54 Loaded Guns At Airports This Week, TSA Says

    May 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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There’s nothing travelers like to hear more right before a holiday weekend than a bunch of weapons being confiscated at airports across the country.

The TSA reported that 54 loaded guns were found this week during checks at different airports, along with various other types of weapons. Reportedly, 19 of the guns had rounds chambered. One man was found to have been carrying a loaded gun strapped to his prosthetic leg and was arrested ion a concealed weapons charge.

“Unfortunately these sorts of occurrences are all too frequent which is why we talk about these finds,” the TSA shared in a statement. “Sure, it’s great to share the things that our officers are finding, but at the same time, each time we find a dangerous item, the throughput is slowed down and a passenger that likely had no ill intent ends up with a citation or in some cases is even arrested. The passenger can face a penalty as high as $7,500.00. This is a friendly reminder to please leave these items at home. Just because we find a prohibited item on an individual does not mean they had bad intentions, that’s for the law enforcement officer to decide. In many cases, people simply forgot they had these items.”

Also, apparently people think it’s okay to bring hand grenades on airplanes. Really?

“We continue to find inert hand grenades and other weaponry on a weekly basis. Please keep in mind that if an item looks like a realistic bomb, grenade, mine, etc., it is prohibited – real or not. When these items are found at a checkpoint or in checked baggage, they can cause significant delays in checkpoint screening. I know they are cool novelty items, but you cannot bring them on a plane.”

In other words, travelers, have a nice 3-day weekend and make sure you stow your weapon safely at home before you leave.

  • Bob Schmidt

    Dem congress candidate wannabes again?

  • You need

    “…was arrested ion a concealed weapons charge.”

    I thought ions were either negative or positive charges. I didn’t know the 3rd charge was concealed weapon. :-)

    • Doc Halide

      Certainly not a neutral charge

    • I Get It

      I can’t be neutral about this: I am positive it had a negative effect ion his life.

  • Carl Hounshell

    The Second Amendment is long gone. And many of the others, such as the First Amendment are on their way.

    • ron

      So has common sense.

    • http://yahoo mike

      how retarded are you carl? 2nd is not gone. get your fact straight.

      • jonhhyrussell

        The guy’s leg in the article is gone though. He had a hand gun strapped to his prosthetic.

      • Patriot1977

        It was a figure of speech. To be honest, you might be a little more retarded than the guy you commented on since most of the second amendment is regulated to the extent that you cannot utilize or express it.

    • Doc Halide


    • johnnytwofingers

      @Carl H….Your second amendment right Does Not give you the right to endanger the 100 other passengers on a plane. Not to mention it being illegal to transport firearms across state lines unless you have an active ffl.

      • Jerry

        Completely wrong. Allow me to clarify your incorrect statement.

        You can transport any gun across state lines. The firearms must not be accessible WHEN CROSSING STATE LINES and must be in a locked case. If there is ammo in the vehicle it must be in a separate area of the vehicle. ie. Guns in trunk, ammo in back seat. You can also sell guns to out of state residents, carry the gun to the resident or meet at a shop, do a legal transfer through an FFL (That legal transfer that Anti Gunners, UN Constitutionalists and leftists) say never happens. And you do NOT need an FFL for any of it.

      • Mr Darrell

        Not true; there are procedures for transporting a firearm on a commercial flight; No FFL needed; BUT, you can’t carry it in your brief case, purse or strapped on your person.

      • filamb1@yahoo.com

        In addition to Jerry’s comments,I have a concealed carry permit. I can carry a loaded handgun across state lines as long as that state reciprocates with my state.


        You are very wrong, you are allowed to have in your checked baggage an unloaded hand gun or two as long as they are declared and in hard sided locked containers to which only you have the key. Keep in mind that an attorney who has himself for a client has a fool for a client which generally leads to the type of misinformation you have disseminated.

      • Patriot1977

        It is not illegal to transport firearms across state lines without an FFL. You should look into that a bit more. As far as endangering anyone on a plane, having a weapon on a plane doesn’t endanger anyone.

      • Brian

        one does not need an FFL to travel across state lines with a firearm

    • John Clagett

      Disagree. The second amendment is still with us. I note the bill to provied background checks couldn’t pass the Senate although a lot of thoughtful people put a lot of work in it to make the bill a fair and balanced one. I do wish, Carl, that you exhibited common sense.

