5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress

Only time will tell if Apple's iPad will be a success or an iFlop!

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On January 27th Steve Jobs unveiled Apples latest “it” product, the iPad. Essentially the iPad “fills the gap” in between smartphones and laptops. One question remains to be answered, is there a need for a device to bridge the gap in between the two technologies? We’re not sure yet, but there is one thing we know, the iPad has some issues… below are 5 of the most glaring.

Are you planning on purchasing an iPad? Let us know.

1.) The Name
Numerous names were being thrown around in the months/weeks leading up to the release (iTablet, iSlate, iPad) but which name was Apple going to choose? I had grown accustomed to referring to the device as the iTablet, I could even see calling it the iSlate… but iPad never seemed quite right. Why would Apple want to name their new product something that sounds so familiar to the iPod? Some people are objecting to the name referring to it as the “iTampon”.

Talk about foresight, this Mad TV iPad skit aired several years ago… and easily became 10x funnier. 

2.) No Multitasking
Are you serious… who thought this was a good idea? How can the iPad even compete with Netbooks if you can’t multitask? This means that if you’re writing a document you can’t listen to music, you can’t have TweetDeck open if you want to check your email, you can only do one thing at a time, which has always been a complaint with the iPhone.

3.) No Camera
Why is there no camera on the iPad, front or back? It’s got a microphone… but no camera. Look at the size of the case that surrounds the screen, there is ample space for a camera. The iPad should’ve at least come with a 3-megapixel camera built in. As it stands, this means no iChat/Skype chat for you. Good move Apple, good move.
iPad adapters
4.) Huge Ridiculous Adapters
Want to access your camera or plug in something USB… well there’s an adapter for that, actually 2 separate adapters both excessively huge.

5.) Same Touch Keyboard
The iPad needed to re-revolutionize the keypad for touchscreen devices, make it easier to use. So what did we get… just a larger version of what we already had. It’ll be incredibly hard to type on, unless you’re lying flat with your knees holding the device up, or you buy the iPad Case (essentially a book cover).

BONUS: No Flash (We just couldn’t stop at 5)
Most of us are probably accustomed to Apple devices not being Flash compatible, but if Apple is truly wanting to compete with other Netbooks they need to remedy this. With a larger screen comes more responsibilities, i.e. you can’t just leave gigantic holes in the middle of webpages if you claim it to be "the best web experience you’ve ever had".

The iPad is still in its infancy, so we’re sure that it’ll get better with time. Only time will tell if Apple’s iPad will be a success or an iFlop.

What are some other problems you see with the iPad? Leave us a comment.

5 Reasons Why The iPad Fails To Impress
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  • Bakes

    I think we do need something like this but without the camera its a no go for me. Something like this would be great for my dad (late 70’s) uses a laptop now for reading daily papers from the old country and email – he will never create spreadsheets or documents – so he doesn’t need a 300G hd and all the other headaches that go with a laptop, netbook, or desktop. However with no camera he won’t be able to skype with the grandkids so….not good enough yet.

  • Becca

    i was seriously thinking of purchasing the ipad because of the “intimate” experience and i jsut all the touch capabilities but the no multitasking is was really kills it for me. if it is supposed to be the right mix between a laptop and an iphone u should be able to hear music and enjoy your searching ablities at the same time. iphone can’t do that, so the product needs just a tad more laptop capabilities then iphone.

    • Guest

      OF COURSE you can listen to music and read/search the internet/play games… whatever at the same time.

      Why shouldn’t you??? I am doing it right now on my iPod touch!

  • Brent Celek

    I can see both negative and positive points in purchasing an ipad.

    positive – it’s very thin and would be great for traveling.

    negative – having to keep up with those adapters while traveling would be an utter nightmare, just something else to keep up with.

    i’m quite torn if i’ll buy one of these or not, and i’m a self proclaimed apple fanboy.

  • Guest

    It’s a big iPod touch. Stop the presses.

  • Nick

    Well, the author of this article must be a Windows user. That’s ok though! However, let us not down a technology that has room to grow! Coming from a business stand point, Apple is brilliant! Why would you want to release a device that has ALL the bells and whistles right off the bat!? You can release a simple device, that has room to grow, work out the bugs and use the profit from that device to make the next better device! They used the same approach for the iPhone. Apple used the 3G to get the funding for the 3Gs, which, granted, it’s not much of a difference in phone, however, it will be amazing to see the next iPad that has everything you have wanted! Flash, Camera, Multitasking…. It will all be there soon, but keep an open business mind!

