Alabama & Mississippi Win the Most-Racist-on-Twitter Award Surrounding the Election

    November 9, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Twitter, you can be so great and so disappointing at the same time. It probably shouldn’t surprise anyone that social media is a haven for imbeciles. So much hateful garbage is spewed out in 140-character snippets that it’s easy to just gloss over it. It’s so common that it feels like it’s not even worth it to stop and shake your head.

Bottom line: we know that people are still racist. This study wanted to know where people are the most racist.

Geo-coded data analysts Floating Sheep looked at the prevalance of racist tweets post-election, as compared with all other tweets in specific areas. What they found was that Mississippi and Alabama had the highest LQ (location quotient) for racist tweets with scores of 7.4 and 8.1, respectively.

By comparison, the highest quotient among the rest of the 48 states was 3.6. Among states that received a score, Arizona had the lowest with a 0.2.

Here’s the map:

racist tweet map

And here’s the science behind the racist tweets map:

[W]e collected all the geocoded tweets from the last week (beginning November 1) with racist terms that also reference the election in order to understand how these everyday acts of explicit racism are spatially distributed. Given the nature of these search terms, we’ve buried the details at the bottom of this post in a footnote [1].

Given our interest in the geography of information we wanted to see how this type of hate speech overlaid on physical space. To do this we aggregated the 395 hate tweets to the state level and then normalized them by comparing them to the total number of geocoded tweets coming out of that state in the same time period [2]. We used a location quotient inspired measure (LQ) that indicates each state’s share of election hate speech tweet relative to its total number of tweets.[3] A score of 1.0 indicates that a state has relatively the same number of hate speech tweets as its total number of tweets. Scores above 1.0 indicate that hate speech is more prevalent than all tweets, suggesting that the state’s “twitterspace” contains more racists post-election tweets than the norm.

So, the higher the quotient, the more racist the tweet stream from that state.

Floating Sheep is careful to add the disclaimer that they are looking at tweets, not users – so a small group of users could be responsible for a higher volume of racist tweets.

If you’re wondering about the types of tweets that might be included in this type of study, a quick twitter search of “Obama” + a racially charged term will net some whoppers. Black president or not, blatant racism is alive and well in the Twittersphere. Just ask these walking, talking stains:

These tweets come from California and Texas, states that didn’t even register that high on the scale. Post-racist society, indeed.

  • WhiteGuy

    Every White country on the planet is forced to become multicultural and multiracial.

    EVERY white country is told to end its own race and culture.

    No one asks that of ANY non-White country. Immigration and forced-assimilation is for ALL & ONLY White countries.

    Anti-Whites call themselves “anti-racist”, but their words & actions lead to the genocide of only one group: White people.

    The true goal of anti-racism is to genocide my people.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    • http://www.angersausomeaussies.com White Gal

      Totally agree w/U white guy!! And why is it ONLY White PPL R Racist? We vote on principles, morals, values, facts, while all other races vote for their own w/o knowing any of this other than that it’s a :brother: so vote for him!

      • Black Woman

        Why do people insist on defining the character of a race of people they know nothing about? Is it so incomprehensible to think that the Democratic platform represents my morals and values, despite the ethnicity of the candidate? Would I be accurate in stating that those all White people who voted for Romney did so because they wanted to preserve the “Good ole boy” or post civil rights movement of Jim Crowism, or because they couldn’t fathom having an African American in the highest office of this nation? No, I would be wrong to make such a narrow-minded generalization about a group of people. My prayer is over the next four years there will be more focus on education, so that WhiteGuys and WhiteGals across this country will learn that with ALL of us working together everyone prospers. Geez!

