Measuring Social Media Effectiveness May Have Just Gotten Easier

Social Reach and Audience Index Metrics Could Reveal Vital Info

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Everyone knows that social media provides some great opportunities for marketing, but measurement issues continue to plague businesses. You know content is being shared, but you don’t know how people who its being shared with are responding to it.

Are you content with your ability to measure social media effectiveness? Let us know.

ShareThis, which reaches 400 million people a month through social media share buttons across content all over the web, has released some new metrics for measuring social media effectiveness.

One of the metrics is its Audience Index, which lets publishers understand and compare their social audiences against 850,000 other sites (and soon against categories), find out what types of influencers your site attracts, and find out how well you connect with influencers, listeners, and engaged customers.

The other metric might be even more useful. That would be "Social Reach".

ShareThis - Social Reach

"We recently surveyed publishers (ours and others) and found that over 60% wanted (and were missing) social referral analytics," ShareThis explains on the company blog. "Social Reach measures the true value of shared media across the web by looking at outbound sharing and inbound social traffic and, in the process, gives proper credit to the listener/responder of a share as much as the original influencer/sharer. Publishers can now get a more accurate measurement of how a piece of content circulates around the Web after it’s been shared across any service, rather than just the simple number of shares counted by a single service like Facebook."

"Social Reach is built in to all of ShareThis’ new share buttons that we introduced a couple of weeks ago, and the Social Reach score of each piece of content can be displayed on any page where our buttons are installed," the company says.

ShareThis sharing & social reach data – your social equation

View more documents from ShareThis.

ShareThis shared some interesting stats regarding Social Reach with TechCrunch. For example, according to the company, Facebook accounts for 45 percent of all shared content across its network, followed by email with 34 percent, and Twitter with 12 percent.

While Facebook may get more shares from ShareThis, email appears to be more effective, as people are more likely to click on an emailed link (31 percent out of the 34 percent, compared with 36 percent out of FB’s 44 percent).

Either way, the metrics could prove to be very useful for publishers looking at optimizing their social media marketing strategies.

What tools do you use to measure social media effectiveness? Share with other WebProNews readers.

Measuring Social Media Effectiveness May Have Just Gotten Easier
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  • http://socialmediasystems.com Israeli Rothman

    Everything is easily traceable, is is effective if it creates hits and conversions of whatever type the client requires in a cost effective manner. The definition varies with the client: it can be ROI, publicity, reputation management, branding, traffic, product placement, market share enhancement, PR, advertising…and the list goes on…political..from one of your Web-Pro news authors, Israel Rothman

  • http://www.unique-seo-services.com freelance seo

    These newly introduced social reach and audience index metrics helps to analysis the effectiveness of ongoing social media marketing. Using these both reports, marketers can change their marketing strategies to make successful marketing on social media networks. Good news for social media marketers and publishers!.

  • Guest

    Thanks for the post, with so many social media sites, options, posts and material you can post for your business online its important to establish your brand to generate good traffic but can be hard to organize.
    Josh Conklin
    Smart Leadz

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  • http://aurumwriters.com Rakesh Sharma Jack

    Well, it’s really a good news that finally tools have started coming out, but still when talking practical issues, I think it’s too early to say anything. In my eyes a lot more needs to be done for these tools to prove beneficial.

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  • http://www.bedriftsbasen.no Gunnar Bedriftsbasen

    Social media stats seems to be default on most sharing services, in addition you got webstats that should trace some of this. The “reach” feautre seems very good.

  • Shannon

    There are so many social media sites out there, that it is hard to choose the right one. It is very important to get traffic to your site that some time you run on over load trying to figure it out.

  • http://www.techndu.com JohnRobbins

    On and Off.. I’ve been riding the SEO whale around for about 14 years while hanging on to Bob Massa in his offices and away from them. The experience I’ve gained along the way has taught me a few things about this business for sure.
    If you allow yourself to…..you can get caught up in a ton of complication while trying to keep up with everything new that comes along and lose focus because of it. I keep it as simple as possible.
    I have learned to ask:

    “What’s the most simple & obvious way to do this… what can “I” use that’s familiar to me and has worked before and will work for this need?”

    In this case, we are all looking for a way to gauge what percentage of likers & linkin-ers & twitters & diggers and on – and – on are landing on our website from all of the combined platforms of our SMO campaign.

    Believe it or not, a simple factual record of the average month – to – month incoming traffic and sales to your Web site or your customers Web site “before” you start an SMO campaign compared to increases “after” you start the campaign, can provide an unbelievable clarity as to the affect of your SMO efforts. Granted…If you are using multiple medias, (which is the only way to manage and build a “real” SMO campaign) you can not brake them out into individual reports. But do you really need to at this stage of the social media marketing game?

    My thought here is this. Social Media is basically free. It’s the man hours that cost to run an SMO campaign. And a real campaign is a combination of Social Media communities being fed & encouraged ( by what ever content and call to action you use) to come and see what you have to say or sell.
    The software to track all of that information is coming simply because that’s the natural flow and progression of this still basically new marketing medium. And darn few of us can engineer such a software. But until such a thing is here and has been tried and proven to provide “real” useful reporting, I say keep it simple.
    In general… knowing the before and after information will be all you need to show your customer the positive results of the SMO campaign your managing for them. Especially if sales have increased in such a way that your customer can justify the cost of the campaign. At this point Knowing the exact numbers from each individual platform will not matter.

    And if it’s the man hour cost of running a campaign that concerns you, at this time in the SMO marketing game, if the customer is happy it doesn’t matter. As competition increases and SMO techniques become more – and – more proficient, micro managing cost will be necessary. But until then, keep it simple and enjoy the ride.


  • http://www.lerenmedia.com syracuse web design

    I’m glad to see ShareThis is putting out this data. I use their wordpress plugin in several blogs and see it everywhere. I guess this makes sense looking at it from my personal use. E-mail seems perhaps more personal, direct and possibly more business-like so if someone takes the time to e-mail me something directly, I will take it more seriously and open the link. I’m not always likely to click a link via facebook and I think it’s clear that happens rarely with twitter. Maybe e-mail isn’t going to die after all, and video isn’t going to kill the radio star.

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