Afghan Adulterers To Be Stoned In New Law

    November 26, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Afghanistan’s sharia Islamic law committee is currently drafting a new punishment into law; adulterers will now be subject to being stoned to death in a public execution if they are caught. The same rule was in effect during the six years the Taliban was in power, and adulterers were either stoned or shot to death.

According to Reuters, a “senior official” confirmed the upcoming law on Monday. Oddly enough, two adulterers near Kabul were captured over the weekend after escaping persecution by car. The two lovers then smashed the vehicle, at which point they were apprehended. The majority of townspeople in the province where the two were caught pushed for an immediate execution by stoning. The couple were ordered to be shot the next day, after the girl’s father authorized the shooting of “both man and woman.”

In the new law, if one or both of the adulterers are married – and unanimously convicted – both people will be ordered to be killed by stoning. If the two are unmarried, their sentence is “whipping [by] 100 lashings.”

Human rights and corruption agreements between Afghanistan and Norway caused the latter country to stop aid they had been supplying.

Image courtesy Afghanistan Matters via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Yep

    Yep, this is what we fought for. Twelve years of fighting for this. What makes matters worse is that none of the hijackers on 9/11 were from Iraq or Afghanistan and seven are still alive and three died years after the event.

    By the way, Afghanistan wants US forces to stay there for another ten years. So, we will be literally fighting a war for 23 years in a country that stones people to death.

    What is wrong with this whole picture?

  • Yep

    By the way, if this law was imposed in America we would run out of stones in a week and we would all have whip marks on us. Everyone from the age of 14 on up. Whipping people who are unmarried for having sex. Please.

    Make no mistake. There is a God and he is going to destroy this planet again. We obviously have not learned much after 2,000 years.