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Hello Nick,

      I do have an open mind… but I was expecting more. To say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement.

      For all the hype the iPad had behind it… I just don’t think the huge event/reveal lived up to it. But, like I said at the end of the article… the iPad is still in its infancy and I’m sure it will get better. I just thought the initial release of the device would’ve been a bit more polished.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

      • http://www.spyderav.com Nick

        I agree. The hype was a little misleading, however, the fact that “we” can notice there are some thing missing only helps to provide an image of the future product that this iPad will give birth too. It’s exciting really.

    • Redindigo

      I agree, completely, from a business perspective it is smarter to start selling now with somehting basic and have several upgrades over the coming years, keeps people anxious.

  • http://twitter.com/crazytales Chris Chan

    “This means that if you’re writing a document you can

  • Guest

    The only demographic that I can see getting the most out of a MAXiPad is someone who just happened to want a portable DVD player and eReader. An iPad would be a good combination of the two.

    But for computing, the middle ground this is supposed to fill just seems too narrow for it’s own product line. Apples’ hit streak is slipping: first the Air, now the iPad. Man, I’m glad I got my pre-unibody MBP when I did, Apple hasn’t made it feel obsolete yet.

    • Stupidscript

      There is no DVD player (or CD player, for that matter). Everything needs to be loaded into the device via iTunes over wifi, or while connected to a “real” computer. Better get the 32GB model, if you plan on loading a bunch of movies into it.

  • Rich Ord

    I think the iPad is going to revolutionize how consumers use the Internet. The price point is low enough that people will buy it now and then buy it again when features like a video camera and multitasking are included in future versions.

    Rich Ord
    CEO, iEntry, Inc.
    Publisher of WebProNews

  • http://gamecopy101.com Ryan Augsburger

    I had so many expectations for the iPad before it came out, it looked like it was actually going to be usable. But what it turned into was an overly expensive toy. I wonder if the guy at Apple R&D got a promotion for coming up with the idea of scaling up the iPhone.

    Actually that isn’t right, the iPhone is actually useful. Your list of reasons why the iPad is a colossal FAIL pretty much mirrors mine. I think there is a market and a need to bridge the gap between smartphones and my laptop but this just isn’t it. Let’s just hope others will build off of what Apple has down here and not just mimic it.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I agree with you.

      Some other company needs to start where Apple stopped… and just go from there. Read the complaints of the consumers and then we might truly get the tech object that bridges that gap between smartphones & laptops.

      Thanks for reading & commenting.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • Guest

    The iTampon really sucks. They can improve it all they want, but if they plan on trying to control what you run on it via iPhone OS, i would never recommend this to anyone.

    iPhone OS is for phones, and not for computers. I wanted a small computer with apples’ sense of style.

  • Chris

    Here is the true issue they forgot the key issue in business and that is to compete. The iPad fails on about every front. You can’t use flash … this was fine with the iPhone because it was a phone but it is not justified in a Tablet PC. You need to have real business applications for a tablet and it does not. There is no way to print, no way to collaborate with others, no way to run multiple applications(again this was acceptable for a phone but not a PC). The only thing it has going for it really is everyone that waits on bated breath for Steve Job’s to crap out another lack luster product will eat it up like a fat kid eats cake. Gorging on the said product and then defending why they needed to have it. iPad is an iFail… another crap product for a market they either don’t understand or don’t care to.

  • http://www.designforte.co.uk/blog Chris

    You have a really negative approach to life. Why not look at all the things that are good about iPad? Apple will go on to sell a few million worldwide and customers will decide whether they want one or not. But it looks like a fun product, beautifully designed and it is really easy to use.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I’m not totally negative… but these were 5+ things that I felt warranted being discussed.

      I’m not denying that the iPad will not sell like gangbusters… but it DID NOT live up to the hype.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • Chris54

    iNot is the proper name for it…….

  • http://raghavendra.macoscoders.com raghavendra

    YOu have a great sense of humor.. Nice articles really this is most helpfull thing

  • Guest

    As in iCan’t believe this is the new product. Everyone seems enamored with it for movies, but a 4:3 screen?! Wow, just like watching TV in the good old days!

    iCan’t, and iWon’t

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I almost added this to my list when I was researching this article… good point.

