Alabama Pastor: “Whites Only” Conference Has Locals Upset

By: Amanda Crum - July 6, 2012

An Alabama pastor is seeing quite a bit of controversy over his decision to hold a 3-day, “whites only” conference with Christian Identity Ministries; he says his congregation is treated unfairly and that they should be able to worship however they please.

Reverend Mel Lewis contends that his white followers are the “chosen race” and says the American right to practice religion should be given to them as it is to others. And while the Ku Klux Klan is supporting the event, Lewis insists the group is not sponsoring it. He’s upset about fliers for the event being taken down, calling it “religious censorship”; the fliers read, “Annual Pastors Conference All White Christians Invited.” But business owners say they took them down because the ads were put up in the middle of the night, without permission.

“We are not breaking any laws. We’re not violating any ordinances. We’re bringing the Word of God to people who want it, obviously, or they wouldn’t be here,” Lewis said.

The conference is set to take place in Lamar County, Alabama, and many local residents are upset about how others will view the county–and the state–afterward, especially when the church plans to host what they call a “sacred Christian cross-lighting”, which involves setting a wooden cross on fire.

Mayor Wayne Silas said he was surprised at the event’s announcement.

“Business people are upset. The city is upset. The city of Winfield does not condone this,” Silas said. News Weather and Sports for Montgomery, AL.

Lewis, along with Reverend William J. Collier, is organizing the event. They say only white Christians are invited for a reason.

“We don’t have the facilities to accommodate other people. We haven’t got any invitations to black, Muslim events. Of course we are not invited to Jewish events and stuff,” Reverend Collier said.

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  • http://none malcolm

    this is as sad as chris rock and his comments that lead to people out of control

  • Proud Black Woman

    Oh a Klan Meeting now we know when and where the next one will be held lol. by the way Chris Rock’s comments were not racist they were true and he isn’t holding an all black meeting. Americans have no sense of humor.

  • My Brother’s Keeper

    This is just another klan meeting… I’m a black Christian… How can the white race become the chosen race…. God has no respectable

    • My Brother’s Keeper

      Person… Read the bible… Stop preaching off of your own beliefs… We are all the same people in God’s eyesight….. God isnt racist so why should u be???? Just to give you a little history on us ” black people “.. We are the ones who built this country…. Every historic moment that has happened in history has had a black person behind the scene….. My race was held captive for 362 years and when u thought u has us down,,,, we became stronger because God had heard the prayers of my ancestors….u all are doing the exact same thing to Mexicans….. The first shall last and the last shall be first.. We were last for 362 years but now, we and Mexicans will be first…. I am my Brother’s keeper… White, black, Mexican , Arab, Chinese, Indian, and etc., u all are my brothers and sisters… I love you all… I wouldnt dare be racist against any of you… Unlike these two idiots that put together this convention….

    • bigkoala

      If you’re talking about “taking this country back,” shouldn’t it go to the indigenous people, who were here for thousands of years before the coming of the Europeans?
      The truth is that much of America’s prosperity was built on the backs of millions of black slaves, stolen from their homes in Africa.

      • Johnny

        Stolen by other blacks who sold them to slave traders. Let’s not forget how it all got started……

    • Anna

      The human race is all the same. Color does not make a person human. God loves all of us. We all need to get past the sterotyping. The “white race” is NOT the chosen race! The human race is, if we can all learn to love one another and live our lives for God. We weren’t put here to judge one another. I am white by color, human by race.

  • Molly in Orange

    With having “white’s only” means there will be no rolling in the aisles, people being shot and no protests. GOOD THINKING it’s time we took this country back from OBAMA supporters who want everything for “free” — get a job like the rest of us!

    • Eldridge

      Yup. Obama supporters and unemployment. THAT’s what this article is about. You’re clearly the brightest bulb in your family’s chandelier! (That’s that thing that hangs from the ceiling in a lot of homes with all the “pretty glowing thingys in it”!)

    • chosen86

      @ molly, so I guess no one that supports obama works??? Goodness you are stupid and just as racist as those uneducated, country bumpkins in lamar county. Obama supporters don’t want everything for free. What have black, Mexican, or latinos ever gotten for free. If u read a little bit, the stats show that there are more whites receiving free rides than any other race. So please shut up. Please kno that u and people like you are a part of the problem, not the solution. And I guess u have a point, let’s take this country back, and give it to its rightful owners, you kno, the ones that were here before the white man came and took it from them and killed one third of their race

  • Christopher

    Gotta love those god-fearing folk, eh? Such strong defense of traditional values.

    I’m an atheist because there’s no good evidence that the Bible is true or that God exists. That said, the crack in my faith that enabled me to question whether my religion was true was the fact that good, traditional religious values are so transparently repugnant.

  • bigkoala

    Scientists have known for nearly a century, that there is only one human race, with many varieties. Put the whitest Norwegian on the plains of Africa, and within a few generations, they’ll become darker. Same process will work with the darkest Africans in a sun-deprived environment, like Scandinavia. As long as there have been humans, there has been mixing of different varieties of human.

  • Eldridge

    I honestly don’t care that this guy wants an, “all white” audience. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have anything intelligent or edifying in nature to share with whatEVER group of people are foolish enough to show up for the event. By all means, BLACKBALL me from the invitation list!

  • KayS

    I wouldn’t go if you paid me. Sounds like another group of uneducated, uninformed crazies. What are white people “chosen” to do? Steal land by trickery and kill people who don’t pick their cotton quickly. You remember, that’s what made this great United States of America great! You all should be ashamed.

  • Rob the robot

    I hope someone who incidentally happens to be black finds him and shoves their dick up his “chosen” ass. Brutally, with rage and gaping anal destruction to follow.

