Alicia Keys Coming With New Album

    June 29, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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After two years of keeping her fans waiting, Alicia Keys is swinging back with a new studio album.

“With this album, I find I have much more I want to talk about. This album is more about the concept, the thought I’m trying to get across, where in the past it’s been more about the melody. This time it’s more about what we’re going through as human being,” Keys told Women’s Wear Daily.

Alicia Keys says the material on her new album will have something that everyone can relate to, but it particularly carries themes of independence and breaking expectations that others have of us. As a mother, these themes are closer to her heart than ever.

“We all experience similar things. I find that the world puts us in these boxes where we’re only allowed to be one way — like, ‘to succeed as a career woman, you need to do it this way,’ or ‘to be a gay man, you have to be this way.’ First of all, we’re so much more complex than that. It’s about breaking down those boundaries. The songs concentrate on concepts like that. As human beings, we like to identify with something, and as for me, I love people with a strong point of view,” she explained.

Keys herself puts her money where her mouth is when it comes to seeing people for more than others would expect. She is the co-Founder of Keep a Child Alive, a group that provides medicine to children and families in Africa with HIV and AIDS.

She also has developed her own sneaker line with Reebok.

The songwriting process is something Alicia Keys is fascinated by. Sometimes things start one way but end up someplace entirely differently than you expected.

“You come into it with a thought, with an idea, with a melody,” she said. “But you don’t know what you’re going to get, which is the mystery of it. That’s how it becomes something.”

Keys’ new album is as yet untitled and is slated for a 2015 release.

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  • Miss M

    Keys will hopefully teach other women not to steal another woman husband like she did! So Alicia why not start there?!

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      Stfu, and let it go !

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      You don’t actually know what went down. If they were separated and living in 2 different house holds and getting a divorce just working out t g e kinks. Then she didn’t still him. I have worked.in a law office and if it’s money and kids involved the divorce takes a while. The two people involved don’t have to wait until the paper is signed to get on with their lives…ijs

  • Jacqueline Bowden

    I’ll buy her CD if its an instrumental CD.

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