75% of Americans Don’t Care or Know About Smart TV

    October 28, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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TV Manufacturers are scrambling for a way to increase sales now that consumers have settled in with their HDTVs. While 4K resolutions and content are still on the horizon, “smart” TV functionality is being touted as the must have for TV-watchers.

Market research firm IHS today reported, though, that most Americans just don’t care about smart TVs. A new survey by the firm found that a full 73% of Americans “are not interested” in purchasing a smart TV within the next year.

IHS points out that this could be due to a consumer base that is simply ignorant of smart TVs. While only 7% of consumers who are “not aware” of smart TVs intend to buy one in the next year (an odd statistic in itself), that percentage rises to 30% among consumers who are “aware” of smart TVs.

“The latest results of the IHS U.S. TV Consumer Survey show that TV makers have both a challenge and an opportunity when it comes to selling consumers smart TVs,” said Veronica Thayer, analyst for consumer electronics and technology at IHS. “Few consumers at present want to buy smart TVs now. However, demand can be cultivated if television brands better explain to consumers what smart TVs are, what they do, and why they should buy one.”

Only 20% of those polled indicated that they expect to buy a new TV within the next year, a drop from 31% polled one year ago. The survey also found that 90% of smart TV owners have their set connected to the internet, and that 80% of them have used their smart TV to watch streaming video services such as Netflix and Hulu. IHS stated that “two to three times” more survey participants considered internet connectivity when purchasing a TV than considered 3-D.

  • will

    I think most people’s cable service is severely limiting the use of Smart TVs in two areas:

    1) costs are not close to the level of utility provided. [and Services are usually terrible, no fault of the TV]

    2) technology of Smart TVs are far outpacing technology implemented. Even for those who have a 4k TV, there’s very little to watch in 4k or 3D content. or have content warrant the necessity of watching it in 4k or 3D.

    and though not cable related, I question the value added going from a 50″ to an 80″ if there is truly that much more entertainment value.

  • http://www.teletrade.es/ Derick Teletrade

    I think the reason behind this is increasing fear among Americans about the looming recession. This is the reason why most Americans are not spending and concentrating more on saving.

  • Wow

    Your smart TV will be able to record everything you watch and do. I think people are leery of that. Ever read the book 1984. Well, smart TVs were in that book and it didn’t turn out to great for mankind. People forget that anything can be turned on via the internet or remotely. As you read my small comment, look at your cellphone, which I am sure is handy. The NSA can turn that on without you knowing it and record everything going on around you. Imagine that power with your TV. Right now most people don’t want to buy because of price and the economy, but I assure you that is a growing segment that is really worried about privacy.

    I worked in electronics for a big retail company so it was my job to keep up with what customers were saying about electronics. I remember distinctly after a General Patreus said that appliances can spy on people and when the CIA director came out an verified the plan to use the TV as surveillance equipment, we had many customers come in and ask if their appliances/TVs were bugged.

    Here is an interesting article on this http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adam-levin/9-household-items-that-co_b_3760938.html

    Just my 2 cents. Take it for what it is worth.

  • Romans 10:9

    Part of it is because they soaked us on the high cost of tv’s. People can’t afford them.