Adele: Baby Bump Has Fans Anxious For A Due Date

    September 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Adele was spotted out-and-about in London yesterday with a growing belly, and fans are eager to know when she’ll give birth.

Although the Grammy-winning singer only recently announced she was pregnant, rumors have been flying that she and boyfriend Simon Konecki kept it a secret far longer than we all thought, and that she’s due sometime this month. The couple are playing it close to the vest, however, choosing not to reveal too much.

The rumor mill almost crashed under the weight of all the talk of marriage on Adele’s behalf last month when she was seen wearing a lovely sparkling ring on her left hand, but she squashed all that with one tweet:

So, no secret elopement for the blonde beauty, but she and Simon are (allegedly) planning nuptials for the foreseeable future.

Image: Us Weekly

  • lisa gehrling

    Being married dont stop the love you both will have for your blessing.God bless you and the new bundle of joy.

  • http://twitter sherry revill

    Although I admire Adele’s voice and her music, I find it extremely disappointing that she is yet another celebrity who has chosen to put the horse before the cart, as it were. These are the “artists” that our youngsters not only admire, but seek to emulate. Although Adele has the income to support one or more children by herself, our children don’t. How can we ask our children to be moral, to abstain from sex until married, or at least to practice safe sex until they are married? I really don’t care that they’re planning nuptials for the future since she’s pregnant NOW and not married. How many young girls do the same thing only to find their “relationships” fall apart during the second or third trimester? These girls are not financially independent and most of them will not go to court to claim child support from their former partners. It’s a sad thing that people seem to forget that children born out of wedlock ARE illegitimate, no matter what the “baby mamas” and “baby daddies” say. It’s sad that the morals of today’s society have degenerated to the point that these titles have become commonplace. After all, it takes two to make a baby, and a whole village to raise them. I see it everyday. I see the pain in my foster daughter’s eyes, her anger at having been deserted by her biological parents, and the unfair treatment at her maternal grandmother’s hands because she is one of three children her mother had — all illegitimate and not one of her mother’s baby-daddies has ever stepped up to the plate. How can we ask the boys to step up when the girls won’t? However, unlike my husband’s granddaughter, she has chosen NOT to follow her mother’s path. She has a tremendous strength of will, but most of these children are badly neglected by one or more of their birth parents, and that depression and anger lead these children down the wrong path in a desperate attempt to secure the kind of love they should be getting from their parents. Where I live, it has become more common for these girls to be unmarried and for them to stay that way. Consequently, they leave these children w/their grandparents to raise while they’re out looking for their next ex’s. They surely aren’t practicing safe sex or they wouldn’t be getting pregnant. They would rather take their chances w/chlamydia, cervical cancer or venereal warts from HPV, and the return of syphilis, rather than “getting fat” from birth control. Who really pays for all these children? The taxpayers, many of whom forego having their own children because they know they can’t provide enough for their children on their own, even if they aren’t underemployed. At least Adele is low-key about it, but there’s nothing admirable about conceiving a child out of wedlock w/the attitude that she MAY get married or not.

    • Roslynd

      Yes, they are illegitimate. But that means the father can still adopt the child to make the family solid. Accidents happen, life happens.
      Many times young mothers do find themselves without a partner when they become pregnant. They are young and the young are apt to make mistakes. But this is not always the case. Sometimes the young find out that being strong makes them stronger for it.
      Quite often too, these young mothers are forced to place their children up for adoption. But those children can grow up to be wonderful people. My husband did. And though we don’t have children, if we decide we really do want them and I have become too old, I will happily adopt. He was adopted, his father was adopted. I can adopt too. I have cousins who were adopted. We may not always know the reasons why, but everything happens for a reason.

    • J-PR

      Girl, you are the one who needs an education! We are in 2012 not in the 1920’s…reality is that people don’t care much for marriage but it doesn’t mean they will be irresponsible parents neither it means that the children are going to be a disgrace to society… SHERRY, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO GROW UP AND GET UP-TO-DATE WITH THE REALITY OF OUR TIMES!
      I wish you all the best to Adele, her baby and her fiancé. At the end of the day it is her life and she can live it however she wants. She might be a public figure but parents are the ones who should give the proper advise to the young girls.

      • http://yahoo Beth

        Amen to that!!! Sherry needs to stop worrying about Adele and her illegitimate child. We are not living in the 20s or 50s. GET A LIFE!!!You do have some good points though about not wanting to take care of everyone’s children, food stamps, etc., but Adele is a grown woman who makes her decisions. Find a hobby besides being rude to people!!

