Alcohol Drug- Get The Buzz Without The Hangover


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Ever wish you could feel the buzz you get from drinking without having to worry about a hangover the next morning? Well thanks to a new alcohol pill, you may be able to get drunk without drinking in the near future.

The drug will trick the brain's neurotransmitters into feeling the same pleasure felt during a drinking buzz. The idea is similar to that of electronic cigarettes, which allow smokers to feel like they are smoking a cigarette, without getting the high amounts of nicotine they would get from a real cigarette.

Another interesting effect of the drug is that it comes with an antidote that prevents intoxication. Once taken, the drinker can drink several beers and only feel a little buzz instead of feeling drunk. Someone who may get drunk after 6 beers might only feel a small buzz from the same amount of beers if drinking while using the alcohol pill.

The new drug was invented by David Nutt, a professor of neuropsychopharmacology. He claims that it could potentially allow drinkers to drink, take the pill and drive home or go about their regular activities without being intoxicated, but still feeling a buzz.

“I would like the government to make a recommendation that we try to improve on the health of our people by allowing these kind of substitute alcohols to be legal,” said Nutt.

Nutt is currently looking for investors to further the development of his new drug and hopes it will be approved by the Food And Drug Administration.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.