Amanda Bynes Shares Photos of Healthy Body

    April 8, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Amanda Bynes shared photos of her wearing a bikini–showcasing her healthy new physique. Following the tumultuous events that plagued the young actress in 2013, it’s refreshing to see her looking so happy and healthy now.

The former Nickelodeon star suffered from mental health and drug issues, and her behavior during that time was nothing short of bizarre. Bynes wore a series of odd wigs–even while attending court appearances–and she sent some very controversial and vulgar tweets–some of which went to rapper Drake and were accompanied by photos of her wearing almost nothing.

Since her hospitalization and mental health evaluation, Amanda Bynes has been cared for by her family. When she left the rehab facility she returned home to her parents and enrolled in design school. She recently completed a successful semester at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in L.A. and her work debuted at an event attending by design professionals as well as students and their families.

Most recently Amanda enjoyed Spring Break from her design school, and that’s when she took the photos of herself she shared via Twitter.

These photos portray a much different Amanda Bynes than the one fans became accustomed to seeing in the media back in 2013, in the midst of her frightening health ordeal. It is definitely heart warming to see the 28-year-old looking more like the pretty young actress people had long come to love.

Amanda began her TV career doing ads when she was only about 7 years old. She later was signed on by Nickelodeon where she starred in The Amanda Show and All That.

Hopefully this transformation of body and mind indicates a new, healthier life for Amanda Bynes–one she will enjoy for many years to come.

Image via Twitter

  • Kandylynn

    Amanda looks so happy, so pretty, and so healthy. I am really happy for her!

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    Pulling for you Amanda!

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      I’m tugging for you Amanda


    I hope your life stays on track. You are beautiful, intelligent and talented. Good luck!

  • Yoikes

    I always liked you, Amanda. I’m glad to see you’ve taken care of yourself and are doing better. Keep it up, there are a lot of people pulling for you.

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    I’d tap dat @ ss.

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    I always thought she was a cutie. And you know, most of the actors in Hollywood are crazy. You have to be to play pretend for a career.

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    You’re looking great , Amanda!!! Glad things are going well for you. I wish you the best!

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