda Todd was my daughter, I would be the one going to prison because I would have no problem killing this man. It wouldn’t be a quick death either; it would be slow and painful one. The World needs to rid itself of scumbags that take advantage of children and ruin their lives. The death penalty is a peaceful death; relatively speaking. This guy doesn’t deserve to live and should be killed using brutal force that will send a message to other pedophile cyber bullies; if you attempt such a despicable act this could happen to you. I honestly believe no one on this planet including family, friends, my attorney or law enforcement could possibly prevent me from killing this guy or having him killed in prison spending as much money as it takes to get the job done. I am fully aware and understand the consequences for such action but it wouldn’t matter. My heart goes out to Amanda Todd’s loved ones.