      • Brubee

        Ron was right: Common sense has long gone.

      • Patriot1977

        Have you ever bought a gun? You need a background check in every state. the bill proposed was way different than what you are talking about. Read, learn, and open your mind.

        • http://n/a bd

          In most states you only need a background check when you buy from an FFL. Person to person sales do not require a background check. This is known as the gun show loophole.

          A prohibited person can go to a gun show where normal people regularly bring guns to sell, and buy them without a background check. Some states do not allow this like my state of PA.

    • Joe

      Why do you think? You can’t have people carrying guns because they are dumb today. I don’t want anyone to carry a gun. You think the government is taking things away well your wrong. They are protecting you against yourselves because you people are boneheads today.

      • John


        You are right on!!! only obsessive cops and paranoid people carry guns, the righteous carry a Bible, the strong carry confidence! It is a real challenge to prove your strength by reasoning but certainly a lot easier to pull a trigger. Let’s put some of the advocates in actual life or death fire fights with tracers at 2 o’clock in the morning after being awake for 64 hours. The Senator from NH voted against gun control, Now there’s a real BONE Head!

      • Patriot1977

        The government shouldn’t be protecting us from ourselves. Darwinism will fix that on it’s own. The government should be concerned with outside influences, not limiting my options as a citizen.

    • Ed

      The 2nd Amendment is long gone?! You cannot be serious. In the wake of 20 first graders being executed via another crazy with another big gun, the collective legal response of the nation is essentially a pep rally and re-affirmation for a delusional interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. If anything, post-Newtown America is MORE gun friendly, not less.

      It never ceases to amaze me how absolutists on gun rights act like children testing the boundaries of a parent, teacher or substitute, any authoritative figure, etc., ad infinitum. Why is it always about their victimization and persecution and rarely if ever about what they can do for their country and our fellow Americans? Thank God previous generations were not so selfish about what they were due. No constitutional right is absolute. None. If any were, then the document loses its purpose and freedom (actual day to day life in our self-governed society) is seriously impaired. Rights without reasonable restrictions eventually erode the core right itself. History proves this. Prisoners cannot own guns. Children cannot bring guns to school. Freedom of religion does entitle a group to sacrifice a virgin to a concrete deity. Freedom of the press does not allow solicitation to commit crimes in the “want ads.” And, yes, ordinary citizens cannot bring guns on airplanes. It is so easy to simply pick an extreme position and then never have to actually deliberate on a difficult problem. That takes thought and effort and compromise and maturity–all of which are vital to a successful, living democracy and all of which are conspicuously missing from most 2nd Amendment debates.

    • Robert Brown

      Only gone if you let it be gone!

    • Dave

      The Second Amendment can’t be gone. The Bill of Rights is a written document that codifies the inalienable rights of every American. These rights are inalienable, meaning that no one can take them away from you. You can’t even give them away, Carl. They just are. Whether you choose to exercise these rights and to what extent is up to you. While there may be consequences for exercising them, to include repercussions from laws created to limit these rights, that doesn’t mean that those rights are gone.

  • http://yahoo mike

    i don’t believe a word of it. Americans don’t know you can’t take a gun to the airport? i have a metal brace on my rt knee, 21 steel clamps in my back. i avoid the tsa like the plague. their timing just happens to coincide with obama’s problems. liars are not transparent.

    • ReneldaM

      Mike, I’m with you all the way. This has got to be a planted story. Americans are not totally stupid. Although, admittedly, there is a significant dumbing down in our once-great nation.
      WE could be a great nation if our Government and goverments stop with all the lies and disinformation& misinformation that they so glibly dole out. They get no respect until they (Govt[s]) start respecting We The People.

      • Kid 1776

        These days, all stories planted.

      • Jason

        Actually I work for TSA and one officer alone found 2 guns within a 3 hour span just the other week. You really would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t know that guns, bullets, and other weapons are in their bag. I know everyone wants to bash TSA but does everyone not forget that our society and the quality of people in it are kind of at a sad state.

        • Bob Brady

          Jason 3 guns in a 3 hour period ? what does that tell me ? Hmmm figure out my thought yet ? well it goes something like this

          A TSA PLANT !!!!!!!!!!