  • Lisa

    Adele or any celebrity should not be a role model for these teenage or young girls growing up. It is the parents job to instill morals in their children. Stop judging people people Sherry. Its none of our business or our place to judge what other people do or go thur in their own lives. Stop being closed minded!

  • http://twitter sherry revill

    I think Lisa Gehrling needs some grammar lessons. From her tweet alone, she sounds like she’s one more of these fatherless children, a baby-mama herself, or simply a girl who dropped out of school because her “crush” did. Grow up, Lisa. I certainly don’t want to support your children, nor do I want to pay for their educations, food stamps, medicaid and subsidized housing. Why should they have more because of the circumstances of their births? The rest of us these days tend to have two jobs to get by, pay taxes out of both, and we don’t get any assistance because we “make too much.” Don’t even get me started about all the under 25-yr-olds who have figured out how to scam the Social Security Administration out of countless dollars for SSI when they’ve never paid anything into the system themselves. Where else in the world has so much just been given w/o contributing? No wonder there won’t be any social security in the future. You can’t keep taking out w/o paying in and expect that there will always be money or assistance of some kind available in the future. As the old song goes, “…nothin’ from nothing’ leaves NOTHIN…”

    • http://webpronews.com Azhane69

      I agree with you Sherry Revill. No matter what, the know the truth hurts people when it is TOLD to them. You’ve brought of such a GREAT point. my sister right now is having to work two jobs and is struggling to raise my 16 yr old neice who worships Kelly Rowland (the singer of former Destiny’s Child) who appears to be gyrating and her vulgar dance moves, etc. I understand these celebs sometimes have to do what they got to do to make their videos a hit, but come on now…I’m just saying. Great post, Ms. Revill.

    • Cindy

      Sherry, do you feel like you are some kind of big person because you are educated? You are no better than anyone else. You may have a little bit more money but by these comments we all can guess what your heart is like. You tell Lisa to grow up but you need to take your own advice. What grown woman goes on the internet to insult people? Many women are single through no fault of their own. Life happens, people die and move on. You should stop making assumptions about single women. In my case my husband passed on but it is people like you who would think negatively and make assumptions about what is going on in my life. You should be happy to have what you have and stop looking down on others. Anything can happen in life. What you have now can be gone in a blink of an eye. You can get sick, lose your job, and your house. Just like another commenter said, everyone needs help at some point in their lives. I am sure you didn’t get to where you are without someones help. Just keep that in mind when you look down on others for receiving any help.

  • d

    Look like more than a bump to me!!

  • Roslynd

    Marraige is just a piece of paper. That paper doesn’t change how you feel in your heart. If you have love in your heart and you truly love the one you are with, getting married is just a way to socially cement the bond you already share.
    My husband and I went back and forth about getting married. We already lived together, we loved each other, and that’s all that mattered. I am glad we did get married because that allows us to be there should the worst happen and the other is in ICU. It allows us to take advantage of housing discounts. But being married doesn’t make the love stronger or the bond greater. The bond and the love grows over time, regardless if you are married or not. That, I believe is why there are so many divorices. If you don’t bring great love and a strong bond to a wedding the marraige is doomed to failure.
    We’re at 8 years and counting. My parents are 41 years and counting. My grandparents are 60 years and counting. My great grandparents were together for 75 years before death separated them.
    Love is all that matters. You got that and all else falls into place. Just gotta hang on to the love and never ever let go.

    • kayla

      A piece of paper and a ceremony makes you a better parent. Sounds legit… *rolls eyes*

  • http://twitter sherry revill

    Dear Lisa, it’s not judgment, it’s pure and simple economics paired w/selfishness. A child is not a puppy or a kitten that you can just abandon when times get hard or when these children judge their own parents. Even Brangelina’s children want their parents married. And guess what else, dear Lisa? Most serial killers are boys grown to men raised by single mothers who will never be able to understand the inner workings of the male mind. Hormones DO make a difference. So does a stable home life and at least an average education. Talk about the dumbing down of America. Sounds like you’ve bought the subscription or kept drinking their kool-aid. Who do you think most underage criminals and gangbangers are? How many of them come from unbroken families? Read up on the demographics, take a course in social studies or child development before you start addressing a horrible societal problem you seem to have little real experience with. If you are one of these girls, where’s YOUR “baby daddy”?

