Alanis Morissette Releases Song To Promote Documentary “A Small Section Of The World”

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On November 11, singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette released a new song called “The Morning”. The song is featured in the film A Small Section of The World, which focuses on the stories of female coffee producers in Costa Rica, particularly the women behind the group Asociación de Mujeres Organizades de Biolley (ASOMOBI). Morissette co-wrote the song with Costa Rican musician Carlos “Tapado” Vargas.

The song, which premiered exclusively on The Hollywood Reporter, features Morissette singing along to a lushly-arranged instrumental track that features percussion made from coffee seeds and machines used in coffee production. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about her involvement with the film, Morisette said, “I think they (producers Nick Davidge and Dominic Sandifer) were trying to see who might lend the voice and sing through the hearts and minds and soul of these women in Costa Rica, to tell their story and articulate something that might be a little challenging to articulate.”

The film, which takes its title from a line in the song’s bridge, is directed by Lesley Chilcott - who produced the critically-acclaimed documentaries Waiting for Superman and An Inconvenient Truth. Morissette’s song is intended as a teaser for the hour-long documentary.

“For a long time, there was no conversation about women in coffee,” Morisette said in the interview. “But I think Lesley was telling me some 75 percent of coffee-making is done by women. I just think the community of coffee and how the women’s movement conversation can be threaded into it is really exciting and surprising.”

Morissette also revealed that the language barrier didn’t hinder her collaboration with Carlos Vargas. “Working with Tapado was really easy. We had a shorthand, and even though there was the translation challenge for us with speaking different languages, it was quite easy because in our own way we just kind of finished each other’s sentences.”

A Small Section of the World will be shown in theaters on December 5 and will be available on demand beginning December 16.

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