Amanda Bynes Topless Pics Tweeted

    May 2, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Amanda Bynes has been having a tough year. Following her arrests last year in L.A., the actress’ representatives dropped her, claiming that she is now “uncontrollable.”

Since that time, Bynes has moved to New York and has been acting as her own publicist, with mixed success. While tabloids are printing stories of Bynes acting strangely in public, the actress herself has been posting her weird experiments with makeup and hair to her Twitter account.

Now, the Nickelodeon star is gaining attention by posting topless pics to her Twitter account.

Though Bynes had tweeted pics earlier this week that showed off her cleavage in a lacy bra, her new pics ditch the bra in favor of ripped nylons and strategically placed hair and arms:



Bynes has also been using her Twitter account to rail against tabloids that have been publishing pictures of her in public and accounts of her recent strange behavior:

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    when did she get a boob job as well? i don’t remember her having boobs that big

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    Although temporarily fun to look at, being a publicly-exposed, half-naked, big-chested Blonde, does not equal class, success or talent!

    Spend the time to DEVELOP a true talent if you have any chops and want fame – if you can!!!

    Otherwise, just go ahead and silently live in the privilege YOUR PARENTS provided.

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