Allen Iverson: Ex Wants Child Support Upfront

    August 31, 2013
    Lacy Wise
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Allen Iverson, father of five, is waiting on a ruling from the court system on whether or not he should pay his ex, Tawanna Turner, upfront for the next 13 years. Iverson dodged jail time less than two months ago by giving Turner $40,000 in owed child support. Iverson apparently failed to pay because he felt they could reconcile.

After battling in court numerous times, Iverson has a record of failing to pay this lump already. It wasn’t until Iverson was threatened with jail time, that he decided to pay her the owed amount, and NOT go to jail. Not only was Iverson in court for his lack of paying child support, but he was alleged by the courts and his ex in July that he abducted his children when refusing to return them, which he denied. Allen Iverson said on the Mo’nique show in July 2008, before youngest baby Dream arrived, “I’ve got four kids and one on the way. I’m the coach in that house. If I’m not setting a good example, then I’m failing as a father. That’s the last thing I’d want to do is fail my kids.” Tawanna has sole legal and primary physical custody of their children. Father of the year right?

Tired and angry, Turner has now asked the courts for Iverson to pay up for the next 13 years worth upfront, totaling over $1.2 million. For an ex All-Star NBA player, this seems like pocket change.

Iverson is stacked with athletic credentials including: former No. 1 overall pick out of Georgetown, the 1997 Rookie of the Year, the 2001 MVP, a three-time All-NBA First-Team selection and a four-time scoring champion. Iverson’s has not played in the NBA since 2010 and his professional career ended in 2011 playing in Turkey. Over the course of 1996 to 2010, he made over $150 million in his NBA career.

According to divorce documents revealed in December, Iverson has some serious financial issues. Not to mention, is preparing to retire very soon, according to SlamOnline.

Depending on the courts ruling, Iverson could face essentially paying Turner child support in its entirety now, instead of making payments through October 2026, when their youngest turns 18 years old. Allen has five children: oldest daughter Tiaura (b. 1995), son, Allen II (b. 1998), another son, named Isaiah, and second youngest daughter, named Messiah Lauren born in 2005. Dream Alijha is the youngest, born October 7, 2008.

Turner plans to put this money in a trust for all the children. The courts as of yet, have not ruled on this decision.

  • Kim

    Gotta ask what she does for a living? I love women who feel that just by nailing some NBA player at some point that entitles them to money for the rest of their lives. Sorry baby but you know what? If you can work for a living – there is this thing called DAY CARE go out and get a job. Beating a man when he’s down…that’s a nice mommy good role model for your kids.

    • Sara

      She has 5 kids with this guy and he has not paid child support on MANY occasions. Maybe you think that kids don’t have to eat because dad doesn’t want to pay. She was married to him for a long time and his girlfriend for even longer. She has 5 kids conceived during their marriage. He needs to pay up and stop buying gold chains. Just because they aren’t married anymore does not mean that his financial obligation to his children just goes away. It is not HER fault that the relationship ended. Allen was cheating on her and drinking for many years before she finally had enough.

      • james

        you are forgetting the difference between child support and alimony. child support goes for the children, so if she is not making money or getting alimony she is stealing from the kids

      • Jessica

        Drinking for many years and cheating…and she knew and CHOSE to have more children with him. Having children is a conscious decision. And I’m sure in her case, having children with a wealthy man, whether he was cheating or not, was an easy one. G O L D D I G G E R

        • RightTide

          They’re both scum that the country could do without.

          • http://aol me be coop

            this is the generation of todays woman..no skills no jobs just poppin out babies from actors rappers athletes or ballers and if they don’t pay we do in taxes! STOP HAVING BABIES WITH NO SKILLS!!!

      • Tawanda Harris

        Actually it’s both of their faults. I don’t think sleeping with his cousin helped their marriage at all do you?

