Amanda Bynes Asks Obama to Fire the Officer Who Arrested Her

    June 7, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Amanda Bynes, star of such timeless cinematic gems as “She’s the Man” and “Sydney White”, was pulled over in April after clipping a police car while boldly attempting to pass it. To make matters worse, she tried to flee the scene after the accident, which, of course, didn’t help her situation in the least.

After pulling Bynes over, the officer at the scene determined that she was unfit to drive the vehicle, resulting in her arrest. She was processed — complete with a fancy mugshot — and released later that morning. Although all signs point to driving under the influence, Bynes has stuck by her innocence, claiming that she doesn’t partake in alcoholic beverages.

Like most innocent individuals who are anxious to separate themselves from their respective crimes, Bynes has taken to Twitter to enlist the help of the President of the United States of America. That’s right — Amanda Bynes, struggling Hollywood actress, has asked Barack Obama to fire the officer who arrested her because “she doesn’t drink”. Because, you know, Obama frequently assists starlets with the unfortunate consequences of their carelessness.

Specifically, here’s what she tweeted:

Hey @BarackObama… I don’t drink. Please fire the cop who arrested me. I also don’t hit and run. The end.
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Before issuing this nugget of desperation, Bynes wrote, “I can’t help but laugh at all of you writing fake stories about me. I was not in any hit and runs. I don’t drink so the DUI is false.” Considering that she’s just been formally charged with DUI, it would seem that the court believes something illegal went down that night.

It should come as no surprise that this tweet has opened the actress up to endless Internet ridicule. And, because it’s fun to read what Twitter users have to say about situations such as this, a small sampling of their snarkiness can be found lurking below.

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Who do you like more, Amanda Bynes or Hosni Mubarak? Better decide now, because their funerals are going to be on the same day.
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I refuse to donate anything to @BarackObama until he helps @amandabynes #priorities
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If I had to choose between Michelle Trachtenberg and Amanda Bynes I think I would just start crying.
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Forgive me, who is Amanda Bynes again?
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  • alam0n

    It is always someone else’s fault – Heaven help us when this generation of gimmes and I deserves – or worse yet it’s not my fault generation grows into middle age!

    • Janice

      The Hollywood elite still believe Obama is God. But don’t worry Amanda..a couple more months and he’ll be in your neighborhood looking for handouts.

      • malus

        Oh Janice, this is not the place to stand on your political soapbox. I’m sure you have a Fox affiliate somewhere on the internets where you can spew.

        • Andy

          haha, nice. *high five*

  • rondobeyondo

    I am 100% with Amanda. The so called Police officers this day and age have gone way out of the boundries of our legal system, They pull over whom evey they like, usually someone meek and mild, wave their ink pen in front of your eyes, than claim you are intoxicated. Than you are put in jail, if you are poor you spend the next nighty days in their jail. when you get in front of the judge he gives you a fine and punishment. Bull S#$%! has it stoped the accidents caused by drunk driving?

    • navguy89

      rondobeyondo, whether or not Amanda Bynes was drinking, she still sideswiped a police car. She has not even acknowledged that fact and wants Obama to fire the cop who arrested her? Give me a break! Also, please be much more careful with your spelling, otherwise people might think you are illiterate and not take you seriously. “boundries” should be “boundaries,” “then” instead of “than” (context), “ninety” instead of “nighty,” “stopped” instead of “stoped.” You get the point… I hope.

      • imsickofyou

        ok navguy89, I did not know this was a spelling bee competition. So you believe the police 100% on whatever they do or say? you are a complete joke and an idiot!!! I,ve had an officer pull me over because a car next to me was speeding but yet he clocked me going that speed when my car was on cruise control. officers are people that make mistakes too you moron and they will do anything to give a ticket to meet their quota and bonuses which require a number if tickets. So go sail away with your gay friends in the navy and play butt pirates

    • Randy

      you are an idiot…..

      • paulette

        you kno thats rude of you tu say

        • Neil Bawt

          and just for taking Rondo’s side, when he clearly is an idiot, makes you an even bigger idiot. Well played.