          • Ed

            Yea, the story cannot possibly be true that SOME gun owners are simply too stupid, arrogant, rebellious, and reckless to produce these types of numbers and documented selfishness. These type of conspiracy laden comments and denials demonstrate the exact thinking (or lack thereof) that result in trying to sneak a loaded firearm on an airliner.

            I regulated concealed firearm permits for years and the cataclysmic lack of judgment by some gun owners is almost beyond imagination. If anything, this story underestimates the actual numbers involved.

        • Jerry

          If you work for the TSA then you are well aware that it is perfectly legal to carry a firearm on a plane. It has to be locked in an airline safe case, and declared, put through luggage or stored in the overhead bin.

      • Doc Halide

        You have proof that the story is a plant? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary. Don’t know how you can say this – it would be surprising if TSA didn’t find a number of weapons routinely. If they don’t find at least several a week, they are not doing their jobs. Remember, there are tens of millions of people going thru US airports weekly and not all of them are Rhodes scholars. You folks have obviously never been to the South. At least 2-3 times a year there are reports of guns found @ Memphis Airport. Mostly it’s people who “forgot” the gun was in there. Actually you can fly with your gun – it has to be checked, and presumably there’s paperwork.

      • johnnytwofingers

        @Mike @ ReneldaM….seriously.??? like the couple in W.Virginia a couple weeks ago that bought their 8yr old boy a 22. rifle and ammunition for his birthday that shot and Killed his 5yr sister….Yes All Americans are O so smart…

        • jovian

          Yes little johnny – that is exactly why All Guns should be banned… oh and did you read about tidal waves that kill people? Thats exactly why All Tidal waves should be banned… oh and did you hear about the founding of the KKK by democrats that killed blacks? Thats Exactly why all democrats should be banned

          • Ed

            This overused rationale by gun enthusiasts has become comical. Consider this little difference between all things listed that can possibly kill despite their intended use versus guns. Hint: it’s why guns should be reasonably regulated more rigorously than, hmm, say, something like swimming pools (because kids drown) or cars (because highway fatalities occur):
            GUNS are designed, manufactured, advertised, sold, traded for essentially ONE purpose which is TO KILL. That is the first and full measure of a guns existence, to kill.

            Are you starting to sense the difference between a hand gun and ice cream, now? It may be subtle to you but keep giving it some thought and I’m semi-confident that you’ll at least begin to recognize a real distinction between a semi automatic hand gun and ice cream (that has fat that kills Americans so let’s ban ice cream). Give it a minute. . . okay . . . are you seeing the difference? Keep at it, it’ll eventually come.

    • Doc Halide

      Not sure of what you’re rambling about, and apparently neither do you. If you go to get on a commercial flight, how do you avoid TSA? Your handicaps and implants (sorry to hear about all your metalwork; probably hurts a good bit) do not exclude you from TSA scrutiny, although you probably get to go thru the short line.

      • Bob Brady

        It is bad customer relations for the airlines and a recent lawsuit was fled against TSA . There was a combat retired and disabled Veteran in a wheel chair with oxygen on board and a prostetic leg and arm .
        When TSA waved him through the alarms went off every where OF COURSE THEY DID so the TSA guy totally embarrassed himself and the federal gov’t the guy forced the veteran to take off his leg , take off his arm , give up his oxygen and tubing and take off his shirt because the alarms were still going off and gee isn’t it interesting that his gut and his back looked like railroad tracks from the 126 operations he had since Vietnam and massive amounts of steel , wires , nuts , bolts and screws in his body .

        Then to top it off the local law enforcement agency was called in because TSA saw massive black and blue marks all over his arms ( TSA’S THOUGHT ? ) a junkie so they pilled his checked baggage and his one small carry on looking for drugs but the whole time his ticket jacket showed DIABETIC ON INSULIN CONTRO , so what does that tell you ? a diabetic bumps himself or accidentally walks into something AUTOMATIC BRUISES !!! well moral to this story as previously stated they took his compact carry on oxygen portable unit and the nose tube that goes with it , well without it he went into a very severe breathing attack and wound up going to the hospital in an ambulance .
        This happened on a very slow travel day and there was no threat ! DISCRIMINATION AGAINST A U.S. VETERAN .

        He was wearing his Vietnam Veterans cap , he was wearing a tee shirt with VIETNAM VETERANS OF AMERICA CHAPTER # and he was wearing his VIETNAM VETERANS JACKET with all his medals and ribbons on it as he had just left a VVAS function and had to catch a flight home .
        Oh did I mentioned that this was an outbound flight from Honolulu to the mainland ? yep you got it .

        Nuff said

        • J B Webb

          Not exactly “’nuff said”. I have an implanted device and steel twist-ties from surgery, etc and meds to boot. So when I decided to travel by plane, I first checked the internet to find out what I should do. Implants come with ID CARDS that you show to the TSA agent – it has contact info so that all the information can be easily and quickly identified. Plus I carry a note from my doctorsa plus copies of my prescriptions. I have traveled many times notionally and 2 times internationally plus I’ve gone into “restricted” buildings. I always tell the people manning the scanners and ask to be searched otherwise. I HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM. THE TSA HAVE BEEN KIND AND BUSINESSLIKE. THEY LOOK AT MY PAPERWORK, SOMETIMES ASK ME QUESTIONS ABOUT WHAT SHOWS UP AND THEN I GO ON THRU. There are ways to get thru airports and other places (like government buildings) without being stripped searched and it usually starts with being prepared for what you know is coming. Of course there are some bad instances and you can get your revenge easily by going to the paper or reporting them. TSA is there for a reason and we ALL used to understand why.

          • goodlookin

            Those like you have already given away all of your rights. Simply a dog with the tail between the legs. You would fit right in at North Korea

    • fred

      the powers that be have us divided on this as per thumbs

  • ron

    People STILL don’t know its illegal to take a loaded gun on an airplane?

  • Laura Vasquez

    How can u say that because a weapon was found in sum ones luggage that ignorant mean they had ok intents? When they know the damn law? Even just breaking that law,alone us bad intent rite there if ya don’t make sure ya follow it! Duh! Which way did eeeeeee go? (repeat last line)………?¿???

  • http://webpronews. DeusexVinum

    It’s not Obama’s fault, you jerks, it’s the uneducated and/or nuts that want to get their name(s) in print or on the TV. You choose which ever. Either way, these jerks are that: stupid jerks that cause problems at our air port check-ins.

  • http://Yahoo.com Allen

    You just can’t fix stupid. Absolutely no cure….

    • howard

      Yea the current Administration is a good example.

      • Norman

        This is the year 2013. You can fix Stupid. The thing to be aware of is Homicide is still a felony

      • Doc Halide

        Every administration is a good example. To wit: Ronald Reagan at Iran-Contra hearings “I don’t remember”; “I can’t recall”, etc. “It was only a few spare parts with a lot of leftover space in the plane”. Bush the Elder’s “No New Taxes” And of course Bill Clinton didn’t inhale

  • thaddeus buttmunch

    you know you CAN put guns in Checked luggage, you just cannot bring it on board.

    • Haywood Jablome

      I’d call your airline first and see what their policy is. Most want it in a lockable box and they will ship it and return it. Haven’t you ever heard of baggage handlers stealing?

  • Haywood Jablome

    Since this seems to becoming a trend, TSA workers should have locking gun cases at the inspection station and the guns can be placed on one and given to the airline personnel. It would then be returned at the end of the flight.If you check a weapon, exactly the same procedure is already followed.

  • Donald

    Who agrees with me that…this is a made-up article?

    • http://www.yahoo.com gouge

      I do.

    • Ur Anidiot

      Damn conspiracy – TSA’s gonna convince the world of some
      bogus story and that’ll teach us a lesson. Lord knows I need
      my gun loaded & at the ready at all times to make up for my tiny penis.
      You know what I talkin’ about don’tcha Donny?
      Yeee Haaaawww !!!

    • johnnytwofingers

      No Donald…People Really are that Stupid.!!!
      see it all the time when you work with the public.

  • Peter

    The TSA is lying. They are a government agency and they take their orders from the Obama mafia. They have a vested, but dishonest interest, in pandering to the public, in any manner they can. Nothing that any agency says can be trusted.
    Obama is trying to find a way to over ride and destroy the Second Amendment. The TSA is playing on his team. They may have found a couple, even five or six, but 54! If you believe that I have a collpsed bridge in Washington I would like to sell you.
    Wake Up !