    • Mariah

      Ok.Sherry you make some good points in your arguement, but who are you to judge other people’s actions. I am not a person who agrees with young girls running around making babies, but I also do not believe you have to be in a marriage to have commitment and children. I have two beautiful children and am not married. My fiance and I have no intention of being married anytime soon mainly for financial reasons. I will not sacrifice my hard work to clean up his past. My children are no less loved or cared for than any children in a married household. I don’t know how I will feel about marriage when my daughter is my age , but for right now I say as long as people are pulling their weight and being good to their kids , who cares. You seem to pass a whole lot of judgement which makes you very unclassy. You should also watch who you pass judgement on that very person could be the solider, police officer or EMS personal who is their to save your ass when you need help, with no judgement. Before you begin to pass judgement on me and my grammer, I apologize it is to a clock in the morning.

  • Sharron

    Parents need to realize that *they* are responsible for teaching their child morals, *they* are responsible for providing good role models. If you want your child to emulate strong, responsible adults, then be one, and help them get to know other strong, responsible adults. Instead of shoving them off on television sets, computers, and sitters when entertaining adult friends, include them. Get them involved. Find friends of your own who are talented, contributing members of society, whose honesty and values you respect, and then encourage your children to spend time with you and with them. We, as parents, bear the largest part of the responsiblity for who our children see as role models. Instead of blaming celebrities and the media for who our children turn out to be, it is time to step up and own that responsibility ourselves.

  • Kim

    My thoughts exactly, Sherry!

  • http://facebook.com obinna nwosu

    Adele is so beautiful woman and at such is not a kid anymore. there maybe some moral questions raised about all these but there are also moral answers here too bcause if she opted for abortion non of us would have known.please lets encourage this buxom to be back soon bcause the world is dying in wait for her cutie and voice. I find solace in the serenity of her voice and simplisity

  • Lily Armstrong

    Some people don’t want to get married. Simple as that. They can still raise their child together and not be married. Just because someone doesn’t want to get married, does not mean that they don’t want to have children. I’m not married, but I do have a baby. I’m happy with everything. People make their own decisions. Not everyone in the world wants to get married.

    • susy

      agree it’s 2012!

  • Echo

    Sherri, are you kidding me? Serial killers, really? Do you have any idea how many single mothers there are and how few serial killers comparatively? Serial killers generally have one thing in common – they were abused. Some were abused in single parent homes and some with both parents on the scene. The things you are saying are insulting to women like myself, who are single parents (and in my case, not by choice).

    Do I think that it’s best to have two parents in the home? Absolutely. However, some of us started out in two-parent situations and ended up single through no fault of our own. I find your comments demeaning, insulting and more than a little ignorant.

    • http://twitter sherry revill

      Dear Echo, you can’t spell either. What kind of school system did you come from? In spite of all of your desires to see this as normal, it isn’t. Check out these children’s emotional problems, their insecurities because they’re terrified about what will happen to them if they lose the only parent they have, their anger issues, the inability to obtain the other half of their medical histories. And please don’t ever forget John William Gacy, Ted Bundy, and the rare female serial killer. Look into their childhoods, take some psychology courses, study child development. Learn something so you can make an informed decision before you come back on people who had to watch it every day as members of the medical community. You do not know what we do. You don’t see the same children coming into the ER repeatedly or the girls using abortion as birth control. You don’t seem to know about the mothers who force their daughters into prostitution when the mommies can’t pay their rents, the grandparents raising their grandchildren instead of the parents…that figure is roughly 33%. Do you really want to be a socialist, or does communism appear to be more attractive to you? There’s a reason the Armed Services no longer accepts single mothers, even w/a decent Family Care Plan in place. Seems to me that you want something for nothing and you’re not happy about not getting it. You shouldn’t get it. Everyone needs to pay for their OWN mistakes instead of pushing their responsibilities off on society, school teachers, health care professionals and law enforcement officers.

      • Echo

        What did I misspell except your name? Sorry, I didn’t go back to your ridiculous message to check the spelling! Didn’t really want to read it twice! I happen to be very well educated, actually, but I’m not here to get into a pissing contest with you. You seem to be very hung up on education, for some reason. I’m guessing you feel insecure, and have some issues that only insulting people can assuage. Good luck with that.

