Alicia Keys Talks New Perfume Fragrance


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Alicia Keys is the new face of Givenchy's most recent fragrance, Dahlia Divin. Keys recently talked about the fragrance and even admitted that she had a little trouble pronouncing the name of it.

“Dahlia Davin ... Divine ... Davin,” she said in a recent interview for Harper's Bazaar.

“Any one of the above is good. As long as you get the Dahlia part fine, and then you know that it's basically that you're divine and you're a beautiful, divine soul,” she added.

Keys said that she was excited to be the face of the new fragrance and to have the opportunity to work with such a great brand. She also said that the fragrance is special to her for many reasons.

"Certain scents evoke comfort and familiarity. My grandmother's scent was gardenia and my mother's was white musk. Even now, they fill me with love and good memories because both my mother and my grandmother are tremendous inspirations to me. As you grow up, those scents tend to come back to you in different ways," she said.

Keys is married to Swizz Beatz and has a three-year-old son named Egypt.

She said that in spite of being busy with her family and work, Keys still likes to take some time for herself.

"I wear perfume often - it's part of getting ready. As a working mother, sometimes I'm too busy to remember to take time for myself, but perfume can be a wonderful reminder to take a minute, breath and face the day," she said.