    • Ur Anidiot

      Yep Pete – they’re all out to get us.
      I’m gonna tighten my tin foil hat
      & hide in my bunker. See you on the
      other side.

    • Doc Halide

      For what reason would TSA lie about this? You have tens of millions of people thru US airports weekly – 54 sounds like a low #, statistically speaking. If several aren’t found every week, then TSA isn’t doing their job.

  • Carlos

    “Unfortunately these sorts of occurrences are all too frequent…”

    54 guns, out of many millions of passengers, hardly qualifies as frequent. Strange math, indeed.

    • Doc Halide

      One of the few comments that actually shows thought was involved


    The twin towers were taken down by razor knife armed terrorists. Loaded guns should be confiscated and the person should be not allowed to travel on the plane.

    • Patriot1977

      A razor knife is more than enough to take over a plane full of sissies. Unfortunately, The US used to be filled with manly men and patriotic people. Not anymore. Now it’s filled with in touch with their feeling candy asses. A man with two fists could take over a plane.

  • http://www.yahoo.com gouge

    I don’t believe we have the truth here.

  • RB Hutch

    WHY WHY WHY are these people carrying loaded guns at an airport????

  • Joe

    I got stopped for a loaded pistol at the airport. It happens. I had an irate client that was in a different city who demanded to see me that very day – or lose millions in business. I had to fly there immediately (in 1999). My girlfriend brought me a piece of her luggage, I packed at the office and went to the airport. Little did I know she had a 9mm pistol, loaded with an extended clip, and extra clip in the bag. It was in some odd “hidden pocket”. She forgot about them, they were her Dad’s. It was found on the xray. I was shocked. I had no real ticket either(flying ticketless on Southwest). They kept the gun for me overnight, let me take the next flight out. When I returned the security guys wanted to buy the gun off me. It was a pretty nice gun. They kept the bullets, but gave me the gun back. No other problems or issues with them. They said it happens each and everyday, and has for decades. I would have made the whole trip without even knowing about the gun had they not found it…

  • http://Yahoo.com J D brooks

    Its good to see you TSA people doin your job>But this just adds to the hype over guns Guns arent bad unless a bad person uses it,Give ir a rest the only way to be safe from “GUN CRIME ” is to arm everybody DUH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BeadlesAz

      You do realize that we are surrounded by morons, right? You really, honestly, truly think that everyone should be armed? Unbelievable.

  • Ur Anidiot

    They’re just tryin’ to infringe on my second ‘mendment rights.
    I can carry my gun anywhere I want cause I have a very small penis & need it to prove I’m a man. There cain’t be no limits on me being a big man wanna-be hero.
    This story is just another conspiracy – prolly the illuminatie.
    Don’t you believe if for a second. I need my gun or I ain’t nobody.
    Makes up for my small penis & small mind.

    • Doc Halide

      Not the Illuminati – It’s the Bilderbergs, no wait, it’s the Tri Lateral Commission; no, dammmit, it’s the World Bank, with their Black Helicopters. Plus I heard a rumor the fairies told me when I was a sprout in Indiana that it’s the Rosicrucians in league with the Elders of Zion….

    • Patriot1977

      Which one of my guns would you like me to bring to the penis measuring contest. I will guarantee mine is bigger than your Ur Anidiot.

  • ElmoColt45

    That number is quite a large one, weapons found on people inside the terminal,on their person or in their carry on baggage. What we don’t know is who, what, where and when. We will find out after the holiday and then if its true, listen up you stupid people who are in a hurry, check you handguns and see if they are in you pants,leg,carry on.

  • Doc Halide

    Can any of you constitutional scholars tell the rest of us ignernt yokels where in any of Obama’s statements about gun control he says that guns will be taken away? Hello? Heeelllloooo? Anybody there? Is this thing on? Testing Testing! I can’t hear you! Still waiting!
    Also, you know that people are experimenting with sneaking plastic 3d printed guns onto planes. A concealable one can’t yet be made to fire, or at least fire reliably, but people are doing test runs. I wonder how that freedom loving dork who says he’s protecting 2nd Amendment rights by making instructions for printing untraceable plastic guns available online would feel if one of his guns was used to kill his mother, rape his child, rob a bank, hijack a plane, or shoot up a school. People of his ilk are constantly bellyaching about their friggin’ rights while seeking to actively deny rights to others. It’s worn so thin that everyone with their eyes open can see the many holes in this so called mentality.