    • LB

      Rob that sounds gay. Why dont you do that and take one for the team buddy.

  • Truth is Simple

    Funny. Blacks can have all kinds of black only events, but if a white congregation wants to practice their religion, a bunch whiney cry babies come out of the closet and bitch and moan.

    Newsflash: The White race is the “chosen” race for this particular conference, and that is fair, lawful, and constitutional. So go cry a river to racist pig Al Sharpton and jesse jackson and bitch some more about Trayvon and start a race war over nothing. Unbelievable

    Blacks are the chosen race for the NBA constituting 77% of its players. You don’t here whitey complaining about that…do you? Blacks are just better at basketball. It is what it is. On the other hand, if Whites are better at following God, then so be it. It is what it is.

    • LB

      @Truth is Simple, you tell me where an all black convention has been held and no whites have attended! Son, it’s funny how you bring the Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Trayvon Martin up…where will you be if nothing happens to Trayvon’s killer…hiding somewhere? Being tops in just about every sport has nothing to do with being chosen boy…get used to it, we are taking over in everything we do, not just Basketball…your boss is probably black, i bet your girl is into blacks…we’re dominating in every way possible so be a little more understanding and considerate.

      • Truth is Simple

        @LB: You people comprise 12% of America’s population. If you think you’re taking over, keep dreaming. The day I get concerned about that is the day I’ll be figuring Atlanteans are swimming up from their long lost buried ocean grave to help you. I’m far more concerned with the colonization of the illegal latinos infiltrating our borders. You guys will self destruct when the SHTF as you seem to always do in situations like Katrina. Not worried there.

      • chosen86

        @ truth is simple, You are just as stupid as the people in this video clip. If hosting a white only event is Christian like, I’m sure you’re reading the devils bible, just like those in the video. Black people are taking over and u need to accept it. Had whitey kept his thieving hands to himself and left the U.S to the Indians who rightfully owned this land we would all be better off. But no, whitey had to steal this land, then go steal some black slaves to work the land because he is too lazy and physically weak to do it himself.

  • Gary J Minter

    Sometimes even the worst “monsters” can show mercy, compassion, even love…perhaps a twisting or perversion of their feelings, their deep emotions causes them to do such horrible deeds, like serial killers and child molesters who have perverted sexual cravings, or who are partially impotent and can only fulfill their sexual desires by killing rather than f*cking…or perhaps f*cking then killing to silence their victims (e.g. John Wayne Gacey, Ted Bundy, Richard Speck, the Boston Strangler…etc.)

    Sometimes they kill then f*ck then eat: Jeffery Dahmer, Ed Gein (the Wisconsin man who inspired “Psycho”), and that bizarre recent case of a Canadian male porn actor who murdered and then had sex with and ate perts of his male lover…

    Someone who is actually cold-hearted, merciless, passionless would not bother to rape or torture or kill: it simply is not worth the bother. But a frustrated romantic, an artist, an idealist like Adolf Hitler let his dreams of a “greater Germany” overpower his common sense and basic decency.

    Hitler was a dreamer and a politician. He had dreams of power and glory and wanted to be loved by the people of “greater Germany” (Hitler was Austrian, not German). Many German people were also very anti-Semitic in those days, blaming Jews for losing the war and for making too much money as bankers, pawn shop owners, insurance agents, and retail merchants at the expense of ordinary Germans, who were very jealous of the Jews’ money during the Great Depression, when many people were truly starving and homeless in Germany.

    Hitler was a masterful politician who had great sensitivity to the mood of the masses, like the white Southern politicians in the USA who used the fear and hatred of “Negroes” among Southerners to get elected and keep their political power.

    George Wallace of Alabama was the most recent such racist populists in the USA. Wallace was doing very well in the primaries of even Northern states before he was shot and crippled by Arthur Bremer while giving a speech at a Maryland shopping mall in 1972. If Wallace had not been severely wounded, he could have been a real threat to both Richard Nixon’s re-election and to the Democratic party.

    Politicians like Hitler and Wallace use racial hatred and fear to get votes. They may or may not have personal hatred of those they publicly attack (Jews, Negroes), but they are clever orators and know how to tap into the fears, jealousies, and resentments of the common people….

  • http://yahoo james

    Chosen to do the work of satan

  • http://Yahoo Emil Lawrence

    Whites Only Conference:

    First, I am Caucasian and not white. If someone wants to hold a White Conference, let them. If someone wants to hold a Black Conference, let them. If one wants to hold a conference for Chinese only, well they just print everything in Mandarin, and that is it. For Latins, it is the same. Print everything in Mexican style Spanish or Spanglish. I live in San Francisco, and in this City, with all of the political correctness in America, if you are a straight Caucasian male you cannot find a job at City Hall. They do not hire veterans, either. The gigolo adulterer as our last mayor, Gavin Newsom hired just women attorneys from his inner office, first. When the post did not call for an attorney…This is called: The Permanent Exempt appointment.

    I filled out over 700 Civil Service post applications over a period from 2006-2010 in Civil Service Classes such as Administrative Financial Analysts 1820-1827, where it takes only people on the Civil Service Registry with an MA in business or finance, and after getting scores of 1000 to 1060, with examination scores of 1060 being the highest, I never got one job. I have 50 plus units in accounting and on each test and application they ask you: Do you know budgets? As everyone in the controller’s office knows, they just “make up” the budget. How about Caucasians only, please… As for the Chosen, well this nation already has the Chosen, the Jews and the Koreans. The Koreans claim they are the chosen Asians.

  • LB


  • LB

    I think Chris Rock’s comment/joke was on point. Love you Chris.

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  • http://WEBPRONESNEWS jeanie goldman


  • http://WEBPRONESNEWS jeanie goldman

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  • tony

    Ethiopia ,Cush ,in the old testament