911 Call For Bigfoot: Only Bear Tracks Found

    May 29, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Bigfoot sightings are a perennial sideshow in the U.S. Vague claims invariably turn out to be regular animal hair, gorilla suits, hoaxes, or nothing at all.

This week, a man in Pennsylvania kicked off the latest Bigfoot mania with a bizarre call to 911. According to a report from a CBS affiliate in central Pennsylvania, John Winesickle of Altoona, Pennsylvania this week called police claiming to have evidence for the elusive creature.

Police humored the man, sending out an officer to investigate what Winesickle claimed were Bigfoot tracks. The officer followed the man into the woods, investigated the prints, and concluded that the tracks were left by a bear.

It appears that Winesickle was not trying to pull one over on police, but was genuinely mistaken about the animal prints. In fact, the man still believes that the tracks he found were left by Bigfoot.

“No, no, no, no, no,” said Winesickle. “See, a bear can’t go down a steep bank on all twos. That’s proven this is a Bigfoot.”

Winesickle also claims that he has heard Bigfoot calls while out in the woods, saying, “The voice is so deep. “I’ve heard bass singers on television – they can’t even come close to the bass sound that it made towards me.”

  • Kman

    Why always such an incredulous journalistic approach to a subject few journalists know anything about? Here is a legit 911 call from Texas. Yes, there are lots of hoaxes but there are legit sightings by park rangers, law enforcement, outdoorsmen, as well as American Indians for centuries. The speak, they growl and they are likely a primitive group of humans, nothing more, nothing less. DO THE RESEARCH, DO NOT MOCK.

    • john

      There is more proof. physical proof of mermaids then there is of bigfoot. Seriously dude, get over yourself.

      • GG

        Shut the hell up..why do you give a damn to comment if you have nothing positive to say?

    • charlee

      that is not legit its a Rick Dyer Production linked to a movie he did wth Minnow Films he is the one who was caught lying about the freezer bigfoot n Georgia in 2008

  • bob kosgak

    i can relate to this guy, i called 911 when i thought i found the lost city of atlantis, but i had just forgot i was in a swimming pool

  • hank

    i guess a bigfoot movie will be coming out soon in 3d.. they have been making this shit up to sell books, movies, and all kinds of shit. does anyone connect the dots?

  • sonny

    Few months ago I saw a big husky ugly thing coming from a alley behind MCDONALDS it had several big macs in its mouth and a handful of fries,It turned and saw me and let out a heart dropping scream I ran for my life and the thing was running after me making all kinds of inhuman sounds as i ran into the police station in fear i turned and saw what this creature was i felt like a fool it was a man wearing a NANCY GRACE halloween mask.

    • GG

      so fabulous i love it!

  • gary

    well that just goes to show, if you want to hear about dumb shit just hop on the net.

  • Harry Vagina

    Hahaha “generally mistaken”. You would think that a journalist could correctly spell genuinely. Nice one, Sean.

  • Dave

    We should all, as intelligent human beings, keep an open mind about these things. I’m not saying that I believe or don’t believe, but there IS something out there. Human, ape, missing link…. If you think about it, there is ALOT of vast wilderness out there that is unexplored and uncharted. Is it really that hard to believe that there is a species out there, that WE are encroaching on that we know nothing about? All I am saying is expand your imagination and keep an open mind.

  • Jim

    A blond and a brunette were walking in the woods, and came upon some tracks.

    The blond said, “They’re bear tracks.”
    The brunette said, “No way, they’re deer tracks!”

    “Bear tracks!”
    “Deer tracks!!”

    They were still arguing when the train hit them.

  • Chris

    Just like those idiots on “finding bigfoot” with they`re howls and tree knocks.. come on! how do they even have a show and actually get paid! Don`t people know that after 50 or 60 years of this “fake crap” that there should probably be some bigfoot skeletons out there!!!!

    • http://www.SquatchMagazine.com JT

      Ah yes, the old “Where are the bones” quip. Thats a great question. Perhaps if someone can find some bear skeletal remains than that might have some legitimate argument. Bottom line is, the public isnt going to have “proof” until someone finds a body. I do not endorse killing these creatures at all. But until we have such, all the videos, and photos and footprints will just seem hoaxed. For those of us who have had a personal experience, we know they exist. Its unfortunate that hoaxers and crazy people perpetuate negative feedback for sincere research efforts. At the very least, though Sasquatch stories still provide great entertainment whether one believes or not.

  • dazzle

    this is in pa the state has stores that sell gun beer tobacco all one place

  • KS

    Anyone who knows anything about Bigfoot will find it funny that the authors last name is Patterson…just sayin.

  • http://www.SquatchMagazine.com JT Wood

    Free online Bigfoot Magazine (squatchmagazine.com) for any interested.
    The controversy will continue until the scientific community has a body to identify this primate!

  • http://WebProNews Rodney T. Bender

    It is funny how people can believe in GOD, but not that a bigfoot might exist.

  • Ronald Smith

    If you really really want to Find BigFoot, Just look straight down and you have found the creature.