Alex Trebek Nearly Brings Eighth Grader to Tears

    August 5, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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Last week, during Kids Week on “Jeopardy!”, Alex Trebek almost caused an eighth grader to break down in tears after he misspelled “Emancipation Proclamation” during the Final Jeopardy round.

Eighth grader from Newtown, Connecticut, Thomas Hurley III, says he was cheated out of $3,000 after he misspelled the word “Emancipation”. The question that was given to Hurley was, “Abraham Lincoln called this document, which took effect in 1863, ‘a fit and necessary war measure.’” He answered correctly, but included an extra “t” in the word, spelling it “emanciptation”.

Hurley bet $3,000 of his $9,600 winnings, and although he was far from winning the game show, he is still upset and feels that he was cheated out of the money. “I was pretty upset that I was cheated out of the final Jeopardy! question,” he told The News-Times of Danbury. “It was just a spelling error.” Hurley took home $2,000 for placing second.

Hurley’s father isn’t happy about the situation either. “The thing that bothered me most was the way Alex Trebek and the producers treated my son. They were kind of smug,” his father, Thomas Hurley II, told CNN on Sunday night. “It’s a kid’s tournament! Everyone knew what he meant.” His mother also commented on the embarrassment that her son experienced saying, “He felt embarrassed. It was hard to watch.”

“Jeopardy!” producers are standing by their decision. “If Jeopardy! were to give credit for an incorrect response (however minor), the show would effectively penalize the other players. We love presenting young people as contestants on our show, and make every effort to be fair and consistent in their treatment.”

Social media sites are buzzing with comments, some criticizing Trebek, while other loyal viewers are supporting his decision.

  • http://modzillafoxfire Stan Flax

    Too bad kid!!!!!!!!!!! To say that misspelling is ok is like saying that any mistake is ok. Trebek and the judges were absolutely right!!! This kid is probably treated by his parents as an angel with a halo glowing from the head and can never be wrong. After all, look at his name: The Third!!! How dare commoners such as Alex and the judges treat royalty–Thomas Hurley III–like a common peasant!!!

    Get over it kid–you misspelled the word. Do you expect to be rewarded for making mistakes???????? If this is what our future is going to look like, God help us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ed Beatty

      The kid got the same money he would have received if he got the spelling right or not. He finished second and got $2,000. Why is the press making a big deal out of this.

    • dorkmeyer

      I response to your concern about “what our future is going to look like”—well, call me a misguided fool, but I still have faith that, despite our species’ various efforts to overcome it, evolution will continue to punish behavioral mistakes. (That said, I have to agree with several other posters: Alex Trebek does tend to come across as being rather smug—and smugness does come rather easily when one’s been given the answers in advance.)

  • Brad

    Good for Alex. I’m tired of this entitlement age where these kids think that a good effort deserves a 1st place trophy. He spelled it wrong, so he got it wrong. It’s that simple! Guess what, I bet he doesn’t spell it wrong again. End of story!

    • Connery

      I think you forgot to say “Get off of my lawn! Well, back in my day …”

  • Jon Lazar

    I guess we are in a time where ” EVERYONE WINS ” …. Everyone gets a trophy ! We grew up learning to to be good winners and good losers… we did not always get the prize, but we were forced to work harder to achieve that special moment… It was not given to us… Things sure have changed.. You certainly cannot blame TREBEK, heck, he makes adults cry on that game show … lol …….. We need more Sean Connery’s on that game show ! ” That’s not what your Mother said ” like on SNL …. lol

    • scott

      I agree. This is the reason America is rapidly declining behind other countries. There is no strive to be the best anymore. Give a mediocre attempt and it will be just fine. Let’s keep telling todays youth to not do their best. Phone it in and we will all be fine when we get taken over by another country with dictators so we can just be told what to do. Thinking and free will is overrated. If anyone is unaware that is called sarcasm, look it up or just shout it in your phone and hope for the best!

      • erin siler

        mediocracy will=communism

        • Red Rocket

          based on what science or facts did u come to this conclusion???

          or do u even know what communism really is

  • joe

    “emanciptation”…so, that’s how you spell emancipation?.

  • http://yahoo mary bradley

    the boy spelled it wrong so alex was right in his decision.if he were in a spelling contest spelling woud count so why not in jeopardy.$2,000 is still a pretty good payday for a kid.thats more than a grown person makes at a regular job. so quit crying and be glad you got anything.

  • heiresschild

    i thought Jeopardy does not deduct points for incorrect spelling in Final Jeopardy–least that’s how it’s been. so why deduct from the 8th grader? are the rules different for children?

  • http://att.net Christina

    I feel it was wrong to punish him for misspelling the word. Others have misspelled the word but Alex knew what the answer was meant to be and gave credit for it. So what that a young man(kid) misspelled the word; the answer was RIGHT!!!!!!! He should have received correct credit for it. If it was completely way off and the correct answer was not correct to the naked eye; then and only then; can I see Jeopardy taking his answered as wrong. They read it right but said it was not spelled right so they (Jeopardy) knew it was correct. They should compensate him correctly. The embarrassment the young man went through on public television around the world is more then one should take……. Especially when he was right. Whats an extra letter when you can read the correct answer???????? Jeopardy owes him his money or another shot on the show(if he wants to)….. I would take the correct money that is deserved!!!!!!!!!

    • Mary

      I agree with Christina. I thought spelling does not count on Final Jeopardy. Did they change that rule? I agree that spelling is important, but what is the rule on this?

      • CW

        His spelling error changed the pronunciation, therefore, it was wrong. Stop vilifying a game show host. All you detractors are ridiculous.

    • K.I.P.

      Punish ? He didn’t create the rules. As moderator of Jeopardy, he applies them when necessary. As he did in this case…

    • Curmudgeon

      If young Mr. Hurley had spelled emancipation correctly, written out the complete text of the document, and sang all the verses of the Battle Hymn of the Republic in perfect pitch he still comes in second and still gets $2000.00 for his second place finish. Period.

  • Crystal

    what kills me about this is that adults on Jeopardy often misspell or write so illegibly that they have to verbalize their answers to Trebek and he lets them slide. So how can an adult win $ on Jeopardy with an illegible answer but a kid cannot because he left out a vowel. Seriously??? Shame on Jeopardy. A monkey could host the show for all the good Trebek does.

  • Toad

    I can’t remember the number of times Trebek has supplied half an answer for someone. Then give someone an okay on a question he couldn’t even read (sloppiness) and I could go on. He’s a jerk-off to a kid. He so effen smart, why not let him play the computer? He’d score 0, zero, nothing, nada, goose egg……………..