    • Slightly interested

      She side-swiped a cop. Should he/she have just let her go and give her a pass like all of these other celebs with no sense of responsibility so she can run over a child?

      • imsickofyou

        please, hitting a cop car is a serious offense. I doubt that happened because they let her go in the morning. its a punk cop trying to make the news and being overzealous as usual

  • Terri

    yea, I do not drink, curse or smoke but damn it I left my cigarettes at the bar

  • paulette

    like why dont yall jus leave her alone damn everyone makes mistakes i truthfully like amanda so there for if she made this one mistake then ok alot of people make mistakes. and i doubt she did a hit n run because she wud b in jail because the police would prob say she could hve killed the officer. but all you people that have sumthing negative tu say how bout you dnt say it all… cuz guess what at the end of the day she gettn her money with or with out you come on now

    • Slightly interested

      Are you her agent? lol

      • Adam

        You’re an idiot. We can say what we like. Innocent until proven guilty is for the courtroom, not public opinion. People like you never understand that. And it is so easy a concept to grasp. The preponderance of evidence is against her. Were we there? No. But the cops were. Yet then you refuse to believe them. And her past history makes this believable.

        You are correct. The little talentless shit shit gets her money regardless of what we say. It is because she has so much money for doing nothing that she gets away with stuff you and I never could. Yet you are blind to this. So if it doesn’t matter to her what we say, why are you telling us to stop talking about her. Is she of royal blood? Is she the great and mighty Stalin? Is she God? Why are we forbidden to make negative remarks about her? Will it drive her to suicide?

      • cassie

        are you stupid? adar…

    • Ashley D.

      excellent comment!

  • Kayla

    So if I get in a jam should I call on the President to take care of my problems? Hell no!!!! Who cares if Amanda drinks, she needs to take care of her own issues like an adult!

  • MarcusK

    I wasen’t there so i have no idea if the Darling Little Amanda sideswiped a patrol car while passing it, or if she was or was not under the influence of alcohol. All i can say for sure is that I personally am happy that The Darling Little Miss Amanda wasen’t driving thru “The City of Fullerton” on the night in question.

    To those who choose to pass judgement on what they know nothing about . . . . . it’s far better to remain quiet and be thought of as a fool, than it is to speak out and remove all doubt.

    The Younger Generation . . . . WAF Joke

  • Layla

    I always thought her facial features looked a bit retarded (no offense to mentally handicapped here). It turns out she REALLY is retarded.

  • Tita

    TMZ uploaded videos of her drunk the nights before the arrest and the nights after! TMZ camera man even asks her not to drive drunk but she just ignores him.

    The bar she drank at refuse to serve her the next day bacause of negative attention.

    Doesn’t she realize those videos are there?

  • fred johnson

    is amanda a jew?

  • Slightly interested

    Since when do celebrities rule the world I wonder? They are simply modern-day court jesters, yet they make more $ than teachers, doctors, and soldiers combined. I am sick of many of these self-important individuals. Does Amanda Bynes even have a career anymore? Last I heard she retired at 25…

    • Kjack

      I t’nod knird rehtie. ebyaM uoy tsuj ekat doog sgurd he!
      I kniht os. tsuJ rehtona doowylloh tarb enog dliw dna gnievah a
      yssih tif. stI reh yaw, ro on yaw. tiH dna nur; etarecracni
      reh ehs t’nia on ydob. ehT wal si eht wal dna tahw ehs did si
      suoregnad ot rehto srevird. txeN emit ehs dluoc llik emos eno.
      Shame on her father for backing her criminal activity up by lying
      for her. Maybe thats the only kind of example she’s had to learn from all her life…

    • http://www.webpronews.com JDMoore

      Like, Like, Like…….I agree Slightly Interested!

  • Ashley D.

    Hey… I really admire Amanda Bynes & wish her nothing but the best! I pray she’ll be spared the incessant ridicule the judgmental idiots of the world will try to impose on her! I love you, Amanda, & hope you have a life full of amazing blessings!!

    • Noovuss

      Too bad she flunked her Civics class in middle school.
      The Pres. doesn’t hire or fire cops.
      Just stop smoking the wacky weed and hitting cop cars.