        • William Selmer

          We agree on that. All I ask is someone start to explain ALL these voter discrepancies. First in FLA., then Ohio and now COLO….ALL with the SAME problem. NUMEROUS counties and districts where towns with 107K registered voters had turn outs of 149K ballets. Why? A National Stats Org. has now come out and seriously questioned how an ENTIRE district in Ohio voted ONE WAY; Obama…They say this is statistically IMPOSSIBLE..Ohio voters had FIVE to chose from and ALL in this one district VOTED ALIKE? Doesn’t look good that DEMS will go that far to keep their DICTATOR in Office….Very SAD……

          • Black Woman

            William, I can’t explain that any better than you can explain what happened in FLA during the 2000 election. We don’t live in Utopia. This is an imperfect world filled with imperfect people. The point I’m making is the amount of rhetoric devoted to Blacks vs Whites is ridiculous! The system is broken. Let’s work on fixing the system so that everyone has a level playing field. Enough with this since of entitlement from all races!

      • interjoyy

        From the comments of White Girl and White Guy I think they are interbredd. They should pass a law that first cousins shouldn’t marry!

    • cj

      Its in the bible. The white race has lessoned itself. Until you change and quit trying to force your beliefs on others you can expect it to get it lot worse. I dont think we will see a Republican President for a very long time. The President and his campain staff baited your party into a corner and you never saw it coming. Your parties arrogance has caused your downfall.

      • http://google robert d. robert

        force our beliefs on you just what in hell are you and you gloreous leader doing if not forcing your beliefs on us you socialist toady while you spouting your communist twaddle you better figure whos gonna pay for you delusions of socialist nervana democrat liberals are great at spending other peoples money what happens when other peoples moneys gone–like now–what you gonna confiscate now–lets all go on welfare and see who pays the bill! obs not god even if you think so he cant stand with his mighty golf club and with a god like gesture endow wealth on all the braindead that reelected him (fact)–this country is broke(fact)obama cant change that(fact)only gold-silver-food-is worth anything-(fact)with ob reelection any investment capitol left is being buried or shipped overseas–great job liberals-when the foodstamps are worth less-the unemployment runs out-and you have sold all your valuables- run up to the white house with your empty plate and see what you will get–a kick in the arse off the lawn and down the road

    • karl

      I guuess it was not white people who invaded Africa or India. No white people ever came to America and started to take over the Native Americans that were already here. This is your reason for seeing things the way you do.

  • Jon Maxwell

    Did you ever think that the northern states have a lower score because of lack of exposure to different races? Truthfully northern states are mostly segregated still. So when you consider the facts does it surprise you? So who would be “more racist”? The people that call African Americans names or the people who refuse to interact with them? I admit that all racism is wrong but alas, your “tweet map study” is at least biased. Proof that you can spin it how you want it. If you were to just take Oregen , for instance, how many children there have seen a black man, let alone know the word “nigger”? So of course racism would stem from places where integration was happening. Would you not agree?

    • William Selmer

      Being from the South and having lived in Oregon for 6 yrs, I can tell you that is correct. I met some really good people there and a good friend had some Blacks move in just down the street. In less than 2 weeks that neighborhood ran those folks out of town. And WE are racist in the South? My town is 82% Black yet 93% of ALL violent crime here is committed by Blacks. That’s not RACISM. Those are FACTS back up by the State. There are GOOD blacks and BAD blacks. Just as there are GOOD whites and BAD whites. And Asians and Latinos…

      • Bill Sachs

        All facts are correct !

  • John

    Again a free pass for the POTUS and his racist past. There were plenty of racist blacks posting crap. Glad to see this site has sold out to the PC bull crap.To all of you that are losing your jobs soon…You got what you voted for, so too bad.

    • TxTea

      Give credit where credit is due. Thank George W. Bush and his rich supporters for the job losses, bad economy, home foreclosures…

      • John

        Thank the real estate crisis for that…Staring in 2003 the Bush administration started screaming about problems with Freddie and Fannie… It was met with democrats screaming their usual lies saying it was just the GOP being racist oppressors of the poor. Efforts to fix Freddie and Fannie were blocked. After midterms again it was blocked by democrats. Anyone that thinks our problems were not caused by the real estate crisis isn’t smart enough to know better or has a political agenda where they just deny deny deny until those not smart enough agree with them.

        • TxTea

          It appears that denial is something in which you are well versed. What isn’t very smart is suggest that the problems in this country began in 2008 when a Democrat was elected as POTUS. Why has the GOP agenda for the past four years been to fight against everything proposed by the President, even if it means their own constituents suffer?

