Amanda Bynes: Miley Cyrus Responds to “Ugly” Tweet

    June 13, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Amanda Bynes has a thing about calling people ugly. In the past few weeks, the former child star has called everyone from R&B star Drake to her own father “ugly.”

This week, Bynes turned her ire toward pop star Miley Cyrus. In a now-removed tweet, Bynes simply tweeted “Ur ugly” at Cyrus’ Twitter account. Now, Cyrus has answered Bynes’ call for attention, but is taking the high road.

In an interview this week with Washington D.C. radio station Hot 99.5, Cyrus stated that she really doesn’t want to address the issue. Instead, Cyrus was more subtle than simply name-calling, stating that Bynes’ situation is “sad.”

“I think it’s all so sad that I don’t wanna add any fuel to that fire, because it’s really so sad to me,” said Cyrus. ” You know, I was rooting for a comeback until [she started] attacking me. And, you know, I just thought it was hilarious that she mentioned my name the moment I was the worldwide trending topic on Twitter. It’s just funny, ’cause the moment you’re, you know, a trending topic it’s funny how many people want your name to come out of their mouth ’cause somehow they can associate and maybe they could be a trending topic.”

Bynes has been acting out on Twitter for months, posting strange and sometimes topless photos to her account. Since her arrest for bong-throwing in May, the former Nickelodeon star has been on the defensive, Tweeting (again) that she doesn’t do drugs and emphasizing that she posts whatever she likes to her account:

  • jeff

    just go away amanda, nobody cares what you think.

  • Erika

    How about responding with a simple “thanks!” C’mon, is this really meant to be overdramatized?

    I wonder if she’d marry a German Jew?

  • Elliott

    Amanda Bynes is a J.A.P. (Jewish American Princess) and she is acting like one. I say this cause I am Jewish. She needs to STFU and grow up.

  • Judy

    It must be sad to be so insignificant and begging for attention. sad sad sad – now go away

  • Pure X2C

    She is nuts! when you wanna see Hot HORNY gals go to PX2C . net

  • Rob

    The only thing Miley is decent at is twerking.

  • Collie M. Coleman III

    There is nothing wrong with babe (Amanda Bynes). She just need some D–K. She is pretty much by herself. Every time the media mess with her she is by herself pay close attention. She’s giving her opinion on a lot of women looks that are also famous. She want’s DRAKE to murder her VAG. Just look at it. I mean this in the most respectful way. So no disrespect. I like Amanda Bynes I think she’s gorgeous when she wants to be.

    • Nick

      Wow, you are just as sad as her….. sorry your parents did that bad of a job

      • james

        Well put nick

      • Collie M. Coleman III

        Everybody smoke weed and if you don’t sorry for you. God blessed this earth with marijuana. It don’t do anything, but give you the munchies, chill or go to sleep. and not always in that order.

  • Name

    Both women know what they are doing.

    Amanda is manipulating the fan base.

    Miley has been doing it for years. Going from Hannah. To posing nude in Vanity Fair at age 15. To the sexy vixen she is today.

    The only bad thing in Hollywood is to not be talked about.

  • https://twitter.com/ShaheemHbCarter Shaheem

    Amanda,Put the drugs down and get help! asap


    A psycho and a hillbilly, hmmm……….I smell a sitcom in the works, “yawl”. lol

  • calllallcal

    I am a big amanda bynes fan! But, that’s senseless to say about someone. She just lost some major points from me. Besides, Mileys beautiful. Amanda, you need some confidence FAST girl… That would stop all this. Travel a little, go into exclusion for a while and find yourself…WITHOUT COMPUTER ACCESS!

  • Sed

    Obviously, there’s only one way to settle this. These two need to make out, for at least six to eight minutes. If there’s no cameras available, I’ll volunteer to record, just to feel like I’m doing my part to bring peace to the world, one pair of young starlets at a time.

    Clothing would be optional.

  • Johnny Utah

    Who is Amanda Bynes? That girl with the fat chipmunk cheeks and tiny eyes? People care what she says?

    • Whatever They Say

      Johnny Utah – you know her why ask who she is?

      • Randy

        Well, I for one have seen her picture often for past month or so but just tonight I finally looked up to see who she really is and what she’s done. With the exception of making a cameo on Family Guy, I can honestly say I have never seen her work or any of the shows/movies she’s done. So I have to agree with Johnny Utah. Who is she and why do we care? I won’t be clicking on anymore articles involving her.

  • Emily

    I used to love Amanda Bynes when she was on Nickleodeon. I feel bad for her now. She defenitely has psychological problems and needs help! On the news they’ve said that she’s bi-polar, which I can see, and may even have schizophrenia, but I don’t think she does.

  • Whatever They Say

    Haha this DJ obviously wanted some dirt but Miley moved through Justin & Amanda in 49 seconds. Miley didn’t even let the DJ finish her Amanda question…she just dropped it quickly. All the DJ has left to say is “right, right.” Haha. Way to Miley!

  • MOnroe

    she is just begging for attention,which everyone seems to be giving her,and whats the deal with her calling everyone ugly,she must know ugly thats why she is so mad at everyone cuz she sees ugly everytime she looks in the mirror..amanda grow up you aren’t on Nickelodeon anymore.

  • Michael

    lmao @ “I could never marry a german because I’m jewish”

    • MsLaLa2u

      But Drake is half Jewish

  • Amy

    What is really sad to me is that every time I hear her name anymore, Ozzy’s song “Crazy Train” starts playing in my head 😉

  • maddie

    It’s honestly so sad what fame does to some people.