    • Brenda Wofford

      The show has nothing to do with the measurement of Trebeck’s intelligence. He serves as the host, who compares answers with those of Jeopardy’s staff. His every move must fall within the bounds and jurisdiction given him. He makes no determination on his own. I’ve been watching the show, probably more years than some of you were born and have also suffered painful blows with the contestant that I was pulling for made some “stupid” error, which eliminated him as the winner. I’m sure he, too, feels some disappointments for what he has to do. But it has nothing to do with his abilities, other than to perform mandated material In this case of the upset of the 8th grader, he has no one to blame but himself for losing that amount of money. The “bet” was up to him, and he chose the $3,000, obviously very confident in his spelling. He is responsible for all of it, so if he is driven to “tears”, I’m surprised that he would point the finger toward anyone else. A lesson to remember…he could have lost $1.00..if..he were not trying to play catch-up or just plain greedy. Since the article mentions the fact that the mother is upset over the incident. So I think we can see where he gets the instillment of his “habits”. Show him the way, while he is still young, or he will loose a lot more, in the future.

    • http://webpronewews Dqavid B….

      Hey Toad…Go back to your log….It’s NOT Trebek that makes the calls…Its the researchers and if the spelling isn’t up to spec…They call it out…
      Simple as that…I get the rules and why I am not on Jeopardy…
      If your so good why not try out?
      Oh I get it…
      Back to work at Subway then…

      • Tom Sigmon

        Alex Trebek Has done 2 show for Jeopardy and he was Tough in those show to get use to it he not retire any time soon

  • Carol C.

    He should have been given credit for the correct answer, even with the spelling error. But it did not effect the outcome of the game. He still went home with the second place money of $2,000 ~ whether the answer was spelled correctly or not. There was no way to catch the first place winner that day. Sorry but life isn’t always fair and he has a long life ahead of him. . . .

  • Frank Schilling

    If memory serves, I think they have allowed misspellings as correct answers in the past. Worst thing to me was Trebek’s adding insult to injury by saying Hurley “badly” misspelled emancipation; thought that comment could have gone unsaid.

    • http://webpronewews Dqavid B….

      Frank…Have you been watching for very long?
      Reason asked is that I have been watching for literally DECADES and have seen many contestants penalized for incorrect/blurred spelling in final….So…You are in error…
      There is NO WAY Trebek or the researchers would let that slide in final Jeopardy and to take up arms is a futle exercise and also just bad form….
      DO NOT fan the fires of a useless fire….

      • Frank Schilling

        I’ll try not to fan any flames; lo siento mucho, mea culpa, excuse me for living.

  • Liz

    I thought it was interesting that Alex didn’t let the kid have the answer, but he also isn’t the one doing the “judging”. They have “refs” for these sorts of things and when an adult on regular Jeopardy misspells something, they don’t let that slide either. I did not think that Alex was being smug at all and I felt bad for the kid because he misspelled it, but the fact that the kid feels “cheated” out of the money when he wasn’t even going to get it is kind of ridiculous. The child next to him had $36,600 going into it compared to the $9,600. You were going to be second or third anyway. Nothing to be “cheated out of”. Alex Trebek is a fine host and the people at Jeopardy! are fair scorers.

  • Allison

    I think you have to be correct if you want to win the game! How would it have been fair to the other players if a wrong spelling was accepted?

    • Les1963

      I agree with you totally. It sounds like this kid might have some
      issues dealing with feeling entitled. I am sure it would be awkward to misspell a word on national TV, but the kid just needs to suck it up and quit whining.

  • Robert Le H.

    I wish he would just give it up! Jeopardy is not making new rules, these rules are there for a reason! He spelled the word incorrectly and now because things did not go his way he is trying to use social media to get his way! READ THE RULES! That’s it.

    • Leigh

      THANK YOU!!! Robert Le H. They are so using the power of technology to attempt to make a case FOR their son’s mistake.

  • http://Firefox Ray

    Cheated??? That whining kid feels cheated because he misspelled a word? Cheating would be letting him get by with an incorrect answer. He needs to suck it up and move on, and his parents should be teaching that wrong is wrong.

  • Dom

    Alex Trebek is a condescending jerk and should be replaced. I stopped watching Jeopardy many years ago for this exact reason.

    • http://webpronewews Dqavid B….

      WTG Don your a dooshbag….

    • William Thomas

      I wont let that show be turned on in my home because of Alex attitude and condemning remarks. Face it he is a fake.

  • Jim Chandler

    For all you douchebags giving Trebec grief for the kid making an error and being called out, consider this, Trebec doesn’t make the call, the judges sitting just offstage in front of the audience do. The kid screwed up, got it wrong, still took second place (which was all he was going to get anyway)and is nothing but a whiner. Our younger generations are learning that everybody is a winner, whether they are or not, and they can’t deal with losing. Get over it, kid, and the rest of you. Losers. None of you, most likely, have ever even auditioned for Jeopardy, much less been selected to go on the show.

    • http://webpronewews Dqavid B….

      @ Jim…I have been wathcing Jeopary for literlly YEARS and if there is a misspelling in final they get penalized…
      It’s all these PC zombies that are calling out Trebek andn Jeopardy for maintaing the purity of the show…
      They can all go ‘eff themselves…
      For they CLEARLY never achieved higher education…


  • Sue

    I have seen many times, in final Jeopardy, where answers were misspelled or scribbled so badly that it was hard to read and they were given credit anyway!

  • rich

    either learn to not fold under pressure, or just flat out learn how to spell.

  • rich

    oh yeah, lets run with the headline alex nearly brings tears to an eighth grader. how about the other kids,college students, adults in the past who have also have had to endure alex telling them THEY WERE WRONG!!!!!! stop this already. the game has been around for years, the rules are the rules….. why is it that all of a sudden someone answered wrong it is personal. this is just ridiculous

  • http://Yahoo.com Robert

    The whiners come out of the woodwork – you know what is a good life lesson?
    Sometimes you lose… and you hold your head up and try again.