      • Alvin

        what the fuk are they eating for 1.2 million dollard

  • louis

    You gotta be kidding me. Iverson is a hood rat. They are his kids and 1.2 mil for what he has earned and pissed away is peanuts. Any woman that would put up with him and have his offspring deserves 10 times that. Once a criminal always a criminal. Now he is ripping off his own flesh and blood.

    • http://webpronews Tiffany Smith

      She knew what he was when she decided to have all of those kids with him. So I’m trying to figure how she deserves to have that plus more for having them. If I’m not mistaken she decided to keep having them. That lump sum she was just given wasn’t put in a trust and neither will the 1.2 million. Should she get it sure but someone needs to be in charge of dispensing it. I would love to see how she’s living and what type of work she does.

      • Hawk

        Tiffany is 100% correct, she knew how he was but she didn’t care. The only thing she thought of and is STILL thinking of is money. This woman is trying to destroy this man in everyway, she doesn’t care about those kids. BTW Tiffany, you sound like a fellow Tom Leykis listener.

      • Tony

        Job? She works full time as a Gold Digger.

      • James

        It is about the children, which Alan decided to have. You have ’em, you pay for ’em according to the standard they would have if they weren’t bastards.

        That means you pay more for your bastard children if you are wealthy.

    • jones

      SHUT UP

  • http://webpronews Tiffany Smith

    So he gives her what she will get until the youngest turns 18 right and is putting it in a trust? She’s not working so how are the kids going to be supported? She will still drag his name thru the dirt if he doesn’t continue to give her money. She sounds very stupid. Hopefully she will not have any control over the money and someone else will be incharge of dispensing what she should be receiving each month. This will not end well if she gets it.

    • james

      that is not how a trust works… she can pull money out of it to provide for the kids. The idea would be that in 13 years the trust would be depleated by raising the kids.

      this is not a bad idea since his earning potential after he retires becomes very scant (local TV commerericals in philly for some walking around money, but he is not well spoken enough to become a broadcaster). Get the money when you know he has it, in 10 years he will be in court again for being broke and no being able to pay

      • Alex P

        so,shaq is well spoken then?

  • leigh

    I am not at all supporting a person not paying child support, but from a numbers stand point, there is no way to know how much he will have to pay in child support over the next 13 years. The article is wrong in saying that his oldest child is 16, she is actually almost 19. In 13 years, she will be 31 years old, why would he be paying to fund a 31 year olds lifestyle. At best he should be ordered to make yearly payments based on amendments to the order. We don’t know the details of the support order, but let’s just say he is responsible to pay until each child graduates from college, worst case that maybe until they are 24 or 25,If they even decide to go to college. That’s tens of thousands of dollars over payment. Is his Ex going to be responsible to “refund” what he wasn’t responsible to pay? By the time his youngest graduates, he should be paying much less than $8000 a month. Child support is based on your current financial situation, not your past. Morally, it shouldn’t matter. But, if you are asking the court to enforce such an order, as his lawyer, I would be all over the different factors that would make this un-enforceable.

  • Ron

    he’s always been a thug, and obviously continues to be one. If he hasn’t declared bankruptcy more than once, he probably will soon. If he’s bankrupt, how in the hell is he going to pay ANYTHING. Besides that, where’s he making any money at all, except maybe by selling his guns.

  • Craig Ralston

    He’s always been a P.O.S., and always will be! None of his ilk should be allowed in professional sports or any other position in which they can be mistaken for a role-model. A$$holes like him are what is wrong with professional sports today. Obviously he’s no better in his personal life.

  • devin

    in basketball he is a Hall of Famer in Life and the game of life he is in the Hall of Dummies!

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  • paul iverson

    He gave her $3 million in a divorce settlement in Jan/2013 and $40k a few months back. He is not letting his kids starve. He is just not wanting to support a gold digging ex-wife. He should tell the court that he will set up the trust fund and have an attorney oversee it. He already paid for the house, cars, jewelry, clothes for both her and his kids.

