Alcohol Spray Gets You Instantly Wasted

By: Chris Gabbard - May 3, 2012

If you’ve ever wanted to be drunk, but didn’t have patience or will-power for an all night bender, this invention is for you.

Th WA HH Quantum Sensations spray (why not just call it Intsa-Drunk) gets you automatically smashed when you spray it in your mouth, but the effect only lasts a few seconds. Once it is gone, you can easily pass a sobriety test.

Each spray delivers .075 milliliter of alcohol, but does it in such a way that the effect is instantaneous, albeit not very long lasting. If you want to get drunk drunk, it would take about a thousand sprays to get the equivalent of a shot into your system. Though, if each spray lasted three seconds, and you sprayed it in your mouth continuously, you could stay drunk for 50 minutes on the system. Which also means you would have to have the taste of alcohol on your breath the entire time. I think my head just exploded.

The device was created by French American scientist David Edwards and designed by Phillip Starck, who is pictured here testing the product. They have also invented various food and drink sprays that allow you taste them without actually imbibing them.


So basically, they have devoted their lives to completely pointless pursuits. If you ask me a spray that makes you instantly sober would be much more beneficial.

But I’m not saying it isn’t intriguing. I definitely want to try this out.

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  • Sicksense

    Too bad it is completely fake. .075ml of alcohol orally is not capable of getting you “wasted” even for a second. You can consume a shot of vodka orally which has way more alcohol in it and not be “wasted”.

    • SuBoXoNe_MaN

      I had the same thoughts when I first read about the product, but when my cousin brought a few samples home from Paris it accually had a chemical added to the alcohol to INSTANTLY sublingually dissolve on the tounge causing the alcohol to enter the blood stream at such a fast rate that it gets you drunk immediatly and dissapates withen seconds. It definatly works, even after multiple uses.

  • usman

    Would need to try this out. But what is the point in getting drunk for only a few seconds. You would want to let the feeling last for a longer time.

    • Robert

      let say you see a hot woman somewhere and can’t speak with her because you are shy… this spray can maybe give you the right push…