  • John

    I have met Alex Trebek twice. He was very courteous and professional with both my son and me, actually being attentive to our needs. One time we were in Canada when we met him. He was treated like a god there both by governmental officials and officers of National Geographic. Considering the way he is treated by others, as a man of immense accomplishment and talents; he wears his fame and fortune with appropriate dignity, in person. This dignity is what is skewered in the Sean Connery/SNL skits

  • Nancy Abram

    Of course the young boy was embarrassed, This is normal and natural. Sad part is the rules were about correct spelling. Difficult part is in today’s schools spelling and penmanship have not the priority these subjects used to have. I feel the parents need to observe this rule to assist their son. Why the fight? He, the young boy, should be proud he earned second place. Are we not embarrasing him more by turning this into an arguement? Why are we, the public, not proud of these young contestants on the show? How can we judge by hearsay? Why are we not proud of the accomplishments of this long lasting show and of the young contestants? I look to the parents to help him understand the whole picture. He should not be complaining. His parents should hug him, love him, and not blame the rules. Afterall, when he is 16, and is driving, would you want him to run a red light? Of course not! That is because his parents love him, and they will help him understand what rules are. Remember, there are consequences for our choices. Let him know he should not be embarrassed as he did his best. Let him learn from this with your guidance. Your son did a great job….and he taught and retaught the world…to follow rules! That is a gift in itself!

    • Leigh

      @Nancy Abram…I love your comment!!! What you said is so true about the matter. The focus should be on the fact that he did not properly spell the word, and it is the context of the rules. I also feel these parents are trying to get public sentiment in order to get money or some other compensation from Jeopardy!

      In closing, parents need to always affirm their children as you pointed out Ms. Abram; however, they also need to reinforce what is being taught at school, e.g. repeat time tables, do spelling words, work on grammar, do sentence diagramming, work on Algebra, etc. I wonder do the Hurley’s visit the school and share their concerns if their child makes a bad grade. If so,do they try to figure out why or simply attribute the bad grade to the teacher being smug?

  • http://webnews Dani Palmer

    I have read the comments, saw the clip..rules are rules,,,however Trebek was rather a ‘mean boy’ in the manner in which he dealt with the young man.
    Today(Aug 5, 2013) west coast- I watched Jeopardy and noted that the contestant who won the final question did NOT use the phrase:”What IS”–he had left the ‘IS’ out of the phrase!! He still won…what is the difference between the two situations???? One of the other contestants left off a ‘g’ in her answer–she lost….can Jeopardy get on the same page for ALL contestants????

  • Jim

    Alex is nothing more than a child molester, as was his boss Merv Griffin. That entire show, Jeopardy is a low brow sitcom, watched only by losers of the lowest degree

    • http://webpronewews Dqavid B….


      Not enough cows in the south to sodomize? So you have to take on Jeopardy?

      Your ignorance speaks volumes…..

    • carl

      my wife and I have watched the show for years. I can realize how the boy felt. but to put alex down for going by the rules is wrong. some of the names alex is worse then what happened on the show. those people are the low lifes.

  • Diane Hanson

    I have seen lots of misspellings on there lots of times and he let them away with it and accepted their answer just the same. The kid should have won regardless of his spelling. After all, he is a kid.

    • http://webpronewews Dqavid B….


      ALL MISSPELLINGS get called out…
      Your a PC dumbass Diane….
      I’ve been a jeopardy watcher for DECADES and ALL misspellings are penalized…
      God what a self righteous plunker….
      Please go get your GED and learn something….

    • http://yahoo chas

      No way!! He should have won because he is a kid??? That attitude is what is making our youth these days think they sould get anything they want. He was WRONG. End of story!

  • lisa

    I think trebek was outta line treating the boy that way. there have been others who have misspelled and got away with it. I think ALEX is getting old and needs to retire. I think hes heartless and think the jeopardy show itself should sue just for the purpose of fairness.

    • Leigh

      @Lisa, You have mitigating gall to critique Mr. Trebek; however, I have counted at least 6, count them 6, grammatical errors in your posting alone!!! Please either go back to the 8th grade, or have a dictionary and a grammar book near you when you type future postings.

      • Michele

        Way to go Leigh. You are absolutely right!

      • LEORA

        8-6-13 11:04 A.M.

    • Lorraine M. Daniel

      News flash!! Check the credits. Alex Trebek is an Executive Producer of the Show, which means, for all intents and purposes, he “owns” the show.

    • http://Yahoo Terence B. Garber

      You should let Alex do his job and what is good for one is good for all. We can all make misstakes.I am definitely not perfect and make misstake.

  • http://yahoo t

    stick to your colonial penn insurance ads, mr. trebek. you just retired yourself from jeopardy. shame on you.

    • http://webpronewews Dqavid B….

      Ugh…Go back to your second shift duty at McDonalds you impish fool…

  • Vicki Walker

    I agree with some others and think incorrect spelling or indecipherable handwriting have been let go in the past. At the very least, since these are kids, remind them to watch their spelling. And it’s true that these days spelling is not taught as we older folks had to learn it. We were discouraged to use the spelling books, which explained spelling and word meaning, but also had exercises requiring critical thinking skills. Too bad. Maybe the boy is whining, but I didn’t see the program.

  • de de kavanaugh

    I love the show, & they were right about the spelling.Everyone wants to win, but thats life..the boy might as well learn that now..gotta stick to the rules !

  • http://sportanding.com Adam

    I found evidence of Jeopardy’s Double Standard…They gave someone a correct answer even though he had a wrong word in it. But they decided to take a stand because a 12 year old had one extra letter in his answer? Doesn’t make sense…take a look at the evidence here.


  • Kaytee

    I feel bad for Hurley, however, if this had been a Spelling Bee instead of Jeopardy, his answer would not have been accepted. Maybe less texting would help kids understand the importance of good old spelling. Sadly, texting is quickly elimination the art of spelling. Hurley should accept his fate and get back on jeopardy in a future Teen Tournament. I am disappointed that this “child” has this reaction and that he matures to the point where he too will see why his answer was not acceptable. Good Luck young man. P.S. I would not expect a father or mother to have the reaction it appears his father did and teach him the importance of just “checking his work” perhaps instead of leading his son to believe his error was not an error.

    • jen

      Texting isn’t the problem, because I know forty and fifty year olds with worse text-type habits than most kids and teenagers. And seriously, if you had been humiliated on public television, wouldn’t you have the same reaction? He’s a freakin’ KID. You also have no right to be calling out the parents on this either.

      • foxglove

        He didn’t humiliate the kid. He just said that the answer was not correct. When the other contestant got it right, he simply mentioned that it was correct, and spelled correctly, too. Why should that humiliate anyone? For God’s sake, people, own your damned mistakes and stop whining.

  • http://webpronewews Dqavid B….

    HE SPELLED IT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have seen COUNTLESS Jeopardys where the contestant was Penalized for that….
    Welcome to the world kid…
    It only gets harder….
    Good Job Alex….

