Achy Breaky Heart: Billy Ray Cyrus Revamps His Song

    February 12, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Achy Breaky Heart has gotten a makeover–and it probably should have remained the hokey country song it was back in 1992. Now it has a hip hop twist to it, and it makes Billy Ray Cyrus look like a bigger fool than when he sported a mullet. If this is how Billy Ray operates, is it any wonder why daughter Miley Cyrus acts the way she does?

Billy Ray Cyrus soared to international fame with the release of his catchy version of Achy Breaky Heart. The country song had people all over the world tapping their toes to the country tune with the fun lyrics. In the new version Cyrus brings Dionne Warwick’s son Buck22–whose real name is Damon Eliot–on board.

Cyrus drops some lyrics about daughter Miley and her penchant for twerking in the remake of the song. Larry King, who opens the video with a bizarre prelude, tweeted about the Achy Breaky Heart remake.

It seems Billy Ray Cyrus first met up with Dionne Warwick about a year ago when the pair recorded a duet called Hope is Just Ahead, to benefit the ‘Do The Write Thing National Campaign to Stop Violence initiative.’ The combination of these two singers in the same song sounds strange enough. She never should have introduced the country singer to her son.

Achy Breaky Heart was very clearly written to be a country song. Writer Don Von Tress originally titled it Don’t Tell My Heart. The Marcy Brothers recorded it a year before Billy Ray Cyrus did, but they didn’t achieve the international success he did with the song.

Probably the best anyone can hope for is to learn within the next day or so that this hip hop version of Achy Breaky Heart, replete with a mention of Miley Cyrus, is nothing but a big joke. Because it is. However Billy Ray Cyrus might not have intended for it to be perceived as such.

What do you think?

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  • Laura

    I prefer the original.

    • Helen Gebhard

      I prefer the original.Billy looks like a BUM. Guess some of his daughter rubbed off on him.

  • Karen Keener

    He has either thrown out all his values or he is in a mid-life crisis.

  • Tazman

    Love It!!!!!!!!!!!

  • majustamom

    This is sad, just sad.

  • Jan

    I liked it.

  • lindygee

    This is vulgar trash. I see now why Miley thinks it's perfectly fine to act the way she does. And this man claims to be a Christian?

  • Jim

    The Kardashians, the Cryus's and the Biebers…all excellent examples of why castration and sterilization should be legal!

  • grandmadove

    Sad he couldn't come up with a new song in 20 years. Disgusting you don't need half naked women jiggling around the stage.

  • Michael Scafidi

    With the shaggy hair, sunglasses, and beard it looks like Billy's doing as much as possible to hide his face. I would too if Miley was my daughter. She's a father's worst nightmare.

  • flamary429

    Sweet chocolatey Christ! This is wrong on so many levels. But who knows…it could be a hit. Stranger things have happened. Look at that William Hung guy-everyone's heard of him.

  • DW

    Billy Ray stole the song from a local group it was the same and was called Acing Breaking Heart. Little change and he makes millions and becomes famous. I have never liked Billy Ray because of that fact I think thievery is a trait of the Cyrus family what a trait to teach your kids. This newest try is just sick. You are pathetic