        What I think you need most is help with your reading comprehension. Nowhere in my post did I even *hint* that I wanted, needed, or accepted any type of outside help or aid. For your information, my ex-husband and I work hard to take care of our family on our own. Like it or not, some women are not so lucky and are left to their own devices. Would you rather a child starve than her mother ask for help if needed? If so, you are not the “family values” person you claim to be. I have news for you: other people have morals, too. Just because they don’t align with your rigid ideas does not make them any better or worse. Wanting to give help to people does not make me a socialist or a communist…it makes me a decent member of the human race.

  • http://twitter sherry revill

    Lisa, get an education before you even think you know something. Your grammar alone sets you apart as uneducated and so does your attitude. We all know that celebrities should not be role models, but unfortunately they are. Parents spend less time w/their children if they work, which leaves these kids more vulnerable to caving in to peer pressure. Teenaged girls having races to see who can get pregnant first, the after school sex parties, the boys who proudly keep track of how many girls they’ve gotten pregnant so they can feel more masculine, mothers trying to party w/their kids and be their friends instead of being authority figures, parents too undereducated to be able to help their children w/their homework, children having to parent their own parents… Where do you think all this will lead? Even Demi Moore’s girls are embarrassed by her behavior, and she’s just one of the many who has tried to turn her children into party pals. Whitney Houston and Bobby Christina… Those are two celebrity cases in point. What about the non-celebs? Do some research. Contact your local Public Health Department, go volunteer on a labor & delivery unit, go work in a newborn nursery or newborn intensive care unit (NICU), and see how much you learn. Practical experience with these situations may open your eyes, but I sincerely doubt it.

    • You don’t Need to know

      Good luck getting into volunteering at a labor/delivery unit or a newborn nursery. There are security measures in place at those place for good reason.

      Also, just because someone is a celebrity, doesn’t mean that they are destined for a rocky family life. She could be a kick ass mother. You don’t know.

  • http://twitter sherry revill

    How old is Adele, anyway? 25? Who died and made her or the rest of you Queen? Sure, adoption’s an option, but most teenaged girls who give up their babies don’t do it immediately, but wait for two or three years, realize they aren’t just cute, and realize that the child will not give them unconditional love. You want unconditional love? Get a puppy!

    • Lily Armstrong

      Sherry, get a life!

    • Roslynd

      Sherri, you have a lot of anger. Were you affected, or someone you love affected by something like this?
      Yes, you are right that young people make very stupid mistakes for the absolute wrong reasons. But not all young people make mistakes for the wrong reasons. Sometimes two young people get married and start a family and the husband dies. That’s not her fault. Sometimes the husband gets called to duty and is gone for long long stretches of time. That’s not her fault.
      You should abstain from making blanket statements. Those sort of comments only serve to hurt and malign the ones who are not at fault. It also sounds like you watch too much tv like “Teen Mom” or whatever the name of that show is.
      Yes, that aspect does exist but it is not the only aspect of teen life. There are plenty of very good teenagers out there who do absolutely nothing wrong and lead perfectly normal, good lives.
      Don’t always see the negatives of society. It can be hard to do so I know. But if you only concentrate on the negatives without ever glimpsing at the positives you only hurt yourself.

    • Jen

      who cares,to each their own. So he doesn’t like big girls. who cares? I doubt Adele would care,either.Chill. Jeez.


      You are an ugly person!

    • Casey

      Sherri, I’m sure your mother had exactly your sentiments about you!

  • Tom

    How can you tell if she is pregnant, she is so fat and gross

    • John Doe

      So the preference here Tom is someone like Kate Moss after having swallowed a watermelon? Oh and while she is doing some smack.

    • http://yahoo Beth

      How can you say that??? Adele is beautiful inside and out. Not every woman can be a size 0-2 loser!!!! You dont deserve a woman. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of GOOD men who like a woman with a couple of extra pounds!!! Your GROSS!!!

    • susy

      fuck you. whats wrong with fat people? as demi lovato said “Never call a girl fat. Even if you’re joking”

      ps shes not fat its called full bodied girls, which are THE best

    • Alex

      Maybe, you should quit judging people for the way they look… because clearly your self-esteem is non existant. Adele isn’t ugly, society is.

    • linda

      how rude get a real life i bet your ugly

    • Bella

      Oh, Tom… did someone say that to you once and you have to feel better about yourself by saying to someone else? Paying it forward are you?? You’re the reason belligerance exists. Go sit in the corner and feel better about yourself while the rest of us actually have a clue. You probably have a little….. um…. never mind.