  • Ersten

    The rules for Final Jeopardy (I have been a fan since the Art Flemming days of the ’60s) seem to have been overlooked. Spelling is not the issue. Contestants have won on wrong spellings AS LONG AS THE PRONUNCIATION IS NOT AFFECTED. As an example, if the correct response was “Stephen King”, but the contestant wrote “Steven King” he would have been deemed to have given a correct response, because the pronunciation is the same. Alex Trebek has occasionally made this comment when such a situation occurred. The kid’s response gives an incorrect pronunciation which is why his response was ruled invalid. It is unfortunate that he misspelled that word, but rules are rules, and all contestants must abide by them, regardless of the compassion this loss may have generated among viewers.

  • Sandra Stern


  • Roberto

    For those who don’t know, second place winner in Jeopardy only gets $2000, regardless of what they had racked up. This kid lost nothing because he was in second; he was too far behind to ever catch up even if he had spelled correctly. The saddest part of this is the parents. Spelling counts. Period. Enabling your child because he is upset that he “lost” is why we have so many illiterates in the country. Life is tough sometimes. Teach your children well, let them lose and learn from it and stop coddling them.

  • hkinsey3

    Ok all you folks….what part of “spelling counts” do you not understand? What if by getting credit for the misspelled word he had won instead of the other guy? Would that be fair? You can’t have it both ways…rules count or they don’t…just like rules against illegal immigation….ok bad example, but you know what I mean.

  • david

    huh? what are we missing? he would have still finished second place.

    • Karin Browne

      Not even that !

  • Marvin

    I’m so sick of the entire country whining about their childrens feelings being hurt because someone points out they made a mistake. For christ’s sake let your children be humbled once in a while. They will only be better because of it. Alex knows this. if your child can’t spell something or play a certain sport well it,s not Alex’s fault or the teachers fault, or the coaches fault, it’s YOU as a parent’s fault for not spending time with your children to teach and better them. Not teach them to expect everything for nothing. My God Wake Up People!!!! The entire country is going to pot because everyone thinks half-a..ed is good enough.

  • Arlene

    I was a contestant on Jeopardy some years ago and we knew the rules.
    Spelling is part of the answer and the judges have the right to their decision. It isn’t up to the host. I’m sorry this young man and his parents can’t accept responsibility….they should be embarrassed that they have made a todo over a non issue.

    • Lorraine M. Daniel

      This is right on target. The rules are there for EVERYONE to follow. The real story here is how the kid, and his parents, responded to the defeat. Something tells me this kid has acted liked this all his life, and his parents have allowed and enabled him to do so, which does not bode well for his future as an adult. If you cannot handle a defeat as a gracious loser, then do not participate.

  • jen

    This is complete bullshit. The kid added an extra “T” into the word. He’s in eighth grade for god’s sakes. I’ve seen full-grown adults with worse spelling than that. I think they still should have given it to him.

    • travelsmart

      IT didn’t matter, he could not win even if he had the right answer(he was too far behind) and he wasn’t going to get 2nd place either. He is a classic whiner/weiner.

    • david

      he wouldn’t have won any more money, so what’s the point.

    • david

      so it’s OK to reward someone for not following the rules of the game? i can drive down the left side of the road because i’m english in the US?

    • david

      I thought I answered this one. Rules are rules. Do we forgive someone who drives on the left side, in their country because they forgot in our country?

      • Jill

        Ummmmm, not when it’s a competition………….

    • Jackie

      You see grown adults spelling the way they do because they skate through life without people caring enough to correct and teach them. Which is what this kid would be facing if he gets credit where credit isn’t due. It’s a lesson learned. I bet he’ll never spell that word wrong again in his life!!

      • leenie

        An executive director I know “inherited” from a previous supervisor a secretary who couldn’t spell squat. After repeated attempts to correct her, the director just began handing back the paper without saying anything. It only took a few redos to get the point across that the secretary represented the director and that misspelling and typos were unacceptable. The director got perfectly spelled words and the secretary eventually retired with better spelling skills.

    • http://yahoo deb

      I bet if you go back there were adults than won. They did not spell correctly. He enjoyed telling this child, he misspelled the word. Jerk, I stopped watching anyway.

      • foxglove

        I enjoy telling kids when they misspell things, too. I guess I’m just a big jerk. Or maybe… I actually CARE about them and want them to have the best life they can. Which means they should spell correctly and use proper grammar.

    • david


    • ron

      so do we let kids who are in eight grade get away with murder or are they to have different rules? Just asking

  • Greg

    He is and always will be a know it all…even if he doesn’t! He is not a people person and should not be a host! A jerk is a jerk, I don’t understand why he is popular.

    • ron

      why do you keep watching if you do not like him

    • foxglove

      People say the same thing about Simon Cowell. I think it has to do with the fact that both men are very intelligent and make you feel dumb. The fact is, Greg, that you don’t know Alex Trebek at all – have you ever met him? Has he treated you, or someone you know, poorly? You’re making pronouncements based on zero actual information – it’s just your perception of him from what you see of him on television.

      PS – I happen to like and admire both Simon Cowell and Alex Trebek.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    Don’t get soft because kids on the show. Rules are rules and you don’t bend them for a 5th grader. If you do, you bend them for any age group and then the show would be useless.

    Learn to spell kid. The kid should be happy he made it onto the show. Lot’s of other kids didn’t make it.

    • Greg

      They went soft on the questions, why not go soft on the kids???

      • Red Rocket

        Because if the questions werent easier the kids would have horrible scores. Nobody wants to see people not even go to final round cus they are in the negative

      • foxglove

        The questions are basically age-appropriate. It isn’t fair to expect children age 12 to have the same level of education as an adult. It IS, however, fair to expect them to spell correctly once they have learned about something. The Emancipation Proclamation is one of the most important documents in our country’s history, and every child should know how to spell it correctly by age 12. We set the bar far too low for our kids – they are capable of much more. And speaking of which, that kid’s dad should be teaching his child how to cope with disappointment and make sure he never allows a stupid spelling error to rob him of anything again, rather than whining that “it was just a spelling error,” and behaving as if Trebek lambasted him on live TV. I’m so tired of these little “darlings” and their precious, fragile egos – learn to cope, kids. Life’s tough.