  • Bob

    Practice? Practice? Well, this ain’t practice. Too bad you didn’t miss out on this though. lol…


  • Tawanda Harris

    Considering she cheated on him with his cousin, I think if he is ordered to pay this lump sum then he needs to have a paternity test done. She has spent years dragging this name through the mud which makes her look like the gold digger she is!

  • Shireen

    GO GET A JOB MOM! You won’t put that money in a trust fund, you’ll probably spend it on AI’s cousin.

  • Mikey Mike

    I loved watching Allan play, but 1.2 million is not very much for raising 5 children, considering the youngest is 3. I don’t think it’s cool if she cheated on him with his cousin, but don’t punish the kids. There won’t be much of a trust, it will cost that much to take care of them for 15 years. Does anyone know what she got in the divorce settlement though? I really wish Allen the best and hope he gets an opportunity to continue to earn a living in sports, that guy sacrificed his body like no one else.

    • gobuff78

      He is an idiot, blew close to $200million, your an idiot for remotely liking him

    • Alvin

      Mike you are a fukin idiot (1.2mil is not to raise 5 kids)most people in America wont ever see that much money even if they worked there entire life and they get by just fine. You made the most ignorant comment I have ever heard in my life and I have read actual klu klux comments.

      • john doe

        Thanx Alvin! dam right mike is a dam fool,1.2 million aint enough to raise five kids…. gtfoh.

  • Mikey Mike

    The guy made $150 million and blew most of it, not sure why we villanize the wife for wanting a mill to support 5 kids. This is very low considering what other stars have payed, and she is smart to get it upfront, because he will spend it.

  • gobuff78

    How can he pay this when last month he was crying because he didn’t ahve $ to buy a cheeseburger?? Come on man. we talkin bout PRACTICE, not a game…..PRACTICE. He is ghetto trash, he is broke and will die broke, what a joke he has become.

  • maurice garrett

    That chick aint worth a penny….there shud be a law when you cheat….no money for her after divorce….i can see paying child support…..the kids gotta eat, clothing…etc….that chick shud not be able to touch the kids money accept for their well being……i see that he probably dont get to see them or spend time with them……thats why he kidnapped them….lol Anyway she need to leave A I alone n go ask his cousin for money…..lol what up Tif!!!!

  • Meme

    This woman is small-minded. She married and had 5 kids by Allen, thinking she had it made. But, that dream died when his career starting dying. If she do get the 1.2 million, what’s happens in 13 yrs when the youngest child is 18 and that money is going (it will most likely be gone before then). Any parent with grown kids know that the financial aspect of being a parent doesn’t necessarily stop when the kid turn 18. Yes, he should be responsible for his kids, but what about her responsibility? Is it fair that only he have a financial responsibility, because he has a career? It’s the 21st century, a woman can have a career and raise a family (yes it hard, but doable!). Learn from the ladies of Basketball Wives, at some point you will have to be financially responsible for yourself!

    • Leslie

      I agree whole heartedly with your comment MeMe. Ms. Turner knew exactly what she was getting and who she married. I say let the oldest children speak for themselves

      • Meme

        Where did she get that figure from? Who said it takes 1.2 million to raise 5 kids? I know people who raised multiple kids on much less!

  • AADams

    His ex-wife is just money hungry. its always some chick tryna make that extra money off a celebrity. GET A JOB! MAKE YOR OWN MONEY!! how isn that gonnna look her kids saying mom what do u do for a living? and she gonna reply nothing cuz i live off ur daddy. just sad and a disgrace. she wouldnt have to fight for money if she had her own. if she get any money she better spend it on her kids.

    • Joe Joe

      Iverson is a scumbag….he should take responsibility and pay up. He is not a “man” in any sense of the word. I lived in his “hood” when he played in Philly….it was common knowledge that he would drive into west philly to get his “stuff”. What an Ass!

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