Adam Carolla Lawsuit: Radio Personality Sued By Friend Again

    June 4, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Adam Carolla is now embroiled in another lawsuit being brought against him by the friend who previously brought a lawsuit against the Internet and radio personality.

Reuters is reporting that Donny Misraje is suing Carolla for a few pictures included in his memoir “Not Taco Bell Material.” The pictures of Carolla were allegedly taken by Misraje back in the 80s, and he is claiming copyright on the photos.

The lawsuit is calling for Carolla and his publisher, Crown Publishing, to pay compensation for the books sold thus far. He’s also asking for compensatory and punitive damages as a result of copyright infringement. Finally, he asks that all unsold copies of the memoir be destroyed.

A previous lawsuit brought against Carolla claims that he misled Misraje into quitting his job. The two were to partner up on Carolla’s successful podcast, but Miraje claims that Carolla never paid him for his work. The podcast is incredibly popular and is listened to by millions of people. In fact, it has earned the distinction of being the “most downloaded podcast” according to the Guinness World Records.

Carolla and Misraje have been friends for over 30 years, but the lawsuits are very recent. We can only hope that the two can work out their differences and keep on producing quality comedy content.

  • Some Jackass

    Wow, people will do anything to get money. This guy took some pictures with a shitty camera 30 years ago and thinks he’s an artist and should make some money off of them.

  • Woody

    Is there any old-fashioned thinker (conservative) who is in the limelight who is NOT being sued?

  • http://newbizshop.com derek

    I guess his friend wants to be rich so his only solution is to sue his rich friend and settle out of court for a large sum. This is the american dream, you move to america, find a loophole to sue and become rich.

    <— just goes to his 9 to 5 job 5 days a week and watching sports after work. This my american dream. lol

    • http://webpronews toby Dana

      actually corolla is a jerk who cheated his friend

      • Lola

        I agree, Toyota COROLLA’s are awful. JERK!!
        Adam CAROLLA though, he is just awesome.

    • Joe

      I love Adam, funny guy and really sharp. That being said, if this man did the work, he should be paid.