  • erin siler

    I remember watching this episode last week and I felt bad for the kid, Alex Trebek did NOT “make him cry.” If the kid wanted to be on an adult gameshow, then he needed to be mature enough and be willing enough to handle the rules and stipulations; this was the rule and he spelled it wrong. Period. Afterwards, he acted SO immature and crossed his arms and refused to look at Alex or the other players in the end. He embarrassed himself on national TV by the way he acted afterwards-like an 8 month old, not an 8th grader bound for High School. I’m disappointed his parents are now pulling the “unfair” card. They should’ve told him to stop pouting and be grateful for the $2,000 he took home anyways. Everyone knows he’s smart enough to have gotten the answer right but he wouldn’t have won anyways. I wish people would start congratulating the kid more instead of showing him how much public attention he can get for throwing a tantrum on national television.

  • http://yahoo deb

    who cares>Dont watch it !

    • foxglove

      Then don’t comment. What a douche.

  • Denver

    The student was far from winning the game. Even if he was awarded the correct answer, he would have still ended up in second place winning … wait for it … $2000. He wasn’t cheated out of any money.

    Having said that, it was a minor spelling error. I have seen celebrity Jeopardy contestants get away with “Niagra [sic] Falls”. It is customary in final jeopardy to NOT penalize over spelling errors unless the spelling is a crucial element in the question.

    Further, I don’t think Alex Trebeck is solely responsible for this. It is the judges who make these decisions.

  • Tom Sigmon

    Classic Concentration
    Host Battlestars
    Host Pitfall
    host Double Dare
    Host High Rollers
    Host (1974-76/1978-80) The Wizard of Odds
    Host To Tell the Truth (1990)
    Host (Feb-May 1991) his other show he did he dont make rules he just did what was right

  • http://yahoo Cathy

    Rules are rules. They have to be applied to everyone. What kind of show would it be if they bent the rules every time? I sure wouldn’t want to watch it. Adults or children abide by the rules (no exceptions) It is a contest.

  • Ryan

    If the kid was in a spelling bee that the judges would have let it slide? Heck no! I spelled that same word in my school’s sixth grade spelling bee and got it right for the championship. And there are kids the same age and younger who can spell a lot tougher words than that. Quit being a sore loser you little whiner.

    • ron

      if this is the rule for adults and the game show then it needs to apply to all who particapate. Fair is fair get over it. Your son was treated as every other person would have been treated. I to would not have spelled it right and I am sure that I would feel embarassed and ect….. Part of life. For those of you that say alex is a bla bla bla….well I see that your still watching so he must be doing something right>

      • George

        Alex Trebek does not make the rules, or “call the shots.”
        That is left up to the judge’s panel, and their word is the last word.
        Alex knows the rules, and knows that misspellings are not accepted. Most times he doesn’t need to “go to the judges” as he KNOWS what their answer would be.
        What part of “you got it wrong” don’t people understand?

  • Suzanne

    If I remember correctly, after having had watched “Jeopardy” for many, many years, only the question for “Final Jeopardy” needs to be spelled correctly, the other questions don’t.

    • JC

      The other questions aren’t written out, but they still have to be pronounced correctly

  • ron

    so are adults and kids to have different rules in life? No, that is why kids that kill and are 12 get charged with murder, fair is fair no matter the age!

    • Olivia

      Why are you comparing spelling something wrong, with murder?

  • http://webpronews.com bedeviled

    Little cry baby loser

  • Dominique Swain

    Alex Trebk is an arrogant turd.. I LOVE Jeopardy but when Trebek says Guatalahara or Aguilera with the accent he presumes a local would use, c’mon. Christina was born in Staten Island New Jersey, and spent most of her formative years in Philly. Put it to rest. So what I suggest, shy of everyone in the audience egging his impeccable brown suits is that we put HIM in the hot seat and see how much trivia he actually knows. We put him in a bathtub (in his suit) SUPER comfortable, 98 degrees, in fact, and for every answer he gets wrong (despite his ridiculous outfit,) we raise the tub ten degrees.

    • Robert Hiddemen

      The answer is “This is where Cristina Aguilera spent here formative years.” The question…What is Pittsburgh? If you are going to criticize anyone, you need to have your facts straight.

    • CW

      Guadalajara. The kid got it wrong, because the spelling error changes the pronunciation, thus changing the answer. The parents are making a huge deal out of it, as are many of other people, and it’s ridiculous. The fact that this is basically front page news on Yahoo is even more ridiculous. I bet the parents are truly enjoying their fifteen minutes of fame.

    • Pat

      Staten Island is in New York…you’d have gotte that one wrong also.

  • Barbara

    Few realize that Alex T. was a grade school teacher before taking this position as a game show host. He was trained professionally in fairness. Tears are part of losing sometimes. The real disappointments here are the parents who failed to help their child accept the ruling and lose graciously.

    • Jamie

      Unfortunately in this day, lots of parents raise their kids to believe they should get a trophy for losing.

  • marilyn mmoffatt

    as unfortunate as this may sound those are the rules that are part of jeopardy. many adults have said a word wrong or spelled it wrong and lost because of it even though it seemed like the correct answer. Just because he was in the 8th grade doesn’t exempt him from the rules . I do feel bad for him but I am sure he was aware of this rule when he went on the show. Alex Trebek was just doing his job.

    • reesa

      Exactly! He’s definitely not the first that it’s happened to and he won’t be the last. The only reason anyone is making anything of this is because it’s an 8th grader. If it were an adult, nothing. If it were a celebrity, talk show hosts would be making fun of them. Not everyone in this world can be winners, not everyone deserves a ribbon. The kid got to be on Jeopardy! How many other kids can say that. Plus, the $3000 would have made no difference. The kid that won had over $60k.

  • http://amiright Kelly Green

    Which kid from Charlie and the Chocolate factory does this kid remind you of most?

    • http://Facebook Dee

      The young spoiled bratty female

  • pheth

    A sign of our times. The attitude that children will be hurt psychologically if they lose or are not as good as the next guy has caused a generation of young adults who expect to be told they are the greatest. They don’t understand some people are smarter, better at a sport, can spell better or do math better than they do because they have been told its ok. This young man learned a hard lesson early on. He will be better able to cope with his boss handing back a report and telling him to do it over because of the spelling error. Stick to your rules Jeopardy.

  • bluebird

    The kid in question didnt “almost come to tears”. Did anyone happen to watch as the credits were rolling after the show. He was angry not in tears. He had his arm crossed & when his mother touched his shoulder he jerked his arm away. He was a sore loser & it showed in the credits. Hey kid rules are rules. If you 12 or not. Just like on last nights show a contestant was elimanted for incorrect spelling. He would of come in 2nd no matter what. This kid was taught a valuable lesson. Dont be a sore loser. You dont see Xan complaining, do you? Go Alex. Keep up the good work. Many more years to come.

