AdWords Keyword Tool Is No More, Enter Keyword Planner

    August 31, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool is officially dead. It now redirects to a support page explaining that, “Keyword Planner has replaced Keyword Tool.”

Was Google replacing the Keyword Tool a good move? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Google announced back in May that it was combing Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator into a new tool called Keyword Planner.

“Behind every successful AdWords campaign are well planned out keywords and ad groups,” said AdWords product manager Deepti Bhatnagar at the time. “In the past, you may have relied on tools like the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator to identify new keywords and ad groups, get traffic estimates, and choose competitive bids and budgets. Over time however, we’ve heard from you that having two tools for search campaign building was cumbersome.”

“We’re constantly working to simplify the process of building campaigns, and today we’re happy to announce the launch of a new tool, Keyword Planner, which combines the functionality of the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator into a smooth, integrated workflow,” Bhatnagar added. “You can use Keyword Planner to find new keyword and ad group ideas, get performance estimates for them to find the bid and budget that are right for you, and then add them to your campaigns.”

Apparently the new tool isn’t going over so well among Keyword Tool fans. As Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land points out, Twitter users have been complaining quite a bit.

Here are a few examples:

A WebProNews reader (in the comments) writes, “OMG Google, what have you done to me. I used the old tool to research keywords for meta data on websites. If finding good organic search terms wasn’t hard enough you have now made it almost impossible to understand what has a low competition.”

There are plenty of others who would echo such sentiment. Google already made things harder on webmasters with the big Google Analytics switch to “not provided”. Some feel that this complicates things more.

For organic search, however, Google has clearly been looking to move further and further away from keyword dependence for the results it returns.

This week Google also launched some new conversion tracking features for AdWords cross-account conversion tracking and cross-account search funnels .

If you have multiple AdWords accounts, you’ll be able to measure conversions across all accounts with one tag, and use cross-account search funnels reports in your My Client Center to get a better handle on your customers’ conversion paths across all keywords in all accounts.

WIth cross-account conversion tracking, advertisers can create a snippet of code for use across all accounts.

The search funnels reports include the Overview report, the Top Conversion Paths report and the Assisted Conversions report. The Overview shows you how consumers interact with all of your adds across all accounts, the Top Conversion Paths report shows you which combinations of keywords drive the most conversions, and the Assisted Conversions report shows upper funnel keywords across your accounts that might not be receiving enough value in your attribution measurement.

These features will be rolling out over the course of the coming months.

Is the Keyword Tool being replaced a big deal or are people overreacting? Let us know what you think.

Note: This article has been updated from its original form.

Image: Google

  • Sonika Mishra

    Google is now complicating the things. Keyword Tool was far better than Keyword Planner.

  • http://www.exoticindiaescapes.com Shekhar Virdi

    Google’s very fast change making difficulty for user peoples are diverting other search engine will loose business

  • http://healthdivas.tv Alejandra Ruani

    The Keyword Planner seems more like a cash funnel for Google Ads… but I’m thinking organic traffic, not ads!

  • http://www.searchermag.net/the-history-of-adwords/ Evan

    this blog on google’s new keyword planner was very relevant to me as a reader, thank you

  • KS

    Few days back, when I was using the adwords tool, a message popped up showing that it would not be available in COMING days. Never expected the COMING DAYS to come so early.

    So, now it’s a paid service. So, it’s again a revenue source for GOOG.

  • KS

    GOOG was expected to do it because Big G never leaves anything that can fetch revenue for it. But it would be a problem for those who promise a free adword analysis to their clients. I think, they now have to move to the new keyword planner.

  • https://bongoit.co.uk andrew

    OMG Google, what have you done to me. I used the old tool to research keywords for meta data on websites. If finding good organic search terms wasnt hard enough you have now made it almost impossible to understand what has a low competition etc etc. Utter bastards. Please tell me there is another good free tool out there to do research for SEO…oh wait there isnt…

  • http://affiliatemarketingtune-up.blogspot.com/ Pamela

    Google keyword tool was the best. Keyword planner doesn’t help me at all. I used it for ideas to come up with my own keywords.

  • YesSir

    Man, Keyword Tool was the best thing Google had, in my opinion. Google knew people were using Keyword Tool for organic traffic. Google, you should have just charged a small fee or monthly fee if money was what you wanted. I would have paid.

  • Ros

    I am extremely disappointed at what Google has done. What about those who need to research keywords for writing content?

    Google, if you think the keyword planner is so wonderful, why not continue to provide the keyword tool as well?

  • http://diabetictips.net Matt Derby

    This is on purpose, another step towards pushing people to create non spammy sites. Do you think the non seo person will really complain?

  • Bob Prichard

    Keyword Planner makes adwords so much more complicated. Keyword Tool was intuitive and made complete sense. Keyword Planner is confusing and frustrating. Easily triples my work while planning a campaign. Hope they go back and offer us a choice so we can use Keyword Tool again.

  • http://www.barnsleycarpetandupholsterycleaners.co.uk/ Neil kelloway

    I’m finding the keyword planner very difficult to use and I loved the old keyword tool

  • http://www.global-emarketing-solutions.com mike ferguson

    exit the keyword tool, enter the keyword planner….
    where the keyword tool was free (at least the “external” version of it), intuitive and easy to use, the keyword planner appears to be a step backwards as it is not free, not intuitive and not easy to use with a “round the clock” style button formation…
    lets hope some of the old ease of use of the keyword tool can again be integrated in the keyword planner, moving forward

  • http://pontarae.com Dennis Foreman, Pontarae Inbound Marketing

    The Goog’s revenue from AdWords declined 12% last year so this part of their response, another round fired on search engine optimizers and small businesses.