  • Lola

    Personally speaking, I think that marriage is outdated. One can have a relationship, children, everything, without getting married these day’s. I am, however, quite surprised at how quickly Adele has jumped into all of this with a guy she hasn’t known for very long…and one who is far too old for her…has been married before and already has a child. That’s an awful lot to take on at any age…let alone Adele’s age of 24. I think that she simply wanted to have a baby…she’s talk about wanting one for several years now. I seriously doubt this Simon guy is going to be around forever…just have feeling that she will eventually part ways with him.

  • http://www. loret

    life history …bless true love never fade

    • Jen


  • Chef

    Are you guys serious right now???? It simply says adeles having a baby and it’s loaded with random comments. Topics such as spelling ! And teen moms to serial killers. Hahaaa calm yourselfs you don’t need extra stress and tension in your lives. Especially sharry. Mary Jane should help with most of anxiety and tension your experiencing #justsaying


    These comments are just ridiculous. This is the “real” world now. There are very few people in this world today getting married or following GODs word. Unfortunately.

    SHERRY REVIL is obviously this snoody doctor/RN who is looking in from the outside and doesn’t know what goes on, on the inside. You don’t know shyt. <mispelled intentional< You see a few cases a day and think you know about life. Yes you have seen things. For you to be on here commenting on someones post and continuously doing so, shows your ignorance. You should be a role model for people, instead you are on here talking down on someone you don't know and insulting her life that you know nothing about. SHAME ON YOU. I know you take an oath when you become a healthcare professional. Keep your opinions and your life experience to yourself, no one gives a fuk <also mispelled intentional< about you or your "experiences" in the ER or the hospital. Come on the streets and live our lives. You came from money obviously or had someone to help you get to where you are now. Others are not so lucky and I am sure you know this "from what you have seen" in the ER. Not everyone comes from money or has a high education. Dont bother commenting on this post!

    • Betty

      Cynthia Yes it is unfortunate that people these days aren’t following God’s law. That is why the entire world is in the shape it is in. I’m not just talking about marriage either. I’m talking about in the way we live our lives. We have taken God out of it completely. Wish people would wake up before it’s too late.

  • amber

    @ sherry… you have got to be kidding me? as a healthcare worker and as someone who has been in a monogomous relationship for 8 years with the father of my children.. how dare you call children like mine illegitimate..If you would open your mind just a little you would realize its 2012 not the 1950s..people decide not to get married for many reasons and honestly its none of your business. Not everyone is on food stamps,public housing, medicaid or ssi just because they arent married. I work very hard as does my significant other to take care of our children and pay our bills without any assistance. Being married doesnt pay the bills or buy the groceries, try getting off of the computer with ur mindless intentions of insulting people and go take a look out of ur front door… times are changing.. why are you so concerned with what everyone else is doing? If it bothers you so much go volunteer at a local clinic and try to make a difference instead of shoving your unwanted opinions down everyones throat.By the way my baby daddy and I are getting married next weekend and thats by choice not because society deems it necessary!!!

    • Joan

      @amber…first of all, please understand that I am from another era but I do want to understand what your stance is. I don’t understand why you would have a child with someone which is more permanent than any marriage license. That child will assure that you will see the baby daddy for the rest of your life, at school functions, dance recitals, ballgames, weddings, etc. Isn’t it easier to marry someone, see how that works, if it doesn’t, divorce and it is over with…no harm, no foul and best of all no child to continously remind you of that relationship mistake? Help me to understand.

    • http://WebproNews Betty

      @amber. Unfortunately, the correct term for children born out of wed lock is illegitimate. Guess the truth hurts, huh? I also have a son that was born out of wed lock. Not what I had planned, but because of the bad decision I made to have sex before I was marrie. Sex was created by God for marriage. He intended for us to be with one person only for the rest of our lives. Has nothing to do with it being 2012 or the 1950s. The Bible was the word then and it is the word now.

      I don’t judge you or anyone else for what they do. Lord knows I have made a lot more bad choices than I would care to admit. We will all be judged by someone else that matters a lot more than I do one day.

      Good luck with your marriage and I hope you guys will be happy together forever.

  • http://WebProNews Linda

    Baby bump?? Whew, looks more like a beached whale. Heavy or thin, married or single…it’s just more up close & personal than some of us want to see.

