Amanda Bynes: Would You Watch Her Reality Show?

    June 6, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Amanda Bynes is slowly melting down in a very public way, and so many people have started following her on Twitter lately that it’s become a sort of “I don’t want to watch this train wreck but I can’t help it” situation. Now, one celebrity says she thinks a reality show is in order.

“I just think she’s entertaining,” Jersey Shore star Snooki said recently. “And I think she needs a reality show because I would watch it all the time. If she needed help, I would wish that she would get it, obviously, but she’s entertaining. She’s my guilty pleasure on Twitter.”

But that’s the question: does she need help or are all the antics, topless Twit-pics and arrests just part of a genius ploy for media attention? Bynes, who “retired” from acting in her early 20’s and then made a brief comeback with “Easy A”, has moved from L.A. to New York in an attempt to follow her fashion career dreams, but so far all she’s done is grab headlines with her manic behavior, arrests for drug abuse, and odd court appearances.

Her latest outburst on Twitter including calling her dad “uglier than RuPaul” and saying she’d had a second nose job. It’s doubtful a reality show is in order rather than some counseling, but it doesn’t seem too far down the road at this point.

  • Name

    What I really find interesting is this phenomenon: Innocent girl gets a start in Hollywood. Then she uses her sexuality to become ultra famous and rich. Then when she turns 40 or so she will complain that women are being treated as objects.

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

    She just wants to dress sexy and flaunt her stuff on t.v…. make an ass of herself and get rich.

    Isn’t this the american dream? lol

    She shouldn’t get no show till she cleans up her act. She is acting like this to get attention and interviews for money or t.v. deal’s for money.

  • Nena

    How about instead of exploiting this poor girl for ratings and magazine sales, we leave her alone and have her get the help she needs!