          • John

            Exactly where do I suggest the problems started in 2008 when Obama was elected? By the way Obama was in the Senate when dems blocked efforts to deal with Fannie and Freddie.

            The GOP needed to fight against what Obama did and now you are starting to see why as Obamacare is going to kick in. Companies are firing people in order to survive just as predicted.

          • Bill Sachs

            Because things would be much worse if they hadn’t tried to block B.O. I didn’t care for a lot of what GW did, but I wish he was here now. It was Frank/Dodd that caused the problems, by demanding people that could not afford a home, be allow to get a loan for one. I guess your still gonna blame GW for another 4 years. That’s all you got.

        • Bill Sachs

          That was caused by democrats Dodd/Frank, that allowed people,that couldn’t pay for a home, be given a loan anyway,knowing they would default. I guess blaming GW for another 4 years is all you got, while BO ruins America.

          • TxTea

            I give as good as I get, so I guess that’s all you have! But on a lighter note, I concede! I hope it didn’t take me as long as it took Mr. Romney on 11/7/12. You and John win the “pointing fingers and assigning blame” race. I gave it my best, but alas, I lost (interest). I want to spend my time discussing ways to get out of this hole, not who dug the hole. I respect your decorum throughout this exchange as well as your opinions. You have both been very gracious. Good luck and maybe 2016 will be your year!

      • Pastor Troy Koffler

        And where did the last 6 trillions dollars in debt come from? Ignorance is not one of our virtues. You cannot put the blame on any certian party or President. You must be young or new to the polical world. This country has been going in the debt direction far before Preident Bush and the republicans.

    • URkiddingMe

      What is PC about the word “n****r” appearing in any media? Be transparent, which one are you, Shelly@shelly_smyth, chet walken@walken4gop, or jake@asvpjake? I refuse to judge an entire race of people by the knuckle-draggers that happen to be associated with them.

  • Normal

    We are done. A few years ago I heard in Germany and Asia (that they did not want to become like the US, endless talk on race and each special interest group having its own agenda) Well, here we are and the US is spending its way to the bottom of the pile. China, Germany, and Japan will dominate us in the coming years.
    If any of you people believe that the rich EVER PAY MORE TAXES THAN THEY WANT YOU should stay with watching cartoons. The rich write the tax laws with those nice dollars they give to the president of their choice.
    Its over.

  • newvoice

    Until people rise up and say “enough”. Why do we never see prosecution on voter fraud, but both say it is there? Because both of them are doing it. People are quick to blast others and companies for moving jobs oversea…the next time you go to the store, buy American. If you stop buying product made oversea, they’ll stop pushing production oversea. It is being an informed consumer, citizen and voter. I had two people tell me they weren’t going to vote for “Rodney”. I told both of them if they don’t know the candidates names, they shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Take some pride in voting, understand the candidates, what they’ve done and what THEY believe in, and better yet, understand how they will vote on issues important to you. Ever since I watched the Bill Clinton Impeachment Trial, I have little faith in politicians voicing their own opinions. They vote how their party wants them to. Nothing will change unless we, the voters and true owners of the country, push the politicians to do what WE hired THEM for. It is ridiculous that politicians start spending time on re-election the day they move into office and that congress does not use social security…they have their own plan. Why would they possibly want to help social security, other than to get re-elected. Force them to use social security and the same benefits other Americans are forced to use.
    Be an informed voter. Then vote.

  • http://www.secklowsounds.org Vezu

    It’s 2012, it’s unbelievable that some people still think being a certain color is special. When will people learn that we are all equal. We all have hands, feet, hair and we all go to the toilet and it smells the same. if you are a black racist or a white racist , get over yourself you are not special in anyway.

    • Pastor Troy Koffler

      A country devived against itself cannot stand. Just as Rome fell so will we if we don’t learn to put aside the past and try to take the time needed to become friends again and pull together as what this country used to stand for. I know that people have a selfish nature and look to their own. Thats part of the problem and will always be a problem. I have read the Bible and know what the outcome will be. Believer or not. No one can change what will take place. What we can do is change how we treat others before this happens.

