Amanda Bynes’ Former Co-star Wants To Help Her

    October 17, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Amanda Bynes has been in the news quite a bit recently, owing to several auto-related incidents–hit-and-runs, alleged drunk driving, driving on a suspended license, and arrests–and a former co-star says she’s tried reaching out to the young actress to no avail.

Jennie Garth, who recently went through a very public divorce from “Twilight” star Peter Facinelli, says she has tried to contact Bynes and has been unable to reach her.

“I tried reaching out to her and I haven’t been able to reach her,” said Garth. “My heart feels for whatever she is going through and I love her dearly.”

There have been strange stories circulating around L.A. about Bynes’ behavior lately, including one where she locked herself in the bathroom of a trendy bakery for an hour, sending the owners into a panic thinking she had overdosed or worse, and then emerged calmly and explained she had been doing her makeup. Her car was impounded after a judge decided that taking away her license wasn’t enough to stop her from careening around town–it wasn’t–and it was reported that the remnants of drugs and a pipe were found in her car.

As for the actress herself, she claims she doesn’t drink and was falsely arrested for D.U.I. She even took to Twitter to ask President Obama to fire the officer who arrested her.

  • steve blanch

    who cares? she’s not special because she’s celebrity, she’s still an idiot. If she was my friend i would even tell her that.

  • http://danwatson1.intuitwebsites.com/ Dan Watson

    I am overly concerned and alarmed at this turn of events in Amanda’s life. She has always been such a trooper, worked hard to build a career since she was a young tot.
    Meth and other powerful drugs are not to be taken lightly. I was a single father and did the best I could to avert the thoughts of using these harmful substances. I was given custody because “Mom” got heavily involved with Meth.It was my strength in resisting this and other hard drugs that enabled me to step up and be a truly loving and responsible Dad.
    C’mon Amanda,I know you know better. Don’t let this monkey on your back ruin your career and eventually steal the very life out of you. You need help very quickly. Do not delay. Let all those who are willing to help you do whatever they can to support you in recovery or whatever your needs may be, before it is too late…

    • TheJuicer

      I think you may want to get help first if this is what overly concerns you, lol. I’m sure she is sifting through all the comments online to find a golden nugget like your’s. Unfortunately, like your brain it is a nugget of poop.

  • dean

    You CAN NOT help those who will NOT help themselves! It becomes a battle.

  • DCorsall

    Amanda has a new designated driver now: Jennie Garth! 😛

  • TheJuicer

    If it’s written by Amanda, then then there is only a Crum of work put into the story. Crum is a dumb bum, full of cum.

  • Eli

    She clearly is not dealing well with the fact that she has been having a hard time transitioning from child actor to adult actor. She’s doing all of this for attention.

  • http://webpronews Jeff

    I like your post, Dan. Thanks for the positivity you are showing. I, too, have been a fan of Amanda and thinks she is heading down a long hard road that might not have a good ending. She is way to good and talented to be following the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. And for idiots like “The Juicer” who have nothing better to do than to sit behind their PC or Smart Phone and post dumb-ass remarks that just force the moral decline of our society – you, sir, are are a complete dick! You are probably some 55 year old troll that nobody likes and all your life consists of is getting on blogs like this and making comments. And not only making comments but bashing comments so you are making comments of comments. You are pathetic!! Where is your regard for human life? You apparently have NONE. Amanda is a human and has struggles just like the rest of us. It doesn’t matter how rich or poor she is. Get a real life and perhaps a job that you can actually use to make a difference in this world and save your argumentative nature for when you end up in court someday by going off on somebody for real!

    • Lisa

      Well said my friend!

      • mister marstock

        I dont care what anyone says: I LOVE THAT GIRL! I always have and I always will. For people to lump her in with the likes of a Lindsay Lohan is unforgivable. Her problems really just began recently, whereas Lindsay has been on a downward spiral FOR YEARS! Not even Paris-sex tape and all- has reached the low level Lindsay has bottom downed to. I wish nothing but the best for all three of them.

  • Sun

    Wow! I’m 12 so I haven’t seen anything but The Amanda Show on reruns on nick! Geez, chick! What happened to that sweet funny girl? I hope Amanda gets straightened out….Not in a bad way either!

  • Paula Freeman

    Sounds like she’s been hanging out with our dear hot mess Lindsey Lohan…

  • Mike

    Well, she can always have a career in porn…I would buy her DVD’s

  • tweety
  • Blah

    I’d still hit it.

  • Varmit

    I’d rather pound out/hit Jenny, but Amanda will work as long as she doesn’t hit me first….(no pun0

  • Dennis

    When will she start doing porn? Please make it soon. 😉

  • Rommel

    maybe shes pregnant hehehe

  • http://none diane nichols

    amanda needs to help herself first before someone can help her., she needs to be the one that wants to help herself so she can get better. thee young actress’s let the stardom go to their heads

  • a

    ha i think the juicer is right- they guy overly concerned about amanda bynes has a problem. and the “12 year old” that hope she gets straightened out “not in a bad way” is strange too. PLUS why are we getting so much info on the writer of this two-bit article? it’s like how now when you see a person interviewed, they spend too much time filming the interviewer’s reactions- they should be anonymous. glob.

  • Stacey

    Amanda, I know what you are going thru I have been there! I have always loved your shows and movies, my kids and I spent special time together (while in the middle of my own addiction) I dont know you personally but I know the struggles, There is help out there. NOTHING WILL WORK UNTIL YOU WANT IT TOO! GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS!