8 Year Old Hardcore Girl > Rebecca Black

    January 20, 2012
    Chris Richardson
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If Rebecca Black’s first video had this much effort, class, and style, it’s doubtful she’d be the laughing stock of the YouTube nation. Sure, Black took that attention, both the negative and positive, and capitalized off of it, but she’s still something of a punchline instead of a respected artist.

I doubt the same will be true for Juliet, the 8 year old from Australia who shows the world she can rock out with the best of them, regardless of her youthful age. While Juliet may not hit the viral status Rebecca Black had, she’s driving in the same neighborhood, already amassing over four million views since the video was posted yesterday, January 19, 2012.

Another thing that separates the younger Juliet from Miss Black is the fact people seem to like her song. As of this posting, “My First Hardcore Song” has over 61,000 likes and under 3000 dislikes. Contrast that to Black’s “Friday,” which has over 100,000 likes, but almost half a million dislikes. In fact, one could argue Black’s popularity was based on how horrible her debut song was, regardless of her immaturity.

Juliet is much younger, and while her subject matter may be largely restricted to the affection she feels for her pets, she didn’t just present it in a sugary, disposable pop music format. No, instead, Juliet elected to go hardcore, and with the help of producer Rob Sharpe, we get the following gem:

If you’re really feeling Juliet’s work, you can let people know by buying one of her t-shirts. As for the song, it will soon be available on iTunes. Until then, however, you can enjoy the YouTube as much as you’d like.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

    This is the best hard core I’ve heard in years.

  • Al

    Ya don’t like Rebecca Black too much but you used her name in order to capitalize on it as a keyword that would bring people to your writing and perhaps click on links that would pay you money. In other words, you’re trying to make money off Rebecca Black, as many others are and have. That’s why she’s a powerful entertainment figure. And no one has yet figured out why Friday was so popular, otherwise they would have duplicated the success over and over again.

  • Chris Cross

    I don’t understand why Everyone still thinks that “Friday” is Rebecca Black’s song. Bob Dylan wrote the lyrics in the 60’s, and the song is actually about the Vietnam war. The fact remains that Rebecca Black is terrible, but the song is Bob Dylan’s.

    On the other hand, JULIET ROCKS! I’m looking forward to hear her really rock out in the future. Kick ass Juliet!

    • Dylan

      Ya Trollin

  • Rachel

    An 8 year old should not have any reason to harbor so much anger.

    • Juanvaldosta

      the lyrics are about how she loves her dog and fishes. This is really funny, good post.

  • Dave Harrington

    I lolled the whole way through. Ridiculous, yet perplexingly better than anything by We Came as Romans or Bring Me the Horizon

  • zingwah

    Listen loser. Yes, Juliet is adorable and the video is a great one, but let’s get back to reality. The little girl in the video has ZERO singing talent and is just being a kid even though there are imbeciles on YT who think it’s the start of her singing career. I’ve seen plenty of 8 year old singers with far more talent. It was heavily edited and has a repetitive metal track on it. I’m not knocking Juliet in any way. It’s just the truth about how it was made. Juliet is a HIT because she is very cute and it’s funny to see a little girl sing to metal, and it’s DIFFERENT, which are the key words to getting something viral. People love her, for her, not because she’s the next top singer.

    So I’d say it sounds VERY good. I liked it, and also give credit to the people who made the track. But it wasn’t THAT amazing. That said, Rebecca has shown she has singing talent and has worked very hard to get where she’s at. Also the people who created her tracks, worked MUCH harder to create those tracks as they are far more complex. As for whether people liked Rebecca’s song, that’s debatable considering many who were hating, wouldn’t admit that was the purpose of their comment, but then they’d say, “Hey, this is catchy” every few lines. Friday was a likable song if not for the lyrical problems, and auto tuning etc. The later songs were far better. So you can’t compare three songs to one. As for “sugary disposable pop format”, give me a break, LOL. I work in the music industry, record singers, work in studios etc. The metal track of “My first hardcore song” was just as generic and disposable as Friday’s was. It’s nice to pick up and try to use terms as if you are a pro, but please become one before doing so. Also you didn’t need to write this in a way to pit one 8 year old girl against another 14 year old one. That’s why I called you a loser.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      You put entirely too much effort into tying that together with your loser comment. Well done.