      Yeah, 4:3 will not change the way we watch movies/videos… if anything it sets us back a few years.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • Blah.Blah.Blah

    PHASE ONE: People excited about new Apple device not yet introduced.
    PHASE TWO: Bloggers bash the device after intro but before sales begin.
    PHASE THREE: New device sells & is loved by all. Bloggers eat Crow.

    Jeremy Muncy is yet another Basher-Blogging Fool who is participating in the typical bashing that occurs in PHASE TWO of when Apple brings out a new device. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. The Muncy Fool will eat his words when the Apple iPad comes out as it sells in record numbers and is loved by all and is envied by those who want it and those manufacturers who want to copy it.

    • Jeremy Muncy

      Hello Blah.Blah.Blah,

      I don’t really consider myself a “Basher-Blogging Fool”… I was simply pointing out that the iPad doesn’t really live up to all the hype that was building for the months/weeks leading up to its release.

      I never said the iPad was a bad product, or anything of that nature… it’s just not this great “end all” piece of tech that I HAVE to have.

      I’m sure the iPad will go on to sell like crazy…

      Jeremy “Basher-Blogging Fool” Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://ww.UltraQuantix.com Peter Marek

    The other missing item is….

    … No ability to access your local network via a finder like interface. So, say I have a network accessible drive with movies, music, photos, ebooks, etc – how can I get to them? Good question!

    OK so maybe there is more than one to think about.

    … Here’s another one – email – no apparent ability to mark multiple emails as READ/UNREAD, etc. This is one of my major issues with the email client on the iPhone.

    … What about screen sharing so that I can access an iMac, MacBook, or MacMini from the iPad to do work that I can not on the iPad ?


  • http://www.johnthawley.com John Thawley

    Mere mortals DEMANDING that technology meet ALL of their demands PERFECTLY and IMMEDIATELY.

    iPad needs to do your thinking so you don’t have to. :)

    It’s about cloud computing, content delivery and sharing and it’s about the future. It’s not about yesterday or how you used to do things.


  • http://www.purplefrog.co.uk James

    Why on earth are people getting angry about a piece of hardware that they don’t have to buy?!

    Anyone with a brain ignores pre-release hype (especially when most of it didn’t come from Apple). I watched all the videos etc last night and I was left with the feeling that this may just redefine what “must have” means.

    I don’t have an iPhone as it doesn’t suit my needs but I do have a Mac and an iPod (the Mac because of the industry I work in and the iPod because it’s easy to use and is going to be supported for a very long time). There is however a gap in my life – myself and my girlfriend can’t both use the same computer at the same time (and why would we want to buy another one?) and often don’t like being limited to being sat at the desk where it is.

    Would it be cool if I could check my mail, surf the web or read an e-book if she is on the puter? Yes. How about if I want to on holiday? Yes. And so on and so on.

    Let’s be realistic here – most people only use their computers for the things that the iPad does. Why do they need any more? If they need a computer they can buy one. And all the potential setup and driver and updates issues come with it for free!…

    The e-book market is a rapidly growing sector and frankly Sony and Amazon’s offerings don’t look good (on screen and aesthetically) and are quite expensive for a single use item. As such I haven’t bought one. But the iPad seems to satisfy my requirements and has all the other fun stuff I need (and come on how many people at home actually need to switch between open apps? This isn’t being pitched as a business tool). People just don’t seem to be getting their heads around the concept here – and the chances are the guys being most vocal about it aren’t the target audience.

    There is a reason why Apple scoops so many design awards each year. And don’t forget they have become very good at making their products desirable and easy to use – thus breaking the wall that separates techie geeks and early adopters from the public.

    So, if and when I get an iPad I will (along with my mobile) have all I need to keep me happy. I agree the Flash issue has to be addressed and a webcam would be a really nice addition but thats all that I would add (for now). When I see people make comments like “but I cant make a phone call on it” I lose a little more faith in the intelligence of the planet. Its not a phone. I cant make calls on my TV or my fridge but am I moaning about Samsung and Indesit? No. And as for people moaning about it not have a camera (not webcam) I say so what? If you want to take good photos you use a camera. If you want to take sh*tty photos use your phone (don’t you just love the motion blur caused by having to press the button?).

