Advent Calendars History & Creative Ideas


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Advent calendars have been a Christmas tradition, for families all over the world, for over 150 years. Although, the original calendars did not hold the tiny chocolates, that we are all now accustomed to, there purpose remained to count down to Christmas day.

The original calendars were made in Germany, in the 19th century. Different methods were used with the first advent calendars, such as lighting a candle for each day leading up to Christmas and painting a chalk line on the door to mark off the days.

The calendars that we think of today, have beautiful pictures with tiny doors to open that hold candies. Advent calendars have become increasingly more creative throughout the past few decades. There are simple calendars, that I previously described, and then there are more elaborate calendars that hold small collectibles. Some are cardboard, and some are even made of wood with tiny drawers. Whatever the design, all of the calendars remain a fun tradition to share with your families.

Advent Calendars are currently on sale at many of the major retailers including, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Kohls, and most Christian bookstores.

If you do not want to purchase one, has many different ideas on how you can make your own at home. Below is a video tutorial that demonstrates one example of advent calendars


[Image via Wikimedia Commons]