Amanda Bynes Works Out, Buys Cig Papers Post Rehab

    January 30, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Amanda Bynes has been out of her fitness retreat program since earlier this month, and has hit the gym most every day since then. In addition, she’s been spotted buying cigarette rolling papers, indicating there may be some post-workout weed sessions in her daily regime as well.

Bynes left a 6-month rehab stint in December following a diagnosis of mental illness. That diagnosis followed a string of bizarre incidents during which she acted–and appeared–like she was totally off the wall. The former Nickelodeon actress went from being a shining Nick star to dabbling in drugs, abusing alcohol and then finally exhibiting the symptoms of mental illness–all within a relatively short period of time. Her family stood behind her rehab stint and still stands behind her efforts to regain her physical health as well. Her mom was spotted picking her up at the gym following one of her workouts this week.

Amanda Bynes is an aspiring fashion designer and is presently enrolled in school to learn to do just that. A student at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Orange County, hopefully this is the beginning of a brand new life for the trouble actor. During her rehab stay she was formally diagnosed with both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Both of these mental illnesses are treatable, provided the patient stays on her prescribed medication and undergoes frequent therapy sessions. If Bynes adheres to these standards, she will likely emerge with a fresh new start as well as a budding career in the fashion industry.

It is, however, of concern that Amanda was buying a package of Zig Zag rolling papers, which, as everyone knows–are typically used for rolling joints. Smoking pot–unless for some reason it has been medically prescribed–probably isn’t the best thing for someone who has been previously busted for possession of the drug.

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  • sydney

    I am not sure where you got you info Kimberly….but schizophrenia is really…well…not "treatable". Or should I say, rarely does anyone totally go on to lead a "normal" life with it. So I hope you got this from someone reputable and are not falsely labeling this young woman.

  • ilovehandles

    Or, alternatively, she could be…smoking cigarettes…with the CIGARETTE rolling papers. I agree with the previous comment too, you don’t recover from schizophrenia, nor does your well being improve as quickly as Miss Bynes’ has, this is all complete speculation and guess work, and the fact you try and mask your need to gossip about Bynes’ (or celebrities in general) as genuine concern is the icing on the cake. Also, maybe in the future you should do at least a teeny bit of research before “writing” an article, instead of just copy and pasting spurious claims from – of all places – the mail online. Sick of people gossiping about a woman who is extremely ill and deserves to be left alone in order to recover.