    • HU

      This is what happens when you give kids leeway after leeway. To the count of THREE ETC. IF he accidentally misspelled a word, then he is WRONG. With this type of training, when he is older, he will get into trouble over and over and over. This is where it all starts. What about the bridge engineer put a decimal point in the wrong place???? Oooooops. We can just rebuild the ten million dollar bridge. Be responsible and take it like a man. YOU SPELLED IT WRONGGGGGGGGGG KID.

      • Diane

        Yes, the kid did spell it wrong granted “BUT” it was very obvious, unless your a complete idiot, that he knew the right answer. I think the decision is utterly ridiculous and this kid should not have been punished for spelling it wrong. Alex Trebek read the answer as if the kid didn’t have the right answer….give me a f***** break!

        • Rich

          You left the “g” out of f*****. This is why you have all nays and no invite to Jeopardy.

        • http://yahoo kent

          Your post will not be considered for the following reasons;
          sentence structure- you did not put a comma between wrong and granted
          incorrect usage of your. It should hve been “you’re a complete idiot” sorry.
          Also, the incorrect tense was used when you described the decision is utterly ridiculous, It should have been written as a decision “was” utterly ridiculous.

          How’s that?
          Your welcome. I mean “you’re” welcome. I mean I “meant” You’re welcome.

    • janet

      absolutely, i watched the show, and i did not get the impression that alex was smug, but i saw that the kid was being a kid, and a sore loser at that.

    • http://Facebook Dee

      Yes I saw that the kid was very upset at the end, and if Alex was being a smug he wouldn’t have paused the game right then and their to explain why he didn’t get the answer correct because o the misspelling. What bothered me more is that the young African American girl didn’t even come close as she said “What Is The Second Amendment?” Seriously??? Being brought up as a young black male that was one of the first things I learned. Either way the kid was upset with his arms crossed wanting no one to touch him and giving Alex dirty looks. I would have whispered something in his ear to make him straighten up quick!

    • Michele

      I saw the show too and the kid acted like a little turd! He spelled the word wrong and that is the rule in Final Jeopardy. He was obviously never taught about losing… “Little Lord Fauntleroy the Third”…… He was so angry that he wouldn’t even participate during the credits. Standing there with his parents with his arms crossed. He needs a good kick in the behind and be told to “man up.”

    • Evelyn Lawless

      I see most jeopardy shows and I felt or rather feel that the boy may have been from Newtown and I am a Connecticut resident that we here in CT do not hold any rights to be felt sorry for (the Newtown killings will always be a sorry time in our world) but rules are rules, even for the young. I myself have had to check my spelling many time in this comment and my typing as I am getting older. In other words, man up.

    • benjovi33

      Give the kid a break, he’s only 8 years old!! He has every right to be upset and so do the parents!! Alex needs to be more like Regis when kids are on the show and sugar coat them in times like this.

      • Dee

        No, he was in 8th grade, not 8 years old. Rules are rules, and the kid still won money.

      • Terri LaValle

        This young man needs to learn to play a game by the rules. He may not like it, but the rules are there for a reason. Make an exception for him and they will have to make exceptions for everybody. You win some, you lose some. It’s called life. The boy better learn that now………..

    • skootie

      I agree. Rules are rules. If an adult spells a respoonse incorrectly on final Jeopardy, he, too, is penalized. It’s part of the game. Put on your big kid undies and DEAL WITH IT.

  • Red Rocket

    Welcome to the modern world
    The squeaky wheel gets the grease

    Now everyone wants to squeaky

  • Jonny

    You lost kid. Get over it.

  • Jill

    Once again we are teaching our kids that “ALMOST” is good enough. It is NOT good enough and not EVERYONE is a winner. Time to face reality here. It is always wrong if it’s spelled wrong. Now you want a special exception so your kid can feel better about himself?????? Pathetic – and the reason these kids can’t get jobs when they try to make it in the real world. You are not doing your kids any favors here people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Teach them to butch up and deal with reality.

  • ccredux

    What if he had written “Whats the emancipation proclamation.” He left out an apostrophe and did not capitalize two words and left out the “?”.He would get the $3000, right? What’s the difference??We all know what his answer means, regardless of spelling.

  • Karin Browne

    The kid seems to be a spoiled and overindulged brat. Whether it was carelessness or not, the fact remains that he spelled the word WRONG – simple as that. Take it as a valuable life-lesson, learn from it and MOVE ON !!!

  • James

    What with all the scum bags on tv and in sports Alex is a prince among men. If some spoiled brat cant spell it is not his fault. Rules are rules. Of course most of you under 40 don’t understand that.

  • Virginia Hurley

    I feel sure Alex or someone in a responsible position give the rules before the contestants ever go on camera. In Final Jeopardy the answers must be EXACT. If a word was misspelled, it wasn’t correct. Just this week a woman put an apostrophe instead of the last letter in her answer. She LOST because her answer was wrong! They are fair to EVERYONE, and children shouldn’t be an exception. The questions put to them are for their level of education and knowledge. That is just sour grapes, and it will not bode well for that child in the future if his parents take issue.

  • suzi

    I am an avid Jeopardy watcher and even adults misspelled answers are accepted. What is right for one ought to be right for all? Alex has been arrogant forever and it is time to replace him. He wastes so much time between questions with his corrections, slow speech, and general demeanor. Bring on a new host.

  • Belle

    In all the years I have watched “Jeopardy”, Alex Trebek has told contestants that they never penalize for incorrect spelling. Why was this child made an exception? Shame on you.

  • Virginia Hurley

    His answer was WRONG. A misspelled word is WRONG. Just this week a woman answered correctly in Final Jeopardy, but put an apostrophe insgtead of the final letter in her answer. It was WRONG. This child’s parents are doing him a disservice by claiming he was cheated. He needs to learn that “a little bit wrong” is WRONG.

  • Ray Woods

    “I was pretty upset that I was cheated out of the final Jeopardy! question,” he told The News-Times of Danbury. “It was just a spelling error.”…………………I think the statement he made, “It was just a spelling error.” means a misspelling, as well as admitting to misspelling the word/words given. So why is their a debate about it…I guess next years National Spelling Bee will not have a winner.