    • Bella

      @ Linda…. ever been pregnant? You have no control over how your belly grows or what shape it takes in the end. Your heartless comment is mindless, and selfish. Do you say that about every pregnant person you see in public or is it just confined to those who don’t fit into your personal description of beautiful???? Adele is a beautiful person with a beautiful personality. Don’t let your obvious envy of her and her ability to make something of herself be disguised as class. It’s rude. (but then again… i’ll just consider the source…)

    • http://yahoo D

      don’t say that about her baby bump she can’t help it.

    • Fran

      Linda, How rude of you to make discourteous remarks, about a woman carrying a baby. It is a wonderful time in her life, and for all the people who love her too. Everyday, she is making precious memories to “treasure” for a lifetime. HER life! Not yours!! If you don’t like to look at a heavy or thin woman with child, then don’t and better yet, keep your “opinions” to yourself. Be sensitive to someone else, instead of your own preference to not want to know or see a pregnant woman while carrying a baby. It is a great “blessing” and extremely beautiful..and no “whale” ever looked that “good”…..

      • http://WebProNews Linda

        @ Fran, Bella…guess you’re fatties too, so you can identify. Bunch of bossy b***hies on this site.

        • Jennifer


    • Em

      If no one cares then why would you click on the article? Ignorant cunt.

    • sara

      Linda, if it’s more than you wanted to see, why would you even click on an article with a picture? Oh, and if her pregnancy is anything like mine, we’re lucky she put on a dress. I prefer just to wear my pajamas.

  • Bella

    I think Sherry must be an over-worked English/Spelling teacher. I didn’t really see her mention that she has biological kids of her own, either. (but to be honest i quit reading after a couple of comments due to boredom and frustration.. so i could be wrong)
    Kudos, Sherry, for foster parenting as I, too, know what goes into that AS WELL AS having my own biological children. I do not, however, believe that you have ANY right other than what appears to be your “opinion” regarding biological children and circumstances. Until you have met each and every single person you have categorized and have gotten to know their situations intimately then stop trying to make us more like you. I’d rather be more like Adele…

  • Laurie

    She’s not pregnant, she’s just fat.

    • Jennifer


      • http://WebProNews Linda

        Jennifer, you are as stupid as Bella & Fran. Whenever you can’t think of anything else you just accuse someone of being jealous. Very tiresome. Adele looks terrible in the picture & that’s just the truth. She makes it worse by wearing a very tight dress that reveals too much including her belly button. Disgusting. You morons are entitled to your pathetic opinions, but don’t even think about telling other people that they aren’t entitled to theirs.

        • Rachael

          Wow, Linda. That was a whole ‘lotta vitriol spewed towards someone basically pointing out that it’s awfully ignorant to still be a small-minded bully when you’re a grown adult. What was it about her comment that upset you so? As a psychologist, I see many women being horrible to each other out of jealousy; Jennifer’s comment is probably not far off. Women also have a deep-rooted fear of being “fat,” therefore they tend to be some of the most viscous critics of other women. “Hey, if I can call her fat & disgusting, then I’m not that bad!” And of course Adele looked like hell. She probably feels like hell, too. She’s ready to bring a life into the world at any time now, and as such is probably so ungodly uncomfortable being so pregnant during the hottest months of the year. I’m sure she dressed for her comfort, not for your viewing pleasure. Also, of course everyone is allowed to express their opinions, even Jennifer. I simply wish so many women didn’t feel their own insecurity so profoundly that they need hurt each other so bloody often.

          • Rachael

            *Laurie’s comment, not Jennifer’s. I’m sorry Jennifer.

          • http://WebProNews Linda

            Rachael, since you took the time to comment I will return. From the outset I merely stated my opinion that the woman (Adele) looked sort of fat & (in my opinion) badly dressed. In turn I got told that I was envious, rude, & basically had no right to an opinion. All pretty vitriolic in my opinion. Truthfully, I barely know who Adele is & have no interest in her pregancy. I am amazed at how people on this site try to tell other people how to think & what they are “allowed” to say. Still have a right to an opinion last time I checked.

  • Nichole

    ummmm, when the hell did Adele become a blonde? I see red hair…in every picture, maybe it’s just me.

  • Esteves

    God Has blessed Adele, first her talent to sing and now a child.
    Linda comments reminds me of ungrateful anorexic individual, or better yet she is probably a dude.

  • http://Queennisia1@yahoo.com Nene

    He is 14 years older than her so maybe he will treat her well because he should be mature. I have dated guys 12 years older than me. Age aint nothing but number.