    Google have had carte blanche in the U.S. thanks to the the Federal Trade Commission’s inaction; this is more evidence about the way things will go if they remain unregulated.

    I’ve advised my clients to move toward email prospecting and inbound marketing techniques to counter declines in organic rankings.

  • http://easyonlineclassifieds.com/ John Hogan

    Google has become very weird and is covered by CIA data miners, and intrusive natures. Google Glass is going to get people KILLED (Cia is ALL over The Glass), and this newest deduction is only yet one more Hoop to jump through for whatever the end goal of Google truly is.

    Stop jumping thru their hoops and you will be happier, live longer, and be more prosperous.

  • http://www.athollroad.co.uk AthollsAnna

    I’ve just tried to use the Bing version of Keyword Tools – it’s simple and utterly useless. I like the Keyword planner!

  • http://Wredlich.com Warren Redlich

    Big deal. Dislike!

    Also strange business decision. Seems like G is spitting on its customers.

  • http://wholefamilyproducts.com brenda

    It doesn’t get any easier to comment on a subject. Adwords keyword tool used to be so easy to use and keyword planner is not. Keyword tool had different search number results than the planner does now. EX: Terms that showed 1000 searches a month are now listed as 150 or something like that. It makes no sense to me and I don’t know which to trust when choosing focus keywords.

    • http://lolzorz.com lol


      Maybe you never realized u could search on broadmatch and or exact match.

      With the new planner you can only search on ‘exact match’ keywords. The volumes are a lot lower than when u look up ‘broad match’.

      I personally never used broadmatch for SEO purposes coz it gives you a very warped view of the actual searches on a particular keyword.

      Be happy, you will now only see exact match numbers with the planner and you will have a much more realistic view of the number of searches a keyword has per month.

      For all the other people who did realize there is a difference between broad and exact match and actually made use of the broad match feature, that sucks (but really what % of the users is that?)

  • http://umstrategies.com Peter Sundstrom

    Like most big changes, people initially hate it and then eventually get used to it.

    Keyword Planner certainly doesn’t have all of the data that Keyword Tool had, but it’s still a useful tool (not that there’s much of an alternative)

  • http://skinnywithfiber.org/ Christine Derrel

    To be completely honest, I like this new tool very much!!! Helps me create more compelling content for my visitors.

  • http://www.thenewageblog.com/ Newager

    The keywords tool was useful for everyone being able to get some idea as to what keywords to aim for when writing an article. With Google’s Penguin 1 and 2 it has become almost impossible to get high rankings with an appropriate number of keywords. This in turn led to criticism that Google is simply forcing more people onto PPC to get listed. Following on from this the Keyword Planner is solely for the purpose of people using PPC and to make it more difficult those using trying to achieve legitimate organic search results.

  • http://www.manilacomputerservices.com Manila

    Thanks to google, google keyword tool is very helpfull, keyword planner just add another functionalities, but the same. you can just do to the things you do in keyword tool with giving more info.

  • http://www.websites4accountants.com Kenny

    After their success in forcing us to use G+ I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that they are using a vital tool like this as a hammer to force marketers into PPC.

  • http://www.thebaydoctor.com Eliza

    I don’t like this tool. The earlier tool had provisions for researching data for organic SEO and marketing, it gave keyword ideas and search traffic corresponding to all the keywords in terms of global and local audience for my website and videos.
    Disappointed, will have to find another tool now, Anyone give any suggestions which one ??

    • http://superyards.ca Snow removal guy

      I heard Jaaay was good

      • http://superyards.ca Snow removal guy

        I meant Jaazy.

  • http://www.bukagoogle.com Apit

    Google (y)

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  • http://www.alliancez.com Sameer

    why is it so confusing? They were expected to simplify things.

  • http://superyards.ca Snow removal guy

    Google is taking away too much. I just don’t get the Keyword Planner, how to find the best keywords, how to get new ideas for keywords. The answers are often just blank when I used to get tons of ideas. The data seems wrong too. I know there are more than 320 searches a month for my main keyword. The keyword planner doesn’t work well, seems useless almost.

    Also Google Analytics also seems not as valuable as it was. I went in there to see the keyword stats a lot and now there isn’t any and it’s a bit ho-hum and I wonder why I even went in there at all. I hardly use it or the keyword planner anymore.

  • http://www.ducktoes.com Computer repair

    Well, I used the Keyword Tool for both organic and ppc and now I’m totally at a loss how to find new keywords with Keyword Planner. The new ideas are blank when I search with it, so I guess there aren’t any. The Keyword Tool worked much better for me and would find almost too many ideas to use. Well, now what? I guess I’ll look for a paid tool somewhere so I can find Adwords and organic keywords ideas. I think Google is having trouble…the search is worst, their revenue is down, and they’re alienating their customers with all the changes in Analytics, search, and this tool.

  • http://loseweightmotivation.com/ Catherine

    Is there any alternative to this keyword tool other than google tool ??

  • http://www.healthworldjournal.com Sahil

    Keyword planner was bit tough to understand but now I am starting to get familar with it..But my personal opinion is bit more adveriser friendly than it should.

    BIG G is becoming more and more partial day by day.

  • http://best-diet-products.com/ diet pills

    thanks for the info! great article!

  • http://www.cigarettespub.biz/ Webpage

    I guess I’ll look for a paid tool somewhere so I can find Adwords and organic keywords ideas. I think Google is having trouble…the search is worst, their revenue is down, and they’re alienating their customers with all the changes in Analytics, search, and this tool.

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