    • Bob Truthteller

      Vezu………Thank you

  • http://Webpronews.com Thomas Vaught

    I look forward to meeting young black people who have never been called those words. We’re about a generation or two away. Hope those hateful people fade away soon.

  • Scott

    The simple facts are the lines have been getting hazy on the truth.
    True: racism exist.
    True: certain people with their own agenda use the term racist to bolster their opinion whether it is true or not, ie: Chris Mathews,Ed Shultz and 80 % of the liberal media.
    True: there are more racist democrats than republicans .
    Ie: I was born and raised in Arizona, according to your math the least racist state in the US.
    I went to a school in Flagstaff AZ that had 45% black as it was located next to public housing. I was bussed in from the country no schools where I lived. I never had racist tones or words used in my house, I have not a racist bone in my body. Most of my friends were black they were not gangbangers etc.
    I moved to Lousianna when I was 21 I then encountered racism for the first time, and it was from black people!
    I then realized that the reason was the “heavy democratic” south was so filled with racist white people and these certain black people viewed all whites as racist.
    You know there are parts of New Orleans that a white man don’t go at a night!
    Then I was told by the “democrat” Cajuns ; they hate back people because they were hated so long they need somebody to hate… This is what they teach their children.
    The core demcratic party is made up of a long standing racist inclined society.
    These people are so degraded in their thought process that they will help the people they hate to vote for them then keep them down after they get voted in.
    The black democrat politicians in the south are the true Uncle Toms of the country as they know this and yet still stick to the party line just to get ahead.
    The democrats put down every civil rights bill introduced to congress by the republicans until 1965.
    Black people are being used by the Democratic Party to outnumber the republicans on socials issues, do you see sweeping changes in the black communities? No, that is because the people using them have no intention of HELPING them, they used them got the vote. Now they throw the black leaders a bone to shut them up until the next election, name a street, build a church, but no change, no attempt to pull them out of poverty.

    The worst thing about this is your president Obama know this, based on his own words from his book.
    He is using the 1/2 of his race that will benefit him the most and laughing at the racist divide his words and actions have created.if he would have even though the Republican Party would have tolerated his agenda he would have tried to use them but he knew his views on socialism would not be accepted by the republican system.
    He knew he could use democratic stage for his bully pulpit because he knew they were only worried about getting ahead, not the real issues.

    The republicans have and always will be the party of “Freedom” there is nothing that history or anything can say to change that.
    We gave the life of our president (Lincoln ) for our values until the democrats match that they all need to shut up.
    I did “not vote” for Obama because of race!! I voted against his agenda and the direction he has taken this country and his use of vilifying others and blaming others for his failures.
    He will lead this country into a racial war, mark my words!

    • CJ

      True: there are more racist democrats than republicans! Are you really that stupid? Racism knows no party. To say democrats are more racist than republicans is irresponsible and dangerous. You think your not a racist? I got bad news for you because you are! Your just more undercover about yours but you are. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be posting about his dumb shit. I have more respect for blatant racvist because at least you know where you stand with them and they are out in the open. You on the other hand, a closet racist is the worst kind. A smile in your face and stab you in the back type cowardly racist is the worse kind.

      • Bob Truthteller

        I guess you need a history lesson. In 1956, there were 99 members of Congress who sent a letter to the Supreme Court compelling them to change their decision of Brown v. Board of Education, the decision that led to school integration. Of the 99 members of Congress who signed the letter, 97 were Democrats. If you want to go ahead with the Democrat narrative that all Republicans (the party that ended slavery) are racists and bigots and homophobes and everything else that liberals accuse them of, then you will have to put the story of the “Southern Manifesto” in your pipe and smoke it, because it is part of history and it shows that the Democrat party has a history of racism that dwarfs the Republicans. You accuse the commenter of being a “stab you in the back” racist. Unfortunately, there was a president by the name of Clinton, who made sure there were always black people on stage with him and he was always patting someone on the back when the TV cameras were rolling. When Clinton was at Ron Brown’s funeral, he was walking with someone else out of camera view and laughing hysterically….the second he realized that some TV cameras were pointed at him, he returned to looking somber. This is the face of the Democrats………hypocrisy. They have created a public image of Republicans which really is themselves engaged in projection. I have been in dozens of closed-door meetings of Republicans and conservatives since 2007 and never one time heard anyone refer or infer in any way to the president’s race.

