Alanis Morissette: Nanny Sues for $130,000

    September 29, 2013
    Erika Watts
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Canadian singer Alanis Morissette is known for a lot of things. The “Ironic” singer is known for winning seven Grammy Awards, for her performance on Showtime’s hit series “Weeds” and for being an outspoken environmentalist. And, now, Alanis Morissette is about to be known as the mom who wouldn’t give her nanny a break.

Morissette and her husband Mario Treadway have been sued by their former nanny, Bianca Cambeiro. According to TMZ, Cambeiro’s situation with Morissette and her husband was something like a “hostage” situations at times, with Cambeiro being denied meal breaks and being forced to stay in the baby’s nursery.

The nanny was paid $25 per hour to watch after Morissette’s son, Ever, who was born in 2010. Cambeiro worked for Morissette and Treadway from March 2011 to August 2013. Cambeiro doesn’t say whether she was fired or quit in the lawsuit, but apparently there was no love lost between the nanny and her former employers.

Cambeiro is suing Morissette and Treadway for $130,000 for unpaid wages and emotional distress. $30,000 of the lawsuit is for overtime that Cambeiro said she wasn’t paid. According to the complaint, Cambeiro was “never, once, paid overtime, regardless of the schedule or hours she worked and was denied meal and rest breaks daily.”

The lawsuit also says that Cambeiro traveled with Morissette while on tour and had to work seven straight days on seven occasions. When Cambeiro said she and other nannies wanted to know why they weren’t paid overtime, Morissette’s accountant said, “We don’t do that.”

While Cambeiro’s allegations of no overtime wages sounds bad enough, she also says that she was confined to the baby’s nursery. She said that she was told by Morissette and Treadway that “she was prohibited from leaving the bedroom of the child she was supervising while the child was sleeping,” unless one of the defendants were in the room.

The plaintiff wants a trial by jury, and in addition to the $30,000 in lost wages, she also wants $100,00 for the mental distress she claims she suffered while caring for Morissette’s son. It’s hard to see Alanis Morissette as being so overbearing on her nanny, especially since she talked about how important it is to be relaxed in an interview earlier this month, but that’s exactly what the court documents say.

Main image via YouTube; Court documents image via Radar

  • Weiner

    She was paid $25 an hour which equals $300 for one shift. There are tens of thousands of Americans who would like to work one shift watching a baby for $300. Simply a greedy baby sitter.

    • porgie tirebiter

      Your name fits you.

  • Randy Whisnant

    $25 per hour and she is saying she is the one being ripped off? A $52k a year babysitter. Wow, some people.

  • Dan Roman

    Wait, what? Where the hell do people get off saying $25 an hour is too much? Why should there be a limit?

    She’s watching a celebrities child, with, what sounds like crazy expectations… And I’m sure they were looking for a highly regarded/recommended person for the position. You have to pay more to get that.

    And it doesn’t give them a right to completely take advantage of that employee…

    Alannis (and I’m a fan) made millions, singing songs. Should she not have been entitled to that? It makes no sense.

  • jfstray

    It does not matter that she made $25 an hour for babysitting if she worked over 40 hours a week then she should have been paid overtime. I don’t know what the laws in Canada are but, if they are like here in the US then she was also entitled to a break. Just because you pay someone good money for their service don’t mean you can take advantage of them.

  • reid


  • DAN


  • Jeff

    Wish I could get paid $25/hour to watch a kid. She may have been babysitting a celebrities kid and you should get paid overtime regardless of what work you do. When you work labor jobs your whole life for less than $15/hour then it does sound greedy to sue.

  • Anthony

    Catch-22; that is, if the sitter was a “self-employed contractor” which most sitters are, then no overtime entitlement, vacations, days-off, etc are demanded by law, ie, what ever is in the “contract’ is legal binding. However, if the sitter became an actual “employee” of the Morissette or Treadway production staff, ie, roadies, guitar technicians, bus drivers, cooks, etc, then YES, she is entitled to whatever work laws are applicable to that state, no question about it. (I have a feeling, she was a self-employed contractor. You know, even 16 year old girls that watch the “baby-down-the-street” are, in a sense, self-employed contractors.) No doubt, a healthy, out-of-court settlement will result, and “life-will-go-on”. Back to work everybody, ignore this freeway smash-up!

  • BuyGuns

    Another Lawyer and Hispanic trying to scam a free ride. BS.

    • Bill E Kidd

      Buy a gun, Buy Guns. Put the barrel of it in your racist mouth. Squeeze that trigger, do the world a favor.

  • BuyGuns

    You complete knuckleheads believe this scam artist? No way that happened. Not from Alanis. You defenders of this little Grease ball so called “Baby Sitter” are clueless……..or cut from the same mold.

    • squish

      You are real serious about this.


    Do you see she is a night nanny? 9PM to 9AM…I have a child the same age and she sleeps during those hours…most of the time! Sure, there were probably times, especially when the baby was younger that he was up during the night…but $25 an hour at night? This sitter needed a break and meals???? I don’t know about this one!!???

  • sean

    Really now..how do you need a break when watching a baby? If you need a drink get a drink; need food get food; and you want to watch TV turn on the tele.. It looks like this little girl is trying to use the system to get a free ride and smear a good person in the process. Overtime is more than 40 hours a week. One 12 hour shift doesn’t apply to OT.. Obviously this wasn’t a problem when she started working.. Guess they fired her is my bet..I wouldn’t do an out of court settlement or anything.. this just sets every other person up for the same thing.. Send the girl packing and tell her no..The job description is nanny: believe you’re suppose to watch the kid like a hawk and care for the kid too. Maybe she’d be better working for a daycare center for $8 an hour where she will have a break every 2 hours and lunch every 4 hours. How do you like those apples sweetie? Know damn well she reads these..