    I would rather the iPad do a limited amount of things and do them really well and in the process make my life smooth, easy and fun. Rather that than have it copy the latest mobiles from Nokia (or whoever else) that have all the features crammed in that you can imagine and do them poorly. AND still have done nothing to improve what the phone is for – talking to people! Give me good battery life, great signal reception and audio clarity and I will quite happily ditch everything else my phone does.

    So give them a break people. This is pushing technology in a very affordable way. This isn’t a reason to get angry and launch a little rant in Apple’s direction. This is something new and without innovation the world will become stagnant very quickly.

  • http://www.hortonwebdesign.com SEO

    The biggest issue I see is that you can’t simply plug up a jump drive via a USB port without needing to use ridiculous adapters? If they want to limit us to buying their apps, using their software, and dealing with their storage shortcomings, they should make it easy to use expansion capabilities. My biggest issue with this unit I can see is how there isn’t any way to protect the screen from scratches, your fingers will always have to be clean, you’ll always be cleaning off smudges and it’s not WINDOWS! And on top of that, you’re not really going continue with the AT&T monopoly are you? Have you seen the Verizon’s factual commercials about AT&T’s 3G coverage? Yes, WHERE AT&T has 3G IS faster, but the coverage is disastrous. It better be wide open to get on ANY 3G network or this thing is dead in the water. Their deal with AT&T is killing their sales potential. I don’t think that this unit is all of the hype. The only thing that may let it live is the price point. That’s the only smart decision I can see that was made about this unit. As for the lack of ability to multitask, that I did not know and will be the one thing that will keep me from using this. I’ll stick with my netbook. It’s not as pretty, but I’ll get much more done and won’t be strapped by the apps.

    • Stupidscript

      From their specs (http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/) it does not look like there is generic USB support … only camera support using their dedicated adapter that plugs into the power/interface port. Even if you buy the (sold separately) dock, there doesn’t look like any kind of USB support beyond support for a camera.

  • http://PhoenixAquua.blogspot.com Phoenix Aquua

    People must realize that this company makes it’s money from consumers purchasing their product, and software makers, make their money by people purchasing their upgrades.

    Computers and Software are purposely made to not work correctly, and to become obsolete, so you purchase more.

    iPad will have upgrades with a camera, and with flash capabilities, but until then, the herd will purchase these terrible products, and will purchase the new upgrade here in a 6 month period.

    Maybe a 3 month period.

    Apple sells it’s products based on look….which has never been able to be met by Microsoft.

    It’s just a game…whether you choose to play it’s your decision.

    But don’t be a sore sport about it….they are making money off of you fools.

    Just wait for the upgraded version to come out…you know it will.

  • Guest

    I think that Jobs rushed to get the iPad out there unveiling a product with some serious potential, but way too soon. Starting at $500 USD leads me to believe that this the iPad has a number of upgrades on standby and will not be used to it’s full potential until much later in the year. I think I’ll wait.

  • Guest

    How about calling it iFail ^__^

    • Jeremy Muncy

      In the article I did say…

      “…Only time will tell if Apple’s iPad will be a success or an iFlop!”

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://forexbetatesters.com Chuck Anthony

    Maybe that’s what they should’ve called because that’s the part you throw away. I know, perhaps too cynical, but happy to see someone standing on the side of the consumer and not slobberring all over Apple for once. And, if there ever was a case for “buy the rumor, sell the fact” in the stock market, I’m watching AAPL take a peeling right now, down to $199.90 (as I write this) from $213.84 on the 26th.

  • TMO

    The iPad is NOT meant to be a net book – stop comparing it to one. It’s designed to be big iPod Touch that lends itself to activities that are more enjoyable on a larger screen – like reading books, surfing the web and watching movies.

    Net books mean nothing more to me than “small, cheap laptop.” So, if you want a laptop, buy one already. If you want to enjoy “iPodish” content on a larger screen, then the iPad is for you.

    C’mon people, don’t over think it!

    (PS: The only gripe I’ll agree with is the lack of Flash support – c’mon Apple, we’ve waited enough!)

  • Ken

    This is just a base starting point. Now, from here they will add all of the
    “real features” and get the price up to 1k and it will be the iCompute.

  • Guest

    It’s just a huge iPhone. End of story.

  • Jernell

    iPad should’ve incorporated some type of Cintiq technology so that artists and designers (who would probably benefit the most from this piece of hardware) could work on the fly. Although Brushes seems interesting, I’d rather have a stylus and Photoshop (or similar software) which would allow me to basically have a portable electronic sketchpad. Wow, talk about revolutionary!
    Maybe in the future, keeping fingers crossed…


  • Guest

    To me it fills a nice void in the market.