  • m

    please stop discussing.the most important feature about her is her fabulous voice that it wont change never ever….

  • steven wicke

    I see Adele has been rolling in the deep..

  • adeles baby dady

    just an update adelle isn’t pregnat she’s just getting fatter than she already was, please put these rumors to rest

  • qwerty

    adele having baby before marriage. I assume adele dont appreciate/care about marriage, religion, and her own child. I mean adele got money to do marriage, then why wouldn’t she do that? Is it because she’s afraid of commitment/ someday her boyfriend would leave her?? Then why would she let herself pregnant?? Poor child then. Having a child should come with responsible, not just making them/ having them for their parents profit.

  • qwerty

    adele having baby before marriage. I assume adele dont appreciate/care about marriage, religion, god and her own child. I mean adele got money to do marriage, then why wouldn’t she do that? Is it because she’s afraid of commitment/ someday her boyfriend would leave her?? Then why would she let herself pregnant?? Poor child then. Having a child should come with responsible, not just making them/ having them for their parents profit.

    • Jakeaaa

      It is the 21st century. People can have children without getting married. Also you don’t have to marry someone to show commitment!

    • Luce

      I agree with some what u said. I do think people should get married first and have kids. But now it seems the other way round *sigh*

    • ramdom

      As long as she is committed to her partner and child why does it matter if she is married or not if god isn’t part of her life don’t judge her for everyone is entitled to there own beliefs so judge others on yours as they could be and in this case are completely different to yours, you can have bad marriages which are harder to walk away from if you or your children are suffering marriage ain’t always the best option for everybody

  • Deacs78

    What a stupid self righteous comment to make! I had a baby before marriage then went on to marry the father and have another baby with him!

  • kimberley

    If she doent want to get married then fair play to her!! People need to get with the 21st centery it doesnt mean shes affraid of commitment etc, I have been with my man for ages and wer trying for a baby we choose not to get married because its OUR CHOICE!!!!!!! U do it for u not because peoe want u to…

  • kimberley

    @Amber… Well said and hope you had a beautiful day xx

    • http://N/A adelefan!

      Don’t bring God into this unless you know your facts. Yes, having sex before marriage is a sin but in the bible it also says that every sin is the same sin. “Shut the eye that is looking and judging, because that eye is sinning thereself.”
      We are all forgiven for every sin.
      The real picture is John 3:16.

      Accept that and you will live enternity with God.
      Only judge knows what is in their hearts and if Adele believes that not getting married is what she needs to do right now then that is her business.

      Stop you critics!!


  • Rosa

    I don’t think people should marry just bcuz they come out pregnant…people can still raise a child without being married…people..all I gotta say is don’t get married (even though ur expecting) unless u really love eachother…

  • ramdom

    My brother was with his girlfriend for 10 years before they got engaged a year later they had a baby and 2 years after that they got married they are now trying for there second child the only reason they got married is not for commitment they have that already but so they all have the same last name and is nothing to do with religion just cos your not married doesn’t mean your not committed to your partner

  • Kelly

    My parents have been together 29 years without getting married. They had me 28 years ago. Does that not show commitment to each other. They have both had previous marriages which failed so I certainly see their point when they say marriage isn’t everything. I have been brought up no differently to a child whose parents are married.

  • holly

    Some people bore me when they whittle on about been married.
    It is a load of fuss over a peice of paper and changing the woman’s surname. Them things do not prove someone’s commitment. Some people I know have been together 20+ years and not been married where as my friends got married (all for the show like many a weddings are these days) and it lasted 3 years. It’s either something you want or you don’t.

  • Danielle

    Wow! What’s wrong with people now a days?! Marriage isn’t some joke, for some reason people find it ok to just shack up. Have you no morals or values at all?! Some celebrities decided they weren’t going to get married and now everyone else follows the idea like a heard of sheep.

  • Zoe

    OMG ADELE IM SO HAPPY FOR U!!!!!!!!!!!! she is so amazayn!!!!!!!!

  • shelley

    I think its anyone’s choice weather they want to marry or not….Just becasue Adele is rich and she can afford a wedding and all that jaz means nothing..Its her choice her baby will grow up just the same….Im not married and i have been with my man for 9 years this year and we are still going strong what a piece of paper…….i think some people just need to mind their own business ….its all her choice…….

  • meghan


  • nikita

    i am so happy for uxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx