50 Cent: Erin Andrews Kiss Denied At Daytona 500

    February 25, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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50 Cent happened to catch up to Erin Andrews in the crowd on pit road before the start of the Daytona 500 race on Sunday, and what ensued was a horribly awkward attempt at a hello-kiss on his part that ended in Andrews dodging out of his way like Ellen Griswold ducking Cousin Eddie.

Andrews was there reporting live and, to her credit, things were a bit hectic in the crowd. The rapper didn’t seem fazed by her diss, though, and grabbed hold of her waist to follow her through the throng.



  • Barry G. Martin

    Why do rappers think that ALL white women are theirs to obtain ? Think again, as illustrated by Erin Andrews actions ! Loved it !!!

  • David owens

    mabe he had bad breath just cause u got money dose not mean u can kiss who u want

  • carmag

    Is there a law that any woman you met has to be kissed? I am a white male and many times I haven been eluded because a lady extends firmly her hand. She just don’t wants to be kissed by everybody or unknown people. In this case 50 Cts look like a beggar or at his best a homeless. Very good Erin

  • http://www.yahoo.com carlos nieves

    she didn’t want any part of him, just because he is a rapper, it don’t give him the right to kiss any women he wants, he didn’t show any respect. and them he follow her holding on to her waist, she should of hit him with the mike.

  • http://www.yahoo.com carlos nieves

    50 cents had no respect for her, he was trying to kiss her in the lips, and she turn her head so quick and he got the chick instead, he didn’t even care that she was giving him the get lost and good buy.

  • Camwhore

    Lmfao he’s going to go make a song about it. A very, very terrible song about it and it’ll probably be called something really creative like “Get kissed or denied tryin’..”

    She saw it coming and thought “Tf… Is he trying to ki… Yup, his eyes are closed and his mouth is getting closer, uhhhhhh…”