    I will just throw and RDP or VM client on to access my application servers…fills a perfect void for me as a thin client with local browser capabilities.

    • Stupidscript

      If you want to use this for any kind of networking, be prepared to spend an extra $130 to get 3G access, unless you plan on being around wifi all the time. No USB without the adapter, which takes over the power/interface port (the only port on the device), so you can’t get any sort of “wired” connection. And no generic USB device stuff, either … camera-only with the (sold separately) adapter.

      So I guess if you are only going to be doing one thing at a time, over wifi, you might be okay.

  • http://www.healthnfitnesslifestyles.com tdogg

    when I saw photo of the new ipad, I can’t help but vizualize holding it up to your head to talk on it.

  • Nick Baer

    I have 180 e-book titles on Amazon.com’s Kindle.

    So obviously my concern regards portability and compatibility of those books that consumers have purchased for their Kindle, or Kindle App for iPhone, iPod, (other SmartPhones?), and Kindle for PC.

    Also, will I need to re-format and re-export my 180 .PDFs into a new format for iPad, and where is the iPad book store equivalent of iTunes?

    Will that Apple book store be as accommodating to me as a publisher/seller, as Amazon.com is??

  • Ilove it..

    Can’t help but feel sorry for people that have the need to bash something that isn’t even on the streets yet, in addition to being something that they don’t have to buy, don’t have use or even look at if they don’t want to. Stick with your droids and your google crap and leave the I-People alone. Better yet, who wants to start a pool on how long it takes the google people to copy it..??

    This technology is going to revolutionize the book industry. As in books sales at college book stores. This has the potential of saving college kids millions of dollars that would have gone to book stores for something that lasts one year and then is outdated because the “professor” teaching the class came out with the next edition, which every student is required to purchase. Not to mention the thousands of acres of trees that will be saved if new books don’t need to be printed? Newspapers and the print industry are going the way of the buggy whip… get used to it and accept the first significant signs of the new technology.

    • http://www.healthnfitnesslifestyles.com tdogg

      No it won’t revolution the book industry because people will only continue to scan and not actually read anything.

      • http://www.healthnfitnesslifestyles.com tdogg

        Check out this article about why users scan and don’t actually read on the web: http://www.useit.com/alertbox/whyscanning.html

    • i-junk

      This is rediculous. Apple has definitely gotten “fat and sassy” with the long term success of the ipod / iphone line, and revitalization of Mac computers in general. If you recall, before the success of the ipod Apple was really hurting and just did not “get it”. I’m seeing a blast from the past here with this new product.

      They must think that the world is now full of mindless ‘igadget’ zealots waiting with foaming mouths to buy the latest ithingy. I really thought this was going to be a ground breaking product, but the missing 5 things plus NO FLASH and most importantly NO MULTITASKING leaves it firmly as a “novelty” item. Only iwhatever drones, a few ‘gotta have the latest whatever’ techies and maybe some teenagers with too much of parent’s cash will buy these. That’s about it. A netbook is a much more seasoned solution for gap-bridging mobile devices and laptops. Plus, netbooks are getting more advanced with every revision, something the iPad would have a hard time catching up to. Again, no flash or multitasking… no direct USB connector..not even a camera?? I find this so hard to believe.. Reminds me of the good ‘ol Sony days where they had really cool products but kept everything so “non standard” and limited their products eventually went into obscurity. Someone PLEASE fire the product development exec at Apple… This was an excellent product idea that somehow got neutered along the way…

    • WareZwolF

      What the heck are you thinking? Technology already exists so far advanced from this plug in bookend that the whole bound publishing industry is already in jeapordy. Why is it that some people just can’t read if it doesn’t come from a container that starts with I- ? Now your “professor” can require you to purchase an IBM compatible for His or Her class because he cannot work with your flawed right from the box I-Tampon. Of course it is much more affordable that a textbook and so much fewer natural resources and polution are generated from the manufacture of electronic gear. I’ve been reading books in electronic form for the last 20 Years! How is this in any way “new technology”? Sounds like just more proprietary and limited Apple products to me. Some things just don’t change. That is why I think you could go far in public office. Geez.

  • http://geekyfaust.info Faust

    I think the name iPad does not fit.. it should be iTab or iTablet.. lacks the features that most netbooks have.. bummer!

    • Jeremy Muncy

      I like the name iTab. iPad just seems too close to iPod.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://www.discontinuednomore.com/ Ken

    Long story short. iPad is the equivalent of bringing back an 80’s cell phone. Put “Trigger Happy mobile phone train” into YouTube search and you’ll get the gist.

    What the hell? The whole advantage of the Ipod was it’s small size / portability / get all your music on there functionality. Wow. Everybody said wow. And now it’s in everyone’s pocket.

    iPad? Well you won’t get it in your pocket. You’ll have to get a backpack. Convenient.

    The only interesting thing is this new iBooks technology. Read your e-book on the train! wow! or……you could get a normal book out of the library and not look like a sad loser.

    This device will flop. Just watch.

  • http://www.lucytune.com Charles Lucy

    1. Multitasking.
    2. OS X – Snow Leopard and later plus capability to run as a MacBook Pro.
    3. Phone and texting
    4. Camera and scanner.
    5. Expandable memory.

  • Thederic

    It’s too early to predict, WebPro!

    Market demand shines everything, but Apple is committing itself to its customers betting that iPad will dominate the markets even while it makes new versions and updates available.

    The market and source are the demands. Without Apple, where would iPhone be?

    Nah, throw something, then give them the best for the price–LOL.

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    OMG finally something will fit in my big, huge, gigantic pockets of my massive bell bottom jean shorts!

    LOVED the SNL video, very funny!

    Happy Birthday To Me!
    Snerdey :)

  • Guest

    This is a really stupid article just like so many other “Techo” articles written by internet marketeers and journalists articles these days. Nobody is expecting people to switch from laptop to ipad,

    laptop lacks the ergonomics that ipad undoubtedly has. This has implications.

    ipad will be like a display tool for an intranet application such as a shop or a hotel or an office. Its output is both dynamic and can easily be modified. Its appearance is slick rather than cumbersome.

    Just what every budding entrepreneur might need.

  • http://wwwebco.com Guest

    Yes, I plan to buy one. It will do exactly what I’m looking for. I had considered purchasing a Kindle for reading and for my notes giving presentations but the cost just seemed too much for the DX.

    The iPad allows me to do those things and more, the rest is just a bonus. I’ll be able to replace my notebook on visual presentations.

    No device will do everything for everyone, but I think the iPad will fill a niche and will be a big success.

    • Guest

      What Intranet application gives a toss about multitasking?

      I plan to use my ipad to display intelligent local dynamic knowledge to people in my small tiny world.

      I am also planning to save my laptop applications purely for my globalisation plans.

      The both will work nicely for me hand in hand.

      And praise the lord with ipad, unlike ipod, I can actually see whats on the screen.

  • i-junk

    This is rediculous. Apple has definitely gotten “fat and sassy” with the long term success of the ipod / iphone line, and revitalization of Mac computers in general. If you recall, before the success of the ipod Apple was really hurting and just did not “get it”. I’m seeing a blast from the past here with this new product.

    They must think that the world is now full of mindless ‘igadget’ zealots waiting with foaming mouths to buy the latest ithingy. I really thought this was going to be a ground breaking product, but the missing 5 things plus NO FLASH and most importantly NO MULTITASKING leaves it firmly as a “novelty” item. Only iwhatever drones, a few ‘gotta have the latest whatever’ techies and maybe some teenagers with too much of parent’s cash will buy these. That’s about it. A netbook is a much more seasoned solution for gap-bridging mobile devices and laptops. Plus, netbooks are getting more advanced with every revision, something the iPad would have a hard time catching up to. Again, no flash or multitasking… no direct USB connector..not even a camera?? I find this so hard to believe.. Reminds me of the good ‘ol Sony days where they had really cool products but kept everything so “non standard” and limited their products eventually went into obscurity. Someone PLEASE fire the product development exec at Apple… This was an excellent product idea that somehow got neutered along the way…

  • Jeff

    The iPad will be a smash sales success. Just like the first iPhone. Then they’ll release iPad 2 and it will have the camera, the phone capability, built-in GPS, and HD-out. The rush to have it will start anew, and the sales successes will be the stuff they teach in the MBA mills.

    Think of the iPad as a bigger Sony PSP and Nintendo DS and as a full-color Kindle and you will appreciate its purpose. App developers are salivating I tell you and because of the walled-in nature of the iStores, Apple will get a cut of it all. Genius.