    • Patriot1977

      You should read the documentation that Obama signs instead of listening to what he says. What he says and what he writes are two different things. The proposals he signs have plans to recover illicit firearms for appropriate disposal.

  • http://mayovictim.com MayoVictiom

    This is a planted story to make Americans believe that the TSA is useful to justify it’s Gestapo workers’ tactics and ridiculous costs.

  • E. Campo


  • http://yahoo ace

    Eric Holder was in the process of flying them to Mexico. TSA just busted up another fast and furious. The Administration is not going to be happy.

  • fred

    I love TSA because if something gets confiscated you dont get it back you can maybe buy it back buy thats it… stealing if you ask me.

  • http://webpronews Okie

    Most airports are in areas you don’t want to be in unless you’re a thug so why not have a gun? Plus, what good is an unloaded gun? The tow most worthless items in existence are a knife that won’t cut and a gun that won’t shoot!

  • Brian

    “This is a friendly reminder to please leave these items at home.”

    why ?
    it is not illegal to bring firearms to an airport. You must check them in at the ticket-counter, they must be in a lockable hardcase, they must be unloaded, no rifle rounds are permitted but one can have 22lbs of pistol ammo, but they must be in the original box.

    i just recently took a flight and had 3 AR15s (unloaded and no rifle ammo) and 3 handguns along with 5 boxes of varied pistol rounds. i checked them in, and picked them up at my destination… no problems whatsoever

  • Rick Grimes

    Why does every American feel like they should be the exception to the rules? I should be allowed to carry my gun on a plane because I’m a republican tea-party Nazi who thinks he knows everything about everything. If you’ve forgot that you had a loaded gun on you, than you should shoot yourself with that gun because you are a moron. If the republicans get their way, everyone will be allowed to carry a gun anywhere, and you can threaten someone with it, ONLY if they are a democrat though, because apparently its not a threat if you are a conservative.

    • Bid D

      what about a redneck hillbilly white trash. i feel left out.

    • Patriot1977

      You do realize that the democratic party is the closet thing to Nazi ideology that the US has right? Why would you call the Tea Part Nazis?

      • JAYCEE

        Because most of them are racist? Just a thought.

  • Bid D

    it never seems to amaze how a few morons try and pull a fast one. not the kind of people i want packing around me. if someone feels the need for a gun at an airport they should just drive. loosers!

  • Leslie

    Funny, the article says that of 54 weapons, 19 were loaded… Why the Hell is the headling falsifying the story? Typical Effed up media.

    • http://www.nbcnews.com clarification

      Actually they found 65 handguns this weekend. 54 WERE loaded — only 19 had chambered rounds, so the headline is actually correct; however a little bit early — more guns were found on Monday, though not as many as Sat and Sunday.

      “The TSA announced a dubious record this week, reporting that it had seized 65 firearms at airport security checkpoints.

      The seizures buried the previous mark of 50 guns, the TSA reported, and included 54 loaded weapons — 19 of which at rounds chambered.” NBC Nightly News Close-captioning log.

  • Fred Lopez

    how many muslin did they search? Probably zero
    the tsa is a bad joke

    • JAYCEE

      and you are a profiling racist. Funny that the second to last terrorist attack on a plane to the US was a white guy. The Boston bombers should looked muslim with muslim names. Dunce.

  • Haji

    How many Saudi’s with box-cutters were detained…I’m guessing zero.

  • Tus

    How many had CCW permits, and how many did not and were felony.

  • ..ooOuOoo..

    A little more info please.
    Was this from every airport in the US or just a selece few?
    How many guns from how many different airports?
    How many airports had multiple guns found, if any?
    How many were legally owned vs ilegally owned?
    How many were law enforcement and/or military?
    Is the TSA blog the only source of these facts?
    What qualifications as a journalist does Amanda Crum have other than “writer, artist, singer, wife, art student, and mother”?