6 Dead In Chicago Shootings Over The Weekend

    May 27, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Chicago police are reporting that 6 people are dead as a result of shootings over the weekend.

The AP reports that 6 people were killed and another 11 wounded in a string of gun violence that took place over the weekend in Chicago. On Friday, a 17-year-old and a 22-year-old were both killed in separate shootings. Then an 18-year-old and a 29-year-old were killed as a result of gun violence.

After two days of gun violence resulting in deaths, Chicago still couldn’t breathe easy. On Sunday morning, a 42-year-old man was shot in the head after a vehicle crash. The woman in his vehicle was taken to a hospital. In a separate event, a man in his late 20s was shot in the armpit and later pronounced dead at a hospital.

It should be noted that none of these deaths are likely related. If anything, Chicago found itself with an incredibly violent weekend. Unfortunately, it’s not anything new for residents of Chicago as people are sometimes killed by stray bullets from gang wars. The most recent being a 6-month-old child that was shot and killed by such a stray bullet.

  • richard colonel

    This is getting ridiculous. All this violence, because of what?! It is so sad that some people can’t find another way to celebrate the holiday. I find it atrocious. I believe that the Second Amendment was intended to keep guns in the people’s hands for their safety and that people who have guns need to take a course of study on how to handle a weapon, and how to secure it to keep it from getting into the hands of a youngster. Whatever happened to duking it out with your fists?




  • John K

    How can Chicago have so much gun crime when they have the toughest gun control laws in the entire nation? Makes no sense to me. Here in Montana we have a very low crime rate while being very pro gun. About 60% of the state population is armed with at least one gun in the home. I guess we can conclude from these facts is that gun control does not work unless you’re a criminal.

    • Word

      Sorry John K. but comparing a rural state like Montana to inner-city Chicago is apples and oranges. You really cannot draw any conclusions from such a comparison.

      • Pete

        I suppose that those people living in MT are in legal possession of guns and those committing crimes in with guns in Chicago is also comparing apples to oranges

        • nogun obama

          word……pete……really? aren t they BOTH U.S. citys? don t they both have the same laws? don t they both have drugs,crime,low income familys??? theres no apples and oranges just law abiding people and criminal people! the one best thing? Montana has good gun laws compared to the BS gun laws in Chicago! the crooks in Montana know this and it helps deter crime! only the criminals have guns in Chicago and the crooks know it!

          • http://yahoo.com sam

            Thank You, Thank You, there are intelligent thinkers and knowledgeable beings still here on earth.

    • Ssgt M

      That’s very well put , I’m a VN vet and totally agree,, As much as they want to hipe up gun laws ,it does not work ,it just makes it harder for law abiding citizens to abtain a fire arm for protection, from these low life criminals

      • http://yahoo.com sam

        I myself am a veteran, I strongly agree with your comment, too bad that we stopped the draft, maybe the military would have saved some of these kids, or at least trained them for humanity.

    • Matt M

      Chicago has high population density. Drug prohibition creates black markets. The combination of the two makes gang turf valuable. Drug money funds the illegal gun purchases (probably more than burglary, robbery and gambling but those play a part). Throw in public aid for single mothers and you have a lessened incentive to marry or wait to have kids. Kids with less parental control and education are more likely to hustle when they get old enough. Sprinkle in some poor health/diet and negative cultural elements and you got inner city America. Every man and woman should have the right to arm themselves with a weapon if they choose. Drug and gambling prohibition should be ended. Always err on the side of freedom.

      • nogun obama

        also scum bag politicians come out of Chicago! just look at the names of all the crooked politicians that came out of Chicago including the piece of scum who stole the white house with its sneaking thru the back door and late night antics!who controls the voting booths? the unions who have their heads up obamas butt with their hands out! I have been in a union for 31 years! its the crooked leaders with their hands out! vote out all the scum bags, which means 100% of chicagos politicians and vote in real people that will help the people of Chicago and not themselves!

    • robert woltman

      How many black males do you have in Montana?

      • Wayne Chipman

        Hey Robert, thanks for pointing out the obvious. Where I live there are very few Blacks and I can walk around anytime day or night and not worry about getting shot.
        I love it when I run into a Libcom going on about Love is colorblind, I tell these retards; Why don’t you head on down to Harlem and spout your idiocity.

      • nogun obama

        should not matter, they have more illegal immigrants which is probably worse when it comes to crime!

    • matt g

      ..not to worry John K…its mostly gangbangers killin gangbangers, not a big loss to society.

