Alec Baldwin Responds To Words With Friends/Twitter Controversy

SNL appearance gives him the chance to "apologize"

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Alec Baldwin Responds To Words With Friends/Twitter Controversy
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“What harm would it do to let him keep playing his game, not any game mind you, but a word game for smart people.”

Only a few days removed from Words With Friends-gate, Alec Baldwin has addressed the incident publicly – on Saturday Night Live. During Seth Meyer’s Weekend Update segment, Baldwin came out dressed as a pilot from American Airlines. He proceeded to put on a southern drawl and apologize to the “national treasure” Alec Baldwin for the way he was treated.

If you missed the story last week, Alec Baldwin was removed from an American Airlines flight for refusing to quit playing Zynga’s massively popular scrabble clone and turn off his device. Baldwin, an already outspoken tweeter, took to the site to give a play-by-play of the incident. The Twitter battle eventually saw American Airlines and even Zynga get involved.

Baldwin later asked all of his followers to participate in a “mass unfollowing,” and his Twitter account was then deactivated.

American Airlines released a statement on Facebook, hinting at the “extremely vocal customer” that they had to remove.

And now Baldwin has responded in a way that takes a few jabs at American Airlines but also demonstrates that he probably realizes he failed to act in a proper manner. At least that’s what I take from it –

Regarding the whole slamming of the door thing and his excuse – anyone who has played WWF will understand. That game can make you do crazy things.

Oh well. I guess the only people truly happy about this whole ordeal is Zynga. Talk about your free publicity – right before a historically massive IPO. “Words With Friends: A game that makes powering down your device for a few minutes impossible.”

Alec Baldwin Responds To Words With Friends/Twitter Controversy
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  • gg

    It’s to bad that Mr. Baldwin doesn’t see the real irony in this situation. His bad behavior is exactly what the occupy movement in this country is all about. The spoiled entitled wealthy minority. Showing the struggling less fortunate in this country, that if you have it enough money and more than enough ego.You can do as you please ans screw anyone who doesn’t like it. Mr. Baldwin should take a cattle prod to himself every once and a while. And remind himself,his wealth and fame are gifts. The gifts given to him by the 99% who don’t know where the next mortgage payment is coming from. Where the next meal for their children is coming from. He is lost in space, the narcissistic space that controls his mind.Lorne Michaels, should be ashamed of himself for allowing Mr. Baldwin to use his program to further more bad behavior, from a wealthy selfish spoiled brat!

    • gg

      P.S. why doesn’t Mr. Baldwin get together with Whitney Houston, Gerard Depardieu, and all the other self entitled super duper stars. And lease a private jet together. They can work their schedules out, for who needs the plane at any given time. Lord knows, they can more than afford it. This way they can behave as badly as they like, and not be bothered having to travel with the general public. They can continue to live in their self entitled worlds, without putting anyone else in harms way. Get drunk, play games and piss all over anything or anyone they want.I am curious if Mr. Baldwin’s new girlfriend, a seemingly down to earth (yogi). Is, excuse the pun. On board with his behavior. Or has she been bitten by the self entitled behavior of the rich and famous.

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