    • http://www.webpronews.com JDMoore

      I think she should be held to the same laws that us “common folk” have to abide by. Don’t fall into her trap of “I shouldn’t have to play by your rules”. Maybe a little jail time and community service is exactly what she needs.

  • Ronald Mund

    JD Harmeyer aka dabadass is a fucking faggot. Don’t listen to anything that self-hating piece of shit has to say.

  • r.glotzer

    nice going so far thats dui and leaving the seen of an accident which is a misdemeanor charge! maybe she should think before she does that again!

  • john tompson

    This just might jump start her career.It did Lindsay Lohan’s.

  • George

    Fire the cop?? No, no you’re fired. Incredible!! Simply incredible

  • http://www.webpronews.com JDMoore

    Maybe they should fire the the guy who gave her a license! That would make more sense.

  • Dianne

    They need to lock this Bimbo up in a mental Hospital and take away her license, guess AMAnDA being an actress loves drama and bringing attention to herself, just admit was caught and pay the price like everybody else has to, she is no better, nothing special about her. Why is it when a known person gets arrested ends up costing tax payers hundreds thousands and even millions. Does not say much for this Bimbo if she cannot be honest and has to lie because she got caught. Quit Whining and admit the truth.

    • STEPH

      Dianne, seriously? Calling her a bimbo? Ok – first off, you don’t know her – none of us making comments do. 2ndly, for every DUI there is a breathalizer test…… Either she passed it or failed it. It’s either one or the other. I feel sorry for the girl…whether she’s guilty or innocent. Most of the comments are obviously coming from perfect people who have never done anything wrong…..I am not one of those. We all make mistakes, just luckily, most of ours aren’t advertised for the entire world to see – and criticize.

      • cassie

        tottally with you. so everyone whos a hater has done NOTHING, NADA, NOT A THING WRONG!!!!????? wow, id love to have a dollar everytime i meet a person who thinks like that, id be RIIIIICCCHHHH!!!!!!!!!

        • doc

          I’m dumb so I reply on here about the obvious. listen to me. blah blah blah blah blah blah.

  • RichGosinya

    That wasn’t Amanda, she was teabagging me at the time.

  • Deborah

    Wow she is a non mf factor these celebrity’s think they are above the law they think that money buys everything u have ppl out that are non celeb and the try to throw them under the jail.wow!!!!

  • jackie

    actually not everyone is breathalyzed, if you refuse they can and will take blood samples, but some people can’t be breathalzyed, so other bodily fluids are collected. It is a contract everyone makes that has a driver’s license. So if she wasn’t breathalzyed, but was blood tested that will come out. Also you can get a DUI for using drugs, being impaired because of pot, meth, etc, it is driving under the influence, doesn’t matter what if you are impaired. Here in AZ there are different sentences for alcohol vs meth vs marijuana. Basically because if you are using meth you are hyper alert, if you are using marijuana you are driving too slow, and if you are drinking and driving you can be legally imparired after two drinks, one if it’s done right. Anyone that drinks more then two drinks has their cerebral cortex impaired, it is the part of the brain that takes care of judgement, that is why people think that they can drink and drive and be fine, because their judgement ability went out the window.

  • kurtis

    Funny. I thought we were still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Stupidity doesn’t necessarily mean guilty!

  • Gia

    Wow! Amanda must still be under the influence to think that: 1) A DUI means you were “drinking” 2) To believe that she did not hit that cop car because she “doesn’t hit and run” 3) That Obama really gives a flying fu*& about her unjustified pleas for revenge on the system

    Cop cars have video on them pinhead. It’s all recorded including that field sobriety test you took and the moment you swiped that cop car. Can’t you find a smart enough attorney who can advise you to keep your trap shut during all this so that it doesn’t make you look like a complete idiot.

    A friend of mine was pulled over for .18 BAC, which is over two times the limit in California. He ranted and talked crap about not being drunk, the cops harassed him, etc. After seeing all the evidence that was brought forth (video, blood tests, etc) he pleaded guilty to both charges. Amanda, I suggest you do the same thing.

  • Dave

    Amanda, denial is not a river in Egypt!