      • TL

        You know nothing about race and moving from place to place…..I wish people would stop saying Lincoln FREED the Slaves because that’s a bunch of BS!!!! He did what he had to at the time to benefit himself. My family is Creole from LA and we have experience racism like no other. Republicans didn’t care for minorities back then like they don’t now. Not only minorities but women, and GLAAD!!! Most democrats are hard workers who weren’t born with a silver spoon in there mouth. Whether you know it or not but growing up in a society being a minority, gay, or a female and trying to make it with white male is an extra task. Live it to believe it. A lot of racism still exist and that’s factional CJ!!!

    • Brian

      Less than 2% of the population in Flagstaff is black. How was your high school 45% black?

  • Scott

    Right before the election I spoke to the owner of the business next to mine, ask him how he was gonna vote .
    He when on a tirad filled with racist comments and thinking … Then said he would vote for Obama cause he was a democrat…..
    Proves my whole point in my comments here.

  • CJ

    Stop with the racist crap already. It has been here longer than you and I and will be here when we are gone. People use this an excuse for not succeeding or a reason for treating someone poorly. The fact is all cultures are different – black, white, hispanic, asian and all have characteriestics individual to them, but so what? We all want the same thing – safe neighborhoods, good jobs and healthy environments to raise our kids. The USA is the greatest place in the world to achieve thiese things.

    • Alec Ward

      The USA is was the greatest place in the world to achieve these things.

      • Scott

        That is a Michelle Obama type of comment, it you cannot love your own country how can you love any.
        It is not about love for country from them it is about” their ” idea progress… yours and ours can be damned

  • cj

    We have been here before as a nation. Didn’t we see this when Clinton was POTUS. The real problem with the GOP is you are trying to force your beliefs down everyones throat instead of trying to understand the needs of all people. You equate liberalism to welfare when in actually liberals are hard working, tax paying, moral citizens with the same values as your parties constituents. Stop being arrogant quit forcing your beliefs, and start working for all people.

    • Scott

      This is a case of reverse understanding. The truth is the liberal agenda is being shoved down the conservatives throat, it not not as you state in any way shape or form.
      The liberals can say or act any way they want with impunity , you seek for excuses to lambast conservatives on any issue without the same regard that you demand from them. Then cry fowl when one disagrees with you.
      It is a double standard.

      You support a president that is supported by dictators and holocaust deniers…. It should be clear to you that the agenda set by this president is for his doctrine not for the future of America.
      Liberals have a strong tendency to be; Anti- God, Anti-Gun, Pro Abortion and yet will charge a person with double homocide if they kill a woman with an unborn fetus and yet let that woman commit murder to that fetus without penalty.
      It is a double standard, but you cannot help it you have drank the kool-aid of liberalism based on the ideas of a party that is racist in nature from its very core.
      (While I am Pro Choice that was not my reason to vote, this is a private matter and should not be in the political arena.)
      So you see the belief system you cling to has a solid core of hypocritical behavior and actions, this produces a confused doctrine of ideas.
      You cannot help yourself so you must have the Goverment help you make your decisions.
      The Democratic Party has become the party of the inept, and is growing daily.

      As it was said many years ago:A democracy will only sustain itself until the time that the people figure out they can vote in the candidate that offers the most benefits that will be paid for by the Goverment.

      What we see is the death of democracy by the party the bears the name of in their title of what they are killing.
      You will get what you wish for, I hope you are prepared to deal with the consequences if what you receive, you may not like the end result.

      • Cici

        Amen CJ. The GOP just doesn’t get it. I’m a liberal and I work and never took a dime from any welfare or any other gov’t agency. And I”m really sick of the redumblicans accusing us all of being on welfare. If that’s true than that means more than half the nation is on welfare because that is who voted for Obama. And we all know (those of us with common sense) know that that is completely ridiculous.It’s no wonder they lost the election again.

