Al Franken Pens Letter To DOJ On ISIS Recruitment

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Al Franken has taken a bit of a stand recently to bring attention to ISIS (also known as ISIL or the Islamic state) efforts to recruit members inside the US and to disallow those who have associations with the terror group to return to the US, according to CBS.

He stated, “In my experience, no one is more upset about young members of their communities going to fight alongside our enemies than are those communities themselves. Minnesotans of all backgrounds and faiths are committed to seeing this evil eradicated and justice being done.”

Al Franken, in his letter, did address his concern about President Obama's alleged lack of alarm for what is happening in Syria and neighboring lands with ISIS, as well as the administration's lack of a solid plan of defense.

However, that tone wasn't really tough enough, says Republican Senate candidate Mike McFadden. He indicated that Al Franken and other Democrats should not tolerate the "foreign policy blunders" of the Obama administration.

"The president, as you know, last week said there is no strategy regarding ISIS," McFadden said. "I think that's unacceptable."

He gave this statement against Al Franken as an example,

"Senator Franken has supported President Obama and all of his foreign policy blunders every step of the way," McFadden said. "Senator Franken's kept his head down; he's been invisible, and the world has become a more dangerous place."

Al Franken, for his part, doesn't seem to want to make the letter into a political pawn, but is hoping to prod some action out of a seemingly disconnected Congress and president.

Of the president's statement that there was no plan in place to address ISIS, he delicately said, "I certainly think it wasn't the president's finest moment when he said he had no plan for ISIS in Syria."

What do you think? Are Republicans just trying to politicize this horrific situation or are Democrats not doing enough to spur their president into action?

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