7 Ghetto Prom Photos That Rule The Internet

    June 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When you’re in high school, prom is one of the biggest events you’ll attend. It requires weeks (sometimes even months) of preparation, quite a bit of cash, and some coordination so you don’t end up wearing the same thing your mortal enemy shows up in.

Some people, however, go over the top with the big night. Way over the top. So over the top, in fact, that they warrant their own place on the web. Here, I’ve assembled some of the very best photos to make you pee your pants (or at least distract you from your boring work day).

The Matchy-Matchy Couple
Image credit: theurbandaily.com

The “We’re So Hitting Taco Bell After” Date
Image credit: djlobo.com

Don’t Hate, Coordinate
Image credit: youknowdamnright.org

Image credit: youknowdamnright.org

The Helicopter

The Metalmouths
Image credit: Djlobo.com

The Belly Dancer
Image credit: ConsumptionJunction.com

  • Tami

    This is old! Get some new pics or drop it!

  • http://foreverprom.tumblr.com Forever Prom

    We can’t handle the GhetToes photo! So creepy.

  • Jackie

    The belly dancer and the ghetToes did it for me yuck