8.2 Quake Hits Eastern Russia, No Deaths Reported

By: Sean Patterson - May 24, 2013

A magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck in the Sea of Okhotsk of Friday. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the quake was located just off the coast of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, in the far eastern part of the country. The massive quake was followed by a smaller (but still very large) magnitude 6.8 aftershock further out in the Sea of Okhotsk.

The quakes occurred deep in the Earth, with both centered at a depth of more than 600 km (about 372 miles). Neither the USGS’s West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center nor its Pacific Tsunami Warning Center have issued tsunami warnings connected to the Okhotsk quakes. No deaths have been reported as a result of the quakes.

Several large earthquakes have been reported in the past two months. In April 2013, an 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Iran caused extensive damage to rural communities in neighboring Pakistan. That massive quake was followed within days by a quake in Papua new Guinea that was measured at magnitude 6.8, a quake in northern Japan that was measured at magnitude 7.2, and another Papua New Guinea quake measured at magnitude 6.4.

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  • http://yahoo Matti

    Its called the Ring of Fire…next place will be Chile.

    • Chris

      It’s the land of Fire & Ice!

  • Peter

    Alaskan coastline down to British Columbia is my guess for a strong quake.

  • Nick


  • edwin

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    • Big Lou

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    • angie

      Amen !!!! And the truth will set you FREE …

  • dd

    They changed the date for the end of the world to 12/21/14

    • Beth Pendleton

      OMG- WTF???!!!haha

  • Big Lou

    After fifty earthquakes struck Northern California in the last 24 hours, and a massive quake in eastern Russia measuring 8.2 on the Richter scale, reports are emerging that some high profile individuals on the U.S. west coast have begun evacuating their families. Unidentified international dignitaries have likewise been reportedly flown out of the San Francisco area.

    The reasoning is that there may be a suspected massive “plate fracture” occurring off of the Oregon/California coast.

    • Crimson

      Kind of like what happens in the movies… 2012, Knowing, The Core, The Day After Tomorrow or even Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theories … ok not like some of those but yeah thay are going to hide and not tell the rest of us why. Wait till the next one, it’ll be a lot worst. This is the part were some usually says the HAARP did it…

    • Beth Pendleton

      and who says that this is so? I have family there.

    • Ed in Colorado

      Conspiracy at best.. None of my International Consulate Connections have been requested to leave.. Not by their countries, nor the United States..

  • Steve

    Damn global warming..

  • Shonda

    Soon the geographical shape of the United States will be altered. So, that great shape that we were all summoned to draw in grade school willlook totally different.

  • Bert

    The earthquakes will open a large chasm off the coast of California/oregon. This chasm is full off fa miscers masturbating to the richter scale.

    • Bryan

      Uh, Bert, what is “fa miscers”?

      • Beth Pendleton

        I think that it is bowel movement type substance, and or defacation.

    • Beth Pendleton

      and give it somewhere to spew to

  • larry ward

    The center of the earth is molten lava.My theory is the center of the earth needs oil to cool it down like a engine in your vehicle.Evoryone is sucking up the oil and that is why the earthquakes,volcanos, and global warming.Just saying, my theory could be wrong.

    • Crimson

      I like it. What if our world does use the oil for something we dont know yet and drilling it is making things go wrong ? Do you have more ?

      • Beth Pendleton

        I have thought that for a long time.

    • Beth Pendleton

      Love it

  • larry ward

    Oil cools the center of the earth and alot of countrys are sucking oil which my theory thats why all the earthquakes, volcanos, and global warming.

  • nmiller

    where has there been little or no activity, california

    • kyle


      this web site shows that there has been a lest 17 earthquakes ranging in magnitude form 2.5 to 3.2. and all of them but one were in greenville, california. allof these happened on 05/24/13.

  • Beth Pendleton

    The earth is the earth, we are on it. We will either be OK ,or we will all be sucked up in a big giant earthquake, tsanami, etc, the bottom line is make sure that you and yours are happy no matter what and to not live in fear, I live in California, (love most of it), am I comfortable going over the Golden Gate? Hell No, but I have been there occasionally, but predictions are not necessarily rocket science, certain things have occured before in a certain pattern, and may or may not repeat itself, I do not put my money on San Francisco.

  • BloggerQueen

    If all these countries would STOP all testing of nuclear weapons UNDERGROUND, then the earth would be in better shape, but as it stands, all the Nuke testing around the world is starting to make the earth have indigestion! STOP NUKE TESTING UNDERGROUND NOW!

  • RON

    Oh, My Gosh! Let’s rush them some aid. Isn’t that the American way? Everyone else get billions of aid dollars while our citizens have to fend for themselves after disasters.

  • http://yahoo mj canterbury

    Most Russians were to drunk to know there was an earthquake.