      • Jlew700

        Your statement is ignorant, inconsiderate and inhumane. I’m not saying you are but maybe you should think a bit longer before you post things of that nature. Gang members or whatever name you’d like to give em are people as well. They have families, mothers, fathers, sons, etc. They have people who love them. Sometimes folk make the wrong decisions in life. Most who do need help & guidance which many of those individuals do not get & most come from homes where there is no father &/or mother so they turn to things & people where they feel loved, wanted and respected. To add on to that with their upbringing & where they live may not be opportunities as far as job wise, career wise, means of making alot of $ legally or even making a little $ to survive for themselves & their families. Not to sound discriminatory, racist or sympathetic for anything or anyone but there are places still in the world/America where young & old black men are frowned upon when trying to get a job, more so when they have a criminal record. Some folk commit crimes for the hell of it but many do it cause of less or no opportunities then when they do it gets worse for them form there as far as being able to get a job, start a life & live in this world. Next time you say something have some substance, knowledge, & respect behind it. Also I’m not a person who hides behind comments on these type of the things. If I said it here to you I’d say it anywhere to anyone live in 3d.

        • nogun obama

          really! most gang bangers are 4th,5th,6th generation criminals! they want the easy money instead of an education. they are as young as 8 and 10. they see their uncle with a new caddy or their brother with a wad of cash and say to hell with school I want that money! than they get mad and complain when members of their familys are killed in drive bys. when their young they get a slap on the wrist or maybe juvvy. the old ones usually get prison or death. but there are man more waiting in line for that “easy money”

        • Roger Pipkin


          Spoken like a true blue bleeding heart Liberal. You people have been spouting this crap since LBJ and you haven’t gained an inch of round as far as correcting the problem. But you keep bleating the same old tired tune. Only difference is, these days people are wise to the BS and your tired tune is falling on deaf ears.
          Do you want to know the real difference between Chicago
          and Montana? Self respect and respect for the law and the rights of others. Something which is totally missing in the Gang Banger community and City Hall in Chicago. You are in dire need of a reality check my friend. Just don’t try walking around Gang banger neighborhoods to get it. You will NOT survive the visit. Good Luck!

      • Dave K

        Man, if that was only the case I would hope they all kill each other and it would work itself out. Sadly all too often there is collateral damages where a baby is killed or a bystander a block down, an errant shot through a wall or something. I wish it were just gangs killing gangs. I am sure this will lead to why we need more gun laws to punish the legal owners.

    • Jerry

      Makes all the sense in the world to me. Gun laws only affect those that are trying to purchase guns legally. What criminal goes through the normal means of buying a gun?

      Also, it’s the mindset of the people in the area. If violence has become normal behavior when it comes to dealing with a dispute, whether it’s a gun, a knife or a bat, people like this will always find a weapon to use.

  • lee

    I wish the news would also say that its always the same neighborhoods and almost always gang related. My friends and family that live in other states think I live in a war zone! Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the country. Dosent look like its working!

    • nogun obama

      thanks to the stupid democrats! they have been running Chicago for decades ans just look at the slums,crime,drugs,poor schools,taxes,no jobs, stupid laws that does nothing to protect the innocent! these idiots should vote in republicans and see what they can do in 4 years or I should say UNDO that the crooked democrats have put on this one city and this one state. time to throw the garbage OUT of Chicago and finally get some decency in Chicago!!!

      • http://yahoo.com sam

        There must not be any honest republicans left. Do you really think that changing parties would work. How about doing unbiased research on all politicians before we vote them in. Regardless of party, sex, and race. Watch the old TV series Get Smart.

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      Suppliers are Billionares. Destroy the communities keep making video games and guns.

  • http://WebProNews Brad

    I’m tired of the Media acting like this is a news event,this is nothing new. The cops can only do so much,until the drugs get stopped,and all gang activity is stopped, I don’t believe things will change much. The sad part is the innocent people that get hurt or killed, If I lived there I would sell everything and move and start over, but if you stay for whatever reason,don’t complain when your a statistic, most people are tired of the whole dismal Chicago crime scene.

  • John

    Sadly there is no answer for stupidity. Taking my lawfully owed gun away from me and people like me will never stop violence.

  • Edwin

    Wow.Chicago,and Washington DC. Have the toughest gun laws in the nation and yet they have the highest gun crime rates in the nation also??????? That’s because criminals are going to get their hands on guns no matter what!!!