  • http://google robert d. robert

    if amerika lasts a thousand years let it be said this was her saddest hour—as taken from the great statesman winston churchill

    • Cici

      The article never said that the racist tweets were from supporters or opposers. I don’t think it made the distinction, racist tweets are racist tweets. But why would a supporter say something racist about Obama? So I get your argument, but it’s just not valid or as you say it doesn’t pass the smell test.

  • http://www.backgrinder.com Hola BackGrinder

    I notice you don’t show any methodology here. For instance, did you check terms that racists who support Obama would have used? Where were they clustered? I have a simple rule of thumb. Anyone claiming people opposed to Obama are racist without mentioning the prevalence of openly racist Obama supporters is a racist. Anyone pointing out the prevalence of openly racist Obama supporters without mentioning the racism of people who oppose them is a racist. This article doesn’t pass the smell test to me, I am left with the conclusion that the author is a simple minded angry bigot.

    • Edith

      I was originally from Alabama and still have family there. I can honestly say that prejudice is alive and well in every state but it is very apparent when I visit relatives.

      I recently retired and the extreme prejudice is one of the reasons I would not move back there. Not all Alabamians are prejudice and probably not all Missippians but there is higher racist population there than in many of the other states.

    • Dem

      You’re completely missing the point of the article…

  • Bianca

    Sjoe, and America claims to be soo far ahead of the rest of the world in everything. Well, these comments are a clear indication of a lack of education. People that still talk like that have clearly learnt nothing from the past nor from Biology. People that are racist like this have no idea that they are “nasty” to their own kind. It makes me sick to read such stupid, attention seeking comments. People need to grow a brain and a heart.

  • Kay Jorgan

    I had a comment ready about this pathetic excuse for an article and it’s absolutely totally one-sided nature. I was going to comment that WebProNews has become no better than the AP or Yahoo news with it’s biased, unprofessional reporting, it’s perpetuation of racial animosity and political tension and total lack of credibility. Then I went to look at the picture of this hack Josh Wolford. This is NOT a professional in any way shape or form. This is a punk kid who passes off his opinions based on selective research and VERY limited knowledge, as “fact”. I thought this was a techonological newsletter for intelligent people, not a blog forum for the ignorant. Fair reporting includes covering BOTH sides. How hard did you look for the racist comments about Romney. Hm? It took seconds to find several. But Joshy wants to be ‘cool’ so fairness goes out the window. All that is irrelevant as this ‘article’ should not have been included in this newsletter anyway. So WebNews, you can bugger off. Apparently if I want CREDIBLE reporting I need to go watch TMZ.

    • A Davis

      Kay, you are a complete and utter fucking idiot.

    • Dem

      You’re a complete moron. So you think they just drew the pictures of these people, and made up fake Twitter posts? Cause they are definitely real, and here’s also a lot worse ones out there. I don’t get what pat of this is “bad reporting”.

  • Alex

    No surprise there and no surprise still hating here. Not surprised at the racist chants from students at University of Mississippi post election. Thank goodness the south is no longer revelant in national elections! I feel sorry for the wonderful progressive people living in the south who must live with this BS constantly and for the blacks and other races that this hate is directed toward.

  • maddog

    White people DID come here and take from from Native Americans…but it is also a FACT that blacks own SOLD them into slavery!Whites couldn’t have done it without turncoats in their villages! So,go blame someone else for the way things are…human nature sucks,we are all despots and to blame. Now it’s time to fix things…if we don’t this country is screwed!

    • Jman


  • Carolyn

    Now can you do a study on the number of black racists nationwide on all the social media sites because there are far more black racists and race baiters than there are among any other race in America and that is the truth

    And why is there no mention of the states that have zero racists comments from all the races other than the white race????

    Another race baiting article from the nation’s laziest, most entitled racists in our nation—thank God the Indians and the Arabs and the Eskimos and the Asians and all the rest of us don’t have the same kind of time on our hands that the blacks have

    • interjoyy

      Ahhhhhhhhh truths hurts doesn’t it! The person that did this study you wasn’t a black person they were white you stupid dumb BITCH!!