53 King Cobras In Car, Driver Arrested

By: Amanda Crum - April 22, 2013

A man in Vietnam was arrested on Monday after officials discovered 53 King Cobra snakes in his car when he was stopped in Hanoi.

The man says he was paid to transport them, but there are few details at this time as to where he was taking them or who paid him. Authorities say the snakes were taken to a wildlife rescue center before being released back into the wild and were unharmed despite being transported together in a large bag.

Cobras are considered a delicacy in parts of Vietnam, so it’s possible the snakes were destined for a harsh fate before being rescued. They are also sought for their exotic skin, which is turned into items such as belts and shoes. The driver was paid $50 for his trouble, but was arrested since the hunting and trading of King Cobras is banned there.

Amanda Crum

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  • http://Yahoo.com Ronnie Comer

    “Weeeeellllll,” As a matter of fact at first ” I “THOUGHT” ” KING COBRA’S” Ehhhhhh??? Mainly because, Alot of people I know “DRINK” The Beer ” called “KING COBRA” Soooo, naturally ” I assumed it was the beer, Cause in actuality——“53″ would fit in a car, or a “truck, definitely!!!!!!!!!!!But, SNAKE’SSS? Guess those too now! AnnnnD, “Only 50 smackarooooosss? Well, Better Him Than I, Or should I add “ALL” of us! Thanx, 4 the info……….. San Jose Cali.

  • John

    Oh. They were in sacks. I envisioned them crawling — or slithering — all over the place. Oh well. Just another day in Viet Nam.

  • http://www.thefamilyjoolz.artfire.com Melissa Tompkins

    I personally like snakes, however, I also like money, and if I am going to transport deadly snakes in my car across the country, I would want more than a buck a piece to do it!

  • http://www.webpronews.com J

    That pic is not a King Cobra; King Cobras are much larger, their hoods are less pronounced & they don’t have distinctive markings. Additionally, if i remember correctly, King Cobras’ diet consists of other snakes. They like to sun themselves high across tre branches & then as they come down if they see a Boa or Python or w/e, they just drop down on it.