9,000-Year-Old Mask Up for Auction This June

By: WebProNews Staff - May 23, 2012

A 9,000-year-old mask from the Neolithic area is scheduled for auction this summer at Christie’s. The item, which is one of the oldest objects to ever see the sales floor at the prestigious auction house, is constructed of limestone, and was fashioned to resemble a human skull. Experts are anticipating the piece to go for nearly $600,000, though this number could increase or decrease depending on buyer demand. After all, it is kind of cool.

According to Christie’s representatives, the mask has small holes along its perimeter, which could have been used to attach the piece to someone’s face. Alternatively, these openings have may allowed someone to hang it on the wall as a decoration.

This sort of mask is particularly rare. Although others were thought to have existed at some point in time, very few remain intact. Molly Morse Limmer, head of Christie’s Antiquities department in New York, says that the Judean desert’s dry climate is what helped preserve the item for so many years. However, nobody, including Limmer, seems to know what purpose the mask served upon its creation.

“No doubt they represent one of the earliest human attempts to connect with the spiritual world,” the antiquities expert explained. “Given the skeletal representation, it would be logical that they relate to death rituals or ancestor worship.”

The mask is one of 260 items that will be up for auction on June 8th in New York City.

Image courtesy of Christie’s Auction House

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  • http://webpronews.com Karle Kendall

    There was nothing in here about proof of how old it is. How do they know it’s really that old when it’s made of stone? Someone could have made a few years ago. They don’t say.

    • Lamine

      Please, take your religion talk somewhere else. If it was only 5000 years old, I know that you wouldn’t have complained. There are a lot of ways of determining the age of rocks, Uranium 235, an isotope of Uranium is one of them. This is taught in 10th grade biology, and it’s such a widespread knowledge that stating it in the article would be pointless.

      • Florida_Sucks

        why do you have to be such a asshole? they never said anything about religion, that was your assumption. I guess if they had said before hand that they were not a religious person then this simple question wouldn’t have angered you. It works both ways asshole. Did it ever occur to you that this person was wanting to know how they actually dated artifacts? But going by your multiple posts and need for googling, you obviously don’t know either.

    • Matt

      They didnt say what the auctioneer will be wearing either. Karle go back to your trailer with your GED diploma and let the adults run the world.
      That is all.

      • you moron

        …And Matt, you and Lamine go back to your intellectually challenging day jobs that involve the phrase Wax On/Wax Off.

  • Lamine

    Follow Up: Btw… I know that biology isn’t where you’d study rocks, but they usually teach how to date rocks in relations to determining the ages of fossil fuels.

  • Lamine

    ugh… fossils*, not “fossil fuels”

  • Dano

    You’d have to be cross-eyed and as dumb looking as the guy that the mask was molded for to want to pay 600k.