  • http://yahoo barbara

    okay who really wanted the money and what a way to teach a child about good loser , of course the parents had a lot to sasy they lost out on as good thing, I watch this prograsm sand asdults even screw up and sre told, tell them to get a life outside their child

  • Virginia Hurley

    Belle, I recall hearing Alex say that in FINAL Jeopardy! the answer must be exact–no misspelled words and must be legible. I, too, have watch Jeopardy for many years–since its inception, in fact.

  • phyllis

    So…what if one contestant’s question was “What is the Gettysburg Address?”, and the other contestant’s question was “What is the Marshall Plan?”? Would the child in question still have been penalized for having the correct question incorrectly spelled?

  • Maxwell Hammis

    Holy cow! I watched episodes of Jeopardy where that darn pen screwed up, the question looked like chicken scratch and Alex gave the player credit for a question that was indecipherable. C’mon, now. Be consistent with the rules.

  • James M

    Alex doesn’t make the call – The judges do! And it isn’t the first time, or the last that an answer is wrong for miss-spelling. Last night a woman was counted wrong for leaving off the “G” at the end of one word in her answer. Rules are rules!

  • Austin

    These kids are young Geniuses that are picked for the show and I am sure that they are briefed of all the rules “Including Spelling Errors” prior to playing.

  • K in SC

    It reminded me of an episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon loses the physics bowl. He could not believe that he didn’t know an answer and has a fit. This was a fit. The media is trying to make this into something it is not. This is a child who thought that he could get a different result if he posted his grievances online. When in fact, the opposite has been true. Basically all comments have told the child that he lost, get over it, and move on with life. Next time perhaps he will spell “emancipation” correctly. This is not Alex Trebek’s or Jeopardy’s fault.

  • Jane

    To begin with this is a child that was put on public display. The other a grown man and I guess a Father himself. He did not need to treat the child as such.The Bible says you must love children are you will not reach the gates of Heaven. Perhaps we all need to pray for the game show host.

  • Bob Peer

    Trebek is a JERK and should get fired or at the very least retire.

  • casey

    YES, the child is a VERY SORE loser. And the article is designed to “whip up” controversy since the media is only interested in something it can sensationalize. Alex is and has ALWAYS done a FINE job. Actually we saw the show too. Our opinion is that the child acted like a “BRAT” as well as a sore loser. If the child was smart enough to go on the program then he was smart enough to know he misspelled the answer! The child “blew it”, he knows it and wants to get credit for what he meant NOT what he wrote. We say “NO WAY”. STOP giving this “brat” publicity. His head seems big enough already!
    P.S. As things are now the media will probably try to whip this up into some kind of story that makes Alex a “Bully”. If so that would really PO a lot of people since we know he is not. Gesh none of these people now a days would have lasted 5 min. in the past; peoples’ skin is too thin today. They whine about everything.

  • winston phelps

    you have to admire the kid for his ambitious nature to go on “jeopardy” but maybe he should have started a little lower==like a spelling bee

  • marian prelosky

    Reason why I don’t watch Jeopardy? Alex Trebek. What a dirtbag!

  • Judy Jetson

    Misspelling a word on Jeopardy means you got it wrong. Those are the rules, PERIOD. This kid wasn’t cheated out of anything, he lost. The entire family is enabling a sore loser. America is ridiculous.

  • Ron

    Once again the media blows this way out of proportion. Rules are meant to be followed. Sure the little brat knew the right answer, but !!HE SPELLED IT WRONG !! See statement about rules above. This does not make the kid a loser, but it gives his parents an opportunity to teach the little brat that when you make a mistake, you are the only one who has to accept responsibility for it. Accept, learn, grow. Alex T did his job. Go Alex!

    • http://WebProNews Jerome Mercurio

      Last time i checked, this was NOT a Spelling Bee, he got the answer right, but misspelled the word,
      hell there adults out there who don’t know what the document is, much less spell it!!!

  • Mary Linderoth

    I am so happy to see so many comments regarding being a good loser. I too agree that we are raising a generation of kids that don’t know how to lose and even worse if they are corrected they see it as humiliation. I have two teenage daughters and I will not let them be sore losers. They understand that they are not always going to win at everything they do and more importantly life is not always fair. Their dad and I have also taught them that as long as they give 100% that is all we ask of them and things will work out. I still do not understand how he thinks he was cheated out of $3000 since he would have come in 2nd place regardless of whether he was ruled right on that question and would still have walked away with the 2nd prize of $2000 (unless he thought that was unfair as well).

  • Roger

    Ruling was correct, kids need to start spelling better and be set as an example…

  • JUDI


  • LaVonne

    I’m with Alex.
    He should have spelled it correctly.

  • Manuel Lagda

    Hey “adults and parents”. Grow up, and even so, before the kids do. The boy was embarrassed for his wrong spelling. It is a natural reaction, one that teaches him a lesson and he’ll remember all his life. As the saying goes “We learn by our mistakes”. More so, we remember our mistakes more than our correct ones. He wouldn’t have gotten higher than the 2nd place even if he got it right. Alex is never smug. He is always fair, and more than that final decisions are given by the producers (seen this a lot of times during the show). Parents making an issue of this just distorts the kids’ sense of value.

  • David

    Welcome to the real world kid. What is right it right, what is wrong is wrong. Spell the word right and you are right. Teachers, Parents, Youth Sports make your world a fluffy feelgood place, until you get out of HS and/or College, then you meet the real business world, where you make a big mistake you get fired.
    Alex Trebek taught you the best lesson you will ever learn, get it right.

  • Lisa

    I think the kid is being a sore loser and should have been pinched for pouting on tv the way he did. I also believe that the show screwed him over! So what if he mispelled the word, He had the right answer! But oh well, obviously that is a rule that is not always enforced! Sorry kid!

  • Trish

    Instead of coddling that boy, his parents should be explaining to him why the answer was considered wrong and teaching him good sportmanship, he acted like a spoiled brat while the credits were running, pulling away from his mother when she tried to comfort him. If they gave an exception here, they would have to continue to do so for others. Rules are rules, regardless of age.

  • http://thelexingtonstreetsweeper.blogspot.com The Lexington Streetsweeper

    If the child had been given credit for a “slight misspelling” and the $3000 dollars added to his total he would have STILL placed second, taken home $2000 in winnings and learned NOTHING. His parents may be failing him royally.

  • http://yahoo joyce

    Haven’t watched it since and probably wont’ again. Since when did Jeopardy become a spelling content? Absolutely, totally, unfair.

