60-Vehicle Pileup On I-5 Causes Several Injuries

    December 19, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Bad weather is plaguing drivers in California this week, with freezing roadways and foggy conditions leading to a 60-car accident on I-5 in Siskiyou County on Tuesday night.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the pile-up, but several reports of injuries have come in after a semi truck crashed into a concrete barrier while sliding on black ice, causing a chain-reaction. At least one person had to be airlifted to a nearby hospital. Both sides of the interstate were shut down for about two miles as crews worked frantically to help the victims and remove vehicles from the site.

“At this time we’re not certain whether or not a small snowstorm or hail storm precipitated this ice formation or it was just the below freezing temperatures in the air,” Yreka Police Public Information Officer Nick Black said.

While 60 vehicles were involved, 18 of those were actually struck; the rest were simply stranded on the interstate, either due to the icy conditions or because of the accident.

  • Tony

    People in Calif can’t drive unless the sun is shining. If it rains or a little snow falls, they have panic attacks and crash. In the rest of the USA, this is no big deal.

    • S

      I don’t know where you live but I live by the wreck, all of California is not palm trees, beaches and sunshine. It’s people from out of the area that cause wrecks like this, snow and icy in the mountains of California all the time in the winter. My guess is the majority were not from Far Northern California.

      • C

        Thank you S! We live and drive up here in icy, snowy and rainy conditions all winter. No palm trees!! And no tule fog this far west (another post).

    • http://none Randi Reiter

      We definitely better check into banning automobiles, they kill people.

      • Ron Theall

        Maybe a waiting list say 30 days, then a background check.

        • gen81465

          Waiting lists, background checks and banning automobiles would only affect the law abiding; you can’t legislate the criminal intent out of people. Hmm…wait a minute, the same thing would apply to guns. Wow! What an epiphany!

  • Dwane

    Ban the automobile, count the deaths daily

  • John Winkel

    Do you folks have proofreaders?

    Thankfully, no one was injured in the pile-up, but several reports of injuries have come in after a semi truck crashed into a concrete…

    The above was copy/pasted from this article.

  • screwybruce

    The tires on the shown SUV are sub par. That vehicle should NOT have been driven in the mountains in the winter.

  • Allie

    Everytime I drive through the Siskiyou passes, I am so freaked out. It could be because a 7lb rock was thrown off an overpass hitting my truck in Oregon on I-5, almost killing my daughter in 1985. Can’t be too cautious!

  • Ivan

    I drive for a living, charter bus drive here. Sudden dense fog is truly scary, your first reaction is to brake. It is the right move, second put your 4 way flashers on, amber light cuts through fog better than red light. If you hit something, try to move to the shoulder, don’t overdrive your LOW BEAM LIGHTS. Never put on your high beams, they will reflect the fog back to you, making matters much worse!

  • GreggS

    Time to ban cars. They kill people directly and they’re bad for the enviroment

    • John J

      I’m for banning ice.

      • Jayson & Traci Coe

        Don’t ban ice, we need it to go ice fishing. Ban stupid drivers that follow too close and don’t slow down for conditions!

  • SFAnnie

    60 vehicle pile-up. “Only 12 vehicles were struck”….misleading, untruthful headline. News. They should just call it “today’s fiction”.

    • SFAnnie

      I meant 18…typo, sorry.

    • http://yahoo charles

      OH LORD, ban cars before someone gets hurt, hurry Obuma save calif.

  • oyvay

    “Thankfully, no one was injured in the pile-up, but several reports of injuries have come in after a semi truck crashed into a concrete barrier while sliding on black ice.”

    Well, which is it? Injuries or no injuries?

  • David Johnson

    Beyond Traffik, is a book that looks in depth at our current personal transportation model and questions why the “King Car” can get away with directly killing 40,000 people per year averaged over the last few decades. Earning cars the title of #1 cause of Death for CHILDREN and #1 cause of Death for everyone under the age of 44. Now factor in the “emissions” that’s Orwellian speak for “death fumes” and the second hand smoke effect from cars kill another 200,000 per year. We also pay OPEC who filters our money to the “Death to America” screamers. Then we get to roll around on average under 10mph in the urban centers on crumbling roadways. Beyond Traffik, available at Barnes & Noble in the Nook Book section or in the Kindle Store at Amazon spends the second half of the book profiling ideas and products vs. the “King Car.” From Human Powered Transports to Sleek Motor Vehicles and yes– even Personal Air Vehicles.
    Our children deserve better than this– get on the fast track, find out how you can get on the road to moving Beyond Traffik!

