AARP And Social Security Benefits

    December 27, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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If you’re not 50 or older, you may not be interested in AARP – the American Association of Retired Persons. AARP is a group designed to help retirees with their financial lives after the age of retirement – 62 years old.

The requirement to join this advocacy group for older folks heading into retirement age is that you have reached 50 years of age.

AARP Mission Statement claims: AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, with a membership of more than 37 million, that helps people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, strengthens communities and fights for the issues that matter most to families such as healthcare, employment security and retirement planning.

The biggest advantage to being a member of this group is their advocacy with regard to Social Security and Medicare benefits. AARP fights to keep these earned benefits from being cut, ensuring that this governmental retirement program does not get reduced because the deficit is so extremely high.

For years, government has wanted to modify, cut, adjust and change social security and Medicare benefits all in an effort to reduce excess costs related to over spending.

Americans are tired of hearing politicians say that the only way to strengthen Medicare is to cut benefits and make older people and future retirees pay more. And they overwhelmingly oppose a current proposal to cut Social Security as part of a deal to reduce the deficit. There’s a better way.

Because Social Security benefits are a self-financed program – in other words, every taxpayer from the start of their working age has paid into this program so that when retirement age occurs, they have an income in which to survive. It is not a program funded by the government, it belongs to the people who paid into it for generations.

Yet right now, President Obama and Congress are trying to balance the budget by cutting the yearly cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security.

This may sound as if it isn’t a huge reduction proposal, however, it would mean significant cuts in the security of benefits to the elderly, and annually the cuts would increase, reducing the amount available to American’s who rely on this money, now and in the future.

AARP fights and continues to fight Washington to take responsible action with regard to keeping Social Security strong now and in the future. If you’re 50 or older, joining them can help them with the much-needed funds to do this.

They are benefits older people have earned — and past generations have promised.

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  • Will

    For what it’s worth. from gathering news from various sources and my mom being a former member of AARP. This formerly reputable organization has been tainted recently with it’s own agendas which does not benefit the elderly. Just thought I’d mention this since it’s own private agendas and drive for profit and its participation in partisan policies isn’t widely known but has become more of a organization that only benefits its leadership, not necessarily it’s members. sad really.

    Here’s a listing of what I recall:
    1) opposing balanced budget reforms: not sure what it has to do with elderly.
    2) LGBT community support: again, not focused on the entirety of the Elderly.
    3) support of CHIP children’s health program:what does this have to do with the elderly?
    4) Support of the Healthcare Reform that ended up being the ACA: at current count in just NY: 2.1k doctors fired which currently support the 1/3rd of the elderly in medicare under new ACA. 49 state avg costs increased by 41%. And that website that’s been a total waste of money; an eye sore and a new delhi train wreck of a deal.

    Again, how is this helping the elderly like my mom? She’s worked all her life, supported four of us all by herself, ran 7 different businesses over three decades, who started out as jobless immigrant who gained citizenship through hard work. 1/3rd of her income goes to cover medical insurance, another 1/3rd covers cost of medicine. She’s taken pride in the fact she’s been self sufficent with her limited income and savings over the years. AARPs actions have been a total facepalm of a disaster. Now no one gives straightforward answers since no one knows yet the costs except that it’s likely to be higher. Trying to budget things with a limited income is tough enough. I tell you this, AARP isn’t gaining any friends right now among the elderly that they claim to support. Given their recent past record, I honestly would not bat an eye or lose any sleep if the AARP went out of business tomorrow.

    • ruth nichols

      re: will not supporting AARP. One question then, who is the non profit organization you support to advocate against cuts to Social programs like social security and medicare?

      Let’s just throw the baby out with the bath water approach. There are so many things that are a blatant re-copying from Fox news, I am not going to list them separately.

      As to your comment, that you would not “bat an eye or lose any sleep if the AARP went out of business tomorrow”. Well first it is not a business it is a non-profit organization, huge difference.

      It would be yet one more “nail in the coffin” in undoing the social contract called Social Security and Medicare.

      I don’t see anything but criticism no solutions proposed. Until you can propose something, concrete that is much better and less “flawed” that will actually be a BETTER advocate for your mother.

      So under your thinking you would assume that AARP single handedly pushed through the ACA (a very flawed program, I do agree, a big hand out to insurance companies), etc. WOW! that is huge power.

      Another inflammatory point is that you claim that the AARP supports gay rights. Again, very inflammatory and flawed. A comment that by its uttering, alienates people. I only wish the AARP supported gay rights! So under your thinking, gay people never get old and don’t need benefits. The equal rights organizations I have that I know would have loved to had AARP as an advocat.