    The old folks will see it as an e-mail client that they can actually see without having to lug around 5 pounds of laptop. The snowbirds will be able to read the NYT in their South Florida retirement homes.

    No flash? No problem. Flash is an annoyance and a security risk. HTML5 will compensate. I can listen to my music on my ipod touch and use Facebook and whatever else. Don’t see how the iPad will be any different.

  • http://www.bmlee.com Brian

    I’m really frustrated that there is no multitasking..
    I think it’s a total failure.

  • john

    I think I will stick with the I phone, Apple got it wrong. You normally build big and the go small, thgey have done the job the opposite way around, Its just a big I phone that needs a bag not a poxket.

  • http://www.datarati.net brian mcfarlane

    The ipad is simply a evolution of the ipod touch & Iphone,
    Apple strategy was to compete with the kindle by matching a bookstore to a application.
    If you check apples recent patents you will see that they are working on a camera that will be integrated directly into the pixels of the screen. ie ipadversion 2, Like the every evolving ipod line so will the ipad expand with its open API for developers.
    First of all only a few lucky soles actually got there hands on the ipad to test out. So, don’t knock it unless you tried it.
    flash is coming it will come in the form of a app. very soon.
    This device is perfect if you want to read stuff anywhere, surf the web, email stuff.
    Stop comparing it to laptops and netbooks. This was never the intent of the design.
    My only complaint is not having a matt screen option. This will be a problem soon.
    Someone has a screen cover designed to due that already. So, Why be critical.
    One last pet peeve. Why does the US get 3G access and we in Canada must wait a year. Our 3G network is actually better than the one in the states. What gives apple.

  • Guest

    I guess you screwed up because it does have a camera 5 pixel and why carry around a laptop when you can put this in your pocket. Business trips become much easier

    • Stupidscript

      There is no camera … dunno where you got that from: http://www.apple.com/ipad/specs/

      • Jeremy Muncy

        If I had to guess, I’d say the original commenter was thinking about the iPhone.

        Jeremy Muncy
        Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • Mike

    There has been so much Apple bashing these last 24 hours, and I think its a good thing. So what if one of the most successful companies fails to deliver a product. That’s why Apple is successful, they are not afraid to take risks. Apple is also known to listen to the consumer market. So I think that a majority of the comments mentioned here will end up in the next gen of iPad. Except for Flash. That will never happen

  • http://www.activeminds.ca DaveSawers

    Some other problems I can see with the iPad, but first some background.

    I have a Sony reader for reading books and it is the ideal size and weight for that purpose. It`s the small one, not the larger touch screen version. Getting a bigger, heavier reader makes it very tiresome to read in bed and it becomes too big to slip into a pocket. I also have a small laptop (not a netbook) for work and for surfing the internet, video calling on Skype, etc. and I have a basic phone for on the move stuff.

    So for it`s stated purpose, I think the iPad is too big and too heavy.

    The keyboard thing has to be a joke, surely. Either you have to hold it in one hand and type with the other (slow) or you have to lay it flat and type and then you can`t see the screen properly.

    Why doesn`t the iPad use a folding (flexible) screen that you can set flat or to any other angle you want? That way, you can type properly or hold it like a book (which is more comfortable than holding something flat). You can also close it completely and it’s then protected and more likely to fit into a pocket.

  • john


    • Jeremy Muncy

      ha ha. That’s pretty spot on… a little on the thick side though.

      Jeremy Muncy
      Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • Lyn O’Brien

    I’ll have to see it up close and personal but it sounds like it might work very well for my 85 year old mother-in-law who wants to surf the web but won’t have a computer. She’s using WebTV for her email now. UGG.

  • Mike

    When assessing the iPad, one should give some thought as to it’s target market(s). Obviously, one potential market is the e-book reader segment. In this market, image contrast and battery life are key capabilities. Compared to the “e-ink” Kindle display, the backlit display of the iPad is a power hog. Sure, the iPad display is color, and that’s great. But the vast majority of books do not feature color text…which brings us to the second point: screen contrast. There is a very good reason books and newspapers use black ink on white paper: high contrast and readability under a wide range of lighting conditions. Can a backlit display match the contrast and readability of somethink like the Kindle e-ink screen? Hard to know without holding the two side by side, but it seems unlikely.

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