    • trouble

      hummmm if you are working 8 hrs a day 5 days a week then you have hit your 40hr work week. working 12 hours a day would then give you 4 hours of overtime that day.

    • parker

      She cannot leave the bedroom to get a drink or get food !!!! I am a nanny, and I interviewed for this position. It is HORRIBLE! The child is allowed to do anything he wants—go to bed when he wants, eat when and what he wants. The nanny is not allowed to tell him what to do, he—at two—makes all the decisions. And at bedtime, the nanny must sleep with the child and is not allowed to leave the room for any reason. When I looked at this position, it was 24 hours a day for four days, with another nanny covering the other three days. I very quickly declined this “amazing” opportunity.

  • Andrea

    My daughter is 2 1/2 and she didn’t sleep a full night until she was almost 2. I can see how that would be stressful.

  • ann davis

    Send the nanny back to her impoverished country and see about finding a 25$ an hour a job there to watch a kid. Please. Alanis is a hero and a legend and I’m on her side always.

    • Bill E Kidd

      Another celebrity suck up. Come the revolution, you are getting a long time-out.

  • Onyx

    Hi Alanis,
    As a songwriter who did not hit the jackpot, I’d watch your kid for free just to learn from you or co-write a song with you. I have a law degree from an Ivy league school, produced, wrote, and performed music for years, was raised by 2 wonderful high school teachers. Have lived in NY, CA., and Carribbean, am quite creative and a free spirit. I have my own art selling business now and would love to babysit and intern for you for free. I’m 50. Screw the ‘nannies’ with nothing to offer your children and their fake scamming lawsuits against you. You are a hero and a giant talent. They should bow before you my lass.
    Get in touch!

    • trouble

      she wants a nanny to watch her kids 24/7. she doesnt want to write songs with you, she doesnt want to talk to you. matter of fact she probably doesnt want to look at you. she wants someone to watch her kids–not try to be part of her family and be some weirdo hero worship baby sitter…..you scare me.

    • Bill E Kidd

      You would suck up to her to have some of that songwriting “magic” wear off on you? Would explain why you haven’t made it as a songwriter.

      Unless maybe you were trying to learn what *not* to do? Her songs are *awful*

    • Mikeyboy

      Dear Onyx,

      I was just about to accept your invitation until I saw your spelling of ‘Caribbean’. Then I thought, “What kind of Ivy League anything lets this kind of blunder occur?” If you’re a product of the best education the United States has to offer, I will have to decline any U.S. applicants for nanny.

      If I stick with a nanny from Montreal, on the other hand, my son’s chances of being bilingual increase dramatically.

      Thanks for the offer.



      P.S. Get treatment.

      • some chic

        Oh Please!!! No surprise about Ivy leaguers not knowing sh*t from shinola! I used to work in desktop publishing at Merrill Lynch in NYC and the “best and the brightest” investment bankers didn’t even know where Spain and Italy were on a map!! Us lowly state university grads, who knew that, did all those details for them…They don’t typically graduate the best and the brightest, just the ones with money or who are willing to kill for the potential “connections”. It’s what you do with college that makes you the best, not where you go…lots of higher education mythology going around

        AND about Alannis – no surprise there either. These celebrities get a sense of entitlement and think the rest of us are to be used for their purposes without any regard to our humanity. Babysitter is probably right

        • Apache English

          “WE lowly state university grads…”! How embarrassing for the state of our education institutions and technology…

  • Ted Turner

    What’s the lazy azz husband do?

  • Ted Turner

    Her body kind of MELTS all over the place.

  • trouble

    the child needs less nanny time and more mommy and daddy time. guess she forgt her birth control and accidently got pregnant. why would you purposely have a child you dont want to raise and need outside child care around the clock 24/7. i mean come on shes not really a chart topper these days. taking time to raise your baby for a couple of years—unheard of i guess……..sad

    • some chic


  • Ricky Herd

    The moral of the story; Don’t hire the ungrateful illegal immigrants.

    • Lilly

      You’re not a racist hick! How about you shut your white trash mouth?!!! Unbelievable how white people always go race when they have nothing else to say. Ignorant piece of dog s**t!

    • Barbara

      yes, and yet those who arent immigrants hire those who are……smart move. People are lazy and want all the work done for them. You NEVER see “immigrants” from whatever country they are from having strangers take care of their babies…….a real mother uses most of her time to take care of her children!

  • some chic

    Watch your own kid, Alannis. You won’t have to worry about lawsuits then. And hey, I’m real busy too but that’s the nature of motherhood – get real

    • NYC_APT

      welcome to the REAL WORLD where people work

  • http://yahoo kevin smith

    The terms of employment should have been laid out in a contract prior to any work. So actually both are at fault. tht nanny is looking for gravy on her mashed potatoes. She had a nice gig but wanted more. All this was probably the result of speaking with friends and attorneys. The bottom line? She will lose.

    • porgie tirebiter

      Kevin,if this was in the U.S., no she wouldn’t lose. If she is non exempt, she is entitled to OT, no pre contract so stating is necessary. It is federal law.
      If the suit is in Canada, it may be different.

  • Daria

    A nanny is not a baby sitter. A nanny is to care for the children when the parents can’t. That nanny got a trip to Hawaii and other places gratis with meals and lodging plus $25 an hour. I’ll take the job!

  • wanker

    whats this woman crabbing about. she’ll be getting free healthcare soon

  • wanker

    does anyone have a delicious mac and cheese recipe?

  • http://marshallwarren726@yahoo.com mrshall

    Under the laws of statue of fraud, any amount of money that is discussed for payment of services rendered that exceeds the amount of 500.00, must and should be in writing. No exceptions.