A Popsicle Stick Bomb Love Story at 1000 FPS [VIDEO]

    October 9, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Well this is cute.

If you’re around eight years old and want to get the cute girl at the beach to come sit next to you, how do you go about it? I’d say that creating a giant stick bomb with popsicle sticks is one of the coolest ways you could possibly do it.

“There’s a unique manner in which you can weave Popsicle sticks so that when you undo a stick on one end, it creates a chain reaction that ripples down the line at 35 mph. We decided to take this idea a step further and to build this story around it. I conceptualized this idea about two years ago, but we could never find the right project with which to incorporate. Since the sticks fly off so fast, we knew that we would need a high-speed camera to capture it. Until recently, high-speed cameras were very expensive to rent for a project that really had no budget,” says director Ross Ching.

Check it out below (it may make you miss summer):

According to Ching, this is only a spec commercial and isn’t affiliated with the official Popsicle brand. I’d strongly suggest they consider it, however.

  • Lisa

    I think any video that scares or harms an animal is cruel and not needed.
    Therefore, I hate it!

    • Zach

      You’re a moron.

    • Taylor

      I think I’m going to go punt a poodle in your honor.

  • Orlando

    Dear Lisa
    you’re dumb, this video is phenomenal and just because it scared a dog for like a minute doesn’t make it any less amazing!

  • Lauren

    Anyone know what song this is? Sounds a lot like Sigur Ros. Just curious :)

    • Holly

      This song is “Go Do” by Jonsi… he’s the singer of Sigur Ros. amazing.