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      Take a stab, just for fun, and figure out how many gangs have gun shops and weapons production facilities. Just maybeeee you might get it, doubt it! but try anyway.

  • Martin Krievs

    More examples of what happens in gun free zones-criminals do not obey the law. By definition, everyone doing the shooting in a gun free area is a criminal. Yet law abiding citizens in Illinois get punished by having their 2nd Amd rights strictly curtailed by the Democrats in power. And likely than not, the shooters were all Democrats..

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      Wow, another genius. Democrat shooters. Must be incess from the backwoods. Bred only in hogheads.

  • http://amslist.com clete

    SURPRIZE! Since Dr. Bandura (if anyone cares about science) modeling is the !# way to learn for humans. For those too lazy, it means you saw it and you learned it. Suicide and homicide deaths always go up after we show a constant barrage on TV and print of the violence. The more graphic, the mote likely it will imprint.. So thank your local ad mad making money off of the science we already know. More film, moves, film clips more death on TV and print and more death.. But hell, it sells!!!!.

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      Finally, a person who knows the true meaning of the Almighty Dollar. Advertise dirt, games and mahem. The money will come. Damn Society. Greed, Greed and more Greed.

  • Susan

    Hey Chicago…. How’s that gun control working out for you?

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      The same way it worked when all of the Indians were killed for their territories and their land, hope you can guess how that started.

  • Kayla

    How can it be that there are so many shootings in Chicago when Illinois has the strictest gun laws in the nation? damn criminals, not following the laws… hmm…



    • nogun obama


  • Bob

    Take away morals and respect for life and see what we get. Lets stop allowing the minority to take our values out of educating our youth. God is important.

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      Who are the minorities NOW, better check that out.

  • http://NA Warrior

    Young men who grew up with no Alpha male except Gang Bangers, baby sat from birth by TV sets, violent video games and a too young mother looking for Mr Right or Mr Rightnow. Until we do something about this situation, black, white, red and yellow will continue to self destruct. Uncle Sam’s Plantation (where nobody has to work to eat) breeds this violence and irresponsibility.

  • http://NA Warrior

    In the United Kingdom, a recent survey found thousands of homes with three generations present, none of whom had ever held a paying job. I think the same could be found in this country except perhaps the three generations under one roof. Our subsidized housing probably prevents that. It also allows young girls to run households they are in no way prepared to run.

  • Freddy Tillotson

    Sounds like natures way of thinning the herd!

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      Duh, You figure.

  • nogun obama

    this shows how stupid Obama really is! he is from Chicago which has the strictest gun laws anywhere and yet 6 are killed and 11 wounded in just one weekend!!! Maybe this is second phase of eric holden and his fast & furious BS! clean up the stink in your own back yard before you keep lying to the American people! Show us your REAL birth certificate! AND your school records AND your passport! get this anti-American soialist commie loving muslim OUT of the white house!!!

    • http://webpronews Brad

      You hit the nail on the head,I wish people would wake up and see it but this country has changed, I seen it in ’08 and ’09 the page has turned, when a guy like OBUMER, is elected by a majority of people who never voted in there lives, just because he is black, really…WTF, and those dumb bastards wonder why there is underground malitias… the whole political scene is a F***ing joke.

      • http://yahoo.com sam

        Another moron, keep coming fools. Plenty of room for you at the institutions.You probably needed help t write this statement.

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      Hmm, wonder how many times he had to go to the library to get this article written. Probably donald trumps grandson. Still on that birth certificate issue, WOW, the institutions for you are still available. Turn yourself In, get help.

  • Patrick

    None of us can live without hope. What does hopeless look like in our society? It looks like those secions of Chicago that are being over run by the gangs. The visable symptoms are a lack of education and moral structure, minimal family structure, limited role models. Then instesd of providing opportunity to get out of this vicious circle, add just enough money and services to survive. The results are a low regard for human life, education, and athority, a very leathel mixture.
    What does not allowing law abiding citizens to posses a hand gun do to improve this picture? Very little. It cleary does not make law abiding citizens safer. Owning a gun in this enviornment may provide some protection for some, but it is not a long term solution.
    Our current welfare system just adds fuel to the fire because it rewards those who don’t get out. When you have dug yourself a hole it’s often eaiser to just keep digging than it is to climb out. Without a system that rewards family structure and support. Rewards a good education and hard work. Allows/shows people a real opportunity for a better life, very little will change.

    • http://yahoo.com sam

      Glad to know that there are still real American thriving, thanks for this article, those who don’t get this, Never Will.