      Wow, I guess all the advocacy work they do, would not be missed???? Sure, the demolition of the program as proposed by the republicans, the devastating COLA program cuts as proposed by the President and the privitazation of Medicare.
      Again the original question, who is the organization you work with that advocates against social security cuts, supports expansion of social security benefits, lobbies against privatization of Medicare, advocates for stronger bank regulations, et al.?

      • Tim

        The problem is that AARP offers no solutions either. They just oppose cuts. Something has to be done about SS and Medicare. The current funding and benefit levels are not sustainable. I certainly don’t know what the answer is, although I would be very interested in being able to ‘opt-out’ and invest those taxes myself.

        Also, while not trying to bash AARP, the fact that they are a non-profit organization means absolutely nothing. They still operate like a corporation, paying millions in salaries to staff people, teaming up with various corporations to endorse goods and services. Just because they are non-profit doesn’t mean they are only a do-gooder organization.

        They same thing has happened to them, that has happened to big corporations and our so-called friends in Washington. Money corrupts, always has and always will.

        What should be done about SS and Medicare? What are your solutions?

        • sigmund

          I am puzzled about how cutting social security helps balance the federal budget- I thought they were run as separate funds?

          • Hoppy

            A little naive, aren’t you, Sigmund?

          • lrsen

            Social security taxes are dumped into the general fund, so it is directly related to the budget!! As far as medicare, part A will be broke within the next ten years, and the disability portion of social security will be broke by 2016.

          • Paul Jacobs

            You get back everything you and your employer contributed in about 4-6 years and then you are drawing from the OPM account (Other Peoples Money). You are on the dole: welcome to the 47 percenters.

        • R.A. Brown

          They are in the business of selling insurance. THAT is their main gig; the rest just follows along.

      • http://Yahoo Ed

        I got smart and did not send AARP another membership dime. They do nothing for me. Every month I get a new membership card asking me to send money for the membership, I shred it.. They waste their time and money sending the card every month so other memebers are having the cost passed on to them so shows how desperate they are for membership…..

    • Mary

      Thank you! Well said.
      I used to see AARP as a true advocacy group. But since Bush came in and Republicans took control of the Congress AARP was in the back rooms with them wheeling and dealing for their share of the Medicare pie. Since then they’ve turned into nothing but a giant Big Box store selling anything they can talk a senior into buying.

  • HD

    20 years 0f AARP sending me 2-3 pieces of junk mail every week I am Done. I don’t recall AARP doing anything except use fear tactics to separate its members out of any money they they might have saved.

  • Michael Martin

    What needs to be done about social security and medicare to keep them solvent? The answer is simple- stop using the taxes collected for them for other parts of the budget! Both parties have been doing it for decades and now that people are living longer and the surpluses are gone, it’s time to stop. I applaud any organization that stands up to the mostly right wing attempt to cut funds to elderly Americans who have earned those funds. Entitlement is not a dirty word. You pay your whole life and then you are ENTITLED to have some measure of SECURITY when you are older.

    • Hoppy

      Johnson, hardly a right winger, fought the Viet Nam war with looted social security money.

  • WebMaster

    My dad educated me on the origin of the social security program…after he served 2 terms first in the army air corp during WW-II and then the air force after they split post WW-II, Social Security Deductions were one penny on the dollar…completely a singular account of revenues for retirement returns not to be embezzled by politicians and redirected or gambled on uncertain ROI.
    Can anyone understand embezzlement is a white collar crime? I don’t remember voting to divert or borrow revenues from Social Security or “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” and all his special interest buddies????

  • Hal

    Like many non-profit organizations AARP makes huge amounts of money and those at the top are more than well to do. Their liberal agenda support has turned me away. I dropped my membership once it became clear their agenda wasn’t to support the interest of their members. It is really too bad.

  • WildBill

    I was about to become a member of AARP after I turned 50. I compared the cost of the goods and services they promote and found one undeniable truth. They are for the very “well-off” only. Then Obama started pitching the ACA and I did my research. Eventually (AARP went to great lengths to keep it quiet)I learned that this so called advocacy group lobbied Washington heavily in favor of Obamacare from which they stand to make millions and millions. I confronted them with this when replying to an e-mail sales pitch and all they did was obfuscate and deny. I further discovered that they are nothing more than a brokerage house for insurance products and other services that is making hundreds of millions of dollars annually by deceiving seniors who believe they are getting the best price on said goods and services just because AARP tells them so. They are nothing short of predators.