  • http://yahoo kevin cox

    it is a wonder that they didn’t try to blame guns for this.

  • Dave

    As one who has run afoul of black myself, I must say that it is often a situation one cannot prepare for. Black ice can form at above freezing temp if wind conditions are right for rapid evaporation of road surface moisture. Thus you may be tooling along when suddenly you have no steering/braking control…………SCARY!

  • Wayne Reif

    It was probably George Bush’s fault.

    • Emily Bee

      heeheeheehee probably

  • http://60carpileup-byamandacrum Crystal

    reply to Tony – Finally, some californians write. ‘Tony’ speaks of South Cali. where it’s warm and your hair and clothes don’t get messed up if weather sets in. ‘S’ and ‘C’ true californians prepared for inclement weather. It’s a bummer when a little snow turns to ice and boom- accident- what sucks more are the ‘gapers’ driving by superslow looking at the accident. I love northern Ca. – fishing, hiking, boating, snow and all- just be prepared for mother nature. Not like Southern Ca. – tooo much traffic- prepare for clusterf**k.
    I feel bad about the 60 car accident- but lighten up- didn’t hear of any traumatic injuries or death. Happy Holidays….

  • Socalandproud

    Really, get a life. I grew up in orange county, lived in Los Angeles counties, San Diego County, Lancaster, Palmdale, Sacramento and Yreka. For most long time So. Californians who venture out of their backyard, we can drive just as well as anyone on the east coast. Check the weather stats for each of the counties and/or cities listed and you will see the variety of weather a California driver can encounter. I’ve experienced the black ice in Lancaster and as stated by Dave you have no control or warning. Living in Sacramento and traveling the I-5 to LA is not for the faint of heart in the spring or summer when dealing with the fog and having been someone who was caught without chains on the I-5 headed into Yreka you play it smart and know your vehicles limits. Califonria is one of the most beautiful states around. How many other states are there where u can surf in the morning and ski in the afternoon? Even though there are quite a few bad drivers on the road, it is the same anywhere you go. Happy to hear no serious injuries and everyone can enjoy the holidays

  • Steve

    What a tragedy ! I request that the Obama administration call for an immediate ban on ALL FORMS of ICE in this country.

    • Chris

      I request that you stop making lame jokes. Idiot.

  • sandy

    Amanda, This is the most confusing article. No injuries, but yet someone was air lifted to the closest hospital. 60 car pileup but only 18 were struck the rest were stalled. This makes it an 18 car pileup with 42 cars stalled. You exagerated this simply to get someone to read your completely unintersting little story.

  • Jade

    I hope these people don’t move to Wisconsin or Minnesota, where a little ice means nothing to us.

  • http://yahoo Deirdre

    Wow, interesting comments…I live in north eastern CA, 4200 ft elevation. It get pretty hairy during bad weather, too. People it’s alright to slow down & arrive alive. It’s also alright to give yourself 1 car length per every 10 mph. I hate driving when I look in the mirror & the driver behind me is so close that I can’t see their license plate! BACK OFF !! That mountain pass is nothing to play with, slow down please. To Ivan: Thanks for your advice. I sure others will listen… BTW – I totally agree with the Obama comments, cause for some reason “he placed a crown on his head, that reads folow me & I will fix everything!” Also, if that doesn’t work, let’s get some people to study the issue & report back. After all, that’s one way to keep spending money & keep the eyes off the fiscal cliff!!!

  • Ted Watson

    I was traveling south bound 5 @ around the same time, the conditions were dark, curvy, and icy. I was going 20 mph which was 5 mph to fast, the north was going speeds anywhere from we’ll never make it to ER bound soon! There’s no way Everyone in this accident shouldn’t of received a violation and attempted murder charges for driving like fools….