    • Dlk

      See that’s my point too. It’s not a spelling bee. The entire game is made up of verbal questions and answers, so spelling doesnt apply. Why should it apply in the final. I dont get this part. The answer was correct. Heck most of these adults on these posts who say the kid should admit he was wrong, blah blah, they couldnt even hold up in auditions for the show. Those kids are smarter then most of the grown ups on here who sound ticked off just because they have nothing in life. I never like Alex T. and so I dont watch it. He’s a jerk.

      • Mike

        It applied to the final because that is how the rules are. Is that really a difficult concept to grasp?

    • Mike

      Joyce, who said anything in life is fair? But this isn’t about fair, it’s about following the rules in this game AND in life. It’s about the kid saying he was disappointed he didn’t spell it correctly, not throwing the blame for his mistake on someone else. You teach someone it’s ok not to follow the rules and what do you get? Obviously someone like you who thinks rules shouldn’t apply.

  • ifyuonlynu

    Give the kid a break.He thinks he was right so applaud him standing up for hisself.What happens next will determine how much of a man he will be in the future. I,for one would like to see him admit he was wrong and accept the outcome in public. If he really thinks about it he can only come up with one decision. This country needs for men. Will he be one,or will he be another smart -ss in the crowd like I see here in some of these responses?

    • Mike

      It’s one thing to stand up for yourself when someone has wronged you, it’s a totally different story when you try to put the blame for your own mistake on someone else; That’s not standing up for yourself, that’s ducking responsibility. What the kid needs to take from this is how to be responsible and culpable for his own actions.

  • Maria

    These kids today think we owe them the world. ItS called ENTITLEMENT..!!!
    If more parents stopped defending their loser children and allowed their kids to take responsibility for their actions, this country would be a better placed…!!! PARENTS…It was spelled wrong and it is wrong, those are the rules..!!! Suck it up and teach your child a lesson..!!!

  • Maria

    These kids today think we owe them the world. ItS called ENTITLEMENT..!!!
    If more parents stopped defending their loser children and allowed their kids to take responsibility for their actions, this country would be a better placed…!!! PARENTS…It was spelled wrong and it is wrong, those are the rules..!!! Suck it up and teach your child a lesson..!!!

  • Maria

    These kids today think we owe them the world. ItS called ENTITLEMENT..!!!
    If more parents stopped defending their loser children and allowed their kids to take responsibility for their actions, this country would be a better placed…!!! PARENTS…It was spelled wrong and it is wrong, those are the rules..!!! Suck it up and teach your child a lesson..!!!

  • Victoria Jennings

    Kids today and so many adults cannot stand to be told no or to be told they have made a mistake. If it happens,thay say they are bi polor or have adhd or some other problem. I know there are many people in the world who are bi polor and adhd but not everyone in the world. Kids need to learn at a very early age they cannot have everything they want. Kids today are spoiled rotten. I work with the public so I see it every day. Hang in there Alex.

  • Dlk

    Okay, maybe I am misunderstanding. Was this a spelling test? I never watch the game but I do have a general idea of how it’s played. Do they have to spell the name correctly to get the points? I mean, what if it was a verbal question/answer like the rest of the game, then this wouldnt apply correct? I dont think he should be counted off for spelling it incorrectly unless it too is a spelling test. I just dont see what the big deal is in anything.

    Alex is old enough to know it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. He does have a stick up his rear, and he could have been nicer about it. I didnt see this game, but I do know that he’s got quite an attitude.

  • stopcrying

    KICK ROCKS KID. You didn’t spell it right, if you try to sound out what you spelled, it doesn’t even sound like emancipation…unless your second t after the p is silent. Stop crying and being a mooch. You lost, FAIR and SQUARE. quit trying to cheat the show outta something that you did not earn.

  • Robert Mullen

    Has anyone checked the spelling and the way they have used their words to express their feelings on paper.Some of the people that have commented on the Alex Trebek problem should stay away from writing comments themselves.These people are throwing stones and don’t even know why.

  • Michael

    Alex is 73 years old and been doing Jeopardy for 40 years. It is what it is.

  • Verble

    Leave Alex ALONE people..the kid misspelled the word!!! Get over it..rules are rules!!! If he is in 8th grade and crying about this, then HE needs to grow the hellup!!! Alex was just following the RULES that have been in place for YEARS!!!

  • Mike

    This just really bothers me. No, I don’t think Mr. Trebek did anything wrong. I think it’s a sad statement of our society when a kid gets all kinds of news coverage for giving the wrong reply. Jeopardy has rules, just as life does. If you don’t follow the rules and get penalized for it, you were not “cheated”. (OR if you were cheated, you cheated yourself). It was not Alex Trebek who disqualified the “question”, it was the judges who are there for the purpose of making sure the rules are adhered to. For the kid and his parents who refuse to take responsibility for screwing up, stop trying to shift the blame. To the media who wants to take a “non-story” and try to sensationalize it, stop perpetuating this kind of attitude that when someone screws up, it somehow is not their fault. To the hateful people who want to say mean, hurtful things about Mr. Trebek and Jeopardy, get a life and take a look at your own lives under the same microscope you are using here.
    Bottom line is the kid didn’t answer correctly, and needs to deal with the consequences from doing so. Time to move on.
    This is an example why this country is in such a mess, showing how society is teaching kids/people that they are not culpable for their own mistakes/actions.
    I think it’s ok to feel bad for the kid, to have empathy for him and that should be the end of it, but any sympathy has evaporated because of the blame game he, his parents and the media are now playing.

  • dorothea

    Why dopeople think their kids should win? He got the word right he just misspelled it. Why make exceptions for him? why? was he better then any other kid there? no? so he was out fair is fair he cried so what big deal. all kids cry and pout when they dont have it their way!!!

  • dorothea

    I won the spelling bee in grade school got my name in the local paper and then went on to the national and lost did i cry no? I misspelled the word locomotive and ok i lost. Parents of this kid is sending the wrong message that he should be a sore loser and cry instead of tyring to be better at what he does and try again

  • Zeke Foregno

    Yall need to shut up. Like honestly quit being a sore loser, you got on a big boy show and lost oh well get over it.#NuffSaid

  • thebagman45

    First, Trebek doesn’t make the rules, he just enforces them. The rules are pretty much that if a spelling error would cause you to pronounce something other than the correct response, then it’s incorrect.

    Second, Trebek can seem smug, but almost all actual contestants on the show say he’s very nice and friendly.

    Third, this just shows why a high-stress game show isn’t appropriate for preteens. The kids matches always creeped me out a little, and I don’t watch them even though I love the show